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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, Here's the database for HBMame 185. Enjoy
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    Was awesome to see the wide variety of really cool stuff that got added today! Special thanks goes out to @utfalcon @SamVSsami @FernandoCaldas @RetroHumanoid @diskmach @fr0stbyt3 @NEO207 @SupraKarma @Black Hazor @maxcade @fame-shadow @Mykillvee @Krakerman @ci2own @griffin518 @Kondorito @Prial @husko @VoidWalker and to everyone who helped and participated and supported them in the creation of their amazing work!
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    Hi everybody, on retroarch you could now emulate the NEC PC-98. However, it is impossible to find media for this computer in order to prepare a wheel. So I tried to create a theme for hyperspin. So I started by creating a theme for the main menu. Here is the result in video.
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    I bet there is an alternate universe where the Nintendo Playstation came to fruition and went on to dominate that next generation of consoles, SEGA died out like it did in this universe, Sony didn't do it's own thing because they were successful with the NPS (Nintendo PlayStation), and then there was only Nintendo left for all time, because Microsoft didn't want to go up against them when there wasn't Sony around to help.
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    I've created a complete wheel for most of the SNES CD MSU-1 games that are currently available. The wheel is based on SimplyAustins SNES Wheel as I like the clean look and background and have also used some of Aorin's Video Snaps from the great game hacks wheel that was released. I've created mock up SNES CD covers and CD images based on some of the box art for the games out there. The RocketLauncher module is setup to launch the games with Retroarch using the BSNES core, its my first wheel release so hopefully everything works ok. You can download the full wheel with rocketlauncher fades and pause backgrounds here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As2jkrtIr7k7gR5gk57jEa1sCuYw Update: I've added Zelda Parallel Worlds, Zelda Goddess of Wisdom and Final Fantasy 6 Balance and Ruin, I've also added the complete database XML file that was missing. Complete wheel is around 1 GB for artwork and videos. To get all the games setup takes about 30 GB. Update 10-14-2017: Added Donkey Kong Country, Joe & Mac, Rockman & Forte, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Castlevania IV ,Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Terranigma Instructions: 1. Create new wheel and copy over Hyperspin media and XML database. 2. Add a new system to Rocketlauncher called "SNES CD" and Copy over the Rocketlauncher files (Media, Modules & Rocketlauncher UI) into your Rocketlauncher folder. 3. Setup Retroarch (SNES CD) in your global emulator, set your path to match where you have retroarch installed and setup the module to the "RetroArch (SNES CD).ahk" that is included in the download pack. 4. Go to https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database and download most of the game patches and pcm audio files. Most games use Lunar IPS to patch the original super nintendo rom .sfc file to the MSU-1 version. Create a new folder for each game named to match the name of the game in the xml file eg. BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1). To Use The BSNES Balanced Retroarch Core: In Rocketlauncher in the global emulator settings for the SNES CD system go to the "Rom Settings" tab. You can keep this setup as is with the bsnes balanced core, it requires the included .bml files. The bml files are like a cue file that tells the emulator what msu file to use and what audio tracks to use. The game must have all the required files in a folder named to match the game in the XML file. To Use The SNES9X Retroarch Core: Under the "Rom Settings" tab in Rocketlauncher change the LibRetro_Core to "snes9x_libretro". Rename the rom file, pcm files and .msu so they all have the same name. For Example to setup BS Zelda the folder must contain the following: BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).sfc BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).msu BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-1.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-2.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-3.pcm etc. Now you just launch the .sfc file directly like you would with a normal snes game with rocketlauncher, no need for a bml file. You can check out a preview video here: Video Preview for the latest update:
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    From the same author of Real3DOPlayer Fastest and most compatible Jaguar emulator I've seen. Not bad for an initial release.... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar&rdid=ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar Nearly all games run well on my Shield... See the compatibility matrix: http://www.arts-union.ru/node/66 It's $9 but worth it. There is no launch-intent yet, he's aware we want the feature and has said he'll try to add it in the future.
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    just played one of those games... that is absolutely mind blowing! thank you for bring this to my attention !!
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    Next step : defaut system theme.
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    hmmm now i think its really time to mess up with retroarch really cool dont know that someone exists really cool utfalcon
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    Check out the Ben Heck show on youtube. That is the only one in the world afaik.
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    There's an option in HyperHQ to set the wheel mode (I think that's what the option is called) to Single instead of Multi and set MAME as the system to start in. Starting on the last game selected should be an option in the wheel settings for your MAME wheel IIRC.
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    because its the nintendo sony playstation prototype.
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    @kincaid76 This is my Control Panel template and it covers almost all. If have any doubt, just ask me.
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    Y'all are goin balls to the waaallllllll lately! I'm blown away at the amount of creative effort happening. It's like someone turned the dial up to 93465467% and snapped it right off. Cheers! Special thanks today to @SupraKarma @JSinn @dionymnia @fire10 @Black Hazor @goofers @Kondorito @dougan78 @Accorsi @Krakerman @VoidWalker @husko @Dubbloseven @Prial @Mykillvee @maxcade @KlopjerO @RetroHumanoid @odenmc @diskmach @zbboc @ci2own!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Congratulations to RetroHumanoid! This package contains both the 4:3 and the 16:9 version of the trophy theme within it.
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    Version 2


    Nintendo Entertainment System 3D cases (USA) titles,(Unofficial) titles,(Europe) titles, (Australia) titles,and a few Japanese cases. All created with the original side panel not the custom . XML included for the NES games that are not on the original hyperbase 1.3 version if you want it. If there are are errors or mistakes, please just let me know and I'll fix em'!
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    Version 20141019


    Bogey Manor - bogeyman (MAME)
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    Version 20140124


    Nintendo Game Boy - System Default (16:9ST)
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    Version 20140216


    Super Sidekicks / Tokuten Ou - ssideki (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20130314


    NES 3D Box Pack - Wally Wonka
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    Version 20120929


    The Irritating Maze / Ultra Denryu Iraira Bou - irrmaze (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20140427


    NES 2D Box Pack - Amchine
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    Version 20091114


    Super Sidekicks 3 - The Next Glory / Tokuten Ou 3 - eikou e no michi - ssideki3 (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20140105


    Magical Drop (Japan, Version 1.1, 1995.06.21) - magdrop - (MAME)
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    Version 20081029


    Stakes Winner 2 - stakwin2 (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20081016


    Solomon's Key (US) - solomon (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20080909


    Road Blasters (upright, rev 4) - roadblst (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20130128


    Magical Crystals (World, 92/01/10) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20090103


    Magical Drop III - magdrop3 (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20150211


    Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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