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    I will try to keep this guide up to date with the latest versions of HyperSpin and RocketLauncher. Also I'm adverse to making videos, because I don't want to make a new video every time something is updated, I find it easier just to edit a pic and text guide then recording a new video and editing links. All guides will assume you know how to navigate files and folders in windows. Translations Español - Admoroux This is for a new install. I'm assuming you know your way around folders and files in windows To download HyperSpin first you need to get the necessary support files from version 1.3.3 http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/5599-hyperspin-133-full-install/ and then overwrite with the contents from the beta http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7500-hyperspin-14/ I'm gonna use the C drive in the examples. Any drive letter is ok Now extract the contents of the download to a HyperSpin folder on the root of your drive. Example: C:\HyperSpin The path to your HyperSpin.exe should now be C:\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe Now you need to get RocketLauncher which is a fork of HyperLaunch, but with more active development. Download it here. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=1. The archive (zip) password is www.rlauncher.com Extract Rocketlauncher into a RocketLauncher folder on the root of your drive (C:\RocketLauncher) and make sure the path to RocketLauncher.exe is C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe and NOT C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Get back in your HyperSpin folder. This time we are gonna do some manual ini editing . Open your Settings folder in your HyperSpin folder C:\HyperSpin\Settings. Find the file named Settings.ini, open it in notepad. You should see at the top a line that reads [Main]. Right up under the [Main] line add Hyperlaunch_Path= C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe. If you are having trouble opening RocketLauncherUI and you get some message about failing to initialize, you will need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to get RocketLauncherUI to work. You will be greeted with a prompt asking you to update. Choose yes. Choose 'Latest' in the dropdown. Click on Check Updates at the bottom of the window. Wait for it to finish and then click Apply Updates. Close the update window. You can update in the future using the update button in the RocketLauncherUI tab (the update button looks like a globe with arrows.) You're thinking wow, so many settings this is too complicated. Well that's your fault for wanting lots of customization . RocketLauncherUI will probably restart wait for RocketLauncherUI to restart and then close RocketLauncherUI. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the Settings folder, open it and then rename Global Emulators (example).ini to Global Emulators.ini (Make sure you can see the extension: Known Extensions Are Set to Show) If there is already a file called Global Emulators.ini replace it with the example one. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe Look for the big tab on the right with the RocketLauncherUI image and click on it. Now look for a smaller tab called "Frontends" beneath the row of big tabs and click on it Click the green + under the small tabs and add a new frontend (here you can add different frontends like gamex or kodi). In the popup window titled Add Frontend:for the first blank, set the name to HyperSpin for the second blank, Click the Magnifying glass to the right and locate your HyperSpin.exe application. (C:\HyperSpin\Hyperspin.exe which should look like ..\..\HyperSpin.exe if you are following the guide) for the RocketLauncherUI plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. for the RocketLauncher plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. click on the button that looks like a blue floppy disk to save, if the button is not available just click the red x button to close and save the window. Highlight the HyperSpin frontend item in the list you just added and:click on the button that looks like a folder with a thumbtack (bulletin board pin) to set HyperSpin as your default frontend. (default frontend means RocketLauncherUI will always start up with this frontend) click on the button that looks like a robot terminator red eye to set HyperSpin as the active frontend. (active frontend means the frontend that you are currently working on in RocketLauncherUI) Look in the left near the top of the RocketLauncherUI main window for the words "Select a System" under it you should see a button that looks like two green arrows making a circle. Click on the circular green arrows button to refresh the systems list to match the active frontend. You can now close RocketLauncherUI or leave it open (you will need to open it later in this guide). Now to make full use of RocketLauncher we want to download the media pack. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=2 Extract the contents of the media pack into your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher). Congrats you have now installed HyperSpin + RocketLauncher! You think you're done don't you, but you're wrong. There is still more to go. Gasp. We don't have any emulators yet. Ok then let's try to set one up, how about we do the most popular one. MAME Download the binary unless you plan on compiling your own version. (there are some benefits to compiling, hiscores and nonag being the most popular) Now let's create a new folder on your root drive called Emulators. C:\Emulators -this is not required but it is recommended Now inside this folder create a new folder named after the emulator called MAME. C:\Emulators\MAME Now inside your emulator folder install MAME. So the path to your mame.exe or mame64.exe should be C:\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe Congrats you have installed an emulator. Now to get it working with RocketLauncher and ultimately HyperSpin. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe On the left hand side in RocketLauncherUI you will see a list of all our systems and at the top is a system called Global (not actually a system in HyperSpin). Changing settings in Global affects all of your settings in every system. Consider this the default settings. Ok now highlight the Global System and click on the big tab Emulators. If you installed correctly (didn't skip steps like step 9) you will be greeted with a long list of emulator names. Scroll down this list until you find MAME. Double click on it. A new window will appear. Fill in the path value by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the path entry and find your MAME emulator. Close this window if the values for module and rom extensions are already filled. Now highlight the MAME system in the systems list. and click on the big tab Emulators. Add the path to your MAME roms in the rom paths field by clicking on the green plus button. For most mame installations it's in the same folder as mame.exe in a folder called roms. C:\Emulators\MAME\roms For other systems, I personally put roms in a folder separate from hyperspin and the emulator folder, something like C:\Games\systemName\gameName.extension ROMS are not included with MAME or HyperSpin or RocketLauncher. Do not ask for roms on this forum, it will get you banned. Google is your friend for this. Now back in RocketLauncherUI choose your default emulator by clicking on the Magnifying glass. Choose MAME [global] from the list that appears. Congrats! you have now setup MAME within RocketLauncher. Now to setup MAME for use with HyperSpin. First get the latest MAME xml from HyperList http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Drop the xml you downloaded into C:\HyperSpin\Databases\MAME\ and rename it to MAME.xml. If it asks you to overwrite, choose yes. XML management can be a pain and so can renaming all those roms that you legally copied from your personal collection of actual games that you legally acquired through legal purchases. For emulators other than MAME or MESS you will need to make sure that the file names for your roms match the names for the games found in your xml. For the best hyperspin xml management and renaming applications use Don's HyperSpin Tools or check out the beta version of HyperTools.zip (thanks, emb). I think that's it for a basic installation. It will be hard and time consuming to get artwork and videos until you subscribe to emumovies and receive platinum status here by donating. Oh wait I almost forgot, whenever any one says edit your module settings they usually mean open RocketLauncherUI click on your system, click on the big modules tab, highlight the module you are using, and then click on the Edit Global Settings button. A little bit more info can be found here & here. If you liked this guide and want to say thank you, hit the like button at the bottom of this post. Hyperspin and RocketLauncher Compatibility Fix.zip
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    We now have a Discord server for chat. Join Now! https://discord.gg/56RdSPq
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    This is my package for retroarch overlays i made for 1680x1050 resolution. Read the readme file for included settings for 1610 Overlays first part. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t0c0qzaaq6zkfci/Retroarch1610_Overlays_first_part.zip Sega Game Gear retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 566, viewport y 104, viewport width 580, viewport height 432 Sega Genesis retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 541, viewport y 11, viewport width 1121, viewport height 838 Neo Geo Pocket retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 495, viewport y 150, viewport width 690, viewport height 632 Playstation Portable retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 364, viewport y 272, viewport width 950, viewport height 546 TurboGrafx16 retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 278, viewport y 11, viewport width 1123, viewport height 839 Turbografx16 integer overlay set aspect ratio to 4:3 and turn integer scale on. Game Boy Color retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 670, viewport y 100, viewport width 340, viewport height 289 Sony Playstation integer overlay set aspect ratio to 4:3 and turn integer scale on Snes classic overlay i shrinked gameplay area because i prefer larger artwork to be seen http://www.mediafire.com/file/nboftvsp8df7nro/snes_classic.zip1 settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 414, viewport y 205, viewport width 852, viewport height 639. 2bQYtPr.png1680x1050 Streets of Rage 2 Custom overlay http://www.mediafire.com/file/f899k895ig22r5d/sor2.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 455, viewport y 237, viewport width 768, viewport height 576 wYvY6Bs.png1680x1050 . Here is SOR 2 with new glass effects http://www.mediafire.com/file/kfcayw6vpjyehco/sor2_Glass.zip AoyNOLp.png1680x1050 Super Mario World with Glass Reflections effect http://www.mediafire.com/file/w67635v5a66nrq5/smarioworld_glass_reflections.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 276, viewport y 107, viewport width 1128, viewport height 837. 6DEYBPa.png1680x1050 New Arcade Mame Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike overlay http://www.mediafire.com/file/os5a995kvby22xa/SF33rd_Strike.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 352, viewport y 160, viewport width 976, viewport height 730. 1CpCuFh.png1680x1050 Arcade mame AVSP 1680x1050 resolution http://www.mediafire.com/file/eb8stcddh4rj77p/Alien_vs_Predator.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 280, viewport y 107, viewport width 1120, viewport height 837. Stdb6oR.png1680x1050 Street Fighter 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qa9jfbgj12kxxre/Street_Fighter_2_fixed.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 280, viewport y 107, viewport width 1120, viewport height 837. Pk7hbZI.png1680x1050 Mortal Kombat 1680x1050 resolution http://www.mediafire.com/file/njn5xtru8yu5xlq/M_Kombat.zip settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 280, viewport y 107, viewport width 1120, viewport height 837. Mortal Kombat 2 custom aspect ratio, viewport x 255, viewport y 87, viewport width 1170, viewport height 876. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dk2gxwd8xwqcxyd/mk2.zip DNzuPhM.png1680x1050 Mortal Kombat 2 with theme by Cleberman http://www.mediafire.com/file/d2ui5arx4jyc5zy/mkombat2.zip mS7VuKJ.png1680x1050 Mortal Kombat 3 custom aspect ratio, viewport x 255, viewport y 87, viewport width 1170, viewport height 876. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0jdbft0tggs7hmt/mkombat3.zip Sega Genesis overlay settings in retroarch: integer scale=off, aspect ratio=custom, custom viewport x=287, custom viewport y=128, custom viewport width=1106, custom viewport height=794. Lgo9idM.png1680x1050 1.3 MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eMFFBdk5vSzBDaG8/view?usp=sharing Sega Saturn overlay retroarch settings: integer scale off, viewport x 280, viewport y 35, viewport width 1120, viewport height 840. retroarch 2017-03-22 10-01-42-59.png1344x840 803 KB http://www.mediafire.com/file/vsmb2czo2xpr9oq/SegaSaturn_1680x1050_overlay.zip Snes overlay 4WHNs8u.png1680x1050 998 KB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eNTJ3dkUwX1k1SkE/view?usp=sharing Sega 32X 5oMMhzU.png1680x1050 2.58 MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eTV91RnFsYUE3Znc/view?usp=sharing Super Nintendo Entertainment System another overlay aik4zpw.png1680x1050 1.37 MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eS2RUM3JFY1lZaFU/view?usp=sharing Sega Genesis 6XgCRg0.png1680x1050 2.01 MB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eWW9fNHFXWlRWMW8/view?usp=sharing Nintendo Entertainment System V9n2Fnq.png1680x1050 1.08 MB https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_4Aw-pP9z4eOGhlU01SXzhsVTg?usp=sharing I converted john merrit awesome arcade overlays for 1680x1050 resolution so credits goes to him, this is cropped overlays first part egzactly 40 overlays i edited configs per game manually. Unpack retroarch mame borders to you'r borders folder and mame configs in config mame folder, load rom -> overlay and do save game overrides.Thats it. Mame overlays first part http://www.mediafire.com/file/v29hpj13ssy2n5m/mame_borders_first_part.zip My mame per game configs http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8yhbf82pggi5ka/MAME_configs.ZIP Here is Retroarch Mame overlays second part http://www.mediafire.com/file/fv11ta9491h1mth/Mame_borders_part_2.zip Here is my mame configs per game second part http://www.mediafire.com/file/5tqcd6x7dpppf9e/MAME_configs_part_2.ZIP
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    Very Special Thanks to @Kondorito for helping me with my crashing issue. It seems that my Special Artwork Layer A1 was not directly causing the crash, but it was with the the settings.ini for each of the systems where Length was set as 0. Adjusting this to anything > 0 seems to fix the crash. [Special Art A] default=false active=true x=512 y=384 in=0 out=0 length=1 delay=0 type=none start=none Not sure why this was only crashing when 1.5.1 came into play, but here we are. Soo if you are using my 8Bitdo Special Artwork Layers or my Retro Cafe Theme and your system is also crashing, adjust each of your length=0 settings to the above.
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    I cannot login to Hyperspin account through HyperSync. I have updated to lastest version and recently changed my password on my hyperspin membership. The emumvies login works fine but I get a message saying could not verify Hyperspin membership, check your dredentials and try again. Is there a way I can resolve this?
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    Just got back to this last night. I succeeded in creating a task in Tasker that can launch either 32/64 bit versions of Retroarch with the game and config files needed. 64-bit launches and works properly, unlike the previous attempts where it was clear the config file wasn't being passed. Looking into how I can pass parameters to the task to allow me to create one task that can handle all ROMs for a system... and if that works, maybe all ROMs period. Long-term, I'd like to also add the ability to define a libretro core per game from a text file. We'll see. More updates soon.
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    GLOBAL - General Settings - RocketLauncher - Base Settings - Emulator Idle Shutdown. В миллисекундах.
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    That’s what’s killing me on sfv nowday. I cannot move my fingers as fast as when I was 20’s. Plus reflection it’s not the same 😰😰🤫 the yougerst are abusing 😂🤣🤣
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    Aproveitando o tópico, vi que falaram dos módulos ultrapassados, gostaria de saber se tem alguma alma caridosa que poderia criar um módulo para o emulador NOX de Android, pois o módulo do BlueStacks é super ultrapassado e aceita uma versão super ruim do emulador e a versão mais atual do BlueStacks também não é boa! O melhor emulador de Android é o NOX, se alguém criar o módulo eu me comprometo a fazer um Pack bem bacana e disponibilizar para todos lá no meu canal do Youtube!
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    An FYI... Myself and a couple of the forum members have been working on an Amiga Hyperspin project, on the Shield TV for some time now. As you can see from this thread. It's my opinion that the Whdload zip naming has to stop. These zip names change over time as the files are updated. This throws the xml and all media out of whack. This insanity has to stop! We have the Whdload games collection converted to the HDF format. AGA and ECS games will have their own folders.This means the games that have an AGA and ECS version, can share the same name and potentially share some media assets (e.g wheel art). We are currently in the process of naming them so frontends can scrape online to get the media and meta data, for those not using Hyperspin. Once done we can build an xml from these files and start adding in the meta data. We are looking to cover AGA, ECS and the CD32 CD rips, each having their own xml file. Although we are primarily focused on doing this for Android, our end goal is to benefit all Amiga fans no matter how they choose to emulate the Amiga. Whether it be PC, Android, RPI etc. I've already posted in the official amiga xml thread. I have a lot of respect for the work fifou has done on it. I just honestly believe the Whdload zip naming is holding the Amiga wheel back, how the amiga is done in Hyperspin needs an over haul. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome
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    I have every worth while FE installed and Attract-Mode is by far the best. open source runs on most OSes light weight and fast easy logical setup dynamic filtering ultimate flexibility for menu structure easy changing of themes/layouts support for other FE themes support for importing other FE databases/romlists builtin scraper 100% free RocketLauncher supported but not required plugins and modules that make adding features easy like game search, PDF viewer, etc. almost every aspect of the FE can be modified inside the FE while it's running stores statistics so you can use them in your dynamic filters or in your themes/layouts (most played games, games played for the longest duration of time, etc.) #2 RetroFE - very nice but lacks some of the features that Attract-Mode has, supports multiple OSes, great logical setup that supports variables (every FE should have this) , menu structure flexibility, 100% free #3 HyperSpin - looks pretty but uses dated flash which makes it slow, lack of development, lack of input support, lack of menu flexibility, only runs on Windows, no flexibility of art asset location #4 LaunchBox/BigBox - not ideal for a cabinet, slow with a large footprint, easy setup if you have no art assets or computer skills but a pain in the ass if you want to use your existing artwork and configure things how you'd like, nonsensical naming convention when using its builtin scraper make its art assets unusable with other FEs without renaming #5 EmulationStation - light weight and small foot print but no official support or development, takes a while to launch and shutdown because of the reading and writing of the metadata #6 GameEx - it works but you'll have to pay to use it, not the best looking or best performing FE, easy configuration I wasn't planning on talking about other FEs here but a couple of people asked. Obviously this is just my opinion. HyperSpin was once the only FE to use in my mind but it was also the most complex and time consuming to setup. A few years have gone by and HyperSpin is still the same while other FEs have progressed and surpassed it. It doesn't matter if you're talking about a FE, car, computer, cell phone, etc. if there is no continued improvement/expansion/streamlining it will become obsolete. How many people here would buy a 5 year old cell phone or computer? HyperSpin is now a 5 year old cell phone.
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    First I would like to thank all the people who have made hyperspin What it is. When I heard about it several years ago. It inspired me to build my first. Since then I've built a starwars and most recent a mk2. I've tried to learn though the forums. Its been painstaking at times , but well worth it. H e res some pics.
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    Do you use the PC launcher module for teknoparrot like me
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    Система - GCE Vectrex Эмулятор - ParaJVE Модуль - ParaJVE.ahk В управление эмулятора активно используются кнопки shift, alt, ctrl и другие спец клавиши. Одновременное нажатие - сочетания клавиш может изменить раскладку клавиатуры. Изменение раскладки на русскую вызовет ошибку AutoHotkey. Вот небольшой код, он автоматически переключит раскладку на eng при выходе из игры. Тем самым не получится так, что при запуске следующей игры вылезет ошибка связанная с русской раскладкой. Сохраните копию оригинального "ParaJVE.ahk" Если что-то пойдет не так, можно будет восстановить. Код надо добавить в конце "ParaJVE.ahk". Найти в конце скрипта "Return" и заменить его текстом кода. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;change keyboard language to english Sleep, 2000 SendMessage, 0x50,, 0x4090409,, A Return ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Система - AAE Эмулятор - AAE Модуль - AAE.ahk Эмулятор AAE взаимодействует с Num Lock и зачастую выключает его. При выходе из игры в меню Hyperspin невозможно прокрутить список т.к. Num Lock отключен. У меня X-Arcade, часть клавиш у него именно в Num Lock. Можно включать вручную, но это не удобно, надо отслеживать отключен он или нет. Нашел скрипт который автоматически проверяет включен ли Num Lock, и если он выключен включает его. Сохраните копию оригинального "AAE.ahk" Если что-то пойдет не так, можно будет восстановить. Код надо добавить в конце "AAE.ahk". Найти в конце скрипта "Return" и заменить его текстом кода. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;Switch on the NumLock key Sleep, 3000 NumLockStatus := GetKeyState("Numlock", "T") IfEqual, NumLockStatus, 0 { SetNumLockState, On } Return ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    OK, I was just able to use Excel to sort the MAME.xml file I use and export it. I'll try to write up a procedure below. First, open Excel to a blank sheet. Look at the ribbon and see if the Developer menu is turned on and visible along with the other standard menus, ie Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc. If it isn't turned on, go to File, Options, Customize Ribbon. (See below) Click on the Developer option, then click on OK. Next, you want to open the MAME.xml file using the standard Excel file selector. When Excel tries to open the file, the following panel should pop-up. Make sure you choose the third option like the pic below shows. You will probably get the following pop-up. Ignore it and click on OK. Excel should now display the XML Source panel on the far right of an empty sheet. See pic below. Right click on the 'header' folder so header and all the fields below it are highlighted. See pic below. A menu will pop-up showing a 'Map element...' option. Select it and the following should pop-up. Click on OK. Go to the bottom of the default sheet and click the + button to add another sheet to the Workbook. Activate the new sheet. Go back and right-click on the 'game' folder, select it, and the following should pop-up. Click on OK. Go to the Developer menu, then click on the 'Import' option. Select the same MAME.xml file again. Excel should now import all the data it needs to fully define your XML schema and data. You can now sort on any field (description, I think you said), then go to the Developer 'Export' option to write out a new file.
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    Tried numerous times to get MS-Dos to work with Dosbox, Rocketlauncher, HyperSpin without success. Read module notes implemented a few thing which failed re-read the notes until my head exploded. I then said bugger it and deleted the 376 gb of games I downloaded. I desperately need a guide to set this bloody system up and running, so is anyone up for the task Would be extremely grateful
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    I also modified the default SNES RocketLauncher bezel, to use the better drawn (in my opinion) SNES logo. My sensibilities as a graphic artist are not what they were a year ago - when I look at the typical SNES logo floating around on the net, it just looks wrong - the outer corners of the lettering are too wide, and it just kills my OCD. So anyways, if you want a matching SNES Bezel, here ya go: Bezel.ini
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    Hey guys, I wasn't quite happy with my other bezel - did some more work, and this is what I came up with. Bezel.ini
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    Just added 342 new video snaps for the Nintendo DS. The videos added in the 1.5 update are: 007 - Quantum of Solace (USA) 100 Classic Books (USA) 3 in 1 - Solitaire, Mahjong & Tangram (Europe) Again - Interactive Crime Novel (USA) Anguna (World) (Unl) Barbie Dreamhouse Party (USA) Big Word Puzzle Book (Europe) Blood of Bahamut (Japan) (Translated En) Bookworm (USA) Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (USA) Brain Age 2 - More Training in Minutes a Day! (USA) Brainstorm Series - Word Up (USA) Burger Bot (USA) Casper's Scare School - Classroom Capers (USA) Cats & Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore (USA) Challenge Me - Brain Puzzles (USA) Challenge Me - Brain Puzzles 2 (USA) Challenge Me - Math Workout (USA) Challenge Me - Word Puzzles (USA) Challenge Me Kids - Brain Games (Europe) Chess (Europe) Chevrolet Camaro - Wild Ride (USA) Chicken Attack DS (Europe) Chicken Blaster (USA) Chocolatier (USA) Christiane Stengers Gedaechtnis-Coach (Europe) Christmas Carol, A (USA) Chronicles of Mystery - The Secret Tree of Life (USA) Chronos Twin (Europe) Chrysler Classic Racing (USA) Chuck E. Cheese's Gameroom (USA) Chuck E. Cheese's Playhouse (USA) City Life DS (Europe) Classic Games - Premium Selection (Europe) Clever Kids - Creepy Crawlies (Europe) Clever Kids - Dino Land (Europe) Clever Kids - Farmyard Fun (Europe) Clever Kids - Pirates (Europe) Clever Kids - Pony World (Europe) Clique, The - Diss and Make Up (USA) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (USA) Cookie Shop - Create Your Dream Shop (USA) Cooking Mama World - Outdoor Adventures (Europe) Cornelsen Trainer - Mathe - Klasse 5 + 6 (Europe) Cosmetic Paradise (Europe) Cosmos Chaos (USA) Countdown - The Game (Europe) Crazy Chicken Carnival (Europe) Crazy Circus (Europe) Crazy Frog Collectables - Art School (Europe) Crazy Frog Racer (Europe) Crazy Machines 2 (Europe) Crazy Pig (Europe) Crazy School Games (Europe) Crime Lab - Body of Evidence (USA) Croods, The - Prehistoric Party! (USA) Cruise Line Tycoon (Europe) Crystal Mines (Europe) Culdcept DS (Japan) (Translated En) Culture Generale pour les Nuls, La - 2e Edition (Europe) DaGeDar (USA) Dance Floor (Europe) Dance! - It's Your Stage (Europe) Dancing on Ice (Europe) Daring Game for Girls, The (USA) Dark Spire, The (USA) Deal or No Deal - The Banker Is Back! 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(USA) Lalaloopsy - Carnival of Friends (USA) Lalaloopsy (USA) Lanfeust of Troy (Europe) Last Window - The Secret of Cape West (Europe) LEGO Friends (USA) LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (USA) LEGO Legends of Chima - Laval's Journey (USA) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Universe in Peril (USA) LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Video Game (USA) LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars (USA) LEGO The Lord of the Rings (USA) Love Plus (Japan) (Translated En) Mind. Body. Soul. - Blend-It (Europe) Mind. Body. Soul. - Nutrition Matters (Europe) Mind. Body. Soul. - Spellbound 2 (Europe) Minute to Win It (USA) Monkey Madness - Island Escape (USA) Monster Band (USA) Monster High - 13 Wishes (USA) Monster High - Ghoul Spirit (USA) Monster High - Skultimate Roller Maze (USA) Monster Puzzle (Europe) Monster Tale (USA) Moorhuhn - Jewel of Darkness (Europe) Moshi Monsters - Katsuma Unleashed (USA) Moshi Monsters - Moshling Zoo (USA) Moshi Monsters - Moshlings Theme Park (USA) Moto Racer DS (USA) Mouse DS (Europe) Moxie Girlz (USA) Ninja Gaiden - Dragon Sword (USA) Planet Puzzle League (USA) Puzzler Collection (USA) Rhythm Heaven (USA) Tetris DS (USA) (THQ) (Proto) Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 1st Love Plus (Japan) (Translated En) Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 2nd Season (Japan) (Translated En) Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 3rd Story (Japan) (Translated En) This update brings the EmuMovies Nintendo DS Video Snap Set to 1660 videos. Thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for submitting the initial captures. 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    Hello I have developped an application for Windows to do that. Here is the link for download. It was developped on Windows 7 and needs .NET framework 4.0 or greater. I use it this way: I setup my mame's favorites text file as input 1 I setup the full MAME XML hyperspin gamelist as input 2 I choose the output xml file The result is an xml file structured as an hyperspin xml file but limited to the games listed in your MAME's favorites text file. It can build Hyperspin XML list from games text list like: and produces I hope this will help ? Norkan Screenshot and app are joined to the post Favorites to HyperSpin XML game list converter.rar
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    Hi all, I fixed mine by simply bypassing the blown circuit to get power to the transformer. My unit showed the following characteristics on the power circuit board: - burnt resistors. - burnt SMD components on the underside. - however, fuse is OK. - transformer tested OK. I am not sure what the blown circuit does... auto-off or line filter circuit? No idea, but it works without it. The following outline the steps I took. WARNING: If you are going to attempt this yourself be very careful as you will be dealing with live mains. Do it at your own risk! I take no responsibilities if you cause harm to yourself/others or blow up your unit completely. 1. Test to ensure that the transformer is still working - Connect the black and white wires (labelled 1 on the image above) to a make-shift power cord. Ensure they are connected securely! - Plug in power cord to the mains and turn on. - Set your multimeter to AC voltage measuring mode. Measure the output voltage on the blue/yellow cables (labelled 2 on the image above). Blue cables should be around 20-23V. Yellow cables should be around 8-10V. - DO NOT connect your multimeter to the sockets on the black and white wires! - If the voltages are within range then the transformer is good. If it's not then find an equivalent replacement transformer from your electronics store. 2. Solder bypass wire to the circuit board - Note I chose not to short the inner plug on the board directly to the input power source as there is still some resistance between the two spade plugs on the board. - Crimp a 4mm spade plug to a correct gauge high-voltage wire and solder this onto the underside of the power circuit board as shown in the image above. - Please note, if your fuse had blown you will need to replace it. See earlier posts freezy. 3. Connect bypass wire to the transformer - Connect the bypass wire to the black cable. - Plug in the white wire to the plug closest to the edge of the board (refer to image above). - Reconnect the rest of the plugs (power output and speaker) onto the amp board. 4. Test unit - Connect a satellite to the unit. - Connect the volume control puck to the unit. - Connect the power cable and turn on. - Rotate the volume control. You should see the blue light comes on. - Connect to an audio source. e.g your mobile phone. You should be able to hear it. - Once satisfied screw on the back cover. Good luck, Tom