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    I upgraded the Favorties, Exit background and arrows to 100% vector, it should now appear very clean on any resolution Note: they were redraw from scratch
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    Awesome! Rocking as usual!
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    You can download now pack 1.1 (check the description and see if your mismatches are listed there). Let me know if you have any game that is not present there or is named differently.
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    This set was generated from the 2D source files we have in HyperVault, and it was not audited against HyperBase. I have just reviewed the set against the XML and the only ones missing are the China games (7). I will look for those and add them to the collection in the next update these days. There are some names that need editing (Japanese names translation to English, and the addition of the "(Translated En)" section in some of them. I will add renamed variations for those as well as well as variations for the &amp and &apos symbols. Thanks!
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    Updates to this will now be at my new Game Art blog at: https://diskmach.wordpress.com I have posted and will post high quality art for various systems that haven't been posted before. Check it out.
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    I haven't abandoned this project, so at one or other point in place and time there will be updates.
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    Nice 1 Skywatcher another MAME theme that was on the missing list. THANKS #MissingMameThemes
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    Thanks for your hard work on this. I got the Shield TV pro for Xmas, will try to setup HS with the help of this.
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    U need to size them down, try the free Program "Fotosizer" for it. They are just so big cause than they can be used with a potential 4k resolution.
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    These are really nice, please post more....Thank you.
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    Thanks for contributing, great work.
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    This is great, thank you milkty, beautiful work !!!!
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    Nice making a 16:9 theme of Gemini Wing, it's 1 of my favorite games I played on in the arcades back in the day. Great Work Skywatcher always good quality.
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    Another 1 off the missing MAME list top class Skywatcher THANKS #MissingMameThemes
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    nice job kondorito, very good quality
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    I made a similar mistake on some of my first widescreen themes. If the video preview is native widescreen. You will need to set the video element in Hypertheme to "Force Both Aspects" and set them to Width = 480 and Height = 360. It should then stretch back to be the right size.
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    Now thats how you submit a file. Great details and great work. Moved
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    Not yet looked into the Triforce Games yet unfortunately. Baby Steps.
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    Nope. The sides are a place holder with the system name and colored according to each box. I will be revisiting this set soon to search and add all the correct sides to it
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    Man ! I have to say that when the first lines of your passioned text was readed by me, I saw there every single feeling from my very same of yours, point of view ! This is history ! This is a playable museun of great times ! Its like a tesseract with all our timeline of gameplays, over and over again playable ! Thx for your great job !
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    I'm inclined to agree. That NES game I was talking about, 'Adan y Eva,' I've already got a box art and wheel set up for if/when it does get dumped lol.
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    Not sure to be honest. It looks like it's some sort of hack or bootleg. Turns out it will run in NullDC. I spent way too much time trying to convert the .mdf file to .cdi with no luck, just so I could play it in Demul lol. So, it'll stay in the database I'm working on I suppose. There's been a couple of databases I've worked on in the past where the games were unplayable in any emulator, and in one case (NES), a game wasn't even dumped. It's hard to say what to do in a situation like that, do you add it to the database simply because it exists for the sake of being a completionist, or do you leave it out. I'm inclined to leave everything in.
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    Very good Work very Clean Artwork Best you can get for Atari.... Many big Thanks from Germany for it....
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    Very good quality Box Art,but its to big and covers half the screen
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    Man you are on Fire.... Wauu nice Work ..Love it really good....Germany gives you 10Points...
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    Really clean Work..wau best i see from this System....Greetings from Germany to you,,thanks alot for this nice Work....
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    Looks awesome. Replaced my old PC Games theme with this (Also grabbed the video). Thanks a lot!
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    This is very cool! I think that I still have these books in a box somewhere. Roll that 20 sided, lol.
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    I have just uploaded a 2D set for all those that prefer 2D
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    I've uploaded potential genre wheel choices and genre backgrounds. I hope you like them. Curious which ones you like the most
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    Actually the new set i am working on is 720p widescreen. This makes me want to finish
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