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    Update #6 Almost 300 submissions processed in this update This has brought about plenty of new sections in the HyperMedia downloads. Jsinn is doing a top job getting these files sorted and tagged. Theres still a few files waiting a home from the last few updates, but this pack certainly found a home If you spot any jumbled up sections in HyperMedia hit me up, the website has a mind of its own sometimes.
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    Version 1.0.0


    PDF instructions for creating animated wheel art for use with Hyperspin 1.5.1. Created by Badboybill
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    Hi Hyperspinners, Its been far too long since we had an active Content Authority (Media Approver) please take a minute to smash the mushroom button on any of @JSinn 's posts. He has been busy in our Uploads section this week picking through the chaos. There have been some recent changes to Uploading as we will be slimming down the categories over time, it's a work in progress so any comments or issues please post HERE Now for the updates... Update #1 Letter Packs approved and moved to HyperMedia (sorry if we miss anyone we are doing our best to keep track) Update #2 Main Menu Wheels Update #3 Sound Packs And Jsinn even added a little Sounds icon to improve the screenshots! (See bottom of post) Update #4 Cart/Disc/Hucard/UMD/Cassette/Floppy Disk Packs Update #5 Box/Case/Flyer Packs Update #6 Databases/Bezels/Fades/Random Media/Templates/Frontend Media Update #7 Wheels 91 Wheel and Misc Files Game and Main Menu Wheels - Microsoft MS-DOS - [Hi Quality] - relic Game Wheel - Chicken Draw! (chkndraw) - MAME - [Lo Quality] - Publio Game Wheels + Template - Cell Phone - Android - [HQ Mid Res] - mpillings Game Wheels - Aamber Pegasus - [Hi Quality] - Complete - haimbilia Game Wheels - Additions Vol.1 - MAME - [Hi Quality] - harleyguy Game Wheels - Amstrad CPC - [Lo Quality] - relic Game Wheels - Android - [Mid Quality] - kllngtme Game Wheels - Apple II - [Mid Quality] - brizalti Game Wheels - ArcadePC - [Hi Quality] - Complete - Styphelus Game Wheels - Atari 7800 - [Hi Quality] - Complete - Styphelus Game Wheels - Atari Lynx - [Mid Quality] - Complete - Flubbacrud Game Wheels - Blue Bordered - Sony PSP - Fzyfam Game Wheels - Blue Text - Luxor ABC 80 - relic Game Wheels - Casio PV-2000 - Anpanman Game Wheels - Cell Phone Framed - Android - [Mid Quality] - aloner187 Game Wheels - Chrome Border - Fujitsu FM Towns - [Lo Quality] - relic Game Wheels - ColecoVision - [Hi Quality] - Complete - iNTiGOD Game Wheels - Commodore 64 - [Hi Quality] - dougan78 Game Wheels - Commodore 64 Games System - [Mid Quality] - Prial Game Wheels - Commodore MAX Machine - [Mid Quality] - Complete - danielbicio Game Wheels - Custom Bordered - Bandai Sufami Turbo - [Hi Quality] - Complete - ninja2bceen Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Future Pinball - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Hikaru (5) - Gaelco (2) - Cave (17) - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Konami Classic (250 Wheels) - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - [Mid Quality] - relic Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Microsoft MS-DOS - [Lo Res] - relic Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Nintendo DS - [Mid Quality] - steelseth Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Nintendo Famicom Disk System - [Lo Quality] - darkstar1 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - PopCap - [Hi Quality] - skeo Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Sammy Atomiswave - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - ScummVM - [Hi Quality] - danielbicio Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Sega Naomi - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Sony PlayStation Minis - [Hi Quality] - dougan78 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Sony PSP - [Hi Quality] - predator2029 Game Wheels - Custom Framed - Touhou Project - [Hi Quality] - danielbicio Game Wheels - Custom Metallic - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - [Complete] - ruckage Game Wheels - Custom Text - Apple IIGS - [Complete] - Tribe Fan Game Wheels - DICE - [Hi Quality] - Complete - dougan78 Game Wheels - Docklet Style - Pinball Arcade - [HQ Hi Res] - andyco40 Game Wheels - Docklet Style - Pinball FX2 - [HQ Hi Res] - andyco40 Game Wheels - Electronic Handheld Games - [Lo Quality] - cybernoid Game Wheels - Floppy Disk - Apple II - [Lo Quality] - Ernisius Game Wheels - Framed Rainbow Text - Nintendo Game Boy Color - relic Game Wheels - GamePark 32 - [Mid Quality] - Complete - ninja2bceen Game Wheels - Gray - EvilDindon's Default MAME Theme w/Mamu's Icons - zorg2000k Game Wheels - Hyperspin' s Ultimate DooM Single player Collection - [Hi Quality] - KlopjerO Game Wheels - Microsoft MSX2 - [Mid Quality] - Complete - danielbicio Game Wheels - Microsoft MSX2 - [Mid Quality] - danielbicio Game Wheels - NEC PC Engine - [Lo Quality] - Rick74 Game Wheels - NEC PC Engine - [Lo Quality] - rikoos Game Wheels - NEC SuperGrafx - [Hi Quality] - Complete - danielbicio Game Wheels - NEC Turbografx-16 - [Mid Quality] - Styphelus Game Wheels - Neo Geo Pack for HyperSpin Redesign - scoob95 Game Wheels - NES Classic - [Lo Quality] - lwr0722003 Game Wheels - Nintendo 64DD - [Hi Quality] - Complete - jd83jd83 Game Wheels - Nintendo Classics - [Hi Quality] - iNTiGOD Game Wheels - Nintendo Super Game Boy - [Lo Quality] - Complete - ninja2bceen Game Wheels - Orange Bordered - Magnavox Odyssey - [Lo Quality] - relic Game Wheels - PC Games - [Mid Quality] - Womble Game Wheels - PC-Games - Some are in German - [Mid Quality] - Womble Game Wheels - Pinball Arcade - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Pinball FX2 - [Hi Quality] - FRANKY2056 Game Wheels - Red - EvilDindon's Default MAME Theme w/Mamu's Icons - zorg2000k Game Wheels - ScummVM - [Mid Quality] - danielbicio Game Wheels - Sega Classics - [Hi Quality] - iNTiGOD Game Wheels - Sega Mark III - [Mid Quality] - relic Game Wheels - Sega Saturn (Japan) - [HQ Hi Res] - Complete - Black Hazor Game Wheels - Sega SG-1000 - [Hi Quality] - Complete - JayC Game Wheels - Sharp X68000 - [Lo Quality] - relic Game Wheels - Sinclair ZX Spectrum - [Mid Quality] - dougan78 Game Wheels - Sinclair ZX Spectrum - [Mid Quality] - relic Game Wheels - SNK Neo Geo CD - [Mid Quality] - Blitzkrieg Game Wheels - Sony PSP - [Mid Quality] - danielbicio Game Wheels - Super Mario Collection - [Mid Quality] - Dubbloseven Game Wheels - Text White Border - Nintendo Game & Watch - cybernoid Game Wheels - Top 100 Games XML - Nintendo DS - [Lo Quality] - vaderag Game Wheels - Touhou Project - [Mid Quality] - Complete - danielbicio Game Wheels - VM Labs NUON - [Lo Quality] - jd83jd83 Game Wheels - White Framed - ScummVM (set 1) - THK (PDAisAok additions) Game Wheels - WoW Action Max - [Hi Quality] - Complete - kylecp1979 Genre Wheel - Lightgun - TITCHGAMER Genre Wheel - Trackball Games - TITCHGAMER Genre Wheels - Custom - Nintendo 64 - [Hi Quality] - ScoobaSteveo Genre Wheels - Custom - PcTeknic Genre Wheels - Custom - Sega Genesis - [Hi Quality] - ScoobaSteveo Genre Wheels - Custom Oval Framed - relic Letter Pack - Hyperspin's Ultimate DooM Single player Collection - KlopjerO Main Menu and Game Wheels - Hyper Neo Geo 64 - [Hi Quality] - malfacine Main Menu and Genre Wheels - Fighting Games - MAME - Dubbloseven Main Menu Wheels - Chicuelo's Wheel Design for HyperSpin Redesign - deejus679 Nintendo Power Covers - [Mid Quality] - Complete - style214
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    hello! here's my Street fighter Arcade 1up cab modded with Raspberry 3b+ using retropie + attract mode + hyperspin and LCD monitor with marquee i install only arcade games for this build i follow the ETA prime video for Arcade 1up mod here's the boot up video Boot up i made some new hyperspin theme for this build hyperspin theme for the lcd marquee i follow this guide lcd marquee here's a few image (when you launch the game the marquee change) bye bye!
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    I would update MAME, there have been some huge improvements since 0.145. However (!) I would follow his wigglyness' advice and upgrade HS + RL first, point them to your existing MAME install and get that working first. The new version of MAME + ROMs will just be a drop in after that point.
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    Version V1.0


    EvilDindon's default MAME theme w/mamu's icons #A - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme B - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme C - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme D - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme E - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme F - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme G - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme H - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme I - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme J - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme K - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme L - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme W - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme X - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme Y - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme Z - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme
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    Version 1.0.0


    Metal Warriors (U) Theme game HyperSpin
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    Version 1.0.0


    I have been doing my own bezels to fill the black borders. All are in 1920 x 1080 and simply go into the artwork folder. I have used artwork / flyers from all over and have tried to use original artwork and graphics from the themes in doing these bezels. These are my own mock up and cam be used if you want and / or edited if needed. Some of the flyers had to be resized and look slightly stretched but they still look OK. Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi all here is the newest update MAME .219 No Nag. As always enjoy. Thanks
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    Hey even I am there, what a surprise. : D Great job man.
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    Recently added "Commodore Amiga" to systems and let HyperSync do it's thing, it defaults 'AAE' as it's main screen theme. Just thought you should know. Probably have it in the HyperSync server wrong? I haven't seen 'yet' anything out of the ordinary with the vanilla systems included with HS. I'll post if I do.
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    Version 1


    A wheel art for Trackball Genre.
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    Version 1.0.4


    Wallpaper for games console
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    main menu exit template
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    Yes XML is the database. Well I wouldn't worry about the audit (RL is probably just scanning the "rom" folder and not all the individual game folders that the chd's are in) as long as the games run! You can highlight one and hit the little rocket icon and see if it loads. Sent from my SM-A705W using Tapatalk
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    This just made my day!! Just a quick question, a few bezels throughout the bezel project are not named the same as the hyperspin xml. Example this GameCube set, Luigis Mansion won’t show because the name is different. I also noticed Atari 2600 PAC-Man is slightly different. Have you noticed this as well and is there a program that could rename just folders?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, here a 291 pc engine 3D boxes pack with accurate japan official spines. (american turbografx titles are made in japanese version) I have made lots a research to make the spines the most accurate possible. thanks to Suprakarma for his dreamcast 3d box template (I made some tweaks on it to match the pc engine style) to publish it soon.) I add a set for 4/3 users and 16/9 users and join the set in original size. I join the 2d artwork cover as a request made. (it missing several 2d cover (10) because can't find them in good quality and use other sources to finish the set with the 10 missings.) I add my own XML database for pc engine You may rename some to match your own database. (I'm french and rename marchen maze translated "FR") hope you like. cheers
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recently, I finally got around to making proper XML's for 3 player and 4 player games, so that, when I have that many players, we don't have to sift through all the games or even the hundreds of favorites to find a good game. Have a look at the lists and let me know if you think I should add or remove any games. I run Hyperspin booting into a favorites list that is a combination of most of the "All Killer No Filler" lists that are pinned in the thread at the top of the Main BYOAC forum, as well as other choice games that weren't part of the lists. So almost all of these 3 and 4 player games are drawn from the "killer" lists. Thanks, BadMouth from the BYOAC forums, for making those lists! Remember that many Arcade games have to be set up properly to be in 3 or 4 player mode. This can be done either by using the appropriate Rom or by entering the service mode (Mame default is F2 or sometimes via dip switch, accesible via the TAB menu) and changing the number of players. You might also have to set up the coin slots, or make it so that all players can insert coins, if there are only 2 coin slots for all players. These are all games that can be played with a digital joystick and normal arcade buttons. 3 Player Games - 25 Games Alien Storm – The US version allows for 3 players, gets a little samey, but has good graphics. Aliens VS. Predator – Pure Capcom gold with an exceptionally deep fighting system for a brawler Armored Warriors – Another Capcom gem with gorgeous Mech graphics. B.Rap Boys – Absurd game from the mid-90’s, so goofy that it’s fun. Battletoads – Rare made this 3 player “Battletoads” without all that pesky console censorship, think constant cartoonish fatalities. Brute Force – So bad it’s good brawler from Leland in 1991. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – Absolute classic from Capcom, must play Combattribes – I remember this one in the arcade, pseudo-super deformed “Double Dragon” art style and over the top beat ‘em up action. Dark Adventure – Gauntlet clone, but with bizarre monsters and story. This one is also known as “Devil World,” but I couldn’t get that version to work for 3 players. Double Dragon 3 – So bad it’s good? Maybe. Gain Ground – Most ports were 2 player, but this is a surprisingly addictive slow-paced game for 3 players. King of Dragons – Another great Capcom brawler. Knights of the Round – Capcom just killing it with another awesome 3 player brawler. Mercs – Multiplayer “Commando” with a life bar and some sweet graphics. MJ’s Moonwalker – Kinda fun for a few minutes if you can still stomach the subject matter. Night Slashers – Fun “Final Fight” knockoff with “Splatterhouse” style gore. Being able to play with 3 players makes up for the graphics not being up to Final Fight standards. Nitro Ball – Spiritual successor to “Smash TV,” nowhere near as good, but is fun, nonetheless. Pig Out – Haven’t really played this one, but the graphics are okay. Pit Fighter – Precursor to “Mortal Kombat,” Pit Fighter has really funky gameplay and controls, but could be a hilarious drinking game. Rampage – It’s great, but gameplay gets stale quickly. Rampage World Tour – Expanded “Rampage” gameplay with less attractive graphics, gets stale nearly as quickly. Real Ghostbusters – This one’s a real stinker, unfortunately. The game should have been 4 players and better. Turbo Force – 3 player space shooters or shmups are rare, so it’s cool to see one. Warriors of Fate – Capcom does Fuedal combat. It’s up to Capcom’s par, meaning really good. Xenophobe – Presentation is top-notch, love this era of Atari cartoonish arcade graphics. Use of split-screen is excellent. Gameplay and controls are not fantastic, however. 4 Player Games - 65 Games ’88 Games – Sequel to the original “Track and Field,” This isn’t a four player simultaneous play game, but I’m including it in the list of four player games because I’ve had tons of fun with Track and Field style games with four players. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge – Ice Hockey version of “NBA Jam,” I haven’t had a chance to play this one with multiple players. Arabian Fight – Huge sprites and impressive graphical effects help to make up for uninspired gameplay. Arabian Magic – Another okay game that barely passes muster. Battle Circuit – Pure Capcom absurdity, play this one to see how crazy things get. Blazing Tornado – Pretty generic wrestling game from the mid-90’s that is a throwback to mid-80’s wrestling. Bomberman World – Battle mode is bare bones compared to anything on 16-bit console hardware or later, but the real gem here is 4 player co-operative “normal” mode. This is the only version of Bomberman that I’ve ever seen that has 4 player co-op and it seems to be pretty fun in my limited experience. Bucky O’Hare – This is a decent Konami game, “TMNT” with guns. Captain America and the Avengers – Gameplay is nothing special, but the graphics and style of the game, such as the “TWAK! VABOOM!” Adam West Batman style graphics are charming. Captain Commando – Not as weird as “Battle Circuit,” but you can play as a Baby controlling a mech or a Mummified version of the knife dudes from “Final Fight” and enemies crouch and smoke while they wait for you to attack. Crime Fighters - Mediocre brawler from Konami Dungeons and Dragons Shadow over Mystara – Both Capcom D&D games are groundbreaking classics. They are probably the reason why many control panels have 4 action buttons for players 3 and 4. Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom – See above. Escape Kids – Track and Field style weirdness, I haven’t played enough to form an opinion, but it looks okay. Euro Champ ’92 – Euro-specific version of “Football Champ,” seems like the dat files are saying that this one is different, though, so I’ve included both. Exvania – Bomberman in a dungeon. This might be better in battle mode than “Bomberman World” arcade. Football Champ – Soccer game with decent graphics and gameplay. G.I. Joe – Graphics and style are cool, you can blow up almost everything in this game and fight over who gets to be Snake Eyes. Gauntlet – I remember the feeling of seeing this beast of a cabinet when it first hit the arcade. It had glorious graphics, amazing sound, an almost unreal number of enemies and, most impressive of all, hilarious, good quality, voice samples. Not having to spend actual money to play kind of saps the intensity out of the gameplay, though. Gauntlet II – The sequel expanded and improved on the formula in many ways, but the central pay-for-health gameplay issues persist. Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder – I haven't played much, but graphics and gameplay somehow aren’t as excellent as the original Golden Axe. Growl – Unlicensed Indiana Jones, this one has a bit of its own style, though, and isn’t bad. High Impact – Decent football game with Midway humor and early digitized graphics. Hit the Ice – Haven’t played this, but the graphics look decent. Hook – This is a decent brawler. I like games where you can thrash the enemies on the ground after you’ve knocked them down. Hyper Sports – More “Track and Field,” so it can’t be bad. Karate Blazers – Really fun ridiculous brawler. Knights of Valour Plus (Bootleg) - The original Knights of Valour (kov.zip) is in English and set for 4 players, but it runs the 2 player version only, at least in my MAME .201 ...As for the bootleg, it's the same as the original with, as far as I could tell, additional new selectable characters. Knights of Valour is worth your time. It has graphics and gameplay similar to Capcom's D&D series, plus attacking enemies on the ground, a ton of special moves when you press certain buttons together and move the joystick in a certain way (not sure if it has Street fighter style moves or not, still discovering stuff), as well as a leveling system and multiple paths to take based upon how you interact with the environment. It's amazing! If someone would translate this game to English, then it would be perfect. Knights of Valour Super Heroes - This seems to be nearly identical to the former game with different characters, again Chinese only, at least with all the roms that I tried. Knights of Valour 2 - The sequel is more of the same eye-popping awesomeness, also with the regional flaw (i.e. not a flaw if you understand Chinese) of only being available in Chinese. Knuckleheads – This was an attempt to do “Street Fighter” with 4 players. It’s okay. Mach Breakers Numan Athletics 2 – Souped-up “Track and field,” you can actually play 4 players simultaneously, which is cool. Main Event, The – They “borrowed” the likenesses of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant for the cab art, but otherwise this is a generic wrestler. Metamorphic Force – Okay brawler with a werewolf-style aesthetic and gameplay gimmick. Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle – Capcom wrestler from the best Capcom era. Mystic Warriors – Ninja version of “Sunset Riders,” doesn’t seem to be as full of personality, though. NBA Hangtime – Update of NBA Jam. NBA Jam – All-time classic, this has the best announcer. NBA Jam Tournament Edition – Cash grab, but still good. NBA Max Hangtime – Still fun after all these iterations. Ninja Baseball Bat Man – The king of zany 4 player brawlers with a cute cartoony aesthetic. Ninja Kids, The – Self-aware silliness that still makes me smile. Numan Athletics – This 90’s era “Track and Field” with bizarre Japanese superheroes is good button mashing fun for 4 players simultaneously. Oriental Legend – Graphics look decent, haven’t played yet. Oriental Legend Special – I don’t know what, if anything is different from the original. Punk Shot – 1990 basketball-based brawler from Konami predates “NBA Jam” and isn’t nearly as good, but is decently fun. Quartet – Surreal mid-80’s platform run and gun with jetpacks from Sega. Saturday Night Slam Masters – Wrestler, more Capcom excellence. Silent Dragon – Derivative button mashing brawler from Taito, but has laugh out loud voice samples and some hilarious special moves. Simpsons, The – One of the all-time classics, this one is funny and great, even if you haven’t seen the show, at least according to my kids and their friends. Snow Bros. 2 – It looks like a decent time, but I haven’t tried it. Spider-Man – Just a reskinned generic brawler, but it’s still Spider-Man, so it has to be on the list. Stone Ball – Weird prehistoric sports game that has fun graphics, but just okay gameplay. Sunset Riders – This game is hilarious, gorgeous, and a blast with 4 players, right up there with other Konami 4 player classics like Simpsons and Ninja Turtles. Super High Impact – This series seems like a precursor to “NFL Blitz” and it is fun, even if the animation lacks the polish of later digitized-graphics titles. Tank Force – Kind of like 4 player "Wizard of Wor" with fast tanks and okay graphics from Namco in 1991. Tecmo Bowl – Graphics are good, but I haven’t played this one much. It runs in dual-screen, so it looks best on a widescreen display or on two screens. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – One of the best 4 player titles ever, with excellent music, graphics, and gameplay. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Turtles in Time – This one added more combat tricks and graphical effects, but I still prefer the original. Both games are absolute classics, though. Thunder Zone – Also called Desert Assault in the US, this looks like “Merc” with 4 players and worse graphics. Tournament Cyberball – I remember playing this massive dual-screen cabinet a few times. It’s still fun emulated on a single widescreen, even if you can see your opponents’ screen when you’re not supposed to. Track and Field – Not simultaneous 4 player play, but an amazing party game for 4 players. There is nothing like crazily bashing the buttons for making good use of your arcade controls. Trog – Graphics are interesting, but gameplay looks pretty ho-hum. US Championship V’ball – Looks like a decent beach volleyball game. Vendetta – Sequel to “Crime Fighters,” it’s an okay brawler. Violent Storm – Massive sprites and over the top action makes this one a decent brawler. Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa – Not as good as “Sunset Riders” but still pretty enjoyable. WWF Wrestlefest – We had a lot of fun with this one back in the day. It had all the coolest wrestlers at the time, as well as their signature moves, but it’s a button masher at its core. X-Men – I have both the 4 player and the 6 player versions in my list. The 6 player one is cool because of the dual-screen presentation, with the wider screen allowing for more room to battle and overall fun, but any version of X-Men is great. The 3 player one has all the 3 and 4 player games and the 4 player one only has the 4 player games because, if you have 4 players, they can't all play the 3 player games.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Media Default de Pinball Arcade.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Wheel art available If you like my theme, hit the mushroom Available on HyperSync
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    Version 1.1


    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
  22. 1 point


    Take notice. This theme video file is only available on my youtube channel. This theme is an enhancement of the old. Longer video. 1980p and a new design.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Hi, I upload my neo geo carts in 3d new V.2: 140 files in 2 size with the template includes and artwork use in 2d (to adjust) You may have to rezize for 16/9 theme view (apply 75% on the width). you can use fotosizer, but I add a 16-9 pack ready in small format regards
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    Version 1.0.0


    Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) Sistema: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulador: Teknoparrot ) Tema do Jogo + 3x Wheels + Video do Jogo + Screenshot Nome do arquivo: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Créditos: Leonardombn e hamurades Agradecimentos: Ao amigo hamurades pela ajuda na criação do tema do jogo. *Game Wheel Circular Opcional - Créditos: POOTERMAN Canal do Youtube: PlayClassics BR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Grupo do Facebook: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/ Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) System: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulator: Teknoparrot ) Game Theme + 3x Wheels + Game Video + Screenshot File name: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Crédits: Leonardombn and hamurades Thanks: To friend hamurades for help in creating the game theme. *Game Wheel Circular Optional - Crédits: POOTERMAN Youtube Channel: PlayClassics BR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Facebook Group: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/
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    Version 1.0.0


    Nintendo Sufami Turbo Bordered Wheel
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here are is a complete set of 2D Box Art for the current Atari 7800 2.0 database. I included spine images for those that want to make their own 3D box art. I'll upload a 3D box set and carts as well. I included a template as well. Have fun.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A nice little shmup theme. The images were redrawn from the title screenshot since no artwork is available.
  28. 1 point

    Version 1.0.1


    This is the Special Artwork I use on my PC Hyperspin as I use my 8Bitdo Pro as the default controller for the menu and most of the titles. Properties/HQ Settings are in the screenshots. US Version for "Favorites" labeled (US). I have also added a separate version with just the buttons and no bar, which I have titled in the B Category so is compatible with Ninja2bceen's Special Art Variations. Settings should be the same (I think) just need to replace, SpecialB1 and B2. If you would like more buttons/controls added please let me know.
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    Version 1.0


    Set of Fairchild Channel F Carts made from real cartridge scan
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    NEC PC Engine Pointer(s)
  31. 1 point

    Version 20150930


    Another system, another updated database in need of wheels. More projects to come as these are completed. I'll attach the new xml for this one so check the bottom of this post, hope that's okay Brolly as help on this set is required I'm not sure if this new xml is considered final but I don't think there's anything left to add unless you go digging through homebrews. They can always be added in later. Original thread -> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/11355-sega-genesis-update-project-complete/page-1 Database (XML) -> http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/10832-sega-genesis-database-xml/
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    Letter pack of the SNK Neo Geo AES system using the same lettering style and colour as the official logo for the console.
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    I did not make these wheel sounds and cannot remember where I got them from so all credit to the original person/people who made these however I could not find them uploaded here anywhere so thought I would upload them here for anybody that may need them there are 50 sounds total included and are in mp3 format again all credit goes to who ever made these in the first place Enjoy.
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    n64 pointer
  35. 1 point


    gamecube pointer
  36. 1 point

    Version 20150510


    Bishi Bashi, The - (Arcade PC)
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    atari 2600 pointer
  38. 1 point


    atari jaguar pointer
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    Version 20131106


    Sega 32X - System Default Theme (16:9ST)
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    Dark41 is a master with swf, a true master I have a main menu special artwork that just says main menu and hyperspin but Dark has added a real date and time in the top right corner. Just brilliant. Enjoy use the same settings as my other template file with special art to make it the same as the location in the screenshot
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    Version 20091221


    Osman (World) - osman (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  42. 1 point

    Version 20080831


    Xevious (Namco) - xevious (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  43. 1 point

    Version 20160706


    Logo artwork provided by THK.
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    I use Demul for those systems. I've never tried NullDC (and I don't know which is better). I set mine up just following a vid from either Gigapig or Simply Austin along with the topics on here. The newest version is 0.7a I believe and PDome has a matching download for it. The module was just updated on the 22nd. And if you didn't see I just played VTennis to test it for you and it works.
  45. 1 point


    Super gamboy pointer
  46. 1 point

    Version 20110210


    I have a PAL "Genesis" from England, the "MEGA DRIVE" so i made a theme for it
  47. 1 point

    Version 20131002


    Arcana Heart 2 - (Examu eX-BOARD)
  48. 1 point

    Version 20110707


    Run and Gun (ver EAA 1993 10.8) - rungun (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  49. 1 point

    Version 20090310


    Guerrilla War (US) - gwar (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  50. 1 point

    Version 20101227


    Alcon (US) - alcon (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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