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  1. It all comes down to your preference. Personally, I share your point of view and only have a MAME wheel. I use the genre feature to access subcategories like Namco System 32. But, you could have everything listed on your main wheel or use nested wheels. There is no right or wrong, pick what feels best for you. The best version of MAME should always be the latest version. Each new release increases functionality and compatibility. Just make sure your romset matches your MAME version.
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  2. That's awesone Andyman ! So you have chosen the 500 games ? You know that Xenia and Xemu have made great progress, the Forza and PGR games are playing better but maybe still not to the level you are looking for. Now the challenge will be to configurate the controls to work with a wheel for all these games. It should be quite easy for most but tricky for some. I can't wait to see the solutions you will find !
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the 2D Box Art for the Sega Master System Enjoy!
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  4. It's been quite awhile since I posted an update on my racing cabinet project, so I thought I'd post a pile of frontend media screenshots for your viewing pleasure. I've been working on it all this time, and the cabinet itself is getting close to being presentable. I've completed the software end of the build, other than configuring each game fully with the controls. I'd like to add some original Xbox and Xbox 360 exclusives as well, but emulation of those systems just isn't quite smooth enough yet for my liking. Here's a fairly representative sample of what's available to play, among the 500 titles to choose from. Picture each of these full-screen on a CRT and you more or less have the idea. I should have the cabinet ready to show within a month or so, free time permitting. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you might have!
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  5. Version 20160823


    Finally here is the 100% complete PS1 3D box set. This was a lot of work but at last it is done.
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a fix that was found while a few of us were copying around some .dll's. Come to find out, only one is needed. Simply download the sxs.dll file and place it in the HyperSpin root directory (the folder where your HyperSpin.exe resides) and thats it! Enjoy HyperSpin once again!!
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  7. Version 1.3.0


    It is surprising that there isn't a complete 2D and 3D box art pack for the latest NES 1.3 database. I had this set for a while now I don't know why it was ever uploaded, but here it is. I know the spines have the custom NES logo but it never bothered me. Enjoy.
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  8. 966 downloads

    Set of 387 Mega Drive Japanese 3D boxes
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  9. 783 downloads

    USA and Europe Mixed 3D Box art by me. Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage II, Sensible Soccer, The Smurfs, and Smurfs Travel the World are completely custom I made. Couldn't find great scans. Alot of scans were heavily damaged and cleaned by me before conversion. Enjoy!
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  10. Version 1.0


    Here are some additional wheel files that I have created that are currently not part of the Default MAME wheel packs. The only exception is Knights of Valour 2, which I have replaced with a better version (the one in the Default Wheel Pack is very blurry) Most of these are pulled from Flyers or Marquees, but on some of them I had to resort to capturing their Title Screens. All were cleaned up and edited in Photoshop to look their best. I hope everyone likes!
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  11. Version 1.1


    All USA and EUROPE 2D box arts, no JAPAN boxes. All USA covers use the original release cover, no Greatest Hits covers included. The original archives I uploaded had errors. It should be fixed now.
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