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    Version 1.0.1


    Entire Roadrunner PBFX3 theme set (up to Oct 29th 2019's release of Monster Bash and Black Lagoon) Sound files for startup/wheel/exit Pointer Wheel Art Databas Extras: Themes for some Zen Studio bundles Themes for PBFX3 in Main menu. Three options: (Marvel, ZEN, Star Wars) Note: Newer (and a few older) PBFX3 thems do not have the pbfx3/zen logos. This is by design as it looks cleaner this way. For most I converted over with the logos so that it would distinguish from the PBFX2 themes that are mostly identical. Credits: Theme/pointers and sound bundles by Roadrunner. Thanks to Gigapig for help on the database and loading everything up. Huge thanks to Kondorito for putting the SWF files together for the widescreen workaround. Without his work widescreen doesn't happen. Thanks also to Dark13 fot putting together the script in the first place.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A collection of 976 2D box arts for NES. May contain some duplicates. Contains a high number of hard to find artwork for unlicensed games and prototypes. Also, a custom database that I am using to go with it, since many games are not in the official database - only 16 games are missing artwork, and 10 of those are prototypes. There are a handful of Famicom and FDS games in there. Use it or don't, I'm providing it as a convenience. I decided to go ahead and upload my wheels too, since I created several from scratch, and updated some from the FTP set that were incorrect. All games in the database have wheels at least.
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    Version 0.189


    *** THIS FILE IS AVAILABLE TO HYPERSPIN SUBSCRIBERS ONLY *** Dear HyperSpin friends, I've put together a package of sorts, aimed at HyperSpin newcomers and veterans alike. I've been continuously grooming a custom "best of MAME" database, bezel set, and MAME ini file set for quite a while now. My goal is to provide something that someone can drop into a fresh setup or custom wheel and be up and running right away. I intend to release updates to the individual downloads on a periodic basis, so check the change logs for more information going forward. The package is split into three parts, as follows. Put together, these downloads will have results as shown in the screenshots. HyperSpin MAME.xml database (THIS DOWNLOAD, see below for details) Corresponding RocketLauncher bezel set (Link) MAME ini files (Link) File information: This download contains a custom "best of MAME" HyperSpin XML database. It contains both standard ROM-based games as well as some CHD-based games. It may be copied over an existing MAME.xml file and run against a full romset to achieve a pared down result. The database was developed for a 2-player cabinet with standard orientation, 8-way joysticks and six buttons per player. There is no trackball or spinner on the control panel. So that being said, following are the requirements kept in mind as I develop it: Top 350-ish working MAME arcade games (totally subjective, of course) Based on official HS MAME database I'm in the US and think the US loading screens are cool, so I've included most US clones instead of parent ROMs (exception being where parent version is much preferred) 2-player clones of 3+ player games are included instead of parents (ex: TMNT and X-Men) No driving, spinner, dial, trackball, analog, or really custom control games (apologies to many great games) Install instructions: Download file Make a backup of your existing MAME.xml Copy file into your \HyperSpin\Databases\MAME folder, and rename it to MAME.xml List of included games (by ROM name): 1942 1944 1941u 1943kai 1943u 1945kiii 19xx 3countb 3wondersu aerofgts airwolf aliens aliensyn alpham2 altbeast armwaru astdelux astorm astyanax asurabus asterix atetris avspu baddudes batcir batmanfr batrideru batsugunsp bbakraid berzerk bgaregga bionicc2 bjtwin blazstar blitz2k blktiger bloodbro bloxeedu bnj bombjack boogwing bosco bstars2 btime btoads bubbles bublboblr bubsymphu buckyuab bwidow cabal captavenu captcommu choplift circusc cloak cninjau commando contra cotton2 cottonbm cottonu crimecu crimfght cstlevna ctribe cyvern darius2 dariusg dariusu dassault dbreed dbz ddonpach ddp2 ddpdojblk ddragon2u ddragon3 ddragonu ddsomu ddtodu deadconx defender digdug dimahoou dinou dkong dkong3 dkongjr dkongx docastle donpachi dowild dragnblz drmario dsaber dsmbl dstlku dungeonm dynwar eagle ecofghtru edrandy eightman elevator elvactr esprade eswatu excitebk fatfursp fatfury1 feversos ffightub finalbu foodf footchmp frogger frontlin funkyjet futariblj ga2 gaiapols gaiden galaga galaxian gallop gaplus garou gaunt22p gauntleg gauntlet2p gberet gground ghostb ghoulsu gijoeu gnbarich gngt goldnaxe gorf gradius gradius2 gradius3 gradius4 grdians growlu gunbird gunbird2 gunforc2 gunsmokeu guwange gyruss hcastle hharryu hitice hotdogst indytemp inthunt invaders jojo jojoba joust jrpacman jungleh junofrst karianx kengo kingdmgp kinst kinst2 knightsu kodu kof98 kotm kotm2 kungfumd kyros ladybug lastblad lastbld2 lifefrcej lightbr liquidku loht lrescue lwings macross magdrop3 mainevt2p mappy mario matmania mazinger megaman megaman2 mercsu metamrphj mikie mk mk2 moomesauac mooncrst mp_gaxe2 mp_sor2 mpatrol mrdo mrdrillr mshu mshvsfu mslug mslug2 mslug3 mslug4 mslug5 mslugx mspacman mtrap mushisam mvscu mwalku mysticri mystwarru nam1975 narc nastarw nbajam nbbatman ncommand nemesis nibbler ninjaku nitd nitrobal nrallyx nslasheru nspirit numanath nwarru openice osman outfxies outzone pacman pacmania pang3 panic paperboy pbobble pengo pepper2 pgoal phoenix popeye prehisleu progear psychic5 pulstar punchout punisher puyo puyopuy2 pyros qbert qix quartet2 raiden raiden2 raidendxu rallybik rampage rastsaga rbff2 rbibb rbisland rbtapper rdft2u redearth rfjetu roboarmy robocopu robotron rtype2 rtypeleoj rtypeu rygar s1945 s1945ii s1945iii s1945p salmndr2 samsho samsho2 scobra scramble sengoku2 sf2ceuc sfa2u sfa3u sfau sfiii2 sfiii3u sfiiiu shadfrceu shinobi shocktro simpsons2p slammastu sncwgltd snowbros socbrawl sokyugrt sonicwi2 sonicwi3 soulclbruc spelunkr spf2t spidmanu splatter ssf2tu ssridersubc strider supermanu superpac superspy suprmrio svc tankbatt tengai tgm2p timeplt tmnt22pu tmnt2po tnzs toobin trackfld tron truxton2 turfmast twincobru uballoon uccopsar umk3 uopoko vanguard vendetta2pw viewpoin vigilantg viostormu vsav2 vsavu wakuwak7 warriorb wboy willowu wjammers wof wow wwfmania wwfsstaru7 wwfwfest xevious xmcotau xmen2pa xmvsfu zaxxon zookeep
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    Ok, Here is a new compile of Arcade64 v0.216 no nag version enjoy馃槑 OK, I updated this version I think when I compiled it I compiled it for AMD and not for intel give this a try and let me know so far it works on my end arcade64.zip
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    Here is the last version of HyperXMLspin for Hyperspin : + create/edit/save favorites that stretch across all systems in one wheel. + create/edit/save search results that stretch across all systems (ie create a Mario wheel from all systems) in one wheel. + create/edit/save console favorites, handheld favorites, arcade favorite genre wheels etc... + as you update your media, you can sync the genres media here by pressing a button so your new media is always up to date in the genre wheels here. + Play directly to game found from HyperXMLspin results view. + Play to any games from Hyperspin wheel created. + Hide/Show HyperXMLspin (MultiSearch or QuickSearch) with an Hotkey. + Compatibility with all launchers (Hyperlaunch & RocketLauncher) + Add a game to its favorites system list with a button when selecting a game from results view. Video tutorial : Text tutorial (also in readme.txt): ************************************************************** **** I - hyperXMLspin : Quick Installation : **** ************************************************************** 1 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 2 / On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 3 / On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 4 / For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** II - hyperXMLspin : Full Installation : **** ************************************************************** With Full installation it will be possible to save lists from mode "show" and "export" lists from HyperXMLspin item databases. If you doesn't need one of this features , just use the Quick Installation from chapter I ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with any name you want , for example : "HyperXMLspin" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. 9 / If you have choosed "HyperXMLspin" as item name : Copy & replace Databases & Media folders from Hyperxmlspin package inside HyperSpin directory. Otherwise rename all "HyperXMLspin" folders & files name by yours , before copying and replacing. ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10/ Launch HyperXMLspin.exe and setup parameters : 11/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperSpin folder (where is located HyperSpin.exe) 12/ On tab menu <General> Select launcher file executable.(Hyperlaunch.exe or RocketLauncher.exe) 13/ On tab menu <General> Select HyperXmlspin item name.(Name given in step 1/) 14/ For advanced parameters look for chapter III. ************************************************************** **** III - hyperXMLspin : Advanced setup : **** ************************************************************** 1 / On tab menu <General> HyperXMLspin language : french or english 2 / On tab menu <General> resolution (fullscreen/window) : 800x600/800x600 , 1024x768/1024x768 , 1280x720/1000x720 et 1920x1080/1380x1010 3 / On tab menu <Controls> Keyboard hotkeys for exit , parameters and hide/show HyperXMLspin. 4 / On tab menu <Controls> virtual keyboard , to show a virtual keyboard inside HyperXMLspin interface. 5 / On tab menu <Controls> Emulate Joystick to mouse and set up joy number and its 8 buttons. 6 / On tab menu <Options> Fullscreen mode allow picture selection for background. 7 / On tab menu <Options> For each HyperXmlspin views set background color , font color , transparency , and police style. 8 / On tab menu <Options> Hide HyperXMLspin on startup. (Then use Hide/Show HyperXMLspin key/button to unhide) 9 / On tab menu <Options> Video preview allow you to watch video games with associated activeX plugin.(Windows media player,VLC to install separately from https://www.videolan.org/,or none) 10/ On tab menu <Options> Parental control Parental to define a PIN code to limit access to parameters and limit HyperXMLspin to "Show" and QuickSearch mode. 11/ On tab menu <Options> Parental Filter to not show mature/adult games in HyperXMLspin and also in HyperSpin (for hyperxmlspin wheels). 12/ On tab menu <Options> Symlinks NTFS to use Symlinks instead of duplicating medias (prevent space on hard drive but only possible with NTFS partition) 13/ On tab menu <Options> Use confirm exit to show a message box and confirm to exit hyperxmlspin. 14/ On tab menu <Options> HyperXMLspin graphical theme.(custom theme must be placed on Themes folder in HyperXMLspin.exe folder) 15/ On tab menu <Update> Check medias to update hyperXMLspin artworks & videos with those from HyperSpin. Allow you to share custom HyperXMLspin wheels.(Look for chapter IV) 16/ On tab menu <Update> Scan Filters to update genres and years lists for HyperXMLspin search engine. ************************************************************** **** IV - hyperXMLspin : Tips **** ************************************************************** 1/ For found games that have same name , HyperXMLspin add a space to distinguish them from others , actually this tip is just working with HyperLaunch For RocketLauncher , edit HyperSpin/settings/settings.ini file then modify "Hyperlaunch_Path" with HyperXMLspin full path ( ex: Hyperlaunch_Path= F:\HyperSpin\HyperXMLspin.exe ) , don't forget to save modifications. 2/ To make an HDD backup with symlinks created by HyperXMLspin , use an NTFS HDD Then use cmd or PowerShell with administrator rights , and use this command line : xcopy /e /b /i /h Path_In Path_out ( ex: xcopy /e /b /i /h C:\HYPERSPIN f:\HyperSpin-backup ) ************************************************************** **** V - hyperXMLspin : functioning : **** ************************************************************** ******HyperXMLspin functioning (QuickSearch) :******** Enter or select at least on search term , then validate.("Tools" button must not be activated) *******HyperXMLspin functioning (MultiSearch) :******* Enter or select at least on search term , select "tools" then : --> Use the "show" function for an immediate search.(Results can be saved if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) --> Use the "create" function to save your search results in an hyperspin "genre" or "main" wheel. --> Use the "Add" function to add the search results to an existing list. The last three functions are usable without search criteria: --> Use the "delete" function to delete an entire list and media..(Use HyperHQ to delete an entire "main" Wheel) --> Use the "edit" function to sort games by genre, year , etc ... or to delete them. --> Use the "Export" fonction to export an hyperXMLspin "genre list as an other "Main or "Genre" list.(only available if HyperXMLspin have been setup as a full installation : Chapter II) Once list have been edited , click "OK". Tip : for multiple search for multiple games separate each keyword/letter with a comma. ************************************************************** **** Sharing HyperXMLspin lists functioning **** ************************************************************** You can share any hyperXMLspin list you want with HyperSpin community , but their compatibility between each users will not be all the time at 100 % : Games from lists are compatible only with lists with same game name and same system name. But you can increase compatibility with function "Update medias" on manual mode. Example with list ABestOfAll created by ninja2bceen (inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) : ************Installation inside Hyperspin*************** 1 / Launch HyperHQ.exe (On tab menu "main menu wizard") add new item with the name of the list , for this example : "ABestOfAll" 2 / To the question : "Does this menu item have a sub-wheel" select "yes". 3 / Select item position inside your system wheel list. (Anywhere you want) 4 / Go to tab menu "wheel settings" , select "HyperXMLspin" wheel then tab menu "emulator" 5 / On field "Executable" : Select HyperXMLspin.exe file previously downloaded and extracted. 6 / On field "Execution" : Normal , "PC game" : Disabled , "Use Full Path To Roms" : Disabled , "Search Subfolders" : Disabled 7 / Leave empty fields : "Rom Path" , "Params" , "Extensions - WinState : Hidden" 8 / Select menu tab "navigation/themes" then checkbox "use xml indexes","Themes only","clones use parent videos","clones use parent themes" then close HyperHQ. Option "Themes Only" allow to hyperspin to not show games not compatible from the shared list.(Do not check this option if you not have at least 1 default theme per system) Open & Check in ini file parameters : "userompath=false" & "searchsubfolders=false". ("HyperSpin\Setting\HyperXMLspin.ini" for this example) 9 / Copy xml list ("ABestOfAll.xml" inside package Databases\ABestOfAll) inside hyperspin databasest ("/Hyperspin/databases/ABestOfAll/ABestOfAll.xml" for this example) ****************Setup HyperXMLspin********************** 10 / Launch HyperXMLspin.exe then go to parameters. 11 / On menu tab <Update> click "Check medias" then select updating mode : Auto mode checked : all fully compatible medias will be automaticly copyed if found. Auto mode unchecked: you will have to choose each systems & games not found automaticly with systems or games you have. 12 / Select list to update ("ABestOfAll" for this example) then click "update". (hyperxmlspin main lists have "***" at begining and ending of their name) So now, media directory of this list contain all artworks and videos you already have. (your Video et artworks files have not been modified or deleted but just copyed or "symlinked") ABestOfAll.xml file created by ninja2bceen contain 245 games. With my configuration , after an auto scan i got 130 fully compatible , then after a manual scan i got 63 more...total : 193/245 results depend from each HyperSpin database users, and so may be different from others users. As a normal list , each shared lists can be edited in hyperxmlspin to add , delete or sort as you prefer each games. ************************************************************** **** VI - hyperXMLspin : About **** ************************************************************** Report me buggs or ask me your questions to : [email protected] Thanks also to beta tester : ninja2bceen,potts43,ghutch92 & arshesney. Thanks also to donators that have contributed to HyperXMLspin development. To help me : use donate button on menu tab "About" inside parameters panel. Application created with Autohotkey. That's all folks , now : Search,play,enjoy !!!
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    Version 1.0.2


    Program that starts many programs along with HS, and closes all of them when the HS closes Just list the full path where the program you want to open along with the HS write 1 per line
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    Version 1.0.0


    Theme ,Video and Logo
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here are a set of game and bios moving scripts to sort out your games for what belong where if like me you have a mixed up directory of files. It will take the files and make a new directory with the files that belong in bios folder it makes . Its a fast way to get rid of unnessary files that take up space where they dont need to be.. put the bat file of the coresponding name into the directory that needs sorting. Run the file and bingo it sorts the game and bios files for you
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    EDIT: 2/28/2019 I've had a few PMs that it hasn't worked since they merged MESS with regular MAME. I'm looking into it, will fix if I can, but I'm honestly shocked there would still be a need for this for anybody. People in the community maintain and share HyperSpin XMLs, that is where you should look should you feel a need to use this tool. This will create Hyperspin databases based on MESS romsets. The databases will include name, description, manufacturer, and year.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I upload a 3D boxset for SUPER FAMICOM NINTENDO according to the last database developpement with the 527 games. I made a set for 4:3 and a set for 16/9. I add an optional pack for 16:9 user in order to have the horizontal boxes aligned on the left with vertical if using an hyperspin themes. I give us the last database xml used for it. Since I'm not entirely satisfied, I will do a V.2 version soon. I have ever made the 3D carts witch is available on the download section and compatible with this pack. hope you like it.
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    Version 1.0


    517 wheels and 52 alternates, coinciding with database 1.1 of 11 Oct. 2017 Credits: @diskmach - Project Lead, Wheel Creator, Source Art Collector @32assassin - Wheel Creator @Black Hazor - Wheel Creator @agent47 - Database Link to thread Link to database
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    Version 0.0.206beta1


    This is the mame xml databases full lists generator application : Generate Mame xml full lists of any version you want. Auto-Download all ini files necessary for generate Mame xml full lists. You can create your own Files from mame (official) sorted by : working or All games(including non-working) number of Players (from 1p to 9p) Genres (48 genre lists + 1 "new" genre list for games added from the current version) Manufacturers (26 lists of the most important manufacturers) Years (5 lists by decade of years) Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,In/Not in Dir,Others...) Same thing for Folders: Manufacturers , Genre , Years , Players , and all Extras : These lists will have the same directory/lists created : For ex : Genre "Fighter","Soccer","Adventure","Capcom","Sega","1970-1979","2p sim".... will have : working or All games(including non-working) Genres (49 genre lists) number of Players (from 1p to 9p) Manufacturers (26 lists max) Years (5 lists max) Extras (Controls,Buttons,Sound Channels,Screens,Languages,Versions,Best games,in/Not in Dir,Others...)
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    Version v3.3.10.2


    AGRADECIMIENTOS: A toda la comunidad HS entre otros. Supermomo93 BoOgieman Jose Maria Tojo Gil ___________________ KIT BASE COMPATIBILIDAD ALTA CON HS & RL SOFTWARE DE TERCEROS SUB WHEELS NO NECESITAS DE RUTAS PREDEFINIDAS NI DE VARIOS EJECUTABLES PARA HACERLO FUNCIONAR. Esta aplicaci贸n permite iniciar a HS en modo sub wheels. Filtrando el men煤 principal con las entradas almacenadas en un archivo XML que le permite crear configuraciones de varios niveles con sus parametros. - Main Menu con mas de 800 sistemas. CONDICIONES: - NO DENOMINAR DOS O MAS SISTEMAS ID脡NTICOS. - TODOS LOS MEDIOS DE COMUNICACI脫N DE LAS CATEGOR脥AS CREADAS (WHEELS, THEMES, VIDEOS) ESTAR脕N CONTENIDOS EN EL "MAIN MENU" Y CADA SISTEMA EN SU CARPETA ORIGINAL Teclas asignadas: Ingresar al nivel >> "1" Salir del nivel >> "Esc" - Hacer un backup antes de... Si desea modificar las rutas hay una carpeta denominada "Tools" encontraras la herramienta Fart muy usada en a帽os modifica el bat con tu nueva ruta copia el exe y el bat a la raiz de RHS o carpeta donde tengas esta instalaci贸n y ejecuta el bat y renombrara todas las rutas (Precauci贸n esto renombrara todo los settings) - Instale Wallpaper Engine v1.1.0 para tener un fondo en el escritorio y desactive el sonido. https://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/Wallpaper_Engine/ - Los medios de comunicaci贸n Wheels (Silver) y Themes lo subir茅 en su apartado adecuado con menci贸n a este apartado, creo que los v铆deo no puedo subirlos porque infringir铆a las reglas de la comunidad. - Cualquier tema referente al funcionamiento dar茅 un apoyo.
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    Version 1.0.2 locked jpg fix


    Hey there. Here is something for ppl that are looking for it Its action script for Adobe Photoshop that will make double sided 3d box from template. Use the box template to make full two sided artwork. Export it as png , open and run script! Do not run script on psd... This is example of finished png before action script Have fun! Thanks to @Robin55 from Launchbox forum for original 3d template
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    Version 1.0.4


    Hypert00ls with options for SYNOPSIS, DEVELOPERS, PLAYERS Built from source and modified by me.
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    Not sure if a solution has been offered since, but I've stumbled on a simple fix that works in Windows. In each subfolder, create a shortcut to the cue file "gamename.cue". Then rename the shortcut to "gamename". Then move the shortcut to the parent, main rom folder. Now open HyperHQ and include the "lnk" file extension under the appropriate wheel. That's it! Now you should be able to keep files in rom subfolders and use the "rom only" filter for Hyperspin. I've found this same fix also works for Wii U game folders in dealing with wux and rpx files. Doesn't completely eliminate the clutter, but should cut it at least in half, especially games with multiple bin files.
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    Version 1.0.1


    HyperSpin MAME Renamer is a Windows application that will take a HyperSpin XML file, a MAME softlist XML file, a folder containing ROMs, and multiple artwork folders. It will then use this information to rename the ROMs and artwork files so that they correspond to the MAME short name. The application works in two stages. When you have entered your file/folder details it will process the data in the two XML files and attempt to automatically map the data. Various options for how data should be mapped are available: Automatically map games based on CRC values - When a game has the same CRC value in the HyperSpin database and the MAME XML file then it will be considered a match. Automatically map games where the name is an exact match (excluding ROM tags) - If a game cannot be matched by CRC then it will perform a fuzzy name search. If this option is selected then any games with the same name, apart from ROM tags such as (Europe), (USA) etc. will be considered a match. Automatically select the best name where no exact match is available - If a game cannot be matched by CRC or exact name then the best match will be automatically selected. This option is off by default. You will be able to review the mappings on the "Mappings" tab, as well as manually amend the mappings by using the drop-down in the "Map To" column. This games listed in the drop-down are ordered by how close the names match. Note that when a game was matched by CRC only that game will appear in the list since we can be certain we have the right game and therefore don't need to do the fuzzy name search. Once you are happy with the mappings, click the "Rename" button to proceed. The application will then use the mappings to rename the files. Optionally, the application can also verify that the ROM files match the CRC values in the MAME XML file as part of this process. The files will be written to the output folder in the following structure: HyperSpin XML file.xml - A copy of the HyperSpin database file, with the names updated to use the MAME short names and the CRC values updated to those expected by MAME. - Roms - The ROMs folder will contain the renamed ROMs. These will be automatically put into .zip files so that they can be used with MAME. - Artwork - This folder will contain sub-folders for each artwork folder you selected. The names of the sub-folders will match the names of the input artwork folders e.g. if you selected C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Artwork4 then you will get a sub-folder called "Artwork4" Source code to the application is available here: https://github.com/ChrisSimpson/Hyperspin-MAME-Renamer
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    IMPORTANT - READ FIRST My English is not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes. Warning: When using HA, Do Not set your current ROMs folder as Output folder... this can DELETE ALL ROMS in that folder. Use a New Folder as Output. (Its not just like that, i use HA with my roms folder as output all the time, HA also warn you before delete the files in that folder to create new ones, but you have to be careful. Anyway Better to be sure all people get the message) In the current RocketLauncher version the Launch Menu don't work with the files produced by this app, the RL team is aware of this and will fix the problem. HyperArchiver What is HyperArchiver? Hyperarchiver is an application that takes an Hyperspin XML Database and an UNZIPPED roms folder, compare both (CRC and Filename Compare) and outputs a series of Zip or 7z archives that represents every game in the Database, each one of these archives containing all versions for that given game. Also it generates a RomsMapping.ini file that can be used with RocketLauncher to display the "Launch Menu" and let you select the vesion of the game you want to play. You don't Know what i'm talking about? You MUST READ http://www.rlauncher...le=Rom_Mapping for more info of Rom Mapping, Launch menu and RocketLauncher in general and how to use this tools before continue. You MUST READ the included HyperArchiver readme file, wich contains detailled information on how to use the app. Quick Start I made this program to create a multi-region hyperspin instalation that let me select the English, Spanish (if there is a Spanish version) and sometimes Japanese version of a rom, but it can be used with any languaje / region, include hacks and other rom versions. Extract all the Roms of a full rom set in a temp folder... delete the regions you don't want to be included in the search (Japan, Germany, Etc.) using windows search feature . Create a new folder somewhere to store the Zip/7z Files, and set it as Output Folder in HyperArchiver. Use HyperArchiver to find all matches of every game (How to? read included HyperArchiver readme file). Once the search process as ended you can make some changes to the results using the HyperArchiver Files Editor and then compress all the files in 7zip or Zip formats. Finally open the Rom Mappings folder (inside HA folder) and copy the Rom Mapping.ini file to your RocketLauncher/Settings/[sYSTEM NAME]/Rom Mapping folder to use the ultra cool "Launch Menu". Remember to enable Rom Mapping and Launch menu in RocketLauncherUI or the Launch Menu will not work. (More info in http://www.rlauncher...tle=Rom_Mapping) In short: A picture is worth a thousand words MAME and Other Arcade Systems HyperArchiver works with single file roms, and not with MAME-like romsets, for that purpose I included a 鈥淐lone Rom Mapping Maker鈥 based on the script created Bleasby (Thanks) that creates the Rom Mapping.ini for use with Launch Menu based in the parent/clones relationship of the games. This way you can have just the MAME parents in your front end, and the launch menu will allow you to select the clones of that game. Bugs HyperArchiver was made for my own usage, has not ben tested so much and its in a really earlier version, I have little time to work in it so I decide to release it right now. My English it鈥檚 not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes. You can send me notifications of errors as PM in the Hyperspin Forums (User: Knewlife) including: 鈥 Operative System 鈥 Screenshot 鈥 What is supposed to happen 鈥 What happen really 鈥 What you were doing when the error occurs? 鈥 Can you duplicate the error? Do not expect a quick answer. The donwload include a readme file with more information and source code (Autoit3 code) ... please coment what you think Older versions of the app can be found in this post: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/1931-hyperarchiver-0007
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    Super Nintendo Entertainment System System Default Themes. Artwork 4 for box art
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    Version 20150615


    Default - Model 3 - Game Wheel Pack
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    Version 20150528


    Diablo (USA) - (PC Games) I used Allan1's smoke particle preset, it's awesome. Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    A utility designed for simple ROM matching against HyperSpin databases. Introduction: Okay, I'm back again this time with a brand new invention (no not a play on Vanilla Ice) that might help my fellow gamers setup their HyperSpin ROMS more efficiently. Now for those of you whom don't know me my name is Ronald or "rain" here on the forums and I am a computer software designer whom programs applications designed mostly for video gaming. I have tried a lot of the other systems out there and I am not sure about you guys but I personally don't feel safe using bulk renamers (as they tend to do more harm than good, and promote an all around sense of laziness.) So, I rebuilt an application that I orignally programmed back in 2010 that help me setup my HyperSpin setup (consisting of over 92 seperate systems) HyperMatch allows you to audit your systems individually to find missing ROM files (as they pertain to the HyperSpin databases), it then allows you to run a fuzzy match on the missing file, and then you can either remove the missing game from you HyperSpin database, rename a file or disregard it all together. I have used this program for a few years now, but just now got around to coding it for HyperSpin 2.0 databases. Setting Up HyperMatch: HyperMatch must be ran from the HyperSpin root folder (as it reads your database & settings files), so whenever you download the application make sure you unzip it to the correct folder otherwise HyperMatch will not work. The User Interface: Whenever you first open HyperMatch you will see a basic window that displays a list of the systems it has detected were in your HyperSpin installation, from this interface you can scan a system, rename ROM files, delete missing ROM files from your system database. (see fig 1) Using the drop down menu you should then select a system in which you would like to audit, once you have done so you will then click on the button labeled 'Audit System.' After a few moments (depending upon the size of your database) you will then see a list of missing ROM files appear in the top window. (see fig 2) Once your missing ROM files list has been populated you can then click on an item and choose which action you wish to perform on the file such as Fuzzy Match or Remove From Database. If you would like to run a name search on the missing file you can than set the Fuzzy Match tolerance to a desired percentile (I personally use 0.4), and then click the button labeled 'Fuzzy Match.' After which your ROM folder is scanned for a list of potential ROM's that might be misnamed. (see fig 3) Once the list of potential matches has been populated you can then click on the ROM name from the bottom list and select the button labeled 'Rename Selected.' Once you have done so you will then be asked for confirmation, provided you choose yes than the file will be renamed to the new database compliant name. (see fig 4 & 5) The same process as above is used whenever removing files from a HyperSpin database. A Word of Caution: HyperMatch was not designed to handle MAME renaming, please do not use this tool in attempt to make your MAME database compliant, there are much better tools suited for that such as ClrMamePro. Using this application on MAME will 100% screw it up, so never, ever do it!
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    Version 20080829


    Choplifter (8751 315-5151) - choplift (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 1.14.1


    Basically, this little program is full of features, but its main purpose is to lower (or mute) the volume after a time of idle and to bring it back when you move or press anything. Any suggestions? Let me know. Some features. Set the volume to a percent of the current volume after an amount of time (This is the default). Just mute the audio after an amount of time (Works on XP) Force the volume to a certain percent at startup. Force the volume to a certain percent when going idle (A definable percent instead of a percent of current volume). Definable FadeOut delay and FadeIn delay. Full-fledged application launcher with working dir, delay and restart options. Exceptions. You specify the exe file(s) you want. If one of them is active, it will not go idle. Volume per program. has the ability to change the volume to a certain percent if a process (program) is running. Splashscreen when idle. Shows some fancy graphics (optionally) that works like a screensaver when idle. Right click it in the traybar for a menu. A few more advanced options. Do not be alarmed by the number of options for it. Run it as it is to start with and then you can start fiddling with the settings.
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    Version 20100531


    Maximum Speed - maxspeed (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20140816


    Tondemo Crisis (Japan) - tondemo (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20080830


    Fast Freddie - fastfred (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 20080630


    Time Killers (v1.32) - timekill (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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    Version 1.2.1


    This Python script filter and clean your sets of games (roms and Mame) depending on your configuration. You can filter by country, genre and romc only take the best dump as possible. Finaly, romc will generate the HyperSpin database of the set you cleaned. Find more informations and get the latest version on the GitHub : https://github.com/bsymon/romc You need Python 2.7 (https://www.python.org/downloads/) , and these dependencies : lxml, BeautifulSoup, google Use pip to install the dependencies : https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/user_guide.html#installing-packages pip is bundled by default with Python 2.7. Changelog 1.2.2 Fixed the covers was named with the cleaned name, instead of the original name. Update Rom parser regex, for better filtering. 1.2.1 Better name cleaning. Name like "King of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood" are now cleaned like this : "The King of Fighters EX2 - Howling Blood" 1.2 Updated you can now download covers for your games (only with JVC API).
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    Version 20150518


    Default - Neo Geo MVS - Game Wheel Pack
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    I found this app online and works great for hyperlaunch aka rocket launch media. It works great for stuff like manuals etc that have to be in their own "folder" and you cant just have the file names in the root. For instance instance in the manual folder of hyperlaunch say you have 100 manuals. First you'll want to use fatmatch to match up the names of the manuals to your games. Once they have all been renamed properly and you have unzipped this, just right click your mouse and select "files 2 folder", once clicked the document will create its own folder and place the document in there. If you chose to do all of your media, hold down ctrl or use shift to select them all and click "files 2 folders" by right clicking. This time you'll get a different option in the pop up. To get a folder for each file individually use the second option named move each file to indivudal subfolders based on their names. This makes managing hyperlaunch media a breeze with creating folders for your content hyperspin forum: http://www.iconarchi...-by-harwen.html Click here to download this file
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