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    Ok, so this is a complete cart art set for Nintendo Game Boy Color. The tricky part is its not based on the official XML, or even the developmental XML, its a custom database based on the GBC wheel art set that was completed a while ago. Here is that Nintendo Game Boy Color.xml. I dont know who to credit, or even where I found it, but it is the most complete GBC xml I could find. Collecting media for this system was a challenge. The original game boy has better source material available than GBC for some reason. The quality of most of the cartridges are OK. 3 different styles of carts were released for GBC. The regular game boy type cartridges that came in black that are backwards compatible with GB, the clear carts for GBC only, and the ugly rumblepack type carts. Photoshop templates are available in the package for those who would like to update existing carts or to create your own. File Actions Report this file Download this file Nintendo Game Boy Color.xml
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