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    This is my ICade mod using USB encoder for the joystick and buttons with a Dell micro PC in the back end with USB volume knob. Powered by Windows 10, Hyper-Spin, and Rocket-Launcher with Atari 2600, MAME, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Genesis emulators and roms set up. The display is a 4:3 8 inch Neewar monitor which I purchased off of Amazon. I have acrylic glass behind my wooden bezel which I drilled out holes for monitor buttons in both the bezel and glass. All artwork was created by me in Photoshop and printed on adhesive vinyl. The marquee was made with the same acrylic glass and has an 8 inch LED glass enclosure with remote made for small fish aquariums I purchased off of Amazon as well. All wood paneling is MDF material and was cut and drilled via a Black and Decker drill with spade bits and a small Dremel band saw. I mostly used gorilla glue to piece everything together. I used Behr Marquee 2 in 1 primer and paint to paint the MDF material. The Hyper-Spin intro video was created by me using open source and free program Open Shot Video Editing. It took me roughly 2 months to complete from start to finish in between work and my family lol. I am so glad I did it though I am so pleased and happy with the outcome. A match made in Heaven! MY favorite band KISS (original members) and my favorite hobby retro arcade. I absolutely love it! Link to Videos KISS Arcade Boot UP (Short) KISS Arcade Boot Up (Long) KISS Arcade In Action (Wrestle-Fest by Technos)
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    Update #6 Almost 300 submissions processed in this update This has brought about plenty of new sections in the HyperMedia downloads. Jsinn is doing a top job getting these files sorted and tagged. Theres still a few files waiting a home from the last few updates, but this pack certainly found a home If you spot any jumbled up sections in HyperMedia hit me up, the website has a mind of its own sometimes.
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    I would update MAME, there have been some huge improvements since 0.145. However (!) I would follow his wigglyness' advice and upgrade HS + RL first, point them to your existing MAME install and get that working first. The new version of MAME + ROMs will just be a drop in after that point.
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    Hyperspin hat über die vergangenen Jahre keine wirklich großen Schritte gemacht. Erst durch das Loslösen von hyperlauncher hin zu Rocketlauncher war wieder ein großer Sprung. Ihre Spende war keineswegs vergebens, denn dadurch werden u.a. Serverkosten beglichen. Auf Hyperspin lebt die Community von dem Erstellen von Artworks, aber nicht von dem Weiterentwickeln von Hyperspin. LaunchBox ist natürlich eine gewachsene und gut zu bedienende und vergleichbare Software / Frontend. Ich selber nutze es auch, bin aber von der Entwicklung in den letzten 1 - 1,5 Jahren mega enttäuscht, da der Punkt Artwork - und Spielemanagement massiv vernachlässigt wird nun häufig nicht zu Ende gedachte neue Features integriert werden - auf Kosten der Bedienbarkeit und Übersicht. Hier bietet Hyperspin vor allem auf der 3rd Party Entwicklerebene deutlich mehr und besseres.
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    why don't you use Bulk to remove all the characters not found on the official names like the (i) after you do that use Dons. If the games still don't match Don's as the option to manually match a game to a name.
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    Yeah it's a good time to work on your arcade as well as staying well. In your case I would start a new install and leave the old stuff alone until you copy over to ROMs or point to them in the paths. Head to the tutorials and follow the video guides which were recorded by Avar. They should get mame setup and he also did a Amiga guide as well. With that done you will be able to setup other systems on your own or search for emulator specific issues.
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    Recently added "Commodore Amiga" to systems and let HyperSync do it's thing, it defaults 'AAE' as it's main screen theme. Just thought you should know. Probably have it in the HyperSync server wrong? I haven't seen 'yet' anything out of the ordinary with the vanilla systems included with HS. I'll post if I do.
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    To help you diagnose this: - First download a fresh copy of 1.5.1 and assure that it fails as well. - Make sure any virus protection still has an exemption for hyperspin - Post your full windows version number run winver and it'll show you
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    Hi Hyperspinners, Its been far too long since we had an active Content Authority (Media Approver) please take a minute to smash the mushroom button on any of @JSinn 's posts. He has been busy in our Uploads section this week picking through the chaos. There have been some recent changes to Uploading as we will be slimming down the categories over time, it's a work in progress so any comments or issues please post HERE Now for the updates... Update #1 Letter Packs approved and moved to HyperMedia (sorry if we miss anyone we are doing our best to keep track) Update #2 Main Menu Wheels Update #3 Sound Packs And Jsinn even added a little Sounds icon to improve the screenshots! (See bottom of post) Update #4 Cart/Disc/Hucard/UMD/Cassette/Floppy Disk Packs Update #5 Box/Case/Flyer Packs Update #6 Databases/Bezels/Fades/Random Media/Templates/Frontend Media 158 Database files Acorn BBC Micro - HyperBase Database 2.1 (Official) - wahoobrian Amstrad CPC - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Android - Database (XML) - IceLancer APF MP-1000 - Database (XML) - zbboc Arcade Systems Pack - Genre Matched - Databases (XMLs) + Genre Media - Metalzoic Atari Lynx - Database (XML) - EyMannMachHin Atari ST - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Bandai Super Vision 8000 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Casio Loopy - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Casio Loopy - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Casio PV-2000 - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - Modified - Database (XML) - gooch Commodore 64 - Database 2.1(Official) - wahoobrian Commodore 64 - Database 2.2 (Official) - wahoobrian Commodore Amiga - Database (XML) - huntsman360 Commodore VIC-20 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Creatronic Mega Duck - Database (XML) - floatingvg Creatronic Mega Duck - Database (XML) - zbboc DEmul 0.7 - WIP - Database (XML) - r0man0 Electronic Handheld Games - Database (XML) - cybernoid Electronic Handheld Games - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Epoch Game Pocket Computer - Database (XML) - zbboc Fairchild Channel F - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Fruit Machine - 458 Machines - Database (XML) - AK45 Fujitsu FM-7 - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Future Pinball - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - malarrya Gaelco - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official Ongoing) - tonesmalone GamePark32 - Database (XML) - ninja2bceen HBMame 0.193 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 HBMame 180 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 HBMame 185 - Database (XML) - shinobi68 Hyperspin Ultimate DooM Single Player Collection - Database (XML) - KlopjerO Interton VC 4000 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Jupiter Ace - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian LeapFrog - Database (XML) - BlackPredator72 Locomalito - Database (XML) - shinobi68 MAME - 3 and 4 Player Games - Database (XML) - KenToad MAME - Exidy Classics - Database (XML) - malarrya MAME - Full Lists - Database (XML) - r0man0 MAME - Genre Database (XML) - Dilated18 MAME - Toaplan - Database (XML) - Daniel MAME - Trackball Games - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven MAME 0.185 - Custom - Database (XML) - flex221 MAME 0.185 - Custom - Database (XML) - nathan1974au MAME 0.195 - Arcade Classics - Database (XML) - Peliculon MAME 0.195 - Capcom Play System 1, 2 and 3 - Database (XML) - Peliculon MAME 1.59 - Database (XML) - watarel MAME 169 - Filtered - Database (XML) - mikeis300 MAME for Android 0.139 - All Working Games - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - Peliculon MAME for Android 0.195 - All Working Games - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - Peliculon MAME Plus! 0.159 - Database (XML) - Mykillvee Microsoft MSX - Database (XML) - darktigrous Microsoft MSX - Database (XML) - dontbugme Microsoft MSX - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Microsoft MSX2 - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Microsoft MSX2+ - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Microsoft Xbox - Database (XML) - Andyman Microsoft Xbox - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Microsoft Xbox 360 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Microsoft Xbox One - Database (XML) - IceLancer Milton Bradley Microvision - Database (XML) - tonesmalone Multi Systems - Fighting Games - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Multi Systems - Mega Man Collection - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Namco ES3 - Database (XML) - Bjalready NEC PC Engine - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC PC Engine-CD - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC PC-FX - Database (XML) - phantasy NEC TurboGrafx-CD - Database (Official) - SupraKarma NEC TurboGrafx-CD - Database (XML) - romeurosa NESiCAxLive - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Nintendo 3DS - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo 3DS - eShop - Database (XML) - AK45 Nintendo 64 - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo 64 - Database (XML) - EyMannMachHin Nintendo 64 - GoodN64 3.14 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Nintendo 64 - Japan - Database (XML) - jd83jd83 Nintendo DS - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo DS - Top 100 Games - Database (XML) - vaderag Nintendo DSi - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Entertainment System - Unreleased - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Famicom - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Famicom - Database (XML) - Ray572 Nintendo Game & Watch - Database (XML) - cybernoid Nintendo Game Boy - Database (XML) - BiZzAr721 Nintendo GameCube - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Power - Database (XML) - style214 Nintendo Sufami Turbo - Database (XML) - ninja2bceen Nintendo Super Famicom - Database (XML) - HADES81 Nintendo Super Famicom - Without Metadata - Database (XML) - HADES81 Nintendo Switch - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Nintendo Switch - Database (XML) - IceLancer Nintendo Wii - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Nintendo Wii U - Database (XML) - IceLancer Panasonic 3DO - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 PC Games - Database (XML) - IceLancer PC Games - Need for Speed - Database (XML) - uplinkpro PC Games - Racing Games - Database (XML) - MACKANO32 Philips Videopac Plus G7400 - Database 1.2 (XML) - tonesmalone Pinball FX2 - Database (XML) - marxkemp Pinball FX2 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official Ongoing) - tonesmalone Pinball FX3 - Database (XML) - CroCop Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) + Wheels + Theme - shinobi68 Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) + Wheels - shinobi68 Retro Gamer Magazine - Database (XML) - shinobi68 Sammy Atomiswave - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega 32X - GoodGen 3.00 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega CD - Japan And Unl Games Included - Database (XML) - ARGENTOMETAL Sega CD - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega Dreamcast - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Dreamcast - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega Game Gear - Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Game Gear - GoodGG 3.13 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Genesis - GoodGen 3.00 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Genesis - manufacturer=PUBLISHER - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Genesis - USA - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - Genres Fixed - Database (XML) - Rowr14 Sega Hikaru - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Lindbergh Blue - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Red - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Red EX - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Lindbergh Silver - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Mark III - Database (XML) + Genre Databases - relic Sega Master System - GoodSMS 3.13 - Database (XML) - Ski-lleR Sega Mega Drive - Europe - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Mega Drive - Japan - Database (XML) - Aorin Sega Mega Drive - Japan - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sega Mega-CD - Database (XML) - zbboc Sega Mega-Tech System - Database (XML) - fame-shadow Sega Model 1 - Database (XML) - mikehyrus Sega Model 2 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Model 3 - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega Naomi - Demul v0.7A - Database (XML) - itoh Sega Naomi - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone Sega RingEdge 2 - Database (XML) - Bjalready Sega Saturn - manufacturer=PUBLISHER - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Sega Saturn - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sega SG-1000 - Database (XML) - phantasy Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Database (XML) - capiqua SNK Neo Geo CD - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Database (XML) - Jdubbs Sony PlayStation - Multi Disc Enabled - Database (XML) - mikeis300 Sony Playstation 3 - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Sony PlayStation 3 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sony PlayStation 4 - Database (XML) - IceLancer Sony PlayStation Vita - Database (XML) - IceLancer Super Mario Wheel - Database (XML) - Dubbloseven Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Database (Official) - SupraKarma Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Database (XML) - FernandoCaldas Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Genres Fixed - Database (XML) - Rowr14 Super Nintendo Entertainment System - PAL - Database (XML) - Aorin Tangerine Oric - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Terrordrome - Database (XML) - malarrya Texas Instruments TI 99-4A - Database 2.0 (Official) - wahoobrian Thomson MO5 - Database (XML) - Tarnyko Tomy Tutor - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone VTech V.Smile - Database (XML) - BlackPredator72 Watara Supervision - HyperBase Database 2.0 (Official) - tonesmalone 81 Bezel and Fade files Android - Bezel - Bjalready Atari 2600 - Fade - ghostlost Atari 2600 - GibbaWho's Unified Megatheme Extended - Black BG - Fade In/Out - hErTz Atari 2600 - GibbaWho's Unified Megatheme Extended - Wood BG - Fade In/Out - hErTz Beat 'Em Up Genre - Fade - ghostlost Beat 'Em Up Genre - Horizontal and Vertical - Bezel - ghostlost Bezel Sega SG-1000 - ghostlost Capcom Play System 3 - Fade - Bjalready Cave - Fade - Bjalready Cave- Bezel - SamVSsami Commodore CDTV - Bezel - SamVSsami Konami e-Amusement - Bezel - Bjalready Konami Handheld - Bezels - hoscarconh Locomalito - Fade - ghostlost Lutro Games - Bezels - hoscarconh MAME - Aqua Jet (Rev. AJ2 Ver.B) (16:9) - Skywatcher MAME - Arabian Magic - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - B.C. Story (set 1) - (bcstry)- Skywatcher MAME - Charlie Ninja - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - GangWars - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Heavy Smash - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - HyperDuel / Technosoft - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Karate Blazers / karatblz - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Karate Champ Tilt Realistic - Bezel - dejarik MAME - Ketsui : Kizuna Jigoku Tachi - Bezel (16:9) MAME - King of Fighters Collection - Bezels - Bjalready MAME - Knights of Valour 3 - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mega Pack - Bezels - HyperSpin MAME - Muchi Muchi Pork / mmpork - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama Futari Black Label - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Mushihime Sama Futari V1.5 (16:9) - Bezel - wildpumpk1n MAME - Pulirula - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MAME - Q*Bert Tilt Realistic - Bezel - dejarik MAME - Undercover Cops / uccops - Bezel (16:9) - wildpumpk1n MGT Sam Coupe - Bezel - ghostlost MGT Sam Coupe - Fade - ghostlost Multiple Frontends - Fades - Bjalready Multiple Systems - Bezel - RetroKenesis Multiple Systems - Fades - Bjalready Multiple Systems - Unified Theme - 3 Variations - Bezels - Kondorito Nintendo - NES, SNES, N64 - Bezels - ZESTD Nintendo 64 - Bezels - ZESTD Nintendo Classics - Fade - SupraKarma Nintendo Game & Watch - Bezel - Bjalready Nintendo Satellaview - Fade - Trymado Nintendo WiiWare - Bezel - SamVSsami O-UYA - Fade - ghostlost PC Games - Fade - Bjalready PC Games - Terrordrome - Bezel - shredder Pinball FX3 - Fade - ghostlost Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc - Bezel - ghostlost Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc - Fade - ghostlost Psikyo - Bezel - Bjalready Sega 32X - Bezels - Skywatcher Sega Dreamcast - Bezel - SamVSsami Sega Hikaru - Fade - Trymado Sega Model 1 - Bezel - BudChiefer Sega Naomi - Bezels - Bjalready Sega Naomi - Fades - Bjalready Sega Naomi - Vertical - RocketLauncher Bezel - SupraKarma Sega Nomad - Bezel - PacMan7 Sega Nomad - Fade - PacMan7 Sega Pico - Bezel - SupraKarma Sega Pico - Fade - Trymado Sega Saturn - Bezel - Bjalready Sega SG-1000 - Bezel - Guest Sega ST-V - Bezel - Guest Sega Triforce - Bezel - Bjalready Sharp X68000 - Bezel - SamVSsami SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color - Bezel - ZESTD Sony PlayStation - Bezel - Guest Sony PlayStation - Dark - Fade - Bjalready Sord M5 - Fade - ghostlost Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Classic Edition - Bezel - ghostlost Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Classic Edition - Fade - ghostlost Taito Type X - Fade - Trymado Teknoparrot - Fade - Trymado Touch Games - Fade - MACKANO32 VTech CreatiVision - Bezel - Bjalready ZiNc - Bezel - Bjalready 48 Miscellaneous type files Arcade Classics Windows 10 Desktop Theme - malarrya Controller Key Mapping Cards - shredder Daphne - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Configs - urbangangsta101 Demul v0.5.8 (Atomiswave & Naomi) - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Configs - urbangangsta101 Favorites Background - ninja2bceen - (Uploaded new screenshot) Frontend Menus - Mario & Sonic Designs - ARGENTOMETAL Frontend Menus - Scorpion MK Design - ARGENTOMETAL Game Over Screens - shredder - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Genre Backgrounds (4:3) - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - Rowr14 Genre Backgrounds (4:3) - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Rowr14 Genre Backgrounds and Wheels - MAME - Rowr14 Handhelds Main Menu Video - Cinematic - pademonium HS Android ScummVM Setup files - thatman84 Intro Video - Back to the Future HyperSpin - agiovanni123 Intro Video - Tron Mash-Up - cougar184 Loading Screen - Zelda Style - ligalegend Main Menu Exit Screen - Bjalready Main Menu Exit Screen - English - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Main Menu Exit Screen - English and French - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Main Menu Exit Screen - maxcade Main Menu Exit Screen - Metal Gear Solid (16:9) - Bungles Main Menu Exit Screen - ninja2bceen - (Uploaded new screenshot) Main Menu Exit Screen - Worms (16:9) - Bungles MAME - Marquee Artwork - jonnymodlin Override Transitions - MAME (4:3) - paco8998 Override Transitions Pack - lole Particle Effects - Bjalready PC Games Marquee Collection - mamouchka9 Placeholder Video Snaps - Bjalready Screenshot Video Placeholders - Commodore 16 & Plus/4 - Prial Screenshot Video Placeholders - GamePark32 - ninja2bceen Sega Megadrive/Genesis Marquee Collection - mamouchka9 Sega Model 2 Emulator - Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Config - urbangangsta101 Special Art - 8Bitdo - Bungles Special Artwork - williecoiote Supermodel (Sega Model 3) Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller Config File - urbangangsta101 Various Backgrounds and Icons Pack - Bjalready - (Combined all files into ZIP downloads) Various System Backgrounds (16:9) - catar1n0 (Combined all files into one ZIP download) Thank YOU to all contributors YOU HAVE BEEN...
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    Yes XML is the database. Well I wouldn't worry about the audit (RL is probably just scanning the "rom" folder and not all the individual game folders that the chd's are in) as long as the games run! You can highlight one and hit the little rocket icon and see if it loads. Sent from my SM-A705W using Tapatalk
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    I don't think this is possible. You are emulating keystrokes with you controller! You are kind of making the settings harder than they need be. Does your wheel not spin like crazy when you enable joypads in HQ? I usually tell people to disable them and use either joytokey or the startup script. Since you have JTK, have a look HERE at the way I handle these things.
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    You sir..are a saint.
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    Making the setting in the EMU is all fine but most of the time you have to tell RL exactly what you want. So for ZSNES the settings are made here: And you should look here for most systems. For Mame I would think you can just tell it to use the ini files you've created otherwise it just loads default values.
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    Update #5 Box packs have been sorted A whopping 121 packs have been reviewed, tagged and moved to HyperMedia. Enjoy
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    BIG UPDATE (well I think so anyway ) See 1st post Update 4...... Around 80 Cart style files approved and tagged with a comment for media quality and completeness, where possible. Theres still a few files to organise Main sections for but these will come as more media is discovered. Bonus @Aorin may like to see is that Sega Mega Drive go a "proper" section in HyperMedia
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    You are correct this is the only Official support forum, everything else is fan or scam. Your post is perfectly fine, thank you for sharing your experience and taking up the project. Generally people suggest taking everything you can from those drives and building a new one from it. It's really the emulator/Rocketlauncher setup that is the difficult bit. Follow the Official videos by PlanetGeekdom or AV Archivist and transfer your existing Artwork/roms/databases to get going quicker. Try to just start with one or 2 system's, get them working correctly and move onto the next one. Please understand it can be a very time consuming adventure so play the games you get working!!
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    Thanks for all the hard work! That's a lot to sort through!
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    This just made my day!! Just a quick question, a few bezels throughout the bezel project are not named the same as the hyperspin xml. Example this GameCube set, Luigis Mansion won’t show because the name is different. I also noticed Atari 2600 PAC-Man is slightly different. Have you noticed this as well and is there a program that could rename just folders?
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    Did you manage to get this working? Stuck with the same problem
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    I will try to keep this guide up to date with the latest versions of HyperSpin and RocketLauncher. Also I'm adverse to making videos, because I don't want to make a new video every time something is updated, I find it easier just to edit a pic and text guide then recording a new video and editing links. All guides will assume you know how to navigate files and folders in windows. Translations Español - Admoroux This is for a new install. I'm assuming you know your way around folders and files in windows To download HyperSpin first you need to get the necessary support files from version 1.3.3 http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/5599-hyperspin-133-full-install/ and then overwrite with the contents from the beta http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7500-hyperspin-14/ I'm gonna use the C drive in the examples. Any drive letter is ok Now extract the contents of the download to a HyperSpin folder on the root of your drive. Example: C:\HyperSpin The path to your HyperSpin.exe should now be C:\HyperSpin\HyperSpin.exe Now you need to get RocketLauncher which is a fork of HyperLaunch, but with more active development. Download it here. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=1. The archive (zip) password is www.rlauncher.com Extract Rocketlauncher into a RocketLauncher folder on the root of your drive (C:\RocketLauncher) and make sure the path to RocketLauncher.exe is C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe and NOT C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Get back in your HyperSpin folder. This time we are gonna do some manual ini editing . Open your Settings folder in your HyperSpin folder C:\HyperSpin\Settings. Find the file named Settings.ini, open it in notepad. You should see at the top a line that reads [Main]. Right up under the [Main] line add Hyperlaunch_Path= C:\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe. If you are having trouble opening RocketLauncherUI and you get some message about failing to initialize, you will need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to get RocketLauncherUI to work. You will be greeted with a prompt asking you to update. Choose yes. Choose 'Latest' in the dropdown. Click on Check Updates at the bottom of the window. Wait for it to finish and then click Apply Updates. Close the update window. You can update in the future using the update button in the RocketLauncherUI tab (the update button looks like a globe with arrows.) You're thinking wow, so many settings this is too complicated. Well that's your fault for wanting lots of customization . RocketLauncherUI will probably restart wait for RocketLauncherUI to restart and then close RocketLauncherUI. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the Settings folder, open it and then rename Global Emulators (example).ini to Global Emulators.ini (Make sure you can see the extension: Known Extensions Are Set to Show) If there is already a file called Global Emulators.ini replace it with the example one. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe Look for the big tab on the right with the RocketLauncherUI image and click on it. Now look for a smaller tab called "Frontends" beneath the row of big tabs and click on it Click the green + under the small tabs and add a new frontend (here you can add different frontends like gamex or kodi). In the popup window titled Add Frontend:for the first blank, set the name to HyperSpin for the second blank, Click the Magnifying glass to the right and locate your HyperSpin.exe application. (C:\HyperSpin\Hyperspin.exe which should look like ..\..\HyperSpin.exe if you are following the guide) for the RocketLauncherUI plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. for the RocketLauncher plugin, choose Hyperspin in the dropdown box. click on the button that looks like a blue floppy disk to save, if the button is not available just click the red x button to close and save the window. Highlight the HyperSpin frontend item in the list you just added and:click on the button that looks like a folder with a thumbtack (bulletin board pin) to set HyperSpin as your default frontend. (default frontend means RocketLauncherUI will always start up with this frontend) click on the button that looks like a robot terminator red eye to set HyperSpin as the active frontend. (active frontend means the frontend that you are currently working on in RocketLauncherUI) Look in the left near the top of the RocketLauncherUI main window for the words "Select a System" under it you should see a button that looks like two green arrows making a circle. Click on the circular green arrows button to refresh the systems list to match the active frontend. You can now close RocketLauncherUI or leave it open (you will need to open it later in this guide). Now to make full use of RocketLauncher we want to download the media pack. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=2 Extract the contents of the media pack into your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher). Congrats you have now installed HyperSpin + RocketLauncher! You think you're done don't you, but you're wrong. There is still more to go. Gasp. We don't have any emulators yet. Ok then let's try to set one up, how about we do the most popular one. MAME Download the binary unless you plan on compiling your own version. (there are some benefits to compiling, hiscores and nonag being the most popular) Now let's create a new folder on your root drive called Emulators. C:\Emulators -this is not required but it is recommended Now inside this folder create a new folder named after the emulator called MAME. C:\Emulators\MAME Now inside your emulator folder install MAME. So the path to your mame.exe or mame64.exe should be C:\Emulators\MAME\mame.exe Congrats you have installed an emulator. Now to get it working with RocketLauncher and ultimately HyperSpin. Open your RocketLauncher folder (C:\RocketLauncher), now look for the RocketLauncherUI folder open it and then open RocketLauncherUI.exe On the left hand side in RocketLauncherUI you will see a list of all our systems and at the top is a system called Global (not actually a system in HyperSpin). Changing settings in Global affects all of your settings in every system. Consider this the default settings. Ok now highlight the Global System and click on the big tab Emulators. If you installed correctly (didn't skip steps like step 9) you will be greeted with a long list of emulator names. Scroll down this list until you find MAME. Double click on it. A new window will appear. Fill in the path value by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the path entry and find your MAME emulator. Close this window if the values for module and rom extensions are already filled. Now highlight the MAME system in the systems list. and click on the big tab Emulators. Add the path to your MAME roms in the rom paths field by clicking on the green plus button. For most mame installations it's in the same folder as mame.exe in a folder called roms. C:\Emulators\MAME\roms For other systems, I personally put roms in a folder separate from hyperspin and the emulator folder, something like C:\Games\systemName\gameName.extension ROMS are not included with MAME or HyperSpin or RocketLauncher. Do not ask for roms on this forum, it will get you banned. Google is your friend for this. Now back in RocketLauncherUI choose your default emulator by clicking on the Magnifying glass. Choose MAME [global] from the list that appears. Congrats! you have now setup MAME within RocketLauncher. Now to setup MAME for use with HyperSpin. First get the latest MAME xml from HyperList http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/ Drop the xml you downloaded into C:\HyperSpin\Databases\MAME\ and rename it to MAME.xml. If it asks you to overwrite, choose yes. XML management can be a pain and so can renaming all those roms that you legally copied from your personal collection of actual games that you legally acquired through legal purchases. For emulators other than MAME or MESS you will need to make sure that the file names for your roms match the names for the games found in your xml. For the best hyperspin xml management and renaming applications use Don's HyperSpin Tools or check out the beta version of HyperTools.zip (thanks, emb). I think that's it for a basic installation. It will be hard and time consuming to get artwork and videos until you subscribe to emumovies and receive platinum status here by donating. Oh wait I almost forgot, whenever any one says edit your module settings they usually mean open RocketLauncherUI click on your system, click on the big modules tab, highlight the module you are using, and then click on the Edit Global Settings button. A little bit more info can be found here & here. If you liked this guide and want to say thank you, hit the like button at the bottom of this post. Hyperspin and RocketLauncher Compatibility Fix.zip
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    Salut à tous, Shinobi68 a eu la gentillesse de partager un XML contenant les jeux FR/EUR/US/JP Dreamcast, en donnant la priorité aux versions Françaises. J'ai récemment mis à jour ce pack en y ajoutant une dizaine de jeux, en remplaçant certains jeux par leurs traduction anglaise et en nettoyant les genres. Vous trouverez sur mon FTP: La base de donnée Les jaquettes (PAL/NTSC/JP suivant les jeux) Les CDs Les wheels Il y a en tout 362 jeux dans la base de donnée. Chemin: /Upload Here/France (WIP)/Sega Dreamcast/ A+! Le dossier Covers and CDs ToDo contient des covers 2D et CDs manquants et nécessitant d’être corrigés (mise en 3D). Edit: 2.0: Le set vient d’être mis à jour, shino ayant trouvé quelques erreurs de région (merci), au menu: -Correction de toutes les régions, il y a en tout 22 jeux France [(PAL)(FR)]. -Shenmue II (Translated Fr) (Disc x) ajoutés -Francisation de Tomb Raider et Buzz -Suppression des deux jeux "Who wants to be a millionaire" remplacés par "Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions (France)" N'hésitez pas à pointer les erreurs. 3.0: Ajout de 5 nouveaux jeux: -Cool Herders (World) -Frog Feast (World) -Half-Life (Unl) -Hellgate (Unl) -SturmWind (World) 366 jeux! Db & wheels mises à jours sur le FTP!
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    hi guys i just see this post on another website and wondered if hyperspin surport these or in the future. thanks
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