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    Well, if the base of these files is sound, I can very easily add other variants to it, though if I add all variants this will be a rather extensive set. For now I think I favor releasing it as a sub set, but if different people want different variants I may just make it a separate set in stead.
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    @phulshof, without having looked at it yet, my supposition would be if you followed the following formula, most would be happy- full mame (arcade) set, minus "non-working/preliminary", minus "utilities", minus "electro-mechanical", minus clones, then add "clones to keep (from updated list on this post)". This with your usual "no casino, no mature, no mahjong, no quiz" variants should cover most peoples' needs and will be appreciated by those who don't want to use the auditing, renaming and xml tools to produce their own lists.
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    Version 20150929


    Letter pack for the Atari 7800, based on the lettering style of the official system logo, and using the colours from the "Atari Sign" part of logo.
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    Full set of 3D box art for Atari 7800
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    AutoKustom BETA-2 (used for creating "Kustom Framed Wheels"
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    Version 20130727


    If you want a professional and good looking interface take a look this theme. Please support my project facebook.com/chicuelo.ar
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