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    @BadBoyBill JOINED - June 30, 2008 LAST VISITED - June 14, 2018 😔
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    Calling all Hyperspinners, Just a mention to everyone that is NOT aware to click the like button (Mushroom) when you download content, rather than just downloading everything and then doing one. A small, select group of hard working people on this forum supply us with tons of stuff and probably out of 100 downloads, get 2 likes !! Without it mine and everyone else's Hyperspin setup would be as bland as F*** So think on before they all disappear, due to lack of appreciation. It's not that difficult to CLICK YOUR MOUSE on that little mushroom as a sign of your appreciation is it ? I myself do not post that much, this is more for the hard working people that keep Hyperspin alive year after year for all our benefits.
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    Update! I have animated bezel working!!!! with no slow down at all. Everything works smoothly just have some code to work out but currently animations are playing on my bezels. These animations are not just for bezels you can have them playing on marquee plus any other monitor you have attached all at same time playing different animations. More work ahead but I finally got my proof of concept to work.
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    I am working on proof of concept using swf animations and converting them for use within my bezels. So far I have successfully converted my swf animations and have Display Fusion playing them. Next .... Getting this to work within my bezels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please do not let your disappointment deter you from being an active HyperSpin user. HyperSpin 2.0 has been "releasing soon" for 10 years now. Hyperbase was cool to see implemented but should not be used for getting your hopes up. Make the best of what you have now and hopefully IF they ever release 2.0 they keep everything pretty similar so that we can just migrate our setups to the new software. Do not let waiting on 2.0 keep you from using HyperSpin as is.
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    Hey guys, I just finished making these new 40" cabinets, really happy with how they turned out! What do you think? Custom 4TB HS system with Aimtracks (thanks to about 1000hrs of youtube videos) (hyperpie in the pics, but that's no more) Im a bit stuck though with graphics etc... at the very least I need some artwork for the control board to label buttons etc. ive seen so many designs, but want ours to be a little different, but not over the top, I don't want to take too much away from that amazing gloss black finish Im not very arty im afraid, so I could really use some help or ideas or thoughts from you graphics guys with this. cheers!
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    A video to help you understand the Redream emulator, covering issues and questions you might have. Currently Redream doesn't use launch intent but it will be added soon. I'll do another video to help with setting it up with Hyperspin (for STV) and Arc Browser (for phones & STV) once that feature is added in.
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    https://redream.io/ The Redream emulator for Sega Dreamcast, is available on the google playstore. I know people struggled with setting up the standalone Reicast emulator, Redream is far easier. No extra BIOS files are required and it detected my gamepad straight away, even found the game files! I have asked about launch intent, so the app is compatible with frontends like Hyperspin and Arc Browser. The reply I got was he meant to add the feature last night but "forgot" as inundated with day one crash reports. Once the feature is implemented, I'll do a video showcasing the emulator and show my settings.ini for Hyperspin
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    Really all that needs to happen is some wide screen support, the theme creator updated for the times and some support for newer file formats (rip swf) and then the people who have been waiting around here all these years would knock down the walls creating new content and expanding it. Not sure what's up with the development (and personally HS 1.0 still suites my needs for the most part), but it seems as though HS 2.0 could be released in a barebones state and the community would work to prop it up and improve it, the problems that arise could be fixed up on the way because there should be enough buzz and interest. I guess It's similar to when Bethesda release an elder scroll games on the PC and modders have fixed all the issues and made it look 10 times better within a few months. Seems like now with all the expectations built around the wait time it will never deliver as a full blown finished product. I say get it fundamentally working on a basic level and release what you have so we can go at it and build something great. But who knows what goes on with development so take all this as uneducated opinion!
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    A few days ago, I decompiled and edited the Hyperspin APK to allow users to use 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Retroarch together. It's been confirmed working by the community and you can find that edited APK here: https://zerojay.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/3QfPqYM4A6ymjr4 It works as you would have originally expected using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Retroarch to work, so in your Settings_Android system ini file, change the exe to com.retroarch to use the 32-bit version or change it to com.retroarch.aarch64 to use the 64-bit version. 32-bit Retroarch: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture 64-bit Retroarch: exe=com.retroarch.aarch64/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture Currently, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Retroarch will be called using the 32-bit configuration files, however I will likely be updating the APK to allow you to use the 64-bit configs as well for those who may wish to use different settings for both. When that happens, I'll keep both versions of the APK available so that you can decide what you want to use. So now that the community has solved the Retroarch 32-bit problem, it would be really helpful to compile a list of cores and the version of Retroarch that it works best under. In some cases, certain cores currently only function under one or the other, but not both. In some rare cases, cores stopped working like Daphne, so again, these are things that we would like to call out. (By the way, for anything like Daphne where more recent cores no longer work, I can host them for the community if needed. Just let me know (and I do myself still need to get that working Daphne core myself). I'll update the top post here to reflect the community's findings so that people only need to come to one place to find the info they need. --- Core Information ---- atari800 - non-functional on 32-bit due to Android security changes, use 64-bit Retroarch core. mame - Latest version of MAME core only recently started compiling on 32-bit, not available yet on 64-bit. EDIT: Updated link for latest updated build.
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    The Difference though is that Jason does that for a living. That is his job. Most of the stuff developed here are by people who do it in free time and if they are anything like me, free time is few and far between and then even when I have it, long standing projects are pushed because the spin up time isn't worth the hassle knowing how little time I do have. If HyperSpin had a Patreon though, maybe devs could be more inclined.
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    When you say "swf" everyone's thinking about animations but HS can run actionscript3 code too, this mean you can actually add features to "standard" HS. Here's an example, my skin is running time, date and weather forecast on specialA1
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    Hi guys, it's been a while. Been pretty busy doing other things and not really touching the Nvidia Shield at all. So I came across this thread again tonight and saw someone had put up a tutorial to make Hyperspin launch using the 64-bit version of Retroarch. Cool stuff. I decided to push it a bit further. I've edited Hyperspin to automatically select between running the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Retroarch depending on what you have exe set to in your system's Settings_Android file. If exe is set to the 32-bit version (com.retroarch), the 32-bit version will launch. If exe is set to the 64-bit version (com.retroarch.aarch64), the 64-bit version will launch. The only caveat I want to mention is - just like the previous hack here - there is no change to the configfile sent along with the launch intent, so basically you are launching the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of RetroArch with the 32-bit version's configs. If there is any need, I could attempt to hack it to also automatically switch config files so that both will stay separate entirely. Personally, I find both using the same configs more convenient for me but I'll let you guys decide. Here's a hacked and resigned APK for you guys to use: https://zerojay.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/zA3dKDZXLMAzASY Let me know what you think. I'll likely put a small blog post detailing the changes made to my blog (https://zerojay.com) for those interested. Have fun!
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    I feel the same but with this topic I understand why the devs wont be doing that until its real. To much history now for that.
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    Well I am so sorry about not give any updates about how this project was going, and well long short history is that the person i hired to Build the arcade cab, quitted, well not really quit just he said that he as a lot of work recently and since he told me that he wont charge me anything for it (only the material wich i already paid) that he will continúe when he has the time, and well almost 5 months have passed, i even told him that I was going to pay him (at 1st i ask for a quotation and he told me that since he liked this project he wont charge me anything), I was really sad about this, i mean i paid the hyperspin and emumovies membership, got a pc, bougth 2 graphics cards i think i spend around 400 usd on this project and it was just stored in a box, i was ready to give up, but guess what? I dont know how this happened but today i saw on facebook a sale annuncement a few blocks away from home i ran like 600 mts and i was able to get not one but 2 arcade cabs for just 100 usd, none of them work and both are modified for xbox games but im sure i can restore them, im looking for technical data, one cab its a Q-GrandAm 25 and the other one rock playintime 2, so since tomorrow i will be focused on restore them and put hyperspin on both, so wish me luck and if any of you can give me an advice i will be really happy, thanks
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release DOWNLOAD HERE UPGRADE ONLY DOWNLOAD With this new release, we're fixing a bug that was reported on the forums. While we were at it, we added a new feature: Animated Wheels. SWF wheels are animated wheels using the SWF format which can be created using Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate. The output SWF file can be placed in the wheel image directory just like other PNG images. Wherever there exists a PNG wheel image and a SWF wheel image with the same name, the SWF will take priority when showing on the wheel. SWF wheel items will load and be initially paused on the first frame while spinning the wheel. When you land on a menu item there will be a brief delay, then the SWF will begin playback. Further instructions and the demo swf are attached below. Demo 1942 SWF Wheel: HyperSpin 1.5.1 from EmuMovies on Vimeo. INSTRUCTIONS: If you already have an install of HyperSpin, all you need is the .exe files for HyperSpin, HyperTheme, and HyperHQ. Otherwise, unpack to the desired location as usual. Changelog: Animated Wheels Windows 10 (1803) Support From the whole team, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that reported the recent Windows 1803 issue and worked with us to debug the problem. SWF_Wheel_Support_Instructions_for_HS_1.5.1.pdf 1942.swf
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    Thanks, it's appreciated. I'm still actively contributing to RL and helping troubleshooting on their forum. I'm also still working on databases (I never really stopped, just stopped sharing them here for multiple reasons) although most of my free time lately has gone to researching missing games, finding, and dumping them for Redump. As I'm sure most people here are aware, I stopped contributing anything here years ago and just log in every once in a while to see if there's any quality art that pops up or any interesting posts (unfortunately neither of which are very common anymore IMO). Looks like dev/admin activity and communication are still non-existent too which is sad, but not a shock to anyone who has been around here for any period of time.
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    As you probably know there is a RetroArch core to play Daphne games BUT currently it's broken! I wish the developer luck getting the official core stable. Thanks to @Reznnate. We now have access again to the working test core (HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY). We can install this .so file through a new feature in RA, an install core option under "load cores" has been added. I've put together a video to help you peeps understand the Daphne game files and the settings required to get the games playing through RA and Hyperspin. I hope it's of help to some of you....
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    Moved around a load of uploads today. @Rockt Red and @Publio thanks for the uploads but please add the aspect ratio (16:9) or (4:3) to your titles and upload them to a subsection.
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    Good to see someone here from the Chicagoland area.
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    Hate to say I told you so Awesome news, glad to see it resolved and you're more than happy! That's quite a cool looking Cocktail cab. Not sure I like the graphics on top BUT I do like the "Harlequin" colours added by the buttons Next investment should be a half height Nvidia GPU (750 or 1050Ti), then you can do Taito Type X etc and have some even better looking Arcade games on there, not just the Mame stuff!
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    Just wanted to finish this one out. I've got a Compaq 8200 SFF and just replaced the HDD boot drive with an SDD and wow that definitely fixed it. Windows starts and I can be playing a game within 14 seconds of pressing the computer power button. Sorry I blamed rocketlauncher and MAME! It's a great day!
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    Well I got good news!! Got it working however not in HyperSpin. It works perfectly in Launchbox and BigBox!! ... Sorry HyperSpinner's Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry I've been away. Was hit hard by the pinball bug. I've reposted the alpha daphne core here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1frcFNWPinSkfyafsBXsnfHd46_kS1yIY The threading behavior is not acceptable for a proper core, but it works okay for now.
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    I fell in love with the Amiga again last night! https://youtu.be/1axRwAJz1LU My setup - shown in above video: Nvidia Shield TV > HyperSpin > Retroarch64> P-UAE core I am using tweaked HDF files, a WHDload file, and three amiga kickstart roms (no seperate game config files are needed now, you just need the HDF file), I am so happy at how well this runs, pump it up to the higher resolution via the Retroarch core options and I am in Amiga heaven, just a shame about the CD32 music still trying to get this working.. If you want to do similar; I used Squizzys script from this thread on my hdf files: script thread then put the three kickstart roms (500/600/1200) into the retroarch system directory (most likely works on retroarch32 as well) and same with the whdload file - done!
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    Remember when Hyperlaunch was just one big ahk file? 😂
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    It really is great to see so many old faces popping up here. Long live the Hyperspin 2.0 threads. 😛
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    Perfectly said. The passion shown by people here (even I made 2 HTPC theme sets years ago to give back) has really been this front ends life support for years. If the content creators didn’t continue to make wheels, box art, themes etc. HS would of died years ago. When you have a community like this, I feel it’s been a slap in the face to basically dangle the carrot in front of everyone’s mouth for years. Then on top of it you have people that actually know what’s going on but the dev team makes them take an oath of silence like they’re working on the fountain of youth. Its time to Sh*t or Get off the Pot.
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    *Sigh* ....ok. I don't try to participate in HD dev threads, but being that I've realized today it's been 10 years waiting on any news regarding 2.0; we're talking a decade here people I have to vent. The fact that we are so far from the last major release of HS and nobody is still allowed to give any information on 2.0 is just ludicrous. I asked for a lousy font used on HS special artwork that I waited on 3 weeks to get an answer on and never did to make custom special artwork. There is no reason to be like this to people that support you. Again 10 years this has been going on. I'm asking to just be a little more courteous to the end user, that's all. Seeing how Jason is with his user base, it can definitely be done, but HS devs choose not to go this route. I don't know exactly what they have against their user base to be this way, but they should of really handled this differently over the years. end rant
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    I would rather it go off topic than monitoring another HS dev thread Nintendo all within their rights to do all those things and I get the zero tolerance thing but most of it seems over the top!
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    Most people who complain about Hyperspin, in fact have issues understanding rocket launcher. Not realising the two work in tandem! Yes "noobs" seem to think using launch box is easier but "power users" will integrate rocket launcher with it. I used to like Launch box. I enjoyed watching Jason's dev streams and the videos done by the "old crew" but it all went downhill fast. Even if I ignore the fact the software slowed to a crawl once I kitted it out with systems. I wasn't keen on the replacement YouTube personalities he chose to represent the software. Emailing us all saying LB is "under attack", asking us to report some guy was the final straw. I don't want to get dragged into that BS.
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    Enjoy what we have, and be pleasantly surprised when the next version arrives, y'know?
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    Oh yeah definitely, I noticed right away when I tried to install the modded apk over my latest version. I actually had to delete the latest version just to install the mod. I figured that's the way things had to be since he chose that version until he replied lol. This is good development right here as far as pushing Android Hyperspin forward a little.
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    It's great to see another "Amiga Amigo" on the forum enjoying these games! Your theme and media needs some TLC but that will come in time, getting the games working is always the first priority. I'll attach my default.zip file which you can put in your Amiga theme folder, it'll fix your odd looking Amiga banner on the game selection wheel. I busted my leg badly start of January which has slowed me down doing my Amiga project. Whilst laid up I've been playing the games that are missing video snaps, recording gameplay to fill in those blanks. Diskmach has been doing missing wheel art, i'll run these through auto kustom so they'll match the wheel art I already use. I've already played around with this P-UAE core I'll chip in with what I've found... 1) You don't need to run that script. All it does is extract the HDF files, rename their slave files then repack them as HDF again. There's already a HDF romset for Retroarch "archived on the internet" if people search. 2) Strictly speaking you do still need uae files. The core can create a temp. generic one. It's default A600 preset works quite well for most games but some games will want to run as an A1200 (CD32 HDF files for example, as the CD32 was based on the A1200). You can switch between A500, A600, A1200 in the quick menu and reset but really each game should have it's own uae file to state what configuration to use ideally. 3) The WHDLoad.hdf file by Lindqvist needs the kickstarts injected into it with ADF OPUS. He explains how to do this in his tutorial (https://lindqvist.synology.me/wordpress/?page_id=182). I had issues loading games which boiled down to one of the kickstart files I was using. Had to find an alternate one for the A600, odd as the one I was using worked fine in UAE4ARM. The kickstarts and the WHDLoad.hdf live in the designated RetroArch system folder too as you rightly say. 4) You won't get the music (or FMV) for CD32 games. The HDF files don't have the CD audio in them, honestly there's not much point using them over an Amiga AGA version of the game. This is why I use UAE4ARM as it can play the CD32 CD rips, so we do get the FMV and CD audio. 5) I didn't get this working on the 32bit version of RetroArch, only the 64 bit version. I see you supplied a tutorial to modify Hyperspin to use Retroarch64. Would be nice if you provided an apk for others to download who aren't as tech savvy as some of us For me UAE4ARM is still the better emulator to use on Android. I hope Lubomyr can resolve the issues on Android TV devices, so we can use the latest version of the emulator. I think the Amiberry devs got their funding for the software to do the Android port but I imagine it will be quite sometime before we see it released. Unfortunately uae files are NOT universal between emulators. I already have files for UAE4ARM, I have no real enthusiasm to redo them for RetroArch or Amiberry. All the best with your Amiga project Yarrick Default.zip
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    Been working on a lot of new captures for the nes/famicom to fill missing games, improve quality as well as get frame rates correct. In this batch we have 213 new videos. Big thanks to @Audi85 for the captures he submitted on these. There are still plenty more on the list of redo's and fills so hopefully we will get another update out soon. In the meantime you can grab the new videos in all the normal places and after the preview I will add the details. High Quality Sample Nintendo Entertainment System-USA,World (Video Snaps)(EM 2.3)(No-Intro) Added / Replaced 63 Videos @Audi85, @Circo Nintendo Famicom-Europe (Video Snaps)(EM 2.3)(No-Intro) Replaced 98 Videos @Audi85, @Circo Nintendo Famicom-Japan (Video Snaps)(EM 2.3)(No-Intro) Added / Replaced 20 Videos @Circo Nintendo Famicom-Other (Video Snaps)(EM 2.3)(No-Intro) Replaced 32 Videos @Audi85, @Circo Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies FIles Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) Follow EmuMovies on Facebook Join EmuMovies on Discord View the full article
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    HS joystick/pad support is dodgy. It was made to work with joy2key etc where keypresses are bound to controllers, direct pad support that is fairly standard now has these issues. I found using the joystick support in the hyperspin start up script application works best, you can find it in the download section and check out ninja2bceens tutorial for setting it up.
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    Sure I would be happy to do a tutorial My only concern is that perhaps the original creator of the APK would not want this, however all I did was change one line in the code so perhaps they would be willing to update the APK themselves? Unfortunately my programming skills are lacking so I could not figure out how to do a split between retroarch emulators but I am wondering what emulators you want to run on RetroArch32 as I find all of mine work right now on RetroArch64?
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    Thanks to the person that suggested recompiling the .APK, I did so last month and changed it to allow RetroArch64 to run. I have a large amount of emulators and I now use the 64 bit cores for all of them without an issue, I have no need for the 32bit RetroArch anymore. Cheers
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    Just thought I'd post this here to give everyone a heads up. I just uploaded a MUCH improved version of the 3D Box Art set for NeoGeo AES which you can download here: I cleaned up a lot of the cover and spine art, and also improved the aspect ratio for better compatibility on more displays. It follows the Hyperspin NG-AES Database 1.0 XML file so more or less all of the US releases should be included.
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    Very slick. Also a fan of the indent, might steal that idea when I put mine together. As far as the control panel art I would suggest going something simple to complement the slick modern look. The tron look could work well with the gloss black if you got it right, especially with the light up buttons - it doesn't take a huge amount of artistic skill to put together it's mostly getting the geometry and colours right. Also it works well to tie in the retro to modern theme.
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    Finally figured it out and fixed it...smh....took everyone's suggestions and went thru everything 1by1 line by line....2 bad images was the cause of the crash..these 2 images I will post would not open in android causing it to immediately crash....thanks everyone for the inputs and advice
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    Hobby never ending!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well all updated and seems to be running like a champ. Thanks to everyone responsible for building this and to Ninja for giving me a bit of instruction
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    @justice999 I use CHD for Playstation, 3DO, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast. there are other systems out there that might support CHDs but I don't have them in my collection (PC Engine CD, Amiga CD32?, etc) so I can't really recommend them.
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    Hi Guys, I just updated to the latest Microsoft MS-DOS sets from eXoDOS. As such, I hacked together a new ZipMapping file for the 3.11 sets as well as an XML. The XML contains all the games, but no data (genre, year etc). Has anyone put together a more complete database, based on this newer set or does anyone have any ideas of how to go about exporting the data from the eXoDOS sets into an XML? I'm contemplating hiring someone on Upwork to see if they can't script together something to accomplish it, but wanted to check in here, first... I've attached my XML and ini file for ZipMapping, for anyone that would like to use them Microsoft MS-DOS.xml Microsoft MS-DOS.ini
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    Your zip map has a few errors - corrected in version below... Microsoft MS-DOS.ini
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    Not 100% on all the games but usually just different dumps from different regions or versions. I use mame UI and look under the Info tab to see the write up. For Unibios iirc you have to change the mode/region per game in the unibios menu. Theres a button combo on startup A+B+C maybe. I have mine setup with mame to boot straight into AES mode with and aes.ini and have MVS setup with fba using unibios
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    Sorry for resurrecting an old topic but tutorials are throwing this error: [[Template tutorials/front/widgets/statsTutorials is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
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