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    Update #6 Almost 300 submissions processed in this update This has brought about plenty of new sections in the HyperMedia downloads. Jsinn is doing a top job getting these files sorted and tagged. Theres still a few files waiting a home from the last few updates, but this pack certainly found a home If you spot any jumbled up sections in HyperMedia hit me up, the website has a mind of its own sometimes.
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    Version 1.0.0


    PDF instructions for creating animated wheel art for use with Hyperspin 1.5.1. Created by Badboybill
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    hello! here's my Street fighter Arcade 1up cab modded with Raspberry 3b+ using retropie + attract mode + hyperspin and LCD monitor with marquee i install only arcade games for this build i follow the ETA prime video for Arcade 1up mod here's the boot up video Boot up i made some new hyperspin theme for this build hyperspin theme for the lcd marquee i follow this guide lcd marquee here's a few image (when you launch the game the marquee change) bye bye!
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    I would update MAME, there have been some huge improvements since 0.145. However (!) I would follow his wigglyness' advice and upgrade HS + RL first, point them to your existing MAME install and get that working first. The new version of MAME + ROMs will just be a drop in after that point.
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    Version V1.0


    EvilDindon's default MAME theme w/mamu's icons #A - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme B - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme C - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme D - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme E - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme F - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme G - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme H - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme I - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme J - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme K - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme L - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme W - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme X - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme Y - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme Z - Wheel EvilDindon's default MAME theme
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    Version 1.0.0


    Metal Warriors (U) Theme game HyperSpin
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    Version 1.0.0


    I have been doing my own bezels to fill the black borders. All are in 1920 x 1080 and simply go into the artwork folder. I have used artwork / flyers from all over and have tried to use original artwork and graphics from the themes in doing these bezels. These are my own mock up and cam be used if you want and / or edited if needed. Some of the flyers had to be resized and look slightly stretched but they still look OK. Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi all here is the newest update MAME .219 No Nag. As always enjoy. Thanks
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    (To be updated with CHD support info) Hey guys, So I know a few months back we had a great discussion about various compression methods. I've made a lot of progress and changes on my personal build since then, and I now feel like it's a good time to revisit the subject; and hopefully provide some kind of solid template for the 'best' formats for myself as well as others. I'm trying to find formats that are natively supported by emulators. The standard zip formats are great (7z/Zip/Rar5, etc.), but they also require unzipping; which takes time and local hard drive space (Albeit, temporarily). This can be handled with various methods like scripts, but for the sake of simplicity, I want to focus on formats that load up natively in a given systems emulator. Here is a list of what we have discussed and compiled thus far: Playstation Compressed Format: PBP Original Format: BIN/CUE (single-track) Program: PSX2PSP (v1.3)/(v1.4.2) <<<Version needs clarification Supported by: RetroArch's PSX Mednafen Core, ePSXe, and PCSX-R Notes: PBP Playstation games are mostly playable on soft-modded PSP hardware. However, results vary based on the game. Important: In order to convert PSX games to the PBP format, your game disc must bin a single track bin/cue (only one.bin file). In order to convert a multi bin-track image to single-track, there are a couple methods available to you: Mount/Rip Usining a program like Daemon Tools, mount the disc's cue file. With the disc mounted, you can then use IMGburn to 'rip' the disc into a single bin/cue. You can also take this opportunity to re-name your BIN/CUE when you rip the disc and it will automatically make the change inside the CUE file. Batch Convert You can use Iggy's batch file: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=29733 This uses 7zip and ISObuster in order to function, so you will need those as well. You will need to compress the ISO into a 7z file before dragging it to the batch file for conversion. Once that's been done you must decompress it again. Then you can compress the BIN/Cue files to the PBP format. Playstation Portable Compressed Format: CSO Original Format: ISO Program: MaxCSO Supported by: PPSSPP & PPSSPP (RetroArch) Playstation 2 Compressed Format: GZ Original Format: ISO Program: 7zip Supported by: PCSX2 Compressed Format: CSO Original Format: ISO Program: MaxCSO Supported by: PCSX2 Notes: When opening a GZ file for the first time, PCSX2 will take up to a minute in order to create a gz.tmp file in the same directory. This is an index file that PCSX2 will read to access the GZ file. Everytime you open the game after that, it will open as normal. GZ and CSO both appear to have the same rate of compression. CSO will open just the same as a normal ISO. Gamecube Compressed Format: GCZ Original Format: ISO Program: Dolphin Supported by: Dolphin Wii Compressed Format: WBFS Original Format: ISO Program: Wii Backup Manager Supported by: Dolphin & Hardware (via USB Loader) Compressed Format: GCZ Original Format: ISO Program: Dolphin Supported by: Dolphin Compressed Format: CSO Original Format: ISO Program: MaxCSO Supported by: Dolphin (Requires Confirmation) Notes: WBFS files are supported by various USB loader programs on 'softmodded' Wii hardware. GCZ files are not playable on Wii hardware. When compressing DL-DVD games, GCZ is recommended over WBFS. Dreamcast Compressed Format: CHD Original Format: GDI Program: GDI to CHD Supported by: NullDC, Demul, & Reicast (RetroArch Core) Notes: GDI files are direct 1:1 copies of a GD-Rom game. (The format Sega used for Dreamcast games) CDI files are GDI files that have been converted to fit on a standard 700mb CD-R. If a game's size was larger than 700mb (up to 1.2Gb) then files such as audio or video are downsampled. (or ripped alltogether) Hardware will only play CDI files burned onto CD-Rs Emulators will play both GDI and CDI files CDI files are not compatible with CHD compression. GBA/NDS/3DS Compressed Format: Same as Original Original Format: GBA/NDS/3DS Program: NDSTokyoTrim Supported by: As it's the same extension, it's believed this is supported by all emulators. (Confirmed to be working on NDS flash carts) (As well as anything with "???" next to it) Here are the ones needed to fill the current holes listed above: Playstation - RetroArch's Mednafen PSX Core .PCE - Possible compression format? Wii - Dolphin Can Dolphin natively run CSO? Dreamcast - NullDC/Reicast CDI Games - Any compression possible? .ELF - Possible compression format? I'm looking to make this as comprehensive as possible, so please, any input you have I would love to hear. Is there another format you are aware of? Do you think any systems should be added? Just remember the idea is to focus on natively supported compression formats. Rather than using RocketLauncher/7zip to unzip everything. Let's see if we can make this thread worth a sticky
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    why don't you use Bulk to remove all the characters not found on the official names like the (i) after you do that use Dons. If the games still don't match Don's as the option to manually match a game to a name.
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    To help you diagnose this: - First download a fresh copy of 1.5.1 and assure that it fails as well. - Make sure any virus protection still has an exemption for hyperspin - Post your full windows version number run winver and it'll show you
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    Hi Hyperspinners, Its been far too long since we had an active Content Authority (Media Approver) please take a minute to smash the mushroom button on any of @JSinn 's posts. He has been busy in our Uploads section this week picking through the chaos. There have been some recent changes to Uploading as we will be slimming down the categories over time, it's a work in progress so any comments or issues please post HERE Now for the updates... Update #1 Letter Packs approved and moved to HyperMedia (sorry if we miss anyone we are doing our best to keep track) Update #2 Main Menu Wheels Update #3 Sound Packs And Jsinn even added a little Sounds icon to improve the screenshots! (See bottom of post) Update #4 Cart/Disc/Hucard/UMD/Cassette/Floppy Disk Packs Update #5 Box/Case/Flyer Packs Update #6 Databases/Bezels/Fades/Random Media/Templates/Frontend Media 158 Database files Acorn BBC Micro - HyperBase Database 2.1 (Official) - wahoobrian Amstrad CPC - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Android - Database (XML) - IceLancer APF MP-1000 - Database (XML) - zbboc Arcade Systems Pack - Genre Matched - Databases (XMLs) + Genre Media - Metalzoic Atari Lynx - Database (XML) - EyMannMachHin Atari ST - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Bandai Super Vision 8000 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Casio Loopy - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Casio Loopy - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Casio PV-2000 - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - Modified - Database (XML) - gooch Commodore 64 - Database 2.1(Official) - wahoobrian Commodore 64 - Database 2.2 (Official) - wahoobrian Commodore Amiga - Database (XML) - huntsman360 Commodore VIC-20 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Creatronic Mega Duck - Database (XML) - floatingvg Creatronic Mega Duck - Database (XML) - zbboc DEmul 0.7 - WIP - Database (XML) - r0man0 Electronic Handheld Games - Database (XML) - cybernoid Electronic Handheld Games - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Epoch Game Pocket Computer - Database (XML) - zbboc Fairchild Channel F - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Fruit Machine - 458 Machines - Database (XML) - AK45 Fujitsu FM-7 - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Future Pinball - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - malarrya Gaelco - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official Ongoing) - tonesmalone GamePark32 - Database (XML) - ninja2bceen HBMame 0.193 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 HBMame 180 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 HBMame 185 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 Hyperspin Ultimate DooM Single Player Collection - Database (XML) - KlopjerO Interton VC 4000 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Jupiter Ace - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian LeapFrog - Database (XML) - BlackPredator72 Locomalito - Database (XML) - shinobi68 MAME - 3 and 4 Player Games - Database (XML) - KenToad MAME - Exidy Classics - Database (XML) - malarrya MAME - Full Lists - Database (XML) - r0man0 MAME - Genre Database (XML) - Dilated18 MAME - Toaplan - Database (XML) - Daniel MAME - Trackball Games - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven MAME 0.185 - Custom - Database (XML) - flex221 MAME 0.185 - Custom - Database (XML) - nathan1974au MAME 0.195 - Arcade Classics - Database (XML) - Peliculon MAME 0.195 - Capcom Play System 1, 2 and 3 - Database (XML) - Peliculon MAME 1.59 - Database (XML) - watarel MAME 169 - Filtered - Database (XML) - mikeis300 MAME for Android 0.139 - All Working Games - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - Peliculon MAME for Android 0.195 - All Working Games - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - Peliculon MAME Plus! 0.159 - Database (XML) - Mykillvee Microsoft MSX - Database (XML) - darktigrous Microsoft MSX - Database (XML) - dontbugme Microsoft MSX - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Microsoft MSX2 - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Microsoft MSX2+ - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Microsoft Xbox - Database (XML) - Andyman Microsoft Xbox - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Microsoft Xbox 360 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Microsoft Xbox One - Database (XML) - IceLancer Milton Bradley Microvision - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Multi Systems - Fighting Games - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Multi Systems - Mega Man Collection - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Namco ES3 - Database (XML) - Bjalready NEC PC Engine - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC PC Engine-CD - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC PC-FX - Database (XML) - phantasy NEC TurboGrafx-CD - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC TurboGrafx-CD - Database (XML) - romeurosa NESiCAxLive - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Nintendo 3DS - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo 3DS - eShop - Database (XML) - AK45 Nintendo 64 - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo 64 - Database (XML) - EyMannMachHin Nintendo 64 - GoodN64 3.14 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Nintendo 64 - Japan - Database (XML) - jd83jd83 Nintendo DS - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo DS - Top 100 Games - Database (XML) - vaderag Nintendo DSi - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Entertainment System - Unreleased - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Famicom - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Famicom - Database (XML) - Ray572 Nintendo Game & Watch - Database (XML) - cybernoid Nintendo Game Boy - Database (XML) - BiZzAr721 Nintendo GameCube - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Power - Database (XML) - style214 Nintendo Sufami Turbo - Database (XML) - ninja2bceen Nintendo Super Famicom - Database (XML) - HADES81 Nintendo Super Famicom - Without Metadata - Database (XML) - HADES81 Nintendo Switch - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Nintendo Switch - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Wii - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Wii U - Database (XML) - IceLancer Panasonic 3DO - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 PC Games - Database (XML) - IceLancer PC Games - Need for Speed - Database (XML) - uplinkpro PC Games - Racing Games - Database (XML) - MACKANO32 Philips Videopac Plus G7400 - Database 1.2 (XML) - tonesmalone Pinball FX2 - Database (XML) - marxkemp Pinball FX2 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official Ongoing) - tonesmalone Pinball FX3 - Database (XML) - CroCop Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) + Wheels + Theme - shinobi68 Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) + Wheels - shinobi68 Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) - shinobi68 Sammy Atomiswave - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega 32X - GoodGen 3.00 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega CD - Japan And Unl Games Included - Database (XML) - ARGENTOMETAL Sega CD - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega Dreamcast - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Dreamcast - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega Game Gear - Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Game Gear - GoodGG 3.13 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Genesis - GoodGen 3.00 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Genesis - manufacturer=PUBLISHER - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Genesis - USA - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - Genres Fixed - Database (XML) - Rowr14 Sega Hikaru - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Lindbergh Blue - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Red - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Red EX - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Silver - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Mark III - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - relic Sega Master System - GoodSMS 3.13 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Mega Drive - Europe - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Mega Drive - Japan - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Mega Drive - Japan - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sega Mega-CD - Database (XML) - zbboc Sega Mega-Tech System - Database (XML) - fame-shadow Sega Model 1 - Database (XML) - mikehyrus Sega Model 2 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Model 3 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Naomi - Demul v0.7A - Database (XML) - itoh Sega Naomi - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega RingEdge 2 - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Saturn - manufacturer=PUBLISHER - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Saturn - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega SG-1000 - Database (XML) - phantasy Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Database (XML) - capiqua SNK Neo Geo CD - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Database (XML) - Jdubbs Sony PlayStation - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sony Playstation 3 - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Sony PlayStation 3 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sony PlayStation 4 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sony PlayStation Vita - Database (XML) - IceLancer Super Mario Wheel - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Genres Fixed - Database (XML) - Rowr14 Super Nintendo Entertainment System - PAL - Database (XML) - Aorin Tangerine Oric - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Terrordrome - Database (XML) - malarrya Texas Instruments TI 99-4A - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Thomson MO5 - Database (XML) - Tarnyko Tomy Tutor - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone VTech V.Smile - Database (XML) - BlackPredator72 Watara Supervision - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone 81 Bezel and Fade files Android - Bezel - Bjalready Atari 2600 - Fade - ghostlost Atari 2600 - GibbaWho's Unified Megatheme Extended - Black BG - Fade In/Out - hErTz Atari 2600 - GibbaWho's Unified Megatheme Extended - Wood BG - Fade In/Out - hErTz Beat 'Em Up Genre - Fade - ghostlost Beat 'Em Up Genre - Horizontal and Vertical - Bezel - ghostlost Bezel Sega SG-1000 - ghostlost Capcom Play System 3 - Fade - Bjalready Cave - Fade - Bjalready Cave- Bezel - SamVSsami Commodore CDTV - Bezel - SamVSsami Konami e-Amusement - Bezel - Bjalready Konami Handheld - Bezels - hoscarconh Locomalito - Fade - ghostlost Lutro Games - Bezels - hoscarconh MAME - Aqua Jet (Rev. AJ2 Ver.B) (16:9) - Skywatcher MAME - Arabian Magic - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - B.C. Story (set 1) - (bcstry)- Skywatcher MAME - Charlie Ninja - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - GangWars - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Heavy Smash - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - HyperDuel / Technosoft - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Karate Blazers / karatblz - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Karate Champ Tilt Realistic - Bezel - dejarik MAME - Ketsui : Kizuna Jigoku Tachi - Bezel (16:9) MAME - King of Fighters Collection - Bezels - Bjalready MAME - Knights of Valour 3 - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mega Pack - Bezels - HyperSpin MAME - Muchi Muchi Pork / mmpork - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama Futari Black Label - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama Futari V1.5 (16:9) - Bezel - wildpumpk1n MAME - Pulirula - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Q*Bert Tilt Realistic - Bezel - dejarik MAME - Undercover Cops / uccops - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MGT Sam Coupe - Bezel - ghostlost MGT Sam Coupe - Fade - ghostlost Multiple Frontends - Fades - Bjalready Multiple Systems - Bezel - RetroKenesis Multiple Systems - Fades - Bjalready Multiple Systems - Unified Theme - 3 Variations - Bezels - Kondorito Nintendo - NES, SNES, N64 - Bezels - ZESTD Nintendo 64 - Bezels - ZESTD Nintendo Classics - Fade - SupraKarma Nintendo Game & Watch - Bezel - Bjalready Nintendo Satellaview - Fade - Trymado Nintendo WiiWare - Bezel - SamVSsami O-UYA - Fade - ghostlost PC Games - Fade - Bjalready PC Games - Terrordrome - Bezel - shredder Pinball FX3 - Fade - ghostlost Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc - Bezel - ghostlost Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc - Fade - ghostlost Psikyo - Bezel - Bjalready Sega 32X - Bezels - Skywatcher Sega Dreamcast - Bezel - SamVSsami Sega Hikaru - Fade - Trymado Sega Model 1 - Bezel - BudChiefer Sega Naomi - Bezels - Bjalready Sega Naomi - Fades - Bjalready Sega Naomi - Vertical - RocketLauncher Bezel - SupraKarma Sega Nomad - Bezel - PacMan7 Sega Nomad - Fade - PacMan7 Sega Pico - Bezel - SupraKarma Sega Pico - Fade - Trymado Sega Saturn - Bezel - Bjalready Sega SG-1000 - Bezel - Guest Sega ST-V - Bezel - Guest Sega Triforce - Bezel - Bjalready Sharp X68000 - Bezel - SamVSsami SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Bezel - ZESTD Sony PlayStation - Bezel - Guest Sony PlayStation - Dark - Fade - Bjalready Sord M5 - Fade - ghostlost Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Classic Edition - Bezel - ghostlost Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Classic Edition - Fade - ghostlost Taito Type X - Fade - Trymado Teknoparrot - Fade - Trymado Touch Games - Fade - MACKANO32 VTech CreatiVision - Bezel - Bjalready ZiNc - Bezel - Bjalready 48 Miscellaneous type files Arcade Classics Windows 10 Desktop Theme - malarrya Controller Key Mapping Cards - shredder Daphne - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Configs - urbangangsta101 Demul v0.5.8 (Atomiswave & Naomi) - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Configs - urbangangsta101 Favorites Background - ninja2bceen - (Uploaded new screenshot) Frontend Menus - Mario & Sonic Designs - ARGENTOMETAL Frontend Menus - Scorpion MK Design - ARGENTOMETAL Game Over Screens - shredder - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Genre Backgrounds (4:3) - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - Rowr14 Genre Backgrounds (4:3) - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Rowr14 Genre Backgrounds and Wheels - MAME - Rowr14 Handhelds Main Menu Video - Cinematic - pademonium HS Android ScummVM Setup files - thatman84 Intro Video - Back to the Future HyperSpin - agiovanni123 Intro Video - Tron Mash-Up - cougar184 Loading Screen - Zelda Style - ligalegend Main Menu Exit Screen - Bjalready Main Menu Exit Screen - English - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Main Menu Exit Screen - English and French - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Main Menu Exit Screen - maxcade Main Menu Exit Screen - Metal Gear Solid (16:9) - Bungles Main Menu Exit Screen - ninja2bceen - (Uploaded new screenshot) Main Menu Exit Screen - Worms (16:9) - Bungles MAME - Marquee Artwork - jonnymodlin Override Transitions - MAME (4:3) - paco8998 Override Transitions Pack - lole Particle Effects - Bjalready PC Games Marquee Collection - mamouchka9 Placeholder Video Snaps - Bjalready Screenshot Video Placeholders - Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - Prial Screenshot Video Placeholders - GamePark32 - ninja2bceen Sega Megadrive/Genesis Marquee Collection - mamouchka9 Sega Model 2 Emulator - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Config - urbangangsta101 Special Art - 8Bitdo - Bungles Special Artwork - williecoiote Supermodel (Sega Model 3) Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Config File - urbangangsta101 Various Backgrounds and Icons Pack - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Various System Backgrounds (16:9) - catar1n0 (Combined all files into one ZIP download) Thank YOU to all contributors YOU HAVE BEEN...
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    Version 1.0.0


    attaching the marquees to be added. Games: 1942 Aliens Jr. Pac-Man Street Fighter Alpha Tech Romancer
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    Version 1.0.4


    Wallpaper for games console
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    main menu exit template
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    Update #5 Box packs have been sorted A whopping 121 packs have been reviewed, tagged and moved to HyperMedia. Enjoy
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    Thanks for all the hard work! That's a lot to sort through!
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    This just made my day!! Just a quick question, a few bezels throughout the bezel project are not named the same as the hyperspin xml. Example this GameCube set, Luigis Mansion won’t show because the name is different. I also noticed Atari 2600 PAC-Man is slightly different. Have you noticed this as well and is there a program that could rename just folders?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, here a 291 pc engine 3D boxes pack with accurate japan official spines. (american turbografx titles are made in japanese version) I have made lots a research to make the spines the most accurate possible. thanks to Suprakarma for his dreamcast 3d box template (I made some tweaks on it to match the pc engine style) to publish it soon.) I add a set for 4/3 users and 16/9 users and join the set in original size. I join the 2d artwork cover as a request made. (it missing several 2d cover (10) because can't find them in good quality and use other sources to finish the set with the 10 missings.) I add my own XML database for pc engine You may rename some to match your own database. (I'm french and rename marchen maze translated "FR") hope you like. cheers
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    Version 1.0.0


    this is a conclusion of bezels from @krakermans psd file just extract in the folder of the rocketlauncher/media/bezel i hope you enjoy
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    Salut à tous, Shinobi68 a eu la gentillesse de partager un XML contenant les jeux FR/EUR/US/JP Dreamcast, en donnant la priorité aux versions Françaises. J'ai récemment mis à jour ce pack en y ajoutant une dizaine de jeux, en remplaçant certains jeux par leurs traduction anglaise et en nettoyant les genres. Vous trouverez sur mon FTP: La base de donnée Les jaquettes (PAL/NTSC/JP suivant les jeux) Les CDs Les wheels Il y a en tout 362 jeux dans la base de donnée. Chemin: /Upload Here/France (WIP)/Sega Dreamcast/ A+! Le dossier Covers and CDs ToDo contient des covers 2D et CDs manquants et nécessitant d’être corrigés (mise en 3D). Edit: 2.0: Le set vient d’être mis à jour, shino ayant trouvé quelques erreurs de région (merci), au menu: -Correction de toutes les régions, il y a en tout 22 jeux France [(PAL)(FR)]. -Shenmue II (Translated Fr) (Disc x) ajoutés -Francisation de Tomb Raider et Buzz -Suppression des deux jeux "Who wants to be a millionaire" remplacés par "Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions (France)" N'hésitez pas à pointer les erreurs. 3.0: Ajout de 5 nouveaux jeux: -Cool Herders (World) -Frog Feast (World) -Half-Life (Unl) -Hellgate (Unl) -SturmWind (World) 366 jeux! Db & wheels mises à jours sur le FTP!
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    Version 1.1


    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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    Version 1.0


    517 wheels and 52 alternates, coinciding with database 1.1 of 11 Oct. 2017 Credits: @diskmach - Project Lead, Wheel Creator, Source Art Collector @32assassin - Wheel Creator @Black Hazor - Wheel Creator @agent47 - Database Link to thread Link to database
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    Glad the tutorials are getting some recognition. Thank you
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    Version 2.0.0


    Hi, I upload my neo geo carts in 3d new V.2: 140 files in 2 size with the template includes and artwork use in 2d (to adjust) You may have to rezize for 16/9 theme view (apply 75% on the width). you can use fotosizer, but I add a 16-9 pack ready in small format regards
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    HyperSpin 1.5.1 (Upgrade Files Only) NOTE: IF DOWNLOAD IS FAILING PLEASE DISABLE ANTIVIRUS 1.5.1 Support for Windows 10 v1083 Added support for animated wheels (http://hyperspin-fe.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=62249) 1.4.16 Added video smoothing 1.4.15 Added can now use default theme for main menu. Whats different about having a default theme as some may now is that they don't get reloaded when going from one item to next that don't have themes. This allows for a cleaner experience vs reloading individual copies of default themes. Added if a theme doesn't have a background in the zip file then it was only attempting to load a png background, from the backgrounds folder of the item name. Now it can load swf and also default.png and default.swf. Added Shortcut key F6 to toggle fullscreen and windowed. For windowed to work resolution must be set to resolution lower than fullscreen. Added Ledblinky 9 for main menu and Ledblinky 8 for switching menus (not sure if this one is even needed) Fixed - HyperSpin not shutting down sometimes. 1.4.14 Fixed issue when launching certain software/emulators and HS taking focus. Fixed background music not working. Put music in Media\System\Sound\Background Music\Name.mp3 1.4.13 Fixed mp4 looping causing stuttering or black video Fixed returning from emu causing moving 1 wheel item when spinner is enabled Added Horizontal Wide wheel style for widescreen themes that can fit more wheel items 1.4.12 Fixed spinner and trackball only working in 1 direction Changed more fixes to joy controls. 1.4.11 Changed made some changes to joystick behavior, POV was interferring with analog and vice versa Fixed joystick not being able to stop intro video Fixed returning to HS from certain emulators causes HS to be squished. Fixed main menu always returning to last_system used when starting even though last_game is off. 1.4.10 Fixed no speakers bug, no speakers or headphones plugged in would crash HS Fixed HL relative path issue(i think) 1.4.9 Fixed strobe animation not working. I had to slow it down, due to the speed up of the new HS, i had to slow it down by a factor of 4 to get it to even work. So if it doesn't match up with HyperTheme, you know why. Fixed themes freezing when exiting theme. Fixed joystick support (i think) 1.4.8 Fixed skip up and skip down number not working Fixed letter wheel using wrong direction per wheel style Fix pin style was backwards, moves left to right now Added ability to use mp4 as intro video 1.4.7 Fixed % in filename issue when playing videos. Changed the behavior of pin and horizontal wheels due to a lot of complaints. Left and Right move the wheel and Up and Down select the letter wheel. The directions are fixed and should behave as expected now. 1.4.6 Added smoothing to letter images. Changed path to HScript, delete your old HScript.ahk and autohotkey.dll, Unzip now the script is in \Scripts\HScript\HScript.ahk, this allows the autohotkey.dll not to interfere with the one other programs use in the main root, sorry to those that got their old autohotkey.dll overwritten. 1.4.5 Release to private beta 1.4.4 Changed - See above Fixed - HyperLaunch error, hopefully. 1.4.3 Added - Allow relative path to launcher i.e ( .\Folder\HyperLaunch.exe") where the dot represents the HyperSpin directory. Doesn't do relative double dots though for going up a folder. Added - Disable item in main menu i.e ( <game name="MAME" enabled = "0"/>, just add enabled ="0" to any system and it will disable it. if there is no enabled attribute or you have it set to 1 then the game will show. Added - Disable item in sub menu , same as above. 1.4.2 Added - Smoothing to special artwork png's Added - HyperLaunch not forced as launcher. You can now set the full path to the launcher in the ini. Has to be fullpath\launcher.exe in the ini file. If your hyperlaunch isn't working then you must add hyperlaunch.exe to your hyperlaunch path in the ini. Added - Can run a script everytime you land on a wheel item to allow scripters to add interactive features to HS. The script is located in a new scripts folder called "Scripts".
  27. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) Sistema: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulador: Teknoparrot ) Tema do Jogo + 3x Wheels + Video do Jogo + Screenshot Nome do arquivo: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Créditos: Leonardombn e hamurades Agradecimentos: Ao amigo hamurades pela ajuda na criação do tema do jogo. *Game Wheel Circular Opcional - Créditos: POOTERMAN Canal do Youtube: PlayClassics BR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Grupo do Facebook: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/ Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) System: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulator: Teknoparrot ) Game Theme + 3x Wheels + Game Video + Screenshot File name: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Crédits: Leonardombn and hamurades Thanks: To friend hamurades for help in creating the game theme. *Game Wheel Circular Optional - Crédits: POOTERMAN Youtube Channel: PlayClassics BR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Facebook Group: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/
  28. 1 point

    Version 0.2


    Custom NEO GEO Carts *fixed the top right corner ... was not so round
  29. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Here are is a complete set of 2D Box Art for the current Atari 7800 2.0 database. I included spine images for those that want to make their own 3D box art. I'll upload a 3D box set and carts as well. I included a template as well. Have fun.
  30. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    A nice little shmup theme. The images were redrawn from the title screenshot since no artwork is available.
  31. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Nintendo 64 - Main Menu
  32. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Set of Fairchild Channel F Carts made from real cartridge scan
  33. 1 point

    Version 1.10


    HyperSpin SpecialArt Organiser 1.05 Released Ok, so I've finally completed the testing of this program and releasing it to the community. So what is it and why do I need it? Special Art is already pre-built into HyperSpin. You see it as the animated joysticks and Free Play images. After speaking to several friends on here I got the idea that as the artwork was SWF files I could remove the original stuff and create new stuff and take it to a whole new level. What I did is create artwork for Special Art A which ended up being like the frame. I created Special Art B which ended up being animated buttons on a per controller basis...eg Xbox360 or Playstation. The Special Art C was Gener art and this now changes depending on the genre and is displayed in the upper right location. All of this artwork is like a large overlay on top of your normal HyperSpin experience. Once I had done this I realised that to implement it into your system was a copy and paste nightmare as the SpecialArt folder is required on a per system basis. I basically created a program that after you select the Theme you want across your system it does all the hard work for you. I have included 5 themes but more are coming and are very easy to install. I created the program in such a way that everything you do up and until the final "Copy to Real HyperSpin" does not affect your build whatsoever. You can therefore test without error. I have included lots of help screens to get you along to the completion without error. I have had assistance from GigaPig in testing it out and I believe everything works as planned. I have used it many times on my own real setup. (Thanks for you time!) Any questions, just ask. There are new systems added and posted on the Topic post. UPDATE 1 out 22/07/16 NEW Version 1.08 released. Much more flexible and powerful see changlog
  34. 1 point


    Tiger game.com pointer
  35. 1 point


    I did not make these wheel sounds and cannot remember where I got them from so all credit to the original person/people who made these however I could not find them uploaded here anywhere so thought I would upload them here for anybody that may need them there are 50 sounds total included and are in mp3 format again all credit goes to who ever made these in the first place Enjoy.
  36. 1 point


    This is my Nintendo Game & Watch Pointer.
  37. 1 point


    Letter pack of the SNK Neo Geo AES system using the same lettering style and colour as the official logo for the console.
  38. 1 point


    here is the main wheel for the game&watch pack
  39. 1 point
  40. 1 point


    sega pointer
  41. 1 point


    System letter pack for the NEC PC Engine, based on the lettering style in the official system logo
  42. 1 point


    Letter pack for the Atari Jaguart based on the official "Jaguar" logo
  43. 1 point

    Version 20090308


    Karate Champ (US VS version, set 1) - kchampvs (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  44. 1 point

    Version 20150509


    Nintendo NES Pointer
  45. 1 point

    Version 20091221


    Osman (World) - osman (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  46. 1 point

    Version 20150828


    Redrawn High Quality Labels. Includes the 26 original game carts as well as 3 homebrew titles and 1 integrated title. 30 games in total. Also includes 5 alternate carts for videocart 1-5, 1 cart for the SABA schach release, and 2 democarts.
  47. 1 point

    Version 20140816


    Steel Worker - steelwkr (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  48. 1 point

    Version 20110707


    Run and Gun (ver EAA 1993 10.8) - rungun (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  49. 1 point

    Version 20090310


    Guerrilla War (US) - gwar (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  50. 1 point

    Version 20110413


    Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - buckrog (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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