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    Spawk, I may have to start calling you Google, again you have the right answer. Setting that variable was just what I needed and now everything is working as it should Thankyou!
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    PS1 games are a mixed bag like that. Some games will only work in "Digital" others will need "Dual Analog"... some may even work with either/both. You can specify which connection to use on a per game basis in RLUI "edit global module" --> "Rom Settings" tab: You can find more info about it in this thread on the RL forums: http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?4408-Sony-PlayStation-Controller-Compatibility-Matrix-and-List-of-Special-Settings&p=47221#post47221
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    hello! here's my Street fighter Arcade 1up cab modded with Raspberry 3b+ using retropie + attract mode + hyperspin and LCD monitor with marquee i install only arcade games for this build i follow the ETA prime video for Arcade 1up mod here's the boot up video Boot up i made some new hyperspin theme for this build hyperspin theme for the lcd marquee i follow this guide lcd marquee here's a few image (when you launch the game the marquee change) bye bye!
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    As you are a hater of Hyperspin, we will ignore what you have to say about it. It's a simple dll fix that you drop into the folder with your Hyperspin.exe (hardly a major chore is it) Maybe stick to RocketLauncher/Launchbox instead of bitching about Hyperspin all the time. If you don't like it, stop coming back to these forums. I use it and it works flawlessly on latest windows update or previous versions.
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