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    Weekly progress updates would rock! =)
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    So this is all a matter of opinion but the best graphics / compatibility is going to have to go to ePSXe. However... I never liked their configuation / plugins that they supported. PCSX-R in my opinion is the best if you want to be able to configure everything but it hasn't been updated in FOREVER. SO what I ended up doing is using ePSXe's latest GL video plugin with PCSX-R and boom, magic! Same graphics and compatibility of ePSXe combined with PCSX-r's superior plugin compatibility. I really needed this because I have so many controllers connected to my device and ePSXe is unable to see them all thus it couldn't see my PlayStation controllers. PCSX-R is able to use the same exact plugin that PCSX2 uses for controllers which in my opinion is one of the best controller plugins out there. Again... beauty of PCSX-R is you can throw just about any plugin you want in there and it will use it even plugins from completely different system emulators haha (it does help that PlayStation 2 and PlayStation use similar controllers haha)
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    last time we thought it would go on it suddenly stopped with the version 1.4.15... which later should be the final 1.4. version. this time, just one update makes no one start jumping around...
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    Beats me, jhabers would be the guy to talk too. I too pmd him but no response sadly. I hope they are working on things, I'd like to think they are working on something really difficult that is slowing them up [emoji27]
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    The roms must be unzipped prior to loading them in the emulator. The number one issue people have with disc based systems, specifically those with bin/cue files, is the cue files. You need to open the cue file in a text editor and make sure that the bin filename in the cue file matches the actual bin filename.
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    To top it all off: Well, I never really liked the way the strobes and beacon looked on top, just all plain looking. So I decided to make some sort of topper for them that would match the style of the rest of the cabinet. Nothing fancy...but I like it much better than the plain look... and the black & chrome really helps to isolate the strobes from the wall behind and makes their light much more concentrated and bright. Here's some pics:
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    You shouldn't be too excited. I've contributed more artwork and Emumovie vids than I can count on a hundred hands, plus more projects than I can even keep track of at this point. I never ask for anything but I've only had one person beer me a couple times. Who likes to give money away when they don't have to? lol it's a nice feature regardless but not much point in such a small niche community when most just come here to grab things for their setup and disappear.
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    Je ne parle pas aux riches......... Bon trêve de plaisanterie, j'utilise Hyperspin sur une Surface pro 3 I7. Donc je peux juste te dire que cela fonctionne correctement, mais en revanche, j'ai pas mal de problèmes pour configurer les émulateurs, à cause de la résolution de l'écran natif... (alors que sur mon Bartop, tout roule) En tout cas, windows 10 ne pose pas de problème, au contraire, ça fonctionne plutôt pas mal. Donc n'hésites pas..