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    Do you have Wireless controller? Which Trick did you Tell us your Trick in The device Manager, please?
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    They were on the FTP here when I grabbed them, but you need to be a Platinum member to access the FTP. I'm not even sure if they are still on there or where at if they are. Might also be on the emumovies FTP, but you need to be Platinum there for access as well.
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    Here's the link. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/10391-custom-override-transitions/ The search engine here is a completely useless nightmare.
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    There used to be a pack of additional Override Transitions on the FTP, not sure if they are still there or not. I have 94 default random Transitions on mine (not counting any of the system specific transitions). There was a topic recently with the steps needed to make your own. You could probably find it with a search and reading through a bunch of threads.
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    I just looked at this the other day and noticed that MAME GIT (from retroarch) is failing on Android. I confirmed this by testing the same build on Windows (and it worked fine). So hopefully the build-issues on Android get rectified soon (they affect cps3, stv, and other mame drivers too). I know of someone working on a Daphne port for Android so hopefully it gets finished soon.
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