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    Hi all. very new to this, but a bit handy when it comes to building stuff. A good friend of mine showed me his bartop machin that he was in the process of buillding and after looking at some of the games etc (running on pi) i was wowed. decided to have a go myself as I was off work over xmas.....so it begins... Had a look around the web for the kind of machine I wanted to build but nithing really caught my eye so went with a standard kind of cabinet - no sizes or plans, just a little sketch on the back of a used envelope and away we go - only consideration I had to make was the screen size. Popped to my local currys/pc world - had a look, wanted to have 4k - but whch size? once its bought you cant go any bigger so I figured its all or nothing so picked up a 43" 4k LG smart tv. Everything was build around it, so I only had to make sure the inside dimension of the cabinet was 40" had it all built and working in about 3 days - took another 5 days or so adding bits here and there...speakers and subwoofer, foot rail, hidden draw for keyboard /mouse etc. all worked out great - still learning config of hyperspin but will get there in the end Cant wait to build the MK2 now.... video below - compiled from pictures i took while maing the cabinet - all put together by apple iphone lol. Jevs Arcade - youtube Taken this morning after fitting the footrail. pretty much finished now hope you like!
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    Hey All, A true gentleman by the name of Schwing over on the Arcade Controls forum whipped together a new Keyboard to Xinput solution about a year ago. It's far simpler and more stable than the old VJoy/X360ce workaround! Rework your cab to avoid all Dinput/Xinput conflicts in games from here on and simplify game installation! It works with all the latest most popular games like Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6, Tekken 7... you name it! I just reworked my machines over the holidays and can say it works like a charm. Take a look and share your experiences with it... and give a shout out to Schwing for the great work on this VERY needed application for the scene. Find it here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,158047.0.html Happy Holidays, -Kagaden
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    Thanks, it's appreciated. I'm still actively contributing to RL and helping troubleshooting on their forum. I'm also still working on databases (I never really stopped, just stopped sharing them here for multiple reasons) although most of my free time lately has gone to researching missing games, finding, and dumping them for Redump. As I'm sure most people here are aware, I stopped contributing anything here years ago and just log in every once in a while to see if there's any quality art that pops up or any interesting posts (unfortunately neither of which are very common anymore IMO). Looks like dev/admin activity and communication are still non-existent too which is sad, but not a shock to anyone who has been around here for any period of time.
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    Moved around a load of uploads today. @Rockt Red and @Publio thanks for the uploads but please add the aspect ratio (16:9) or (4:3) to your titles and upload them to a subsection.
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    Not related to the topic, just wanted to say a big thanks for all contributions you made to all the community, not only here but on RocketLauncher as well.
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    I love Hyperspin, spent over 10 years messing with it and learning, NO way I would even think about another FE none of them give you the freedom to do whatever you want like Hyperspin does. Being open source and 100% FREE is also a BIG plus! To bash hyperspin is kinda ironic being its what the other BIGBOX trys to EMULATE!
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    Hi. I have hundreds of Hypermarquee MAME gameplay videos here http://www.youtube.com/c/mamefan I also have a video showing how to get it working.
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    Actually here is the latest version of the script (Copy, save in notepad and call it Screensaver.ahk) ; Make sure mame.ini has full paths to subfolders (cfg,plugins etc) ; Press key for 1s to exit screensaver ; Define games to randomly play in list ; You need two mame.exe in same folder, one for screensaver, the other for HS #NoEnv #Persistent SetTitleMatchMode, 2 SetTimer, CheckEingabe, 1000 ; Check every second mame_Path=C:\groovymame\groovymame64_216.exe Time_to_start=90000 Prompts_for_mame=-sound none -inipath c:\groovymame -homepath c:\groovymame list = ( dkong dkonghrd dkongjo1 dkong3 dkongjr frogger galaga galaga88 mspacman mspacmnf nibbler spcinv95 armwrest block bjtwin btime digdug digdug2 1941j 1942 1943 armedf batrider batsugun bbakraidja blockcar cfarm dimahoo dragnblz ddonpach ddpdojb ddpdfk feversos fiveside futari15 gaiapols garuka ghoxj gcpinbal guwange gnbarich gunbird gundhara gunsmokeua gyruss kageki kingdmgp ket krzybowl ladybug lastduel leds2011 mappy mikie mofflott macross monsterb mrdo docastle nitrobal pacman peggle pengo phoenix punchout qix radarscp invaders pinkswts piratesh psychic5 stmblade sstriker s1945 qbert sqix sengekis tail2nos vmetal vasara2 wrofaero wrestwar1 ) StringSplit, ListArray, list, `n`r Return ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CheckEingabe: If A_TimeIdle >= %Time_to_start% ; Start mame after idle Time of XX sec { If ProcessExist("mame64.exe") { } else { SetTimer, MameRelaunch, 300000 MameRelaunch: WinMinimize Process, Close, groovymame64_216.exe random, selected, 1, %ListArray0% check := ListArray%selected% Run, "%mame_Path%" %Prompts_for_mame% %check% return } } If A_TimeIdlePhysical < 100 ; Stop mame { If ProcessExist("groovymame64_216.exe") { SetTimer, MameRelaunch, off Process, Close, groovymame64_216.exe WinMaximize } else { } } Return ProcessExist(Name){ Process,Exist,%Name% return Errorlevel }
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    I actually did the same thing, installed Maximus Arcade but ended up having trouble configuring it. The Spesoft one didn't work for me either, I think it's just outdated. Mamesaver worked without a hitch (Win7 64bit), configured the directories, selected some games and it worked. Hyperspin is preventing it from starting up though, that's why I wrote the ahk linked above. Just change the directories, compile it to an exe (Install Autohotkey, then just right click on the ahk -> compile) and start the exe with Hyperspin (HyperHQ -> startup/exit tab). It will wait a minute and then start the screensaver. Sometimes when it launches a game it loses focus and goes back to Hyperspin for a minute which I'm ok with, otherwise it does exactly what I want.
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    I can’t find these Unified arcade themes anywhere here or on the ftp. I could download the videos of them on EM but I’d rather have the real thing.
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    Prob best searching through his file history on his profile page. https://hyperspin-fe.com/profile/158850-paco8998/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1
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    hi all here is my cab. plus i have a 2 player control panel that i can change too.
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    Bom noite, Sou novo no forum e não sei se este é o local correto para postar minha duvida, se nao for me desculpe. O que acontece é que eu tenho feito as logo dos jogos que insiro no hyperspin, e estou salvando ela em png na pasta media dentro de cada diretorio respectivo, o engraçado é que ela funcionam, porem alguma quando dou uma volta na roleta do hyperspin por completo, elas somem (Somente 2 imagens no maximo), nao sei o que pode estar acontecendo... o Metodo que eu uso é de salvar com o mesmo nome dentro da pasta wheel. Ja tentei colocar o diretório na xml da pasta database, porem acontece a mesma coisa. Desde já agradeço.
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    O nome na base de dados é o que terá maior importância, o nome da ROM pode até estar com caixa alta ou baixa, mas se a logo estiver diferente da base de dados, acabará sumindo na rotação. A imagem da logo pode ter qualquer tamanho na verdade, o padrão para o Hyperspin no aspecto de TV de tubo normal seria 400x175, para wide-screen (com 25% de redução horizontal para a imagem não esticar em monitores wide-screen 16:9), seu tamanho horizontal reduz para 300x175. Além disso, é possível ajustar o tamanho das imagens usadas como logos dentro HyperHQ, na aba wheel é possível aumentar ou diminuir o tamanho das logos, ajustar transparências, etc.
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    Não exite em perguntar por aqui, sempre que vejo os tópicos eu tento ajudar, tem muita gente aqui que ajuda também, só que no amontoado de novos tópicos diariamente, às vezes deixamos passar sem ver. Até logo!
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    Isso acontece quando a uma diferença na caixa alta ou caixa baixa no nome do arquivo da logo. Por exemplo, se o game se chama StarCrat (USA), se a logo estiver Starcraft (USA), ela até aparecerá a primeira vez caso o game apareça assim que entrar no Nintendo 64 (ou qualquer outro sistema), mas assim que der uma volta pra cima ou pra baixo (nem precisa ser uma volta inteira), a logo some e aparece somente a descrição. Não considero isso um bug, o sistema espera que os nomes coincidam até nesses detalhes.
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    I really wish there was an HD version of this video somewhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvNEYyw0QyY
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