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    Version 1.1


    Minimal Platform Logo Set - minimalistic and simple design -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 190+ logos with blank logo background 6 different styles: white silver light grey dark grey black black glass graphic size per logo: 1256 x 508px Any comments are welcome. Hope you like it!
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    Pointer do sistema Locomalito (16:9) (4:3) Based out of Spain, Locomalito is one of a handful of independent game-crafters working out of Europe. A couple of things set him apart, however. The first thing is that with the exception of one title (which is simply a super-juiced up “EX” version and is worth the dough), Locomalito’s entire game library is available as freeware. Yes, that means he offers it to you, the gamer, free of charge on his website. The second (and equally obvious) thing separating Loco from the pack: EVERY SINGLE GAME is a handcrafted, authentic, exquisite blend of the old and the new.
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    Here is a system start sound for Microsoft MS-DOS based on the Windows 3.1 startup sound figured some of may be interested in this so figured i'd share. Enjoy!
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    Adventure - Dragon Attack.mp3 Adventure - Dragon Kill.mp3 Adventure - Get Key.mp3 Adventures of tron - jump.mp3 Adventures of tron - run.mp3 Adventures of tron - tank shot.mp3 Air Sea Battle - Shot.mp3 Asteroids - explode.mp3 Asteroids - shoot.mp3 Atari 2600 Wheel Sounds.zip Atlantis - Shoot.mp3 barnstorming - airplane 1.mp3 battlezone - move.mp3 battlezone - radar.mp3 battlezone - shoot.mp3 Bezerk - Sound 1.mp3 Bezerk - Sound 2.mp3 Bezerk - Sound 3.mp3 Bezerk - Sound 4.mp3 Bowling - rolling.mp3 Bowling - strike.mp3 Boxing - End Round.mp3 Boxing - Punch.mp3 breakout - block bust.mp3 breakout - bump 1.mp3 breakout - bump 2.mp3 carnival - hit.mp3 carnival - shot.mp3 Centipede - shots.mp3 Chopper Command - Chopper.mp3 Chopper Command - Shot.mp3 Chopper Command - Shots.mp3 Circus - Bounce.mp3 Circus - Clear Blocks.mp3 Combat - hit.mp3 combat - tank move.mp3 Cosmic Ark - Next Level.mp3 Cosmic Ark - Shoot.mp3 Cosmic Ark - Sound 1.mp3 Cosmic Ark - Sound 2.mp3 Dark Chambers - Shot.mp3 Defender - Alien Beaming up.mp3 Defender - Flying.mp3 Defender - STart.mp3 Demon Attack - hit.mp3 Demon Attack - Shot.mp3 digdug 1.mp3 dodgem - change lanes.mp3 dodgem - driving.mp3 dodgem - high speed.mp3 Donkey Kong - Item Get.mp3 Donkey Kong - Jump.mp3 Donkey Kong - Walk.mp3 ET - Fall.mp3 ET - Walk.mp3 Frogger - hop.mp3 Frogger - hop2.mp3 frogger - made it.mp3 Haunted House - Get Item.mp3 Haunted House - Get Piece.mp3 Haunted House - Next Room 1.mp3 Haunted House - Next Room 2.mp3 Haunted House - Walking.mp3 HERO - Dynamite.mp3 HERO - Helicopter.mp3 HERO - Laser Beam.mp3 keystone - item get.mp3 keystone - jump.mp3 keystone - run.mp3 Missile Command - Count Cities.mp3 Missile Command - Count Missles.mp3 Missile Command - Shoot.mp3 Missle Command - Start.mp3 Montezuma's Revenge - Door.mp3 Montezuma's Revenge - Extra Life.mp3 Montezuma's Revenge - Item Get.mp3 Montezuma's Revenge - Jump.mp3 Montezuma's Revenge - Walking.mp3 pacman - ghost eater1.mp3 pacman - ghost eater2.mp3 pacman - gobble.mp3 pacman - start.mp3 Pitfall Atari - Extra Life.mp3 Pitfall Atari - Jump.mp3 Pitfall Atari - Log.mp3 Pitfall Atari - Swinging.mp3 Quick Step - Death.mp3 Quick Step - Got white brick.mp3 Quick Step - Jump.mp3 Quick Step - Level Will Advance.mp3 Quick Step - Start.mp3 River Raid - Gassing Up.mp3 Skiing - Sound 1.mp3 Skiing - Sound 2.mp3 Spider Fighter - Death.mp3 Spider Fighter - Level Start.mp3 Spider Fighter - Shots.mp3 Warlords - Death.mp3 Warlords - Deflect.mp3 Warlords - Wall Destruction.mp3 Yars - Alert.mp3 Yars - Death.mp3 Yars - Sound 1.mp3
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    Version 1.0


    Found a few bootup sounds, and a floppy drive sound off the net. Mashed them together with some slight effects.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi Here is a pack with some start sounds that were missing in the other packs. Just drag it into your media folder and enjoy the console startup sound when you select a system in your main Wheel.
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    System Start - Impossible Mission - Another Visitor.mp3 Wheel Sounds: Archon - Board Move 1.mp3 Archon - Board Move 2.mp3 Archon - Board Move 3.mp3 Archon - Pheonix Attack.mp3 Archon - Pheonix.mp3 Archon - Shot.mp3 Archon - Unicorn Run.mp3 Archon - Unicorn Teleport.mp3 Archong - Ghost Move.mp3 Blagger - Fall.mp3 Blagger - Jump.mp3 Blagger - Walk.mp3 Chimera - Chimera.mp3 Chimera - Notificiation.mp3 Defender of the Crown - Catipult.mp3 Drelbs - Exit Next Level.mp3 Drelbs - Get Item.mp3 Drelbs - Shoot.mp3 Giana Sisters - Block Destroy.mp3 Giana Sisters - Coin.mp3 Giana Sisters - Jump.mp3 Giana Sisters - Start Level.mp3 Hero - Chopper.mp3 Hero - Dynamite.mp3 Hero - Laser.mp3 iBall - Voice 1.mp3 iBall - Voice 2.mp3 iBall - Voice 3.mp3 IK - Kick.mp3 IK - Low Kick.mp3 IK - Roundhouse.mp3 IK - Sitdown.mp3 Impossible Mission - Death.mp3 Impossible Mission - Destroy Him.mp3 Impossible Mission - Elevator.mp3 Impossible Mission - Ha Ha.mp3 Impossible Mission - Jump.mp3 Impossible Mission - Music Room 1.mp3 Impossible Mission - Music Room 2.mp3 Impossible Mission - Music Room 3.mp3 Impossible Mission - Robot Zap.mp3 Impossible Mission - Step.mp3 Into the Eagles Nest - Death.mp3 Into the Eagles Nest - Door Open.mp3 Into the Eagles Nest - Get Item.mp3 Into the Eagles Nest - Shot.mp3 Into the Eagles Nest - Walking.mp3 Jumpman - Bullet.mp3 Jumpman - Getting Star.mp3 Jumpman - Jumping.mp3 Jumpman - Start.mp3 Jumpman - Walking.mp3 Knight Games - Attack.mp3 Knight Games - Block.mp3 Miner2049er - Slide.mp3 Miner2049er - 5 Steps.mp3 Miner2049er - Jump.mp3 Mission Elevator - Bartender Select.mp3 Mission Elevator - Door Shut.mp3 Mission Elevator - Elevator.mp3 Mission Elevator - Found Item.mp3 Mission Elevator - Found Money.mp3 Mission Elevator - Shot.mp3 Mission Elevator - Typewriter.mp3 Mission Elevator - Walking.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Door Open.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Extra Life.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Item Get.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Jump.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Pole Slide.mp3 Montezuma Revenge - Walking.mp3 Pool Of Radiance - Attack.mp3 Pool Of Radiance - Miss.mp3 Pool Of Radiance - Move.mp3 Pool Of Radiance - Ranged Attack.mp3 Pool Of Radiance - Spell.mp3 River Raid - Chopper.mp3 River Raid - Gasing Up.mp3 River Raid - Laser Blast.mp3 River Raid - Tank.mp3 Road Raider - Kill.mp3 Road Raider - Open Item.mp3 Road Raider - Shooting.mp3 Road Raider - Tire Sqeal.mp3 Road Raider - Walking.mp3 Standing Stones - Enter Dungeon.mp3 Standing Stones - Monster Defeated.mp3 Standing Stones - Monster Ready.mp3 Standing Stones - Monster Spawn.mp3 Standing Stones - Start.mp3 Standing Stones - Step.mp3 Suicide Express.mp3 Times of Lore - Attack Miss.mp3 Times of Lore - Monster Death.mp3 Times of Lore - Open Door.mp3 Times of Lore - Walking.mp3 Trains - Filling up Car.mp3 Trains - Full.mp3 Trains - Moving.mp3 Trains - Unloading.mp3 Tunnel Vision - Voice 1.mp3 Tunnel Vision - Voice 2.mp3 Turrican - Electricity.mp3 Turrican - Get Item.mp3 Turrican - Get Item2.mp3 Wizard Of Wor - Enter Arena.mp3 Wizard Of Wor - Shot.mp3 Wizard Of Wor - Warlock Appear.mp3 Wizard Of Wor - Warlock End.mp3 Wizard Of Wor - Warlock Shot.mp3
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    Version 1.0.0


    Greetings, I Decided to upload the sound pack for Hyperspin's Ultimate DooM Single player Collection: it contains sounds to be played when ever you skip to the next wheel. enjoy Forum : link to the forum thread with more goodies Edit 17-11-2016 As of Today , ZeroJay's Ultimate doom single player collection will be known as Hyperspin's Ultimate Doom single player collection. please give ZeroJay a Beer for his hardwork! Database : http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12605-hyperspin-ultimate-doom-single-player-collection-database/ Letter pack : http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12604-hyperspins-ultimate-doom-single-player-collection-letter-pack/ Sound pack : http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12603-hyperspins-ultimate-doom-single-player-collection-sound-pack/ Wheel pack : http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12602-hyperspin-s-ultimate-doom-single-player-collection-wheel-pack/
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    Version 1.0.0


    All of my music for games.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just wanted to upload another Main Menu Wheel set The contents are as follows with original. Also contains the small variances . 2 Player LOGO.png 4 Player LOGO.png AAE.png Acorn Archimedes.png Acorn Atom (2).png Acorn Atom copy.png Acorn Atom.png Acorn BBC Micro.png Acorn Electron.png Action & Adventure LOGO.png Actionmax.png Adventurevision.png Alf TV Game RU.png Alf TV Game.png All Games LOGO.png American Laser Games (2).png American Laser Games.png Amstrad CPC.png Amstrad GX4000.png Android (2).png Android (3).png Android (Icon 2).png Android (Icon).png Android.png Another Arcade Emulator.png APF Imagination Machine.png APF MP-1000 (2).png APF MP-1000 (3).png APF MP-1000.png APF.png Apogee BK-01.png Apogee BK-01u.png Apple Bandai Pippin.png Apple II (2).png Apple II (3).png Apple II (4).png Apple II GS.png Apple II.png Applications.png Aquarius.png Arcade Classics 4 Player.png ArcadePC.png Arcades.png Arcadia 2001.png Astrocade.png Atari 2600.png Atari 5200.png Atari 7800.png Atari 8-Bit.png Atari Classics.png Atari Jaguar CD.png Atari Jaguar.png Atari Lynx (2).png Atari Lynx.png Atari Pong.png Atari ST (2).png Atari ST.png Atari XEGS.png Bally Astrocade.png Bandai Playdia.png Bandai Super Vision 8000.png Bandai SwanCrystal.png Bandai WonderSwan Color (2).png Bandai WonderSwan Color.png Bandai WonderSwan.png Beat 'Em Up LOGO.png Bemani.png Bitcorp Gamate (2).png Bitcorp Gamate.png Board & Card LOGO.png Capcom Classics.png Capcom Play System (2).png Capcom Play System II (2).png Capcom Play System II.png Capcom Play System III (2).png Capcom Play System III.png Capcom Play System.png Casio Loopy.png Casio PV-2000 (2).png Casio PV-2000.png Cave (2).png Cave.png Channel F.png Chillout LOGO.png Classics LOGO.png Coleco ADAM.png Coleco Telstar Arcade.png ColecoVision (2).png Colecovision alt.png ColecoVision.png Commodore 128.png Commodore 16 (2).png Commodore 16 Plus 4 (2).png Commodore 16 Plus 4.png Commodore 16.png Commodore 64 (2).png Commodore 64 (3).png Commodore 64 Game System.png Commodore 64.png Commodore Amiga (2).png Commodore Amiga (3).png Commodore Amiga (4).png Commodore Amiga CD.png Commodore Amiga CD32.png Commodore Amiga icon.png Commodore Amiga.png Commodore C64GS.png Commodore CDTV (3).png Commodore CDTV.png Commodore Max Machine (2).png Commodore Max Machine (3).png Commodore MAX Machine (4).png Commodore Max Machine.png Commodore PET Plus.png Commodore PET.png Commodore VIC-20 (2).png Commodore VIC-20.png Creativision.png Creatronic Mega Duck.png Daphne.png Data East Classics.png Data Ltd Dragon.png DICE.png Dragon Data Dragon.png Emerson Arcadia 2001.png Entex Adventure Vision.png Epoch Game Pocket Computer (2).png Epoch Game Pocket Computer.png Examu EX Board (2).png Examu EX Board.png Exidy Sorcerer.png Fairchild Channel F (2).png Fairchild Channel F.png Famicom Disk System.png FightCade.png Fighting Games1.png Fighting LOGO.png filelist.bat fileslist.txt Final Burn Alpha.png Flying Games LOGO.png Fujitsu FM Towns (2).png Fujitsu FM Towns II UR.png Fujitsu FM Towns II.png Fujitsu FM Towns Marty.png Fujitsu FM Towns.png Fujitsu FM V-Towns.png Funtech Acan.png Funtech Super Acan.png Future Pinball.png Gameboy Advance.png Gameboy Color.png Gameboy.png GamePark GP32 (Icon).png GamePark GP32.png GCE Vectrex (2).png GCE Vectrex (3).png GCE Vectrex (4).png GCE Vectrex.png Genres Short LOGO.png GX4000.png Hartung Game Master.png HBmame (2).png HBMame.png Horror LOGO.png Hyper Neo Geo 64.png Hypermamuv1.png IGS Polygame Master alt.png Inertion VC 4000 (2).png Inertion VC 4000.png info.txt Intellivision.png Irem Classics.png JungleTac Sport Vii.png Jupiter ACE.png Kaneko.png Konami Classics (2).png Konami Classics.png Konami e-AMUSEMENT (2).png Konami e-AMUSEMENT.png Konami eAmusement.png Konami.png Konix Multi-System.png Lightgun LOGO.png list.txt Magnavox Odyssey 2.png Magnavox Odyssey.png MAME.png Matra & Hachette Alice.png Matra et Hachette Alice.png Mattel Aquarius.png Mattel Electronics IntelliVision.png Mattel Hyperscan.png Mattel Juice Box.png MGT SAM Coupe.png MicroBee alt.png Microbee.png Micronique Hector HRX.png Microsoft MS-DOS (2).png Microsoft MS-DOS (3).png Microsoft MS-DOS (4).png Microsoft MS-DOS.png Microsoft MSX 2+.png Microsoft MSX 2.png Microsoft MSX Turbo R.png Microsoft MSX.png Microsoft Xbox (2).png Microsoft Xbox (3).png Microsoft Xbox 360 (2).png Microsoft Xbox 360.png Microsoft Xbox One (2).png Microsoft Xbox One (3).png Microsoft Xbox One Icon.png Microsoft Xbox One.png Microsoft Xbox.png Midway Classics.png Mikrosha.png Milton Bradley Microvision.png Misc. Systems (1).png Misc. Systems.png Mortal Kombat Kollection.png Motor LOGO.png Movie & TV Games LOGO 2.png Movie & TV Games LOGO.png Movie Games LOGO.png Movie LOGO.png Movies.png Mugen.png Mugen1.png Nabu Home Computer Network.png Namco Classics.png NEC CD-Rom System.png NEC PC Engine (2).png NEC PC Engine (3).png NEC PC Engine GT.png NEC PC Engine.png NEC PC-FX.png NEC Super CD-Rom.png NEC SuperGrafx.png NEC TurboExpress.png NEC TurboGrafx (2).png NEC TurboGrafx-16 (2).png NEC TurboGrafx-16 (3).png NEC TurboGrafx-16 (4).png NEC TurboGrafx-16.png NEC TurboGrafx-CD.png NEC TurboGrafx.png Neo Geo AES.png Neo Geo CD.png Neo Geo MVS.png Neo Geo Pocket Color.png Neo Geo Pocket.png Neo Geo.png Nintendo 3DS (2).png Nintendo 3DS.png Nintendo 64 DD (2).png Nintendo 64 DD.png Nintendo 64.png Nintendo Arcade Systems.png Nintendo Classics (2).png Nintendo Classics.png Nintendo Color TV Game.png Nintendo DS Lite.png Nintendo DS XL.png Nintendo DS.png Nintendo Entertainment System (2).png Nintendo Entertainment System.png Nintendo Famicom (2).png Nintendo Famicom (3).png Nintendo Famicom Disk System (2).png Nintendo Famicom Disk System (3).png Nintendo Famicom Disk System.png Nintendo Famicom.png Nintendo Game & Watch (2).png Nintendo Game & Watch.png Nintendo Game Boy (2).png Nintendo Game Boy 2.png Nintendo Game Boy Advance 2.png Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP.png Nintendo Game Boy Advance.png Nintendo Game Boy Color (2).png Nintendo Game Boy Color.png Nintendo Game Boy Micro.png Nintendo Game Boy.png Nintendo Gameboy Light.png Nintendo Gameboy Pocket.png Nintendo Gamecube (2).png Nintendo Gamecube (3).png Nintendo Gamecube (4).png Nintendo Gamecube (5).png Nintendo Gamecube (6).png Nintendo Gamecube (Icon 2).png Nintendo Gamecube (Icon).png Nintendo GameCube alt.png Nintendo Gamecube.png Nintendo iQue.png Nintendo Official Seal.png Nintendo Playchoice-10.png Nintendo Pokemo Mini (2).png Nintendo Pokemo Mini.png Nintendo Pokemon Mini.png Nintendo Satellaview.png Nintendo SNES (2).png Nintendo SNES.png Nintendo Super Famicom (2).png Nintendo Super Famicom.png Nintendo Super Game Boy.png Nintendo Super Gameboy.png Nintendo Ultra 64.png Nintendo Virtual Boy (2).png Nintendo Virtual Boy (3).png Nintendo Virtual Boy.png Nintendo VS System (2).png Nintendo VS System (3).png Nintendo VS System.png Nintendo Wii-U.png Nintendo Wii.png Nintendo WiiWare (2).png Nintendo WiiWare.png Othello Multivision (2).png Othello Multivision.png Panasonic 3DO.png Partner.png PC Engine.png PC Games.png PCFX.png Pecom 64.png Philips CD-i.png Philips Tele-Spiel.png Philips VG 5000.png Philips Videopac Plus G7400 (2).png Philips Videopac Plus G7400 (3).png Philips Videopac Plus G7400.png Pioneer Palcom Laserdisk (2).png Pioneer Palcom Laserdisk.png Platform LOGO.png png Point & Click LOGO.png Pop Cap.png Puzzle LOGO.png Racing LOGO.png Radio-86RK Mikrosha.png RCA Studio II.png Rhythm Games LOGO.png Role-Playing LOGO.png Run & Gun LOGO.png Sammy Atomiswave (2).png Sammy Atomiswave.png Sanyo Ordinateur Individuel PHC-25.png Sci-Fi. Logo.png Sega 32X Japan.png Sega 32X PAL.png Sega 32X.png Sega CD (2).png Sega CD (3).png Sega CD.png Sega Chihiro.png SEGA Classics (2).png SEGA Classics.png Sega Dreamcast PAL.png Sega Dreamcast.png Sega Game Gear EU (2).png Sega Game Gear EU.png Sega Game Gear US JP (2).png Sega Game Gear US JP.png Sega Game Gear.png Sega Genesis (2).png Sega Genesis (3).png Sega Genesis (4).png Sega Genesis (5).png Sega Genesis (6).png Sega Genesis 32X.png Sega Genesis CD-X.png Sega Genesis.png Sega Hikaru (2).png Sega Hikaru.png Sega Lindberg Red EX.png SEGA Lindbergh.png Sega Mark III (2).png Sega Mark III.png Sega Master System II.png Sega Master System.png Sega Mega Drive (2).png Sega Mega Drive II.png Sega Mega Drive.png Sega Mega JP (2).png Sega Mega JP (3).png Sega Mega JP.png Sega Mega-CD (2).png Sega Mega-CD.png Sega Megadrive 32X.png Sega Model 2 AM2.png Sega Model 2.png Sega Model 3.png Sega Naomi (2).png Sega Naomi.png Sega Nu 2.png Sega Nu.png Sega Pico (2).png Sega Pico JP.png Sega Pico SK.png Sega Pico Storyware.png Sega Pico.png Sega RingEdge (2).png Sega RingEdge.png Sega RingWide (2).png Sega RingWide.png Sega Saturn (2).png Sega Saturn.png Sega SG-1000 (2).png Sega SG-1000.png Sega SG1000.png Sega ST-V (2).png Sega ST-V (3).png Sega ST-V.png Sega Triforce (2).png Sega Triforce.png Sega VMU.png Sharp MZ-2500.png Sharp X1.png Sharp X68000.png Shoot 'Em Ups LOGO.png Shooter Games LOGO.png SHOTGUN GAMES.png Simulation LOGO.png Sinclair ZX Spectrum.png Sinclair ZX Spectrum1.png SNK Classics (2).png SNK Classics.png SNK Neo Geo AES (2).png SNK Neo Geo AES.png SNK Neo Geo CD (2).png SNK Neo Geo CD.png SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Icon).png SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color.png SNK Neo Geo Pocket.png SNK Neo Geo X.png Sony Playstation (Icon 2).png Sony Playstation (Icon).png Sony Playstation 2 (2).png Sony Playstation 2 (3).png Sony Playstation 2 (Icon).png Sony Playstation 2.png Sony Playstation 3 (2).png Sony Playstation 3.png Sony Playstation 4.png Sony Playstation PAL (Icon).png Sony Playstation.png Sony Pocket Station.png Sony PS Vita (2).png Sony PS Vita.png Sony PSP Go.png Sony PSP Minis.png Sony PSP.png Sord M5.png Spectravideo.png Sports LOGO.png Star Wars - EBC.png Steam.png Strategy LOGO.png Super Cassette Vision (2).png Super Cassette Vision.png Super Nintendo Entertainment System.png SuperGrafx.png Supervision.png Taito Classics (2).png Taito Classics.png Taito Nesica.png Taito Type X.png Taito Type X2.png Taito Type X3.png Taito Type X7.png Taito Type Xzero.png Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3.png Tangerine Oric.png Technos Classics.png Texas Instruments TI 99-4A.png Tiger Game.com.png Tiger Gizmodo.png TimeTop Game King 2 (2).png TimeTop Game King 2.png TimeTop Game King 3.png TimeTop Game King.png Toaplan.png Trackball Games.png TurboGrafx 16.png TurboGrafx CD.png V-Tech Creativision.png Virtual Boy.png Visco.png visual pinball.png VM Labs Nuon.png VTech CreatiVision.png VTech CreatiVision1.png Vtech Socrates.png Watara Supervision 1.png Watara Supervision 2.png Watara Supervision 3.png Watara Supervision 4.png Watara Supervision.png Williams Classics.png Wonderswan Color.png Wonderswan Mono.png WoW Action Max (2).png WoW Action Max.png Yeno Super Cassette Vision.png Zanussi Ping-o-tronic.png ZAPiT Game Wave.png Zinc.png
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just thought i would add another wheel set to the mix for everyone to have. Included is the master Image Template (2).rar
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    Version 1.0.0


    You can use these covers as both wheel titles and classic covers. Enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi all here is this months MAME v.218 No Nag. Enjoy
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    Version 1.0.0


    I have some issues uploading files, so google drive link is stored within zip file in txt document Hey! I am sharing my "RAW" files for 3d double boxes i created/collected/scaned, in hope to find people who have some as well for share. It is exceedingly hard to find spines and good scans for some games. So , i hope this helps someone in their project and hopefully will share some back All this raw files i used in my "psp double box project" it has 228 files I am also including PSP template psd. Thanks! PSP_boxes_raw_files_g_drive_link_2.zip
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    Version 1.0.1


    351 logos Sega Master System renamed with xml database
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    Version PNG


    Put on your Castlevania Collection Pack!
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    I did not make these wheel sounds and cannot remember where I got them from so all credit to the original person/people who made these however I could not find them uploaded here anywhere so thought I would upload them here for anybody that may need them there are 50 sounds total included and are in mp3 format again all credit goes to who ever made these in the first place Enjoy.
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    Theme for the PC game Medal of Honor (2010 version)
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    Version 20150621


    All images have been optimized to ensure more responsive wheel spin in HyperSpin
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    Version 20150424


    Command and Conquer Generals (PC Games Themes)
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    Version 20150530


    Quake 4 (PC Games)
  22. 1 point

    Version 20150522


    Quake II (PC Games)
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    Version 20140124


    Nintendo Game Boy - Main Menu (16:9ST)
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    Version 20130221


    The Legend of Kage - lkage (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20100816


    City Bomber (World) - citybomb (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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