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    Here are the latest additions, which are some I fixed up and made much better. Big Shot (Gottlieb).zip Addams Family, The (Bally).zip Attack From Mars (Bally).zip Black Hole (Gottlieb).zip Black Knight (Williams).zip Black Knight 2000 (Williams).zip Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams).zip Big Shot (Gottlieb).zip Black Rose (Bally).zip
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    oops I fergot one. I just noticed now. also I got to reupload the wheels and videosnaps here on a megalink for you guys. but first here is the missing theme TX-Sector (Gottlieb).zip TX-Sector (Gottlieb).zip
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    Alright I'm finally done. I will be posting this in the download section as well. But I intend to remake the first few tables I made for this series, for I got better and better by the end. I think I can improve on them much better. But for now at least its a full set, here are the last for the complete collection: Also I'd like to thank Metalzoic for letting me post these here as I created them. Specially when I didn't know how to share them anywhere else. I hope these make someone happy out there. Victory (Gottlieb).zip WHO Dunnit (Bally).zip Xenon (Bally).zip Whirlwind (Williams).zip Twilight Zone (Bally).zip Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Williams).zip Theatre of Magic (Bally).zip White Water (Williams).zip
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