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    Another small system released today. I actually made all the captures months ago and got sidetracked. Better late than never, I guess, today's release is for the Sega Hikaru arcade system. We have 5 new video snaps, platform video, snaps, titles and other artwork. These were recorded using Demul 0.7, due to some missing textures and minor glitches, this set will most likely be redone when Demul 0.8 is released. High Quality Video Snap Sample EM Default Platform Video Videos Added / Replaced - 5 @Circo airtrix braveff pharrier podrace sgnascar Grab the new video snaps immediately via: EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View the full article
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    To be honest for me HyperSpin works just fine as is and RocketLauncher adds all the extra features that I needed for my setup. I have tried the likes of LaunchBox which is feature rich but no easy theme editor exist for it to design themes and GameEx was just not doing it for me for a better lack of words. HyperSpin still has the flashy look and an easy to use theme editor and I personally like using flash so making animations to my themes is a piece of cake. Then we got RocketLauncher which adds all the extra bells and whistles that works with HyperSpin or many other FE's for that matter. As it stands everything runs and looks just fine even on my 50” HDTV so even if HS 3.0 never comes I am happy as it stands and can keep on creating new themes, bezels, RocketLauncher modules, fade screens and much much more. Keeps me busy and will for years to come if not forever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Version 1.0.0


    Boxart 3D all the covers of the custom Atari 7800 I've improved all the images, removed imperfections, changed images for better ones than the official one, removed "NEW, Arcade" warning labels, all the covers following the gray standard
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    Version 1.0.4


    Hypert00ls with options for SYNOPSIS, DEVELOPERS, PLAYERS Built from source and modified by me.
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    I've been gone as I tested these on my Shield TV. Heimdall 2 ECS and AGA WHDLoad work with the UA BootLoader. Your HDF AGA version is also mint! I recorded a video to show just how sloooow ADF is and why I have been forced into enabling JIT in my profiles...I'll upload it tomorrow. Thank you for explaining the UA Bootloader's limitation...I think Thatman understands now why I'd rather use your HDF files, than rely on the UA Bootloader and WHDLoad. No disrespect to Horace but I am finding the Bootloader I have for my Workbench.hdf to be "superior". I think what I'll do is get Thatman setup with what I have, so he can tinker and play test his little socks off I don't want to slow your project down, we are proving to be borrowing very heavily from it and your experience. Please remember we use Uae4arm at the moment NOT Amiberry as the emulator. I promise we will get your Shield TV setup in time (pinky swear)
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    @Honosuseri heres my config maker notes. Also includes relevent info from Dom's github wiki on it You need python installed on your PC or a portable version installed to a folder. Games need to be in that directory also UAEConfigMaker Notes.txt
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    Heimdall 2 AGA Whdload Heimdall 2 AGA HDF Both work perfect on a standard a1200 config on my pi. Just tried them out now. No problems whatsoever.
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    There really isnt much difference from whdload to hdf most of the time. Some whdload games fail to load in wb environment because it lacks extra commands of lines required in the startup sequence to male the game function. Whdload bootloader uses 1 standard preload command i think. There were many hdfs that didnt work with only this command. I have had help from Retroplay who supplys the latest whdload versions of the game which i convert to hdf. Then i playtest if it fails i use many different commands to make it work. Some games like example Butcher Hill required some extra commands. Another thing is some games work better on a600 then a1200 try torvak the warrior. A600 has music a1200 doesnt. You cant change settings in the bootloader its a standard aga a1200 setting. With torvak hdf. You can simply change it to a600 ecs 2mb chip and you can play it properly with music.
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    it's me . i use a pixel C (root ) for GLTools with a custom OpenGLES driver . for exemple for a tegra game like Half 2 it's ok Pixel c = K1-64 on android : nintendo Games Cube /WII work . in GL 2 and GL 3 why with fake graphics profile for the tegra 4 Hyperspin don't work ??? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP How we can contact the Hyperspin developper ???
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    Agree, whilst I have reasons in his own words its not my place to advertise them and it would do more harm than good. For now lets just let this ship drift away and see what happens. The crew are still keeping the lights running for us all to enjoy which is enough for me.
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    Salut à tous, Shinobi68 a eu la gentillesse de partager un XML contenant les jeux FR/EUR/US/JP Dreamcast, en donnant la priorité aux versions Françaises. J'ai récemment mis à jour ce pack en y ajoutant une dizaine de jeux, en remplaçant certains jeux par leurs traduction anglaise et en nettoyant les genres. Vous trouverez sur mon FTP: La base de donnée Les jaquettes (PAL/NTSC/JP suivant les jeux) Les CDs Les wheels Il y a en tout 362 jeux dans la base de donnée. Chemin: /Upload Here/France (WIP)/Sega Dreamcast/ A+! Le dossier Covers and CDs ToDo contient des covers 2D et CDs manquants et nécessitant d’être corrigés (mise en 3D). Edit: 2.0: Le set vient d’être mis à jour, shino ayant trouvé quelques erreurs de région (merci), au menu: -Correction de toutes les régions, il y a en tout 22 jeux France [(PAL)(FR)]. -Shenmue II (Translated Fr) (Disc x) ajoutés -Francisation de Tomb Raider et Buzz -Suppression des deux jeux "Who wants to be a millionaire" remplacés par "Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions (France)" N'hésitez pas à pointer les erreurs. 3.0: Ajout de 5 nouveaux jeux: -Cool Herders (World) -Frog Feast (World) -Half-Life (Unl) -Hellgate (Unl) -SturmWind (World) 366 jeux! Db & wheels mises à jours sur le FTP!
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    Version 1.0


    A full wheel pack for PSX (not including Japanese games yet). Enjoy the fruit of a project that took 5 years to finish, many contributors have come and gone over the years. Correct database can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11316-sony-playstation-official-database/
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    Video Snaps for the Atari 5200, for use in HyperSpin Download link takes you to EmuMovies (Requires Login)
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    Version 20150524


    Default - Atari 5200 - Cart Pack
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    Version 20150524


    Default - Atari 5200 - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20090119


    I, Robot - irobot (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies