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    Version 1.5


    --[ Purpose ]------------------------------------------------- Controls the order the controllers appear in the "Game Controllers" list in Windows. --[ Reason ]-------------------------------------------------- The order they appear in are used in some emulators and games to define the order they should be used. For example, the top one in the list is Joy1. Second one Joy2 etc. Problem here is threefold. 1: The list is not always the same after a restart so you have to remap all your controllers in the emulators that use this setup. 2: If you plug in another controller, it will (most of the time) not go to the end of the list but in the middle somewhere, messing up the order of the other controllers. 3: Even if everything is as you think it should be, your first joystick might be called Joy3 in the games/emulators and it just looks ugly =) --[ Usage ]--------------------------------------------------- Connect all the controllers that you want to have a permanent location in the list. Run "Tur-Game_Controller_Order.exe" as administrator and it will list all the controllers and ask you, one by one which location it should have in the list (basically, where you want it to appear. 1 = top) That will create a Settings.ini file. If that file exists the next time you run it, it will simply go through the controllers and reorder them, silently. Remove or rename Settings.ini to get it to run again. You can also create more then one Settings.ini file if you have different setups. Simply specify which .ini file it should work with when running it, for example "Tur-Game_Controller_Order.exe Settings2.ini" By default, when you run it with a Settings.ini present, it will just run once and exit, but you can have it running all the time, checking the order every few seconds or so. This is good if you have some controllers plugged in some of the time but want to be able to plug in others without them appearing in the middle of the list. Edit Settings.ini and change DaemonMode=False to True. DaemonModeDelay= is how many seconds to wait between each check. 5-10 seconds is a good value IMO. --[ Notes for BlissBox users ]-------------------------------- If you own a BlissBox you must update the firmware first so the ports get unique HIDs and names. See here: http://atarigalore.wix.com/4play They should appear as 4-Play_port1 to port4 (at least at the time of writing. As long as they are unique its OK.) --[ Limitations ]--------------------------------------------- One big limitation is this. Say you have 3 controllers connected that are Joy1, Joy2 and Joy3 in the emulators/games. If you unplug the first controller in the list (Joy1), the others will shift up and Joy2 will become Joy1 etc. There is no way around that at the moment, except for creating a dummy Joy1 controller to put at the top of the list. I have yet to figure that one out easely. Always keep your permanetly connected controllers at the top of the list to overcome this. --[ Other hints ]--------------------------------------------- You must set UAC to "Never Notify" if you want this program to run on startup automatically as its running as a local administrator. You also can not just make a shortcut to your Startup folder for it as windows will not allow it. In the "Extras" folder you'll find a small VBS script that just runs it from the same location as the exe, so copy the VBS to where you have Tur-Game_Controller_Order.exe and make a shortcut to the VBS file to your Startup folder in Windows. Any controllers connected that are NOT in the Settings.ini file when you run it will automatically go to the end of the list. I include a program called "List_Controllers.exe" as well. This only lists all the connected controllers and the HID for it. You can use this if you want to add a controller to an already existing Settings.ini file. Just copy the HID shown into Settings.ini. When manually editing Settings.ini, make sure the ports start with Port1, Port2 and there are no gaps in the numbering.
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    Version 2016062017


    I've put together a 2D box set with Black Hazor. Set Credits: @JSinn: Template designer, Artwork cleaner @Black Hazor: Artwork collector @xALPHAxOMEGAx Artwork collector Featuring a fully redesigned template at 788x1127.
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Naomi - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20130315


    Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (Rev (GDS-0024B) - vf4evo (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20110626


    World Kicks - wldkicks (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20110626


    Wave Runner GP - wrungp (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    AutoKustom BETA-2 (used for creating "Kustom Framed Wheels"
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    Version 20110422


    Virtua Fighter 4 (GDS-0012) - vf4 (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20110311


    King of Route 66 Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20120501


    Photoshop layout by THK, animations by rondar Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20150525


    Marvel - Moon Knight (Pinball FX2)-roadrunner Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20150525


    Star Wars - Starfigher Assault (Pinball FX2)-roadrunner Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20150804


    Wild West Rampage Pinball Fx2 - Wild West Rampage-fire10(20150804) theme for Pinball Fx2, Enjoy
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    Version 20150804


    Kid Chameleon (Mega Tech) - mt_kcham-fire10(20150804) theme for Mame, enjoy!
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    Version 20120423


    20th - Neo Geo MVS - Main Menu (4:3)
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    Version 20150525


    Marvel - Iron Man (Pinball FX2)-roadrunner Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20110301


    Cannon Spike (USA) / Gun Spike (JPN) - cspike (NAOMI) Video Snap available from EmuMovies
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    Version 20150804


    MARVEL The Avengers Age Of Ultron for Pinball Fx2 You may need to rename to match your xml, enjoy!
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    Version 20110705


    King of Fighters XIII, The - (Taito Type X)
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    Version 20120212


    Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge - daytona2 (Model 3) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20100602


    Ranger Mission - rangrmsn (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20140917


    Big Run (11th Rallye version) - bigrun (MAME)
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    Version 20120220


    Harley-Davidson and L.A. Riders (Revision B ) - harley (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20090407


    Section Z (set 1) - sectionz (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20110414


    Sports Jam (GDS-0003) Video Snap available from EmuMovies