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    Hey guys, just a quick pre-announcement of the upcoming full set Playchoice themes. I'm half way finishing the games list - it still needs a little work! Preview:
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    Renamed submissions to be consistent with the [platform] - [romname] - [when,who] naming convention
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    my hobbies among others ... shinobi Traslate.mp4
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    i love your theme work mate can i request a english pal version of snes and master system and a few others which arent there yet like n64 and msdos games turbo grafix 16 nec pc engine etc game gear thanks regards les and keep up the outstanding work.
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    Castlevania Collection Full set it's done ! Who's the next ?! (compatible all frontends)
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    saludos de un seguidor de tu canal en yt
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    http://thehyperspinreport.blogspot.co.uk/ check the top article there is a little more i got to write and a little demo of donkey kong I got to record other than that. that all i got to say
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    Hello, I'm going to start a new thread dedicated to PC Classics
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    Hi mate well the Brazilian artists here are absolutely incredible, it must be something you guys drink ;-) Have you made anymore of your awesome snes or Super Famicom boxes. Your Super Famicom boxes are without a doubt the best set available. I would be happy to contribute some money towards drinks for you as an incentive to continue them buddy. All the best Ant
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    You've found your niche. Good going on the Gameboy themes. The system was due for some tlc
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    Just finished adding Database entries for the various Japanese Castlevania games, where they were not yet available. In those same posts I've added Wheel images used in the themes. For those interested I'm also supplying them here,
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