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    Finally finished setting up about 500 games from msdos for nvidia shield...each game has been mapped to the controller and can still use a keyboard and mouse...all games have been set to the internal drive (500g pro edition)..each game launches via a conf file and each game has been checked for speed , graphics, and control settings.. https://youtu.be/fhk0KkHt5Mo
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    Hi Everyone! Thought I would drop a note that I have spent most the day fixing some nagging website issues, turning things back on after updates, stuff like that. Not too many details to go into as most was routine maintenance. However TAPATALK is back!!! I thought some of you would like that. Have a great day and happy hyperspinning!
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    Hi Everyone! Thought I would drop a note that I have spent most the day fixing some nagging website issues, turning things back on after updates, stuff like that. Not too many details to go into as most was routine maintenance. However TAPATALK is back!!! I thought some of you would like that. Have a great day and happy hyperspinning!
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    HyperScore has started up again 😁 Test yourself against fellow HyperSpinners (I have a forum wide announcement setup for 7days, if its annoying please comment below)
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    Just chirping in as a vote not to remove the backing music, it adds a nice consistency to the videos and makes them easier for me to listen to personally. I would agree however that there could be a bigger divide in volume between music and voice or that a higher quality microphone could help. The criticism is fair. That said I've never had an issue listening to any of these (aside from the first few maybe) whether headphones or laptop speakers.
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    Ha not going anywhere but wanted to put in the plug that I’m going to create some tutorials on random things hyperspin and maybe pinball. The channel I’ve created is below, please let me know if you have a specific topic to get covered. Just made one around randomized intro videos Planet Geekdom https://youtube.com/channel/UCdcby-s2GwriaOHGmVC2vGA?sub_confirmation=1 *If you do the facebook thing, find me on the group Hyperspin Arcade Users Worldwide https://www.facebook.com/groups/581676831988120/?ref=group_header Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You should speak to @jhabers about that. After researching that is a cloudflare issue not a website issue. I thought he had talked to you guys already.
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    No worries. How far away are you from the mic? The "softness" people are describing, sounds more like you're "distanced" from the microphone to me. I fully understand the difficulty with audio quality. If I record on the Shield TV, the mic is built into the gamepad so it picks up the tapping of buttons and handling of the pad. The HD Logitech Webcam I use has a very good mic to be fair. It will actually pick up the faint whine of my PC's fans, I need to relubricate the bearings to kill that background noise. All the best
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    Eh and Tapatalk is back lol. I’ve missed 500 some posts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the reply Styphelus.. btw love your work you inspired me to make my own menu in my HS build. i'm sure launch box is pretty good and other front ends also, when ive tested launch box i had lost all my medias artwork in an HD crash.. i had my roms seperated so that's ill i had to rebuild from, had no more emu movies donator account .. basicly i was trying to start from scratch and decided to test the free version of launchbox.. sure it works but like you mention i would probably had better results with Big Box. that been said i"m probably to used working with HS for so long.. the idea of moving to another frontend is kind of discouraging for me i guess.
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    With Launchbox you can import all your rom sets and media straight from Hyperspin. Launchbox picks it all up and recognizes the naming convention so there's no need to use the "scarper". Also, it's not really a "scraper". It connects to their database and downloads the media from there or emumovies, just like hyspersync. It's your choice of which of the 2 you want to use. The issue is that sometimes the media from Launchbox is not as good as the curated media from Hyperspin and the media from emumovies is sub-par in most cases. Launchbox media is user submitted, so if you have better media you just have to send it to them but it's a bit of a pain. A lot of it actually comes from Hyperspin users who moved over. The free version is not that great. You really need to pay for Big Box if you want a Hyperspin like experience. A lot of the Hyperspin themes have been converted over as well. It also has full rocketlauncher support if you want to keep it. Just set every system to use it and you're good to go. Having said that, I still have my hyperspin setup along with Luanchbox and RetroFE.
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    Well played on the HyperScore run! Played the video with headphones this time. Mic quality is still poor sadly, its definitely a problem your end not mine. Having your own music over the game music was also VERY off putting. Even if it's a dry subject you should put your own personality into the topic to make it exciting IMHO. If you want to use backing music, fair enough but it's a common complaint on YouTube videos that music often masks the voice over. I still suggest you drop the music until you can resolve your mic quality issues. But it's your channel do as you wish. All the best with your future videos and projects.
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    many close calls in my submission. Can you beat me?
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    Thank you. I played that video on my Nokia 8 phone, which is hardly garbage at max chat. It was hard to hear his voice but when there were breaks in the music it was easier. Could I have worn earphones? Well yes but currently I'm recovering from leg surgery. I'm not hopping around to get them just to hear audio on a YouTube video. It's a workaround for a problem that should not be an issue in the first place. I have a personal gripe with channels that have intro animations and "begging for likes and subscribers". In my opinion if the content is interesting and of good quality, people will subscribe of their own accord. I don't think Ninja needs to do this. As his videos are frequently "promoted" here on the forum BUT it's his channel and up to him what he does. Thanks again for your perspective, I enjoyed reading it. All the best
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    Development is actually still active, But I can appreciate your point of view.
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    Given how far HyperSpin has been stretched from it's original scope with the passing of different technologies, standards and file formats it's kind of miraculous (well probably more a testament to an inventive community) that this front end can even still hang with the half dozen much newer and better supported programs out there. We seem to get these threads every few months where there is some sort of sad lament about moving on, I guess maybe that is a testament to how sad it can be to let go of something you spent a lot of time with. HyperSpin seemed to be the best option for 4:3 when I started with it a few years ago, not sure if that is still the case but it still works great for it's original intended purpose.
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    I made some 3D cases, they can be useful for others, so I'm sharing. Aconcagua (Japan) [2 Discs] J. League Jikkyou Winning Eleven 2002 (Japan) King of Fighters Kyo, The (Japan) (Translated Es) One Piece Grand Battle! 2 (Japan) Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu - Shinobi Gaisen (Japan) [Updated version of Tenchu, one of the two discs feature fan made levels and more extras] Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu - Shinobi Haykusen (Japan) Rival Schools 2 (Japan) RPG Tsukuru 4 (Japan) [2 discs] Samurai Spirits - Kenkaku Shinan Pack (Japan) [Features Samurai Shodown 1 and 2, never released in separate discs for PSX] Soukaigi (Japan) [3 Discs] Stahlfeder - Tekkou Hikuudan (Japan) [2 discs] Super Adventure Rockman (Japan) [3 Discs] Tetris with Card Captor Sakura - Eternal Heart (Japan) Winning Eleven 3 - Final Version (Japan) Winning Eleven 4 (Japan)
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    Mizzurna Falls (Japan) A future translation is possible.
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    Ok so I completed the 1st run at Game Themes 16:9..... I have gone with Splitting them by System Name fully. It does seem overkill but will see how it works out. If anyone wants to give opinions and maybe test browsing and searching. That would be awesome
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    @RetroKenesis! Just stumbled here! PLEASE, tell me you have finished this set!
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    I appreciate what you mean now I have a cab which we play on most days instead of tinkering with (I still do a bit of that of course.) It is super slick, simple and you can be playing in seconds. My kids can switch it on and also do the same without asking me. Although I'm very interested in what the new version will bring, the original is completely adequate.
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    Actually I just went ahead and uploaded the original pack to the platinum member section here. I have saved them from certain death and obscurity! I am a hero! I AM LIKE A GOD! Each of you now owes me either your first born. $100 bucks. Strippers. Or a burrito. Your choice
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    This is partially why the new tutorial series exists. It's still in the process of being made but currently covers everything up to getting your roms to work in general in HS:
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    I made a short video to show it here: I explained it here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,149671.msg1564996.html#msg1564996