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    Hey, I just did exactly that and I started off using this guide here: https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ It's for MAME but once you've walkedthrough that you'll be bale to figure out the other systems.. I've also created a playlist of videos that i've found useful on Youtube that you can access here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb4JfnF9Bg93c8an5XRLwlMAIYavgSK8_ Hope this helps!
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    Hours gone but problem solved. Thanks Spawk! I was fuddling along with multiple issues and this last one stung me for a lot of time. It would appear that new system build is up with 1 working system...
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    Another thing to mention is that not all video formats work. Even 2 files that are both MP4 and made with the same codec, one may work, the other not. Maybe the bitrate is too high on one? Not sure of the specifics but the bottom line is, videos that don't come from EmuMovies aren't guaranteed to work. Check filenames first though, just open RLUI and run an "audit", it will display a list of every game in the xml. Also, just to be clear, don't confuse the RL media folder and the HS media folder. Just saying, the folder structure is very similar but RL uses very different media for different purposes.
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    If I may Spawk, Make sure ALL your media files are named the same as your roms. one little "." or number/letter off, won't call that certain media file.
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