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    UPDATE: I have sync tested and working for all HBL media types. I will release the new beta in the next few days. A few things to note. You have to do a complete reinstall for HBL. please completely uninstall the previous version before you start. Auto update does not have prompts right now. So if you open the app, it will do this in the background automatically This only happens on startup Emumovies in not tested right now, so it's disabled. Consoles will be added one at a time from the view all screen Rom view will be included in this build. Matching is only by name at this point. More soon. Logging is will be removed for now. I'm writing a new one for those of you that love watching log files.
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    Just curious... you have these databases..and all this media..and it has some degree of figuring out how to do what...how much effort would it be to have a search option in the way that hyperxmlspin has? I search for contra, it gives back all entries that contain contra, you pick the titles you want. Dump to XML and gather up available media...or is this out of scope? if it's able to match rom names to titles. then i assumed that it HBL is working of database of somekind..so I figured it could be able to perform such mix and match operations. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A700FD met Tapatalk
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    This cabinet includes lightguns with recoil, 4 slot coin mech, RGB LED buttons, and of course the LCD marquee! I need to start logging my hours on these things but it was probably a few hundred hours to complete. Enjoy! Thanks for everything, bros. Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/5mcSx
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    Version 1.0.0


    FF2 Final Fantasy II theme, what else ?
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    This project is very cool…. keep up the good work.
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    Version 1.0.1


    original game, years before SPORE deserve a theme , that s done !!!
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    @sevenseal is releasing a version in the downloads if you didn't know @Metalzoic
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    The 608 extra games are mostly if not all MATURE games which I did not filter out. I did just get hold of Arcade64 MAME for .179 which for the uninitiated, is a continuation of 32/64 bit MAMEUIFX after the official one ended at version .175. Only thing I haven't sorted out yet is why it has a total of 9845 games by default vs MAME's 33,747! I thought maybe Non-working was cut but there is a non-working section so I have to look into it more. QUESTION: Is there a separate database or filter to get the non-arcade games of MAME? Think of it as a MESS.xml WITHOUT bios. For example, in .179, under all games, if I filter out arcade, I get 2461 titles. If I further tick out Non-Working, I get 1377. Here is where it is tricky- I'd like to filter out consoles and computers (Atari 5200, BBC Micro, etc), but DO keep things like Dig Dug (Gakken), Pac Man (Tomy), and Pac-Man (Coleco, Rev. 29). Is this already covered in the 'Electronic Games' xml or is that for RetroArch/MADrigal's .exe games?
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    IMPORTANT - READ FIRST My English is not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes. Warning: When using HA, Do Not set your current ROMs folder as Output folder... this can DELETE ALL ROMS in that folder. Use a New Folder as Output. (Its not just like that, i use HA with my roms folder as output all the time, HA also warn you before delete the files in that folder to create new ones, but you have to be careful. Anyway Better to be sure all people get the message) In the current RocketLauncher version the Launch Menu don't work with the files produced by this app, the RL team is aware of this and will fix the problem. HyperArchiver What is HyperArchiver? Hyperarchiver is an application that takes an Hyperspin XML Database and an UNZIPPED roms folder, compare both (CRC and Filename Compare) and outputs a series of Zip or 7z archives that represents every game in the Database, each one of these archives containing all versions for that given game. Also it generates a RomsMapping.ini file that can be used with RocketLauncher to display the "Launch Menu" and let you select the vesion of the game you want to play. You don't Know what i'm talking about? You MUST READ http://www.rlauncher...le=Rom_Mapping for more info of Rom Mapping, Launch menu and RocketLauncher in general and how to use this tools before continue. You MUST READ the included HyperArchiver readme file, wich contains detailled information on how to use the app. Quick Start I made this program to create a multi-region hyperspin instalation that let me select the English, Spanish (if there is a Spanish version) and sometimes Japanese version of a rom, but it can be used with any languaje / region, include hacks and other rom versions. Extract all the Roms of a full rom set in a temp folder... delete the regions you don't want to be included in the search (Japan, Germany, Etc.) using windows search feature . Create a new folder somewhere to store the Zip/7z Files, and set it as Output Folder in HyperArchiver. Use HyperArchiver to find all matches of every game (How to? read included HyperArchiver readme file). Once the search process as ended you can make some changes to the results using the HyperArchiver Files Editor and then compress all the files in 7zip or Zip formats. Finally open the Rom Mappings folder (inside HA folder) and copy the Rom Mapping.ini file to your RocketLauncher/Settings/[sYSTEM NAME]/Rom Mapping folder to use the ultra cool "Launch Menu". Remember to enable Rom Mapping and Launch menu in RocketLauncherUI or the Launch Menu will not work. (More info in http://www.rlauncher...tle=Rom_Mapping) In short: A picture is worth a thousand words MAME and Other Arcade Systems HyperArchiver works with single file roms, and not with MAME-like romsets, for that purpose I included a “Clone Rom Mapping Maker” based on the script created Bleasby (Thanks) that creates the Rom Mapping.ini for use with Launch Menu based in the parent/clones relationship of the games. This way you can have just the MAME parents in your front end, and the launch menu will allow you to select the clones of that game. Bugs HyperArchiver was made for my own usage, has not ben tested so much and its in a really earlier version, I have little time to work in it so I decide to release it right now. My English it’s not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes. You can send me notifications of errors as PM in the Hyperspin Forums (User: Knewlife) including: • Operative System • Screenshot • What is supposed to happen • What happen really • What you were doing when the error occurs? • Can you duplicate the error? Do not expect a quick answer. The donwload include a readme file with more information and source code (Autoit3 code) ... please coment what you think Older versions of the app can be found in this post: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/1931-hyperarchiver-0007
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    Change back to parent only and then go to the game that's a clone in the xml and delete the clone tag so it thinks it's a paraent (Tapatalk)
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