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    I will try to keep this guide up to date with the latest versions of HyperSpin and RocketLauncher. Also I'm adverse to making videos, because I don't want to make a new video every time something is updated, I find it easier just to edit a pic and text guide then recording a new video and editing links. All guides will assume you know how to navigate files and folders in windows. Translations Español - Admoroux This is for a new install. I'm assuming you know your way around folders and files in windows To download HyperSpin first you need to get the necessary support files from version 1.3.3 http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/5599-hyperspin-133-full-install/ and then overwrite with the contents from the beta http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7500-hyperspin-14/ I'm gonna use the C drive in the examples. Any drive letter is ok Now extract the contents of the download to a HyperSpin folder on the root of your drive. Example: C:\HyperSpin The path to your HyperSpin.exe should now be C:\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe Now you need to get RocketLauncher which is a fork of HyperLaunch, but with more active development. Download it here. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=1. The archive (zip) password is www.rlauncher.com Extract Rocketlauncher into a RocketLauncher folder on the root of your drive (C:\RocketLauncher) and make sure the path to RocketLauncher.exe is C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe and NOT C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Get back in your HyperSpin folder. This time we are gonna do some manual ini editing . Open your Settings folder in your HyperSpin folder C:\HyperSpin\Settings. Find the file named Settings.ini, open it in notepad. You should see at the top a line that reads [Main]. Right up under the [Main] line add Hyperlaunch_Path= C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe. If you are having trouble opening RocketLauncherUI and you get some message about failing to initialize, you will need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to get RocketLauncherUI to work. You will be greeted with a prompt asking you to update. Choose yes. Choose 'Latest' in the dropdown. Click on Check Updates at the bottom of the window. Wait for it to finish and then click Apply Updates. Close the update window. You can update in the future using the update button in the RocketLauncherUI tab (the update button looks like a globe with arrows.) You're thinking wow, so many settings this is too complicated. Well that's your fault for wanting lots of customization . RocketLauncherUI will probably restart wait for RocketLauncherUI to restart and then close RocketLauncherUI. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the Settings folder, open it and then rename Global Emulators (example).ini to Global Emulators.ini (Make sure you can see the extension: Known Extensions Are Set to Show) If there is already a file called Global Emulators.ini replace it with the example one. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe Look for the big tab on the right with the RocketLauncherUI image and click on it. Now look for a smaller tab called "Frontends" beneath the row of big tabs and click on it Click the green + under the small tabs and add a new frontend (here you can add different frontends like gamex or kodi). In the popup window titled Add Frontend:for the first blank, set the name to HyperSpin for the second blank, Click the Magnifying glass to the right and locate your HyperSpin.exe application. (C:\HyperSpin\Hyperspin.exe which should look like ..\..\HyperSpin.exe if you are following the guide) for the RocketLauncherUI plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. for the RocketLauncher plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. click on the button that looks like a blue floppy disk to save, if the button is not available just click the red x button to close and save the window. Highlight the HyperSpin frontend item in the list you just added and:click on the button that looks like a folder with a thumbtack (bulletin board pin) to set HyperSpin as your default frontend. (default frontend means RocketLauncherUI will always start up with this frontend) click on the button that looks like a robot terminator red eye to set HyperSpin as the active frontend. (active frontend means the frontend that you are currently working on in RocketLauncherUI) Look in the left near the top of the RocketLauncherUI main window for the words "Select a System" under it you should see a button that looks like two green arrows making a circle. Click on the circular green arrows button to refresh the systems list to match the active frontend. You can now close RocketLauncherUI or leave it open (you will need to open it later in this guide). Now to make full use of RocketLauncher we want to download the media pack. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=2 Extract the contents of the media pack into your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher). Congrats you have now installed HyperSpin + RocketLauncher! You think you're done don't you, but you're wrong. There is still more to go. Gasp. We don't have any emulators yet. Ok then let's try to set one up, how about we do the most popular one. MAME Download the binary unless you plan on compiling your own version. (there are some benefits to compiling, hiscores and nonag being the most popular) Now let's create a new folder on your root drive called Emulators. C:\Emulators -this is not required but it is recommended Now inside this folder create a new folder named after the emulator called MAME. C:\Emulators\MAME Now inside your emulator folder install MAME. So the path to your mame.exe or mame64.exe should be C:\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe Congrats you have installed an emulator. Now to get it working with RocketLauncher and ultimately HyperSpin. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe On the left hand side in RocketLauncherUI you will see a list of all our systems and at the top is a system called Global (not actually a system in HyperSpin). Changing settings in Global affects all of your settings in every system. Consider this the default settings. Ok now highlight the Global System and click on the big tab Emulators. If you installed correctly (didn't skip steps like step 9) you will be greeted with a long list of emulator names. Scroll down this list until you find MAME. Double click on it. A new window will appear. Fill in the path value by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the path entry and find your MAME emulator. Close this window if the values for module and rom extensions are already filled. Now highlight the MAME system in the systems list. and click on the big tab Emulators. Add the path to your MAME roms in the rom paths field by clicking on the green plus button. For most mame installations it's in the same folder as mame.exe in a folder called roms. C:\Emulators\MAME\roms For other systems, I personally put roms in a folder separate from hyperspin and the emulator folder, something like C:\Games\systemName\gameName.extension ROMS are not included with MAME or HyperSpin or RocketLauncher. Do not ask for roms on this forum, it will get you banned. Google is your friend for this. Now back in RocketLauncherUI choose your default emulator by clicking on the Magnifying glass. Choose MAME [global] from the list that appears. Congrats! you have now setup MAME within RocketLauncher. Now to setup MAME for use with HyperSpin. First get the latest MAME xml from HyperList http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Drop the xml you downloaded into C:\HyperSpin\Databases\MAME\ and rename it to MAME.xml. If it asks you to overwrite, choose yes. XML management can be a pain and so can renaming all those roms that you legally copied from your personal collection of actual games that you legally acquired through legal purchases. For emulators other than MAME or MESS you will need to make sure that the file names for your roms match the names for the games found in your xml. For the best hyperspin xml management and renaming applications use Don's HyperSpin Tools or check out the beta version of HyperTools.zip (thanks, emb). I think that's it for a basic installation. It will be hard and time consuming to get artwork and videos until you subscribe to emumovies and receive platinum status here by donating. Oh wait I almost forgot, whenever any one says edit your module settings they usually mean open RocketLauncherUI click on your system, click on the big modules tab, highlight the module you are using, and then click on the Edit Global Settings button. A little bit more info can be found here & here. If you liked this guide and want to say thank you, hit the like button at the bottom of this post. Hyperspin and RocketLauncher Compatibility Fix.zip
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    Hi all, We will be private testing a new version of HyperSpin before an official public release. And as a thank you to our Platinum supporters, they get to be the private testers. This version is 1.4. 2.0 is still in the works but not ready so for now I have made some changes and additions to the current version. Added - Smoothing for special artwork png's. Added - Disable main menu item from database i.e (<game name="MAME" enabled="0"/> just add the enabled="0" if you want to disable a game. If there is no enabled attribute or if it is set to one then the item will show. Added - Disable item in sub menu, same as above but for individual games. Added - Launcher path can now be a relative path for portability. Added - New script file in Scripts folder. HScript.ahk. This script file has function in it that HyperSpin will call at certain times. For example inside the script is a function called "themeStart". When a user lands on a wheel this function will be called each time along with the system name and game name. This opens up more opportunities for 3rd party applications to get involved with events in HyperSpin instead of having to create workarounds using other in place systems. Fixed - Some animation types that were not working in HS 1.3. Changed - Launcher path must container full path to your launcher exe now. This affects pretty much everyone. In your settings you path to hyperlaunch must be the full path to the launcher. i.e C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe or C:\HyperSpin\RocketLaunch.exe Some users might notice a good speed improvement depending on their system. Private testing will be handled in the Platinum area forums in a new forum called Beta Testing. After testing is completed we will make an official announcement. Timeline depends on bugs found and addition of new features during the testing phase. We will be taking minor feature requests during this time also. Testing will begin tonight.
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    Welcome to the HyperBase Live Public Beta, soon to evolve into the full-fledged HyperAI! This isn't just a new tool to make our lives easier. HyperAI is soon to be as integral a part of HyperSpin as the frontend itself! Get ready for the next generation of greatest frontend the world has ever known. Here's how you can help us make HyperAI and future iterations of HyperSpin even more awesome: use the software throughout the beta as we continue to provide updates. Don't hold back! We encourage you to put it through the grinder, try to break it, beat the hell out of it, and let us know so we can fix it to make it better for everyone! Community participation is paramount to what makes HyperSpin great and it'll help ensure our new creations continue to meet our high standards. Please report and issues and findings directly in this thread and we'll address it asap. Cheers! . .. .
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    I know I've been away for a bit, dealing with personal dramas, but I'm back. Not only that, I have been collecting media for HyperSync. Throughout the next couple weeks I am going to be adding it to sync little bits at a time, everyday. It's a tedious process of renaming/resizing etc, so the daily updates won't be huge. I would recommend running a sync once a day though. All in all, I have over 100gigs of artwork/sounds/etc that I plan on adding, as well as adding newly supported systems! It's going to be a great time to be platinum if you can't get enough eye candy!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its coming soon! And I'm not leading you on. HyperSpin is back in FULL development!
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release DOWNLOAD HERE UPGRADE ONLY DOWNLOAD With this new release, we're fixing a bug that was reported on the forums. While we were at it, we added a new feature: Animated Wheels. SWF wheels are animated wheels using the SWF format which can be created using Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate. The output SWF file can be placed in the wheel image directory just like other PNG images. Wherever there exists a PNG wheel image and a SWF wheel image with the same name, the SWF will take priority when showing on the wheel. SWF wheel items will load and be initially paused on the first frame while spinning the wheel. When you land on a menu item there will be a brief delay, then the SWF will begin playback. Further instructions and the demo swf are attached below. Demo 1942 SWF Wheel: HyperSpin 1.5.1 from EmuMovies on Vimeo. INSTRUCTIONS: If you already have an install of HyperSpin, all you need is the .exe files for HyperSpin, HyperTheme, and HyperHQ. Otherwise, unpack to the desired location as usual. Changelog: Animated Wheels Windows 10 (1803) Support From the whole team, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that reported the recent Windows 1803 issue and worked with us to debug the problem. SWF_Wheel_Support_Instructions_for_HS_1.5.1.pdf 1942.swf
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    UPDATE Great news, you can grab all the new videos through FTP and Hypersync now. So be sure to update. They haven't been pushed to the main downloads section yet but Circo is working on it. Most of these systems can now be considered complete. The few missing from Saturn and N64 will be done when they're playable in emulators, everything else is finished though. Working on NES/Famicom next. Sync the following systems. Nintendo 64 -- 101 vids Nintendo Game Boy -- 107 vids Sega Game Gear -- 63 vids Sega Saturn -- 11 vids Note: using latest Mednafen update, I just now got 2 more Saturn games done. Vids will be uploaded later for finalizing. Only Die Hard Trilogy remains as missing/unplayable.
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    Wasn't sure where to post this here but since there are no announcements, figured I'd try to keep people up to date so they'd know to head over to Emumovies and grab the new videos. I'll try to keep this topic up to date on releases if I remember to lol So I finally finished going through the N64 video set and redoing all the problematic vids, as in footage that had messed up audio or graphic glitches. These can usually be remedied by using a different emulator or plugin setup. It's all a complete pain but I'm glad to say it's over. I also filled in the gaps and did the missing vids from the latest project db. Only 2 vids will be missing now, for the two unplayable Star Wars games. Circo still has a few videos to finalize but otherwise it's complete. http://emumovies.com/forums/topic/12483-nintendo-64-video-snaps-m/ I'm currently working on the big list of missing Game Boy vids from the latest db update, mostly all Japanese games. Gotten about 80 vids already.
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    HyperSpin has a new YouTube channel, amongst other things! Today's HyperUpdate is our inaugural video and I apologize for not being able to mention more of your awesome projects. These are hella time-consuming to make so I'll likely focus on major news and full releases in them but I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! Special thanks in this video goes out to: @fr0stbyt3 @JSinn @Styphelus @Kondorito @Yeuxkes @diskmach @Circo @ulao @RetroHumanoid @MADrigal @dougan78 @Black Hazor @hardcorehubz @xALPHAxOMEGAx @James Doohan.
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    Hey Everyone, Trying to get the website back up and running ASAP, still plenty of bugs to work out so we will be attacking those as we find them or they are reported. There are still a few major things that are down (Tutorials, HyperSync, FTP) but we expect these to come back online shortly. Everything is new so it is a bit much to list out. But please let us know of any questions or feedback that you have. UPDATE: All systems are back online, some quick notes SITE RESPONSE SPEED - Removed SSL from general site functions but still present in purchases. Server Tweaks CHAT - In order to see someone in private chat you must now be a follower. Chat offline while I work out some more bugs HYPERSYNC - There is a new version that supports the new authentication system on the site, now supports strong passwords NOTE: MUST BE A PLATINUM LICENSE HOLDER OR ABOVE TO UTILIZE SYNC HYPERBASE FTP - Back up and running and the login system has been improved NOTE: MUST BE A PLATINUM LICENSE HOLDER OR ABOVE FOR FTP ACCESS Address: files.hyperspin-fe.com Login: (Forum Name) or (Email Address) you no longer have to use the (forum name)@hyperspin-fe.com though it will still work Password: (Forum Password) now supports strong passwords Port: 221 Tutorials - Back up and running can currently be found under the forums drop down menu Tapatalk - Working again, users should notice no change Known Issues Location on forum post does not have a space
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    This cabinet includes lightguns with recoil, 4 slot coin mech, RGB LED buttons, and of course the LCD marquee! I need to start logging my hours on these things but it was probably a few hundred hours to complete. Enjoy! Thanks for everything, bros. Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/5mcSx
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    I've created a complete wheel for most of the SNES CD MSU-1 games that are currently available. The wheel is based on SimplyAustins SNES Wheel as I like the clean look and background and have also used some of Aorin's Video Snaps from the great game hacks wheel that was released. I've created mock up SNES CD covers and CD images based on some of the box art for the games out there. The RocketLauncher module is setup to launch the games with Retroarch using the BSNES core, its my first wheel release so hopefully everything works ok. You can download the full wheel with rocketlauncher fades and pause backgrounds here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As2jkrtIr7k7gR5gk57jEa1sCuYw Update: I've added Zelda Parallel Worlds, Zelda Goddess of Wisdom and Final Fantasy 6 Balance and Ruin, I've also added the complete database XML file that was missing. Complete wheel is around 1 GB for artwork and videos. To get all the games setup takes about 30 GB. Update 10-14-2017: Added Donkey Kong Country, Joe & Mac, Rockman & Forte, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Castlevania IV ,Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Terranigma Instructions: 1. Create new wheel and copy over Hyperspin media and XML database. 2. Add a new system to Rocketlauncher called "SNES CD" and Copy over the Rocketlauncher files (Media, Modules & Rocketlauncher UI) into your Rocketlauncher folder. 3. Setup Retroarch (SNES CD) in your global emulator, set your path to match where you have retroarch installed and setup the module to the "RetroArch (SNES CD).ahk" that is included in the download pack. 4. Go to https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database and download most of the game patches and pcm audio files. Most games use Lunar IPS to patch the original super nintendo rom .sfc file to the MSU-1 version. Create a new folder for each game named to match the name of the game in the xml file eg. BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1). To Use The BSNES Balanced Retroarch Core: In Rocketlauncher in the global emulator settings for the SNES CD system go to the "Rom Settings" tab. You can keep this setup as is with the bsnes balanced core, it requires the included .bml files. The bml files are like a cue file that tells the emulator what msu file to use and what audio tracks to use. The game must have all the required files in a folder named to match the game in the XML file. To Use The SNES9X Retroarch Core: Under the "Rom Settings" tab in Rocketlauncher change the LibRetro_Core to "snes9x_libretro". Rename the rom file, pcm files and .msu so they all have the same name. For Example to setup BS Zelda the folder must contain the following: BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).sfc BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).msu BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-1.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-2.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-3.pcm etc. Now you just launch the .sfc file directly like you would with a normal snes game with rocketlauncher, no need for a bml file. You can check out a preview video here: Video Preview for the latest update:
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    HyperSpin 1.4.16 has been Released. This update adds video smoothing. This will be an important update for Platinum users who are using the HyperSpin Cinematic Themes. You can download the themes >>HERE<< >>DOWNLOAD HERE<< 016 Added video smoothing 015 Added can now use default theme for main menu. Whats different about having a default theme as some may now is that they don't get reloaded when going from one item to next that don't have themes. This allows for a cleaner experience vs reloading individual copies of default themes. Added if a theme doesn't have a background in the zip file then it was only attempting to load a png background, from the backgrounds folder of the item name. Now it can load swf and also default.png and default.swf. Added Shortcut key F6 to toggle fullscreen and windowed. For windowed to work resolution must be set to resolution lower than fullscreen. Added Ledblinky 9 for main menu and Ledblinky 8 for switching menus (not sure if this one is even needed) Fixed - HyperSpin not shutting down sometimes. 014 Fixed issue when launching certain software/emulators and HS taking focus. Fixed background music not working. Put music in Media\System\Sound\Background Music\Name.mp3 013 Fixed mp4 looping causing stuttering or black video Fixed returning from emu causing moving 1 wheel item when spinner is enabled Added Horizontal Wide wheel style for widescreen themes that can fit more wheel items 012 Fixed spinner and trackball only working in 1 direction Changed more fixes to joy controls. 011 Changed made some changes to joystick behavior, POV was interferring with analog and vice versa Fixed joystick not being able to stop intro video Fixed returning to HS from certain emulators causes HS to be squished. Fixed main menu always returning to last_system used when starting even though last_game is off. 010 Fixed no speakers bug, no speakers or headphones plugged in would crash HS Fixed HL relative path issue(i think) 009 Fixed strobe animation not working. I had to slow it down, due to the speed up of the new HS, i had to slow it down by a factor of 4 to get it to even work. So if it doesn't match up with HyperTheme, you know why. Fixed themes freezing when exiting theme. Fixed joystick support (i think) 008 Fixed skip up and skip down number not working Fixed letter wheel using wrong direction per wheel style Fix pin style was backwards, moves left to right now Added ability to use mp4 as intro video 007 Fixed % in filename issue when playing videos. Changed the behavior of pin and horizontal wheels due to a lot of complaints. Left and Right move the wheel and Up and Down select the letter wheel. The directions are fixed and should behave as expected now. 006 Added smoothing to letter images. Changed path to HScript, delete your old HScript.ahk and autohotkey.dll, Unzip now the script is in \Scripts\HScript\HScript.ahk, this allows the autohotkey.dll not to interfere with the one other programs use in the main root, sorry to those that got their old autohotkey.dll overwritten. 005 Release to private beta 004 Changed - See above Fixed - HyperLaunch error, hopefully. 003 Added - Allow relative path to launcher i.e ( .\Folder\HyperLaunch.exe") where the dot represents the HyperSpin directory. Doesn't do relative double dots though for going up a folder. Added - Disable item in main menu i.e ( <game name="MAME" enabled = "0"/>, just add enabled ="0" to any system and it will disable it. if there is no enabled attribute or you have it set to 1 then the game will show. Added - Disable item in sub menu , same as above. 002 Added - Smoothing to special artwork png's Added - HyperLaunch not forced as launcher. You can now set the full path to the launcher in the ini. Has to be fullpath\launcher.exe in the ini file. If your hyperlaunch isn't working then you must add hyperlaunch.exe to your hyperlaunch path in the ini. Added - Can run a script everytime you land on a wheel item to allow scripters to add interactive features to HS. The script is located in a new scripts folder called "Scripts".
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    Enjoy this weeks update video! Special thanks to @fr0stbyt3 @Circo @jhabers @Kondorito @MADrigal @Mykillvee @RetroHumanoid @NEO207 @JSinn @dionymnia @Krakerman @husko @VoidWalker @utfalcon @FernandoCaldas @SupraKarma @wallmachine
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    Working on alot of stuff lately. Wanted to share. I want the TurboGrafx/PCEngine to get the love it deserves. Thanks for your time.
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    Why answer with a jerk response? GO LOOK HERE YA STUPID DUMBY... is pretty much what you are saying. Let's just say, Go the General Settings in RocketLauncherUI. Go to RocketLauncher tab (if not there already, the tabs are RocketLauncher, Controls, and Third Party) Click on the down arrow in the DEFAULT PLUGIN (Base Settings) from RocketLauncher to HyperSpin. Then under Paths, change DEFAULT FRONTEND PATH to your HyperSpin.exe (eg. d:\arcade\hyperspin\hyperspin.exe) location rather than the RocketLauncher.exe. Problem solved... ENJOY!
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    Please can with give a warm welcome to our new moderator Aorin. He is a very talented awesome guy who we are proud to have as part of the team. Thank you.
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    UPDATE: Project finished. See post #64 UPDATED: Changed topic title and the entire Wheel can be downloaded from the emumovies FTP at: Upload Here/_RocketLauncher Media Submissions/Metalzoic/Ghouls'n Ghosts Wheel If you get it post and let me know what you think! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since this is one of the all-time greatest arcade classic games I'm thinking of giving it its own wheel. It would be the only title specific wheel in my setup and pull from different systems. I'm looking to see what GnG games and games like or inspired by GnG are out there to be included. I started talking about it a bit in this thread. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/14248-ultimate-ghosts-n-goblins/ So Far I have: Ghosts'n Goblins (MAME) Ghouls'n Ghosts (MAME) Ultimate Ghost'n Goblins (ppsspp , but running in my Modern Classics/PC Games wheel) Ghosts'n Demons (Inspired by. Bor/PC) Maldita Castilla (Inspired by. PC) Planning on Adding: -Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (Snes) -Demon's Crest (Snes) for these SNES games should I use a standalone emulator or just use RetroArch (even though it smells bad). I'm guessing retro just because of the shaders. -Maximo: Ghosts to Glory -Maximo: Army of Zin I really want to add these, but have no idea if they can be played on a cab with digital controls and no analog. Do any PS2 emulators work without a control pad? I can't really think of a good reason to add any of the older (NES) or crappier (Gameboy, C64 etc...) games. But if some are different or you think they're good enough I'd consider it. Some others inspired by GnG I've run across: -Battle Princess Madelyn (not finished/PC) http://www.causalbitgames.com/2015/11/its-official-battle-princess-madelyn-is-a-go-happy-birthday-maddi/ -Eternium. GnG tribute where you play as Arthur as an old man (PC) http://www.indieretronews.com/2015/04/eternum-ghosts-n-goblins-inspired.html -Ghosts'n DJ's (Not sure if it's even available/PC) http://www.siliconera.com/2014/10/25/ghosts-n-djs-music-industry-themed-ghosts-n-goblins/ -Ghosts'n Goblins: Gold Knights 1 & 2. Looks like they only released these for iOS so I'm guessing they aren't playable any oter way. Apparantly they aren't very good though. -Ghosts'n Goblins online Apparantly they made this, but it looks like it was cancelled, but possibly released in Korea? Anyone have any info on this? http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ghosts-n-goblins-online-confirmed-for-korea/1100-6283790/ What other games does anyone know about that would qualify or that you think should be included? Any other actual MAME/Arcade games that were rip-offs or clones that should be in?
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    Our latest development teaser is live:
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    MAJOR UPDATE Hi again, sorry I never update this topic. I don't really come here anymore. I'd say this constitutes another big update announcement. Since last posting here, I've redone the entire Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Game Boy Color sets. All now are sharp, clean and smooth 60fps clips. There will be more to come as I've also recently finished Famicom Disk System and I'm working through the huge Game Boy Advance set now. I'm not going to list the amount of vids I did as I don't remember lol So just hop on Hypersync or Emumovies FTP, and grab all the new sets! I've also done all the latest Eng translated roms too for various systems. So check for the following: Sega Master System Sega Game Gear Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Game Boy Color
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    Hi All, After my unexpected upgrade to Section Admin I just wanted to let everyone know I will be focusing my efforts more on the download section. Notice It will be a long standing project due to the nature of the beast. I am a little stretched for spare time so please dont expect anything to drastic!! I am also less accomplished than most of this community when it comes to artwork quality. The Plan 1. Migrate solid community approved artwork over to the Official section I cannot see a way to do this currently. All work is now focused on the Submit section only 2. Create new categories where needed (Starting to think less categories is better PEOPLE JUST CANT CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE ANYWAY. SOrry for shouting) 3. Request users return to posting their content in announcment threads before uploading to the download section. (Never gonna take off lol, I live in hope!!) 4. Find some active Media Approvers (Update Aug 2018 - none found yet) How Can You Help Please post here content, from the Upload Here section, you feel is of high enough quality to be classed "official" To be continued.....
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    Ha not going anywhere but wanted to put in the plug that I’m going to create some tutorials on random things hyperspin and maybe pinball. The channel I’ve created is below, please let me know if you have a specific topic to get covered. Just made one around randomized intro videos Planet Geekdom https://youtube.com/channel/UCdcby-s2GwriaOHGmVC2vGA?sub_confirmation=1 *If you do the facebook thing, find me on the group Hyperspin Arcade Users Worldwide https://www.facebook.com/groups/581676831988120/?ref=group_header Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Every day as time/content permits, I'm going to try to make a post on the HyperSpin facebook to try to publicly highlight and give credit for some of the great work that goes on in the HyperSpin community. I put some recent examples at the bottom of this post. I'm hoping that fellow HyperSpinners can help me pin down awesome projects by nominating developments here or via PM. Also, if anyone would like their work to be in the spotlight let me know! I don't want to focus on any one specific aspect of HyperSpin either so if people are working their butts off on anything at all, whether it be a database, artwork, a personal cabinet project, a third-party tool, anything at all, let me know If I ever miss updates to your project, please don't feel slighted! I try to keep track of everything cool I see on the forums but my days are hectic and I sometimes lose track For example I saw a really clean looking Epoch update a few weeks ago from someone but haven't been able to find it again Cheers!
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    Of note, Likes and Tapatalk are back
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    UPDATE The new Nintendo Famicom Disk System set is up. In case nobody noticed, the old videos had really messed up audio where the sound would skip between speakers after a few seconds. So I not only redid all the old vids, I also did all the games to match the latest db I had made here a while back after testing the entire system library. Not sure if it was ever made official or not but you can find the set up in my Google Drive folder if needed. I'll post the db here too. Nintendo Famicom Disk System - 209 vids Nintendo Famicom Disk System.xml
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    After putting it off for many years I've finally had some spare cash and decided to just go for it and build the cocktail table I've always wanted. I've got no plans it's just all in my head and has been scribbled down on cardboard, it's also evolving a little as I go along, more on that later. I'm documenting it on video so you can watch as it develops or falls apart. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlyHOs2WxYvLfG8V2c296k9fKDMapc5Ln Since starting the actual chest has been taken apart but it was kind of like this. The lid I tried to cut out with my jig saw and despite it having a laser on it and a guide the damn thing was a mess so I bought some MDF. The amount I bought for £15 is enough for the lid and the two control panels. I'll put a parts list down below but so far most parts have come from arcadeworlduk.com or Ebay or Amazon. Now what colour is it going to be? Well it's still a piece of furniture but currently it's going to be white for end to end and the sides are going to be Donkey Kong Jr orange. Try to get the colour code was kind of easy but finding it in the UK was tricky. I found a code Here but it's a US code from Lowes, so I sent Valspar an email and they were extremely helpful, they came back with a colour called Tigress (X65 R126F) which looks really good so I bought a tester pot. I'm excited about this next bit. I had an idea to place an additional screen in the horizontal control panel above the track ball to show marquee art, Hi scores and a pinball DMD. As the control panel is currently going to be 8 inches deep and the screen is 7 inches, there is no room, so I'm going to incorporate it into the lid on the left side. I looked around for one and found a good one on Amazon which is a 7" capacitive touch screen which you can use with Raspberry Pi. Some of the comments and the sellers blurb said the touch function does not work with a PC but after plugging the thing in I found it does work really well. Sadly it will be under glass so I won't be using that part. Here's the screen. Some updates as of 15/10/2016UK or 10/15/2016US Getting there I made a stupid error of drilling a 28mm hole on a join which looks a bloody mess but won't be seen. Red side, player 2 I wasn't happy with the long horizontal side so it needed some additional work. Currently the trackball and sticks are being siliconed into place. I had a Space Invaders instruction card which matched the small screen exactly in size, so I added it to the opposite side. Also I have painted the underside of this perspex and the controls are drying after being siliconed on. Here's what the chest looked like before. List of parts Arcade World UK AWUK Aluminium Bat Top Handle (Colour: Orange) 1 £4.99 GBP £4.99 GBP AWUK Aluminium Bat Top Handle (Colour: Light Blue) 1 £4.99 GBP £4.99 GBP AWUK Aluminium JLF Shaft Cover And Dust Cover Set (Colour: Aluminium Light Blue) 1 £3.99 GBP £3.99 GBP AWUK Aluminium JLF Shaft Cover And Dust Cover Set (Colour: Aluminium Orange) 1 £3.99 GBP £3.99 GBP Classic Arcade Start Button (Player: Two, Microswitch: D44X Cherry - 4.8mm) 1 £1.63 GBP £1.63 GBP Gold Leaf Concave Arcade Button (Colour: Blue) 6 £1.58 GBP £9.48 GBP Gold Leaf Concave Arcade Button (Colour: White) 4 £1.58 GBP £6.32 GBP I-PAC 2 FS32 Keyboard Encoder 1 £24.99 GBP £24.99 GBP Sanwa LB-30N Bat Top Handle (Colour: White) 1 £3.10 GBP £3.10 GBP UltraStik 360 Ball Top Joystick (Colour: Black, Restrictor: None, Button Harness: No) 1 £36.99 GBP £36.99 GBP UltraStik 360 Ball Top Joystick (Colour: Red, Restrictor: None, Button Harness: No) 1 £36.99 GBP £36.99 GBP Amazon Makibes 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD© 1024X600 High Resolution HDMI with Bicolor Case for Raspberry Pi/BB BLACK/PC Systems/Raspberry Pi 3 Model B £46.99
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    UPDATE Vectrex galore! Circo is getting around to finalizing my vids. keep an eye out on the updates over there. I'm not sure how many he plans on getting to but right now you can finally grab the entire new Vectrex video set I did, so fire up Hypersync or grab them off Emumovies FTP. If you want the matching system setup, you'll have to grab my zip file from the database update topic HERE Make sure to read the included Read Me file so you put the files in the correct places. Afterwards you'll just have to set your controls and such in ParaJVE because the needed config file will overwrite your emulator settings. Yeah I hate how it's like that too but ParaJVE stores its own rom database from within which is needed for RocketLauncher. GCE Vectrex -- 66 vids Note: there are 3 games added to the db that are not playable yet, so they won't have vids. They are the 3D games which required special goggles to play.
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    I would like you all to give a very warm welcome to our friend Avar who has been promoted to moderator. He is a great asset to the forum, helping out in all areas with that cheeky grin, so well done Sir. We look forward to working with you to make the site even better.
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    Spotlight on @Avar for being one of the hardest working people in the community, and giving recognition to all of the contributors - not to mention actually getting involved yourself. It's not 'nothing,' what you do, so in case you don't get to hear it enough, 'thank you.'
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    I made a few changes to the forums recently you probably noticed. First, some light reorganization: HyperNews was renamed to "Believe the Hype!" and within it Announcements was renamed to "HyperNews" HyperMedia was brought to the top of the page just under Believe the Hype! to increase artist exposure and project awareness HyperMedia was renamed "HyperStudio" "HyperSpin Cabinets and Projects" was moved to HyperStudio and renamed to "Cabinets and Project" The "HyperSpin" sub-forum was renamed to "HyperSupport" HyperPin -> HyperPin was renamed HyperPin -> Content and Support HyperScore Challenge was moved to HyperNews to increase awareness and exposure HyperScore Challenge was renamed to "HyperScore Tournament Central" The following ranks were changed to reflect their use as titles and to apply the same singular standard to all rank names: Administrators -> Administrator Media Approvers -> Content Authority Media Creators -> Content Creator Members -> Member The following rank was created and assigned with the same privileges and access level as Content Creator: Tournament Coordinator: Lucky1 The following badges were added to the system: Content Creator: Tournament Coordinator: Please let me know if any of the changes ruffle your feathers or if you don't care for the new Content Creator badge! Cheers!
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    BIG UPDATE Forgot to update this topic. I finally finished my long winter project a week or so ago. You can now grab a brand new Sega Genesis set! There were only about 10 games I didn't have to do. The rest of the old blurry 30fps clips have been replaced. Also a bunch of redone N64 vids too. Sega Genesis - 993 vids Nintendo 64 - 102 vids
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    UPDATE Hey everyone. Haven't been around for months. Sorry, I don't really work on Hyperspin stuff anymore. Just vids for Emumovies. Speaking of which, I saw that Circo got around to uploading something great I finished a while back. So be sure to hop on FTP or Hypersync and grab them. Happy new years all. NEC PC Engine -- entire new HQ set! Nintendo DS -- 222 vids
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    This is how my Layout looks for my screens for Future Pinball. This is required in order to use my extended backglass. Screen 1 is the playfield, screen 2 is the backgass, and screen 3 is the DMD / extended backglass. Setup Future Pinball the way you normally would for your playfield and backglass. Exit Future Pinball. Then you then MUST configure Future Pinball's backglass resolution MANUALLY through the windows registry... NOT through Future Pinball itself. I have my backglass set to 1920x1600. What this does is, it "extends" the backglass from the 2nd screen down onto the 3rd screen. It can be larger than this, but anything past the bottom of the "translite" in Future Pinball is useless. I also use Future DMD on the bottom of the 3rd screen anyway, because you can't adjust the physical size of the DMD in Future Pinball itself (Future DMD can be ANY size). Overlays (which are used for movie clips, custom colour DMDs, gadgets,etc) can be made to ANY size! This picture below shows my Future Pinball displays across the 3 screens. The black areas are the unused parts of the windows "desktop". The blue background on screen 3 is the desktop background. (I normally have it black but changed it to blue just for illustration purposes) This is the pinball table with no modification or custom overlays. This picture shows a custom overlay I made with a simple castle wall picture with extra stats for the game showing (which were normally shown in desktop mode on this particular version of the table). This area can be used for anything you want in Future Pinball! Here you can see it displayed on my 3rd screen. For my DMD / Extended backglass bezel, I just made it from thin backboard used for book shelves. I then covered it with carbon fibre vinyl, and covered the edges with automotive chrome trim. I covered the speaker holes with speaker cloth from Fabricland. Now you can see how the bezel makes it look like I have a 4th screen that is separate from the backglass and dmd. Now I just had to fasten the aluminum trim and throw the playfield TV in... ....and it's ALIVE! PinKadia lives!!!! This is my BAM IR Led tracking hat. I made this for Freetrak / Track IR on my simpit with a ps3 eye camera, and they both work great with BAM Freetrack tracking through FaceTrackNoIR. It looks totally cool! I replaced my fans because they were used in a server, and were very loud! These new fans are cheap, quiet, and have red leds in them. Finally I added cheap LED colour-changing lighting that plugs into a molex connector from my cpu power supply. (The sub woofer on the floor is from my home theatre, not the pincab) A video demonstration: Things to do still: -add glass to the playfield -setup mame media (MAME is all setup to play) -visual pinball -controlled lighting, DOF, feedback,etc.. -big Launch button -"maybe" a plunger and tilt -and whatever seems cool at the time!
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    We have some pretty major changes coming up for the EmuMovies website. In a month or two (hopefully) I will be moving the site to a new platform. In order to make the transition a lot of stuff has to be overhauled. Even then it's going to get worse before it gets better but in the end EmuMovies will be a much better site. A few things that you might notice, first off I have been disabling many of the site plugins as they will not be making the transition. But probably the biggest thing that you might notice is that the downloads section is going to be a bit of a mess while I prepare the site. I'm basically overhauling the whole thing, I am starting with Video Snaps and Game Manuals. Before these were available as individual files, going forward they will all be rar packs. I think most of our basic users will be really happy for this news. So I apologize for the mess, but trust me, it will be worth it. #
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