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    @BadBoyBill JOINED - June 30, 2008 LAST VISITED - June 14, 2018 😔
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    Ahhh.. The glory days of this forum, how they are missed...
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    I mean, I hope they do for the sake of those who haven't jumped ship yet. But we've been hearing the same song and dance for almost a decade or so now with nothing to show for it. Anyone who has been around for a while doesn't put any faith in the empty "we're working on it guys". Sharp X68000 should already have an entry in there. If so, you shouldn't add or edit that line and just set the core in the module options instead. That's the problem with the RA module. The thread is a mess of a dozen+ people making random edits, some not good, and others building on them. Since RA is actively developed one person needs to maintain it for consistency. There have been people in the past who did overhauls but then they disappear and it turns into a free for all again.
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    A single fullscreen video should actually run better than complicated .swf themes with particles and stuff, original .swf will probably looks much better, especially if the .swf uses fullHD resources,
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    nexusmtz on ArcadeControls forums figured it out! All I had to do was open Hyperspin > Modules > Daphne > Settings.ini, at the top under globalParams, I added -x 1024 -y 768 -opengl And it works!
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