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    Today's update is thanks to the efforts of @diskmach @husko @VoidWalker @Mykillvee @ericleroi @RetroKenesis @Krakerman and @RetroHumanoid
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    Build 0.0.54 COMPELTE!! NEW: Main menu options. This allows you to set main menu wheels and themes for all systems at once. FIXED: Issue where users were experiencing lag when adding a new system. FIXED: Validating popup would hang if user had no settings for that system. NEW: Server API updated to allow more concurrent users. Tomorrow should have a bunch more bug fixes. I wanted to get this out to you guys so you can test out the new main menu feature.
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    CPWizBiz is a multi-system game info and controls generator. Use it to display the controls for any game on any system. It also creates dynamic layouts, leveraging media such as images, video, flash, youtube, gifs and scrollers. More Details and Download Here: http://www.magoarcade.org/wp/cpwizbiz/
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    Here are some pictures of my completed GameRoom Solutions build. I LOVE this thing It took me 2 days to complete . . . Also, HERE is a list of everything I used in the build, including links and prices.
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    Just got finished playing with this and now...time to sleep! Still want to add a few things to the shelf but for now....this is the prototype. Super Famicom
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    Updates 1.0.1 Bug Fixes: CPWB.Rig_AddNew: Do check for at least single image in Layout before add rig. CPWB.Ini_KorVToTableKey: Adds Section header in absence of Source section CPwb.StartPopulationOutput: Changes to skip datatable population if no emu/info labels/images... 1.0.2 Some Icon improvements 1.0.3 CPWB.Pop_CPWBg: Creates bak.png if not present from app resource. Added CPWizard Layouts folder backup 1.0.4 Bugfixes: Edit Imgs and Labels for Emus. 1.0.5 Fixed .ire file for General settings. Bug only occurs if you installed at Version 1.0.4. Manual fix required - update won't fix it - contact me if need to know how (basically just copy CoreAssets>VanillaAssets>db>ires>CPWizBiz.ire to the equivalent in your ascribed database location)' 1.0.6 Explored Cmd Line bug Issue #18. To do with .net .parsecmdline - small changes made but unresolved. Consider custom class. 1.0.7 Fixed startup bug if can't find db file. 1.0.8 Added game manual browse from Games tab Added change game controls from CPWizBiz 1.0.9 Added Snap + Save current CPWizard display. > Assists with documenting specific layouts (E.g. Default Emu/System button layouts) 1.1.0 Added UPdate CPWizard Function > Downloads CPWizard and compares against local version. If newer, copies relevant files to local installation. 1.1.1 BugFix: Fixes Update Rig bug where this mucked up database. 1.1.2 Added facility to edit Emulator Function Labels directly in the admin interface Added ability to change the default image viewer for CPWizard grab to one of user's choosing. 1.1.3 Added copy emulator functions from another system (for multi-system emulators such as RetroArch) Re-wrote Marquee and CPWizard dynamic image routine. Now includes any 'de-tagged' images in image results in absence of direct match (e.g. "Tekken 3 (USA)" used where game = "Tekken 3") Landing page for Maquee edit changed to Images Improved update routine, now keeps update stats via ftp.
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    I've tried it by hand.. with my decopeer saw, but it seems I have latent parkinson or something, it's was all wobly.. here are better images
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    Version 1.0.0


    Themes include Background Music mp3. Follow readme instructions for extraction
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    Last Saturday I went to the local makerspace with a buddy of mine. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A700FD met Tapatalk
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    Ha! Well I appreciate that you like it enough to want to use it everywhere This application is designed to be specific to hyperspin for many many reasons. First of which is creating a tool specific to it's application means you can dial in each area of the app to fit. When you try to make something too generic, it tends to be less useful for it's intended task. The next part is, I'm not just a hyperspin user. I am a developer on the hyperspin team. This allows me to integrate deeply into future features for both HBL and HS itself. In the future, you'll see why we chose this route.
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    An update, i found a reasonably efficient way of doing this, and have done it yesterday for creating a "Best 1000 Mame games"-wheel, with all media copied from the bigger total mame wheel and folders. Is that of interest? If it is I'll write out the process steps and tools. I'm a very recent Hyperspin fan so I'm not sure if these things are obvious to y'all Same process can be used to create the Genre wheels. Only thing missing, that is needed, is a way to create a text file with Genre game file names in it. I already have Genre xmls, but not a txt with just the rom-names...
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    Well this is great news, can't wait to see it develop.
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    yes it's very satisfying Good part of 4 hours, keeping an eye on things, screwing down some parts as it went along.
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    Freeeeeesh sawdust!!!! I could watch CNC routers all day
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    With the forums down this evening, I just posted a quick preview of a tough widescreen conversion I'm polishing off for the audit. Cheers! Note: I didn't convert the main menu theme, that was already done.
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    Thanks for all the great uploads guys! Today's HyperUpdate is courtesy of @ren81010 @RLBradders26 and @RetroKenesis!
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    Thanks! I can't take credit for the art though. I combined two different sets they had pre configured one set was classic NES and the other set was MAME. I thought they looked pretty sweet together. Especially with the button/controller colors I picked out.
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    Hyperbase should go the way of hyperlaunch -> rocketlauncher. That way people with other frontends could work with it to make their artwork collection top notch. This looks very promising.
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    There's a subforum in the Plat section of the site for the code.
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    Thanks fellas. If you're gonna give it a go and need some help (I have a feeling it might be a little confusing to use at first), just give me a shout. If you get it up and running and want to be a contributor, that'd be awesome (needing controller images; games database entries etc). Again, just give me a shout and I'll add you to the contributor team.
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    You seem well equipped for the challenge
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    Dam I gotta wait 12hrs to test it now unless I sneak a bit of PC time in somehow lol
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    The server move is complete and we are working on getting Hyperlist back up. You can of course use Hypersync and the downloads section for databases.
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    Sorry for the long wait, here are some new additions! Also, I fixed the images that were down on the previous page and added the newest versions to them. TurboGrafx-CD Sega CD
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    Wow that's amazing. It would be mm perfect!!! Hope you are cutting your bezel that way also (this was my biggest headache when building my bartop).
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    Not only that but we're gonna give users the option to take as much of the thought and struggle out of setting it up as they'd like. Once the audit's done I'm going to assign "best of" default settings across the board so people can literally just click "go" and get the perfect setup, or people can take the time to go item by item, system by system, with actual frickin' previews of everything -including- themes to decide what they want. And with the new mini-previews in the app, you can tell exactly what you have at a glance. No more having to scroll through and hit preview on every item or having to download a theme to see what it looks like. This project is going to take all of the tedium that ever came with HyperSpin, take it out back, and beat it to death with a rubber hose while everyone gets one with the two most important things about the frontend: 1) looking at how awesome your systems/games look/sound as you browse through them and 2) Playing/enjoying your awesome systems/games.
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    You just explained EXACTLY why I created this app in the first place. You're protective over your install because of all the time it took to get it where it is today. No more. No setup should take more than a beer and an afternoon. Basic setups should be point and click. My suggestion is to back up your install info before you use our app. Also, you can ask me anything you'd like. In this case, I would be happy to answer. We are targeting July at the moment. But of course, we'll release it when it's ready
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    Today's update is courtesy of @husko @VoidWalker @diskmach @ren81010 @Krakerman @svinik!
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    Slightly delayed update today. Rearranged my posting schedule a tad to get more auditing done Big thanks today to @svinik @Mykillvee @Wally Wonka @rodrigodn @KlopjerO @JSinn!
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    @MADrigal Fixed! Thanks for correcting me. Today's shout-out goes to @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@SupraKarma. Cheers to you guys and thanks for giving me the opportunity to show off your amazing work.
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    Today's shoutout goes entirely to @MADrigal to help spread word of his recent announcement! Cheers MADrigal and thank you for sharing!
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    Some quick n dirty theme love today as I've been burning the midnight oil again XD Big thanks to @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] for the content on display today! Y'all rock.
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    Today I tried to be a tad funny :3 Big thanks to @diskmach @Mykillvee @husko @Accorsi @dougan78 @Krakerman @Dubbloseven @JSinn for fueling todays update!
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    Be sure to subscribe to my channel please! Here is a demo video showcasing some themes i'm working on currently as well as all the above shown bezels as well as some brand new ones! I'm on Version 2 of the Bezels and i've definitely touched up on some things! Also, you can grab all of my bezels shown in the video here https://mega.nz/#!8IEW0Q7Q!rsdz4C3Tm-ObAwlmAmHxSUsZZU793xVM7c_3Z_JZwoM All bezels are meant for 16-9 aspect ratio. Please do not share or distribute anywhere else without my consent. I've been very busy as of late. Thanks everyone and again, please subscribe!
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    Version 1.0


    Finally finished this long project I kept putting off. All spines and covers were done using real scans and photos. The goal was accuracy and to replace the old set which used custom artwork.
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    3D Atari Jaguar Box Set 54 of 54 Boxes
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    Atari Jaguar CD 3D Boxes.
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    Atari Jaguar CD Disc Artwork.
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    Letter pack for the Atari Jaguar CD; based on the lettering style used in the official system logo.
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    2D Atari Jaguar Cart Set 54 of 54 Carts
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    Version 20140203


    Atari Jaguar - Main Menu (4:3)
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    Letter pack for the Atari Jaguart based on the official "Jaguar" logo
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    atari jaguar pointer
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    It's been a known issue for some people on Win10. There are a few threads on here about it so if you search they may be able to suggest some fixes. I'm running 10 and don't have an issue with it myself. Worst case you just have to manually edit the ini files.
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    CPWizBiz V0.8.0.0 Released Totally overhauled installer. Now: - Guides through the Master/Slave installation - Accommodates re-install ontop of existing installations - Auto-downloads CPWizard + sets it up. Tootips added to Admin interface. Added facility to delete game setups and edit game names ** Added Assets dowloader - keeps all imgaes up to date from server ** ** Added Controllers and Game Controls downloader - download other user's setups - save yourself a job** Above resulting in much smaller download. Added some view tools for the datagrids Added Change GUI font size/style (for old man eyes like mine) Total reshuffle of layout oh and.... ** MARQUEE EDITOR!!! ** - Autogenerate Marquees from image paths - Add images, animation (flash or gif), vidoes (local or youtube link) + scroller texts to a custom marquee - Flashy text generator - makes styalized text from game name. - In-app image searcher to find logos, backgrounds, fanart etc - In-app game info searcher - Video Intros before marquee display (e.g. for console boots) Loads of other stuff... Vid: Get here: https://cpwizbiz.cod...ses/view/617911
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    Version 20091115


    215 sound samples from Genesis Games.
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