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    Stay away from those drives. They are terrible.
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    For fans, larger is usually quieter and pull/pushes more air. More intake than outflow for dust control. Heat rises, so outflow at the top, but consistent airflow is the key. If it were me, I would at least pull the side(s) of the computer case off. If you wanted more work, decasing the case frame is an option as madhatter and haimbilia says. And if you wanted to spend money, for myself I researched mobo trays, open air cases and even bitcoin rigs. But I wanted a certain look, so I settled for this wip- Core P5. Open air case with plexi that bolts to the large standoffs to the front. Going in the bottom of a cab with Governor style zombie heads in a jar. Like a zombie powered arcade cab. Sorry about the clutter. I tend to destruct as I construct.
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    Good Day Everyone! Mr Avar has posted a new and excellent video tutorial on how to setup up MAME in HyperSpin tutorial. When you have a moment give him a big thanks for taking the time in making this tutorial. The video can be found at: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/81-setting-up-mame-for-hyperspin-arcade-games/ or go to Tutorials -> Emulator Guides -> Arcade Systems -> MAME Iggy
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    Hi Everyone, This is a cab done for me by DreamHomeArcades Team. 4 players, 2 guns! They did a fantastic job on it with personalized artworks! Absolutely amazing!
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    I prefer my explanation: Jhabers is a witch and should be destroyed.
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    Correct. I keep seeing it in the Unread view in Tapatalk whenever someone votes.
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    It treats a vote as a new post, right? I think that's why there are no new posts when you look in the thread.
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    A dumb, shady character decided to impersonate BBB and sent fake letters to the drive sellers. No, HS is not going commerical, you can read more in the thread below. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/27306-false-hyperspin-going-commercial/
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    If you look at my build video (look at m3:20s) the mb is mounted to the bottom of the cab with plastic feet, the cards / video card screw to a wooden bracket which is not hard to make. No need to spend any money on this.
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    Just my two cents but I would decase that computer. A box inside another box is not going to be good for airflow. The first one I did I didn't decase it but did all the others and they run a lot cooler. Only downside is the graphics card if you have one and how to keep it in place once you decase it!! I just kept the backside in place so I could still screw down the card.
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    In that case I want HS 1.5 to have stripper pole.
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    So... I've rejigged some things. Basically, major lesson learned - CMYK is different to RGB and when you're working with complex colours then it can REALLY change your design... Basically, the backgrounds were causing issues, i was losing a lot of the vibrancy and couldnt get them to match between the CP and the side panel, so i decided to take things back to basics a bit... LESSON: DESIGN in CMYK from the start!! Interested for thoughts on the following: Right Side: nb. very subtle background which you can see zoomed in here - interested in opinions on this as I only added as I felt was a bit bland without it...: http://image.prntscr.com/image/2c2e3d50156a4249b4cb6d1e361da151.png CP. Left Side: Marquee is the same as above, relatively unchanged apart from a couple of colour shifts...
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    I order mine by year system was released, grouped into categories - console, handheld etc. Unfortunately there's no easy way to get top level category menu for system type. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hate to see the frustration in someone that has given so much to this community. I dont use this feature enough but will, towards Christmans give a little back to you guys. not to just give you money because there wont be enough but just to show appreciation I am planning on a topic to highlight this soon but want to do it right without causing a forum storm!
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    I just went through all my games last week and changed them I found a website that listed all the games that use different video outputs. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/15304-demule-vgargb-problems/
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    That error isn't due to your physical video connection, it's a setting that you must set on a per rom basis for those that don't work with the default. In RLUI open the global module settings for the module you're using, go to the Rom Settings tab, add a game, and adjust the setting to a different one. If you're using NullDC the option is Cable, for Demul it's VideoMode, not sure about the others.
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