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    Now that's how you make a submission! Thanks for your efforts, very much appreciated.
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    Thanks for your great effort with these. Would you please consider releasing the 2D versions of these as well? Many of us use 2D instead of 3D as is. Also if you have the 2D stickers available as a set you can choose to use them with a cart template of your own choice. Edit: I see now that that is in your plans, big thanks for that.
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    Could you upload the files in one rar/zip file? It's to much to download everything separately. Thanks
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    I upgraded the Favorties, Exit background and arrows to 100% vector, it should now appear very clean on any resolution Note: they were redraw from scratch
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    Mame xml full list have been updated to 0.190 ;-)
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    Thankyou Aorin for this great new upto date database and media you have made to go with it. It is mega appreciated all the effort time and patience you have put into this ?
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    The same will happen to the Genesis soon, a clean database like the Japanese and European versions, there are some games never released physically in the US like Alien Soldier and Mega Man: Willy Wars, they were released via the Sega Channel service, a few compilations, etc.
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    nice work thanks, looks great with my custom boxes thanks
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    FYI, I have made a preliminary 3DS eShop curated database with metadata. Get it now from https://diskmach.wordpress.com/2019/09/01/nintendo-3ds-eshop-database/ Thanks for the inspiration @AK45
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    All right it's done, thanks for the size thing you were right it worked with 2 files
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    Updates to this will now be at my new Game Art blog at: https://diskmach.wordpress.com I have posted and will post high quality art for various systems that haven't been posted before. Check it out.
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    Here you go: https://hyperspin-fe.com/profile/87801-kondorito/?do=content&type=downloads_file&change_section=1 If you are still unable to get them from here, go to Emumovies as they are there as well.
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    Glad the tutorials are getting some recognition. Thank you
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    I haven't abandoned this project, so at one or other point in place and time there will be updates.
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    Nice 1 Skywatcher another MAME theme that was on the missing list. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
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    Wally you crazy man! I LOVE these! Really appreciate your effort
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    You're always giving trouble, now we're forced to update our media again.
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    Spine is hard to come by, although maybe if u consider making boxes like this instead? or just front and spine without back Akumajou Densetsu or reconstructed
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    Sorry. I Will fix this un q couple of days.
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    Amazing work my good friend!!! Just need a decent set of wheels now, must be the last system without a good set ;-)
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    Thanx my friend. Sorry, but in my hyperspin uses gbc boxes with system spine. I made only japanese boxes...
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    hi , this database use all demul's emulated systems : Cave,naomi,atomiswave,hikaru,gaelco . I've shared demul database because my main wheel is too important : i prefer keep 1 wheel for all emulated systems instead of 5 wheels. If you want to keep separated systems you can put yours actual's naomi,atomiswave...database lists into demul genre folder (you will need to add lists into genre.xml file). You will have to change your module launcher with these lines (hyperlaunch exemple): else if (systemName = "Demul" && executable = "demul.exe") { Process, Close, %executable% If romName in 18wheelr,18wheels,18wheelu,alienfnt,alienfnta,alpilot,alpilotj,asndynmt,ausfache,capsnk,capsnka,capsnkb,crackndj,crakndj2,crzytaxi,csmash,csmasho,cspike,deathcox,derbyoc,derbyocm,derbyo2k,derbyo2km,derbyocw,derbyocwm,drbyocwc,drbyocwb,derbyoc2,derbyoc2m,doa2,doa2a,doa2m,dybb99,dybbnao,f355,f355twin,f355twind,f355twn2,f355twn2d,ggram2,ggx,gram2000,gundmct,gunsur2,gunsur2j,gwing2,hmgeo,hopper,hotd2,hotd2o,hotd2p,illvelo,inunoos,jambo,kick4csh,mamonoro,manicpnc,marstv,mazan,mazanu,mbaa,mbaao,mbslave,mtkob2,mushi2k4,mushi2k5,mushik2e,mushi2eo,mvsc2,mvsc2u,ninjaslt,ninjaslta,ninjasltu,ninjasltj,oinori,otrigger,pjustic,pokasuka,pstone,pstone2,puyoda,puyofevp,qmegamis,radirgyn,rhytngk,ringout,samba,sambap,samba2k,sgtetris,shangril,shootopl,shootpl,shootplm,shootplmp,sl2007,slasho,smarinef,smlg99,spawn,sstrkfgt,sstrkfgtd,sstrkfgta,shorsem,shorsel,shorse,shors2k1,shorsepm,shorseps,shorsepl,shorsepb,shorsep,shorsepr,suchie3,tduno,tduno2,tokyobus,totd,totdo,toukon4,toyfight,vathletep,virnba,virnbao,virnbap,vonot,vs2_2k,vtennis,vtenis2c,wldkicks,wldkicksu,wldkicksj,wldkickspw,wldkickspj,wrungp,wrungpo,wwfroyal,zerogu2,zombrvn,zombrvno,zunou,brickppl,dinoking,dinokior,dinoki25,lovebery,lovebero,loveber3,ochaken,tetgiant,tetgiano,azumanga,bdrdown,cfield,chocomk,cleoftp,confmiss,cvs2,cvs2mf,cvsgd,dragntr,dragntrs,dragntra,dragntras,dragntr2,dragntr2s,dragntr3,dragntr3s,dygolf,ggxx,ggxxac,ggxxrl,ggxxrlo,ggxxsla,gundmgd,gundmxgd,ikaruga,jingystm,karous,keyboard,kurucham,lupinsho,luptype,meltyb,meltybo,meltybld,meltyblo,moeru,mok,monkeyba,ndcfboxa,ngdup23a,ngdup23c,ngdup23e,psyvar2,puyofev,quizqgd,radirgy,radirgyo,senko,senkoo,senkosp,sfz3ugd,shaktam,shaktmsp,shaktamb,shikgam2,slashout,spkrbtl,sprtjam,ss2005,ss2005o,starseek,takoron,tetkiwam,trgheart,trghearto,trizeal,undefeat,usagiym,vathlete,vtennis2,vtennisg,wsbbgd,wccf116,wccf1dup,wccf212e,wccf234j,wccf310j,wccf331e,wccf322e,wccf420e,clubkrt,clubkrtc,clubkrto,clubk2k3,clubk2kp,clubkprz,clubkpzb,kingrt66,soulsurf,vf4cart,vf4evoct,vstrik3c,vstrik3co,wldrider,beachspi,clubkcyc,initd,initdo,initdexp,initdexpo,initdv2j,initdv2jo,initdv2e,initdv3j,initdv3jb,initdv3e,inidv3cy,inidv3ca,vf4,vf4b,vf4o,vf4evo,vf4evob,vf4evoa,vf4tuned,vf4tunedd,vf4tuneda,vstrik3 machine=naomi Else if romName in anmlbskt,anmlbskta,basschal,basschalo,blokpong,claychal,demofist,dirtypig,dolphin,fotns,ftspeed,ggisuka,ggx15,kofnw,kofnwj,kofxi,kov7sprt,maxspeed,mslug6,ngbc,ngbcj,rangrmsn,rumblef,rumblefp,rumblef2,rumblf2p,salmankt,samsptk,sprtshot,sushibar,xtrmhunt,xtrmhnt2,vfurlong,waidrive machine=awave Else if romName in airtrix,airtrixo,braveff,pharrier,swracer,sgnascar,sgnascaro machine=hikaru Else if romName in atvtrack,atvtracka,gfootbal,smashdrv machine=gaelco Else if romName in deathsml,dsmbl,ddpdfk,ddpdfk10,dfkbl,espgal2,futari10,futari15,futari15a,futaribl,futariblj,ibara,ibarablk,ibarablka,mmmbanc,mmpork,mushisam,mushisama,mushisamb,mushitam,mushitama,pinkswts,pinkswtsa,pinkswtsb,pinkswtsx machine=cave3rd Else ExitApp RunWait , "%EmuPath%%Executable%" -run=%machine% -rom=%romName% ExitApp } This code is necessary to select the correct machine launcher into demul emulator. Please note that demul's romset is the same as current mame romset ans so , both emulators can pointing to the same mame romset folder. (From demul's web site : - MISC: Romset in sync with current MAME )
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    Hi , i've uploaded the beta version of mame xml full lists generator here : I will no longer generate mame xml full lists and update this topic sorry... But now i will give support for mame xml full lists generator ... I will leave this topic open for people that don't want use the generator and want to ask for someone share lists on server. (i'm not sure that is a good translation of my french to english...) See you on new topic...
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    I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. It was that way when I found this community. If I had to guess, I would suspect it is because Super Famicom is such a huge presence (lots of translated games), that people didn't like the idea of cluttering up their list of American games. I personally prefer them split, as I enjoy having a separate theme and wheel for the Japanese games. But if you want to combine the two lists, all you have to do is download Don's HyperSpin tools (I prefer the beta release for this task) and use the List Merger tool. It would be strange to have a Sega Genesis and a Sega Genesis Japan wheel, but for some reason, having the SNES stuff split doesn't bother me. But then on the other hand, I also have a Sega Saturn Japan wheel. There's no wrong way to build your system.
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    Looks great to me, except for Tank Wars and Rock 'N' Bolt (the top got cut off, and it needed stroke outline since it was all black). So, I went ahead and redid those two if anyone cares. They're not spectacular but they're acceptable.
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    Package 0.183 added : Added --> Mame xml full lists updated to current version. Added --> New Lists from BestGames.ini (http://www.progettosnaps.net/bestgames/) located in "Extras" Directory.
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    Updated ! version 0.182 Added --> Mame xml full lists updated to current version. Fixed --> Genre.xml files that contains "&" and "'" characters.
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    Thanks for your hard work on this. I got the Shield TV pro for Xmas, will try to setup HS with the help of this.
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    What an achievement very well done. much wow, very 64
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    These are really nice, please post more....Thank you.
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    Looks great, though some logos have registered trademark symbols left on them while others do not.
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    Man you are on Fire.... Wauu nice Work ..Love it really good....Germany gives you 10Points...
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