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    Here's the fix, go to your HS directory and Shift + Delete it. HS has been broken for years and the devs have done nothing about it. The only "fix" is to download a Win system dll from a random person on the net. Choose a different frontend, HS is dead and will not be updated. Not only will the new frontend work without compromising your OS but you won't have to deal with the mile long list of problems and things HS can't do.
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    Right click Hyperspin.exe, then go to properties and set it to run as admin. Also add sxs.dll to your Hyperspin folder if you are on 2004 update on Windows 10.
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    Hyperlaunch is old and crap, i would suggest using RocketLauncher. See here how to connect HS and RL:
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    Hi, Thanks for your quick answer, i didn't note the default theme Have a nive day
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    Look in the themes folder and make sure you have a default.zip theme. Also go to HyperHQ and adjust the fade slider to show wheels clearer if required.
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    No. The devs will claim it's still being worked on but we haven't seen a worthwhile update for a decade. If you want something from HS it's not gonna happen so you should check out other frontends.
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    Se usi RocketLauncher puoi creare un'altro emulatore mame, puntare all'altro .exe ed usare la funzione alternate emulator per lanciare alcuni giochi con l'altra versione di mame. Per il NeoGeo, ad esempio, utilizzo un'altra installazione di mame con il bios impostato su AES, o su Amiga i giochi che non vanno sul Retroarch sono impostati su WinUAE.
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    Ciao, certo non ci sono problemi. Ovviamente come hai detto tu devi configurare solo uno dei MAME di default ed hyperspin aprirà quello da te indicato. Per aprire le ROMS che non funzionano con il primo, puoi aprire tranquillamente l'altro mame ad di fuori del launcher. Spero di essere stato d'aiuto. Ciao
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    So I was tired of all the mashup HS intro videos out there that didn't capture the retro 80's arcade past-time and also had some shitty ass music. I edited two HS intro videos and mashed it into one. I did add the VHS effects, adjusted the brightness and saturation, and threw in the classic Separate Ways (the mix adds to that nostalgia). I will be attempting to make an original video sometime this summer. There is also a clean non-VHS version on my channel as wel. Hope you guys dig it. 😎
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    El video el primero que escoges muestra la direccion donde tienen el video cuando lo colocas pon el cursor en una esquina y ahi puedes modificar el tamaño del video
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