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    put the sxs.dll file in the hyperspin root folder
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    Pretty sure this is a known bug. I could be wrong but I thought @ninja2bceen posted a fix that closes extra hyperspin exes that are running. Happens to mine on windows 10 also so it’s not just yours.
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    Here's the fix, go to your HS directory and Shift + Delete it. HS has been broken for years and the devs have done nothing about it. The only "fix" is to download a Win system dll from a random person on the net. Choose a different frontend, HS is dead and will not be updated. Not only will the new frontend work without compromising your OS but you won't have to deal with the mile long list of problems and things HS can't do.
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    Right click Hyperspin.exe, then go to properties and set it to run as admin. Also add sxs.dll to your Hyperspin folder if you are on 2004 update on Windows 10.
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    It seems HyperSpin will never get an update. The winner combo is RocketLauncher + LaunchBox for me.
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    Hyperspin works perfectly well with an LCD, but you may wish to try other frontend to see what you like best.
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    Old school hyperspinner here. is it dead? Sadly my crt is getting swapped for a lcd. Is it time to dedicate to launchbox?
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    I’ve repeatedly told that guy to rename his videos, it’s confusing and not accurate to most. Those aren’t even third part apps but rather just clever themes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Really all that needs to happen is some wide screen support, the theme creator updated for the times and some support for newer file formats (rip swf) and then the people who have been waiting around here all these years would knock down the walls creating new content and expanding it. Not sure what's up with the development (and personally HS 1.0 still suites my needs for the most part), but it seems as though HS 2.0 could be released in a barebones state and the community would work to prop it up and improve it, the problems that arise could be fixed up on the way because there should be enough buzz and interest. I guess It's similar to when Bethesda release an elder scroll games on the PC and modders have fixed all the issues and made it look 10 times better within a few months. Seems like now with all the expectations built around the wait time it will never deliver as a full blown finished product. I say get it fundamentally working on a basic level and release what you have so we can go at it and build something great. But who knows what goes on with development so take all this as uneducated opinion!
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    Remember when Hyperlaunch was just one big ahk file? ?
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    It really is great to see so many old faces popping up here. Long live the Hyperspin 2.0 threads. ?
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    Did you try out the 62 system build in the downloads section?
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    Sup HS Folks. Long time Lurker newbie poster. My experience with both HyperSpin and LB/BB has been a bit of a tug of war. I started with HyperSpin and when I ran into some snags and not alot of supportive information to go on, I changed to LB/BB. I enjoyed their Live DEV Q&As (That they don't do much anymore) and the ease of use in setting it up. However I always had problems when upgrading LB/BB and it would break my config along with alot of image caching issues with themes. This has brought me back to HyperSpin again. I performed a new install of HyperSpin along with some new video content by ninja2bceen and the HyperSpin forums it has been a much easier experience this time so I am finally going to commit in sticking with HyperSpin (because otherwise I would never complete my frontend and Arcade Cabinet). Aside from that I am a supporter of both lifetime licenses of HyperSpin and LB/BB along with emumovies because I think its a worthy investment to keep this type of entertainment and history thriving. I certainly look forward with the release of HyperSpin 2.0 when that day comes but until then I will enjoy setting up my current build, learning, growing, and potentially giving back at some point.
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    Enjoy what we have, and be pleasantly surprised when the next version arrives, y'know?
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    lol don't hold your breath waiting for the mythical update to hyperspin, just move to launchbox, you can basically get the same look anyway
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    I feel your pain but no it’s still being developed! I’ve actually been testing some features! When the time comes, I’ll be releasing video tutorials, news etc but until then I’m sworn to secrecy though! The dev all have families, there is a lot of requests in the backlog and the devs I regularly talk to. It’s very much not abandoned! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hyperspin is basically you get what you see at this point. If there is any development happening it would be on the fabled hyperspin 2.0 which I wouldn't buy a membership for on the basis of expecting it to suddenly release. Hyperspin works with retroarch no problems through rocket launcher, and you can find a variety of programs in the download section for renaming. Search for ninja2bceen's tutorials as well as Avars tutorial for getting hyperspin and rocketlauncher up and running. You can get by without a full membership of hyperspin, though you will likely need a emu movies membership for media.
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    Most people who complain about Hyperspin, in fact have issues understanding rocket launcher. Not realising the two work in tandem! Yes "noobs" seem to think using launch box is easier but "power users" will integrate rocket launcher with it. I used to like Launch box. I enjoyed watching Jason's dev streams and the videos done by the "old crew" but it all went downhill fast. Even if I ignore the fact the software slowed to a crawl once I kitted it out with systems. I wasn't keen on the replacement YouTube personalities he chose to represent the software. Emailing us all saying LB is "under attack", asking us to report some guy was the final straw. I don't want to get dragged into that BS.
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