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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Sorry the app was broken. I'm working on a quick update to fix compatibility. It's been years since I've looked at this so I'm running into various build/env issues and I don't have an ETA. It should be easy but I've already spent more hours than I expected. I'm expecting an update in 2-3 weeks, but that's not a promise since I'm uncertain about the fixes required yet. While I'm at it, I intend to fix the issue raised with Retroarch as well. Cheers!
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  2. Version 0.239


    NOTE: This does NOT interfere with the Leader boards at all. **This removes the nag screen that informs you if a rom doesn't work correctly, or if at all, if you use this no nag, then please do NOT go to the mame support site with issues with games, please only use if you understand that there will be no help from anyone at mamedev as you are using a modified version of mame. mame.exe - Normal Mame with Nags removed. For Version 0.239 (Note mame no longer carries the 64 in its exe name changed by Devs in 0.229) It's advisable to download the full 0.239 official pack and install it, then just overwrite the exe with the replacement, this covers any changes the mame devs may have made to the support files. After you have done this, make sure you copy the folders artwork, ctrlr, cheat, hlsl, ini, folders and the ini files from the root of your original mame folder, and move/copy them to the new install. make sure in the mame.ini file you have the following set. Skip_gameinfo 1
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  3. Hi guys, Just letting you know that I'm aware that HyperSpin isn't working on NVIDIA Shield / Android 11. While I'm still in the process of debugging the problem(s) with it, for the reasons mentioned in my previous post, it's unlikely that I'll be able to do much about Android 11 support by hacking and reverse engineering the APK. The changes needed to keep the app alive are sophisticated and beyond my abilities as a programmer. In order to make it work with Android 11 someone would need to reverse engineer the native layer of the application and retrofit support for Storage Access Framework and Android 11 compatible API calls + permissions. As of now, the best advice that I can give to anyone that really needs HyperSpin is to stick with older versions of Android. If one of the developers with access to the source code decides to put the work to fix the app, my offer to contribute my small "patch" to fix RetroArch compatibility upstream still remains. I wish that I had better news, but unfortunately it looks like this time only the actual development team is in a position to do something about it. Kind regards,
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  4. 1,599 downloads

    put this in the rocketlauncher\module\mame to fix the current error message. THanks
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  5. Version [BETA 3]


    New Version: Main Menu Changer [bETA 3] BETA 3 IMPORTANT CHANGE: Now you can use the new MMCLauncher app to launch all your apps including HyperSpin, this fix various issues and is the recommended way to use MMC now. 1- Edit MMCLauncher.ini with your Hyperspin path. 2- Add more apps fallowing the same format if you need. This way the apps you need run once and not every time MMC relaunch HyperSpin. 3- Delete any app from HyperHQ startup app. (Yes, quit killExplorer as start app And let MMCExit as exit app) 4- Run MMCLauncher every time you need to run HyperSpin, so all needed operations like changing wallpaper or kill Explorer.exe, occur before Hyperspin launch. This change is not present it Video Tutorials or other Documents, so the old setups are still possible for retro-compativility. If you setup is working fine, don't touch it Windows 10 aparently don't need Wallpaperchange enabled, just RestoreExplorer will kill windows explorer and hidde the wallpaper. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This app lets you change your main menu, filtering the entries stored in one XML file and allow you to create multiple level setups (HyperSpin allows a 2 leves setup normally). Note: The setup and MMCHQ part of the program needs more testing, as the version says it's still BETA, please fallow the setup tutorials and report any problems in the support topic. This app Works in 3 modes: MODE 1 - Normal Mode: A subwheel contains all the Filter Items, you can chose to Close Hyperspin Automatically or just configure the Main Menu with the selected filter and go back manually using normal FE controls. MODE 2 - SubWheels Mode: The filters are in the main menu Wheel and HS is closed and open again to load the results of the filtering process. You must scroll until you found a "BACK" item that will lead you to the previous main menu. MODE 3 - SubWheels Mode with NO "BACK" entry: The filters are in the main menu Wheel and HS is closed and open again to load the results of the filtering process. You can use the Frontend back key to go back, no special item need to be added to databases. What's New MainMenuChanger HQ: New app that let you edit xml files with diffrent apps and take care of save the modifications to the correct places. MainMenuChanger "First Run" Wizard: If you are making a new install of MMC, the app will copy the necesary files and tell you what needs to be done to make MainMenuCHanger work. Wallpaper Change: Change the wallpaper by a black one and back to a file of your choise on HS launch/close. Ini version check: If you are updating from 2016-04-04 version, the new ini options will be added and, so you current ini should work with this 0.0.1 version. Wheels and art included (Some wheels by spotUP) Setup: Download MainMenuChanger_0.0.1.1_BETA.7z For all setup modes. Set Antivirus exeptions. Set all exes included to run with administrator provileges (right click -> propieties -> compativility -> run as administrator) Set all exes as secure (in propieties) so Windows dont ask before execute any of them. [*]Mode 1 and 2 have diffrent video tutorials. Mode 3 setup is almost identical to mode 2 with the fallowing diferences: In settings you must select mode 3, not mode 2 ( ) In setings you must set RestoreExplorer to True (This kills and restore windows explorer to avoid the desktop to flash for a seccond when you go back a level of wheels) Optionally you can set the option WallpaperCHange to true to change you wallpaper to a black one on HS launch. Tutorials Mode 3 Tutorial (By maabus) Here is a text based instructions on how to setup sub wheels in Mode 3 with no back button. I only went over one level of wheels and sub wheels, and one category. Just follow the steps again to add more. It looks like a lot of work, but it really isn't. It should only take about 5 minutes to setup at least on category. I tried to explain what everything does to my understanding so that also added to the length of the instructions. Try out the instructions and let me know if anything is not clear.
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  6. Version 1.5.1


    WARNING: The latest Windows 10 2004 update released on May 27, 2020 breaks HyperSpin, we are working on a solution but do not have one yet. Please roll back or do not update to this version to use HyperSpin. HyperSpin 1.5.1 NOTE: IF DOWNLOAD IS FAILING PLEASE DISABLE ANTIVIRUS 1.5.1 Support for Windows 10 v1083 Added support for animated wheels (http://hyperspin-fe.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=62249) 1.4.16 Added video smoothing 1.4.15 Added can now use default theme for main menu. Whats different about having a default theme as some may now is that they don't get reloaded when going from one item to next that don't have themes. This allows for a cleaner experience vs reloading individual copies of default themes. Added if a theme doesn't have a background in the zip file then it was only attempting to load a png background, from the backgrounds folder of the item name. Now it can load swf and also default.png and default.swf. Added Shortcut key F6 to toggle fullscreen and windowed. For windowed to work resolution must be set to resolution lower than fullscreen. Added Ledblinky 9 for main menu and Ledblinky 8 for switching menus (not sure if this one is even needed) Fixed - HyperSpin not shutting down sometimes. 1.4.14 Fixed issue when launching certain software/emulators and HS taking focus. Fixed background music not working. Put music in Media\System\Sound\Background Music\Name.mp3 1.4.13 Fixed mp4 looping causing stuttering or black video Fixed returning from emu causing moving 1 wheel item when spinner is enabled Added Horizontal Wide wheel style for widescreen themes that can fit more wheel items 1.4.12 Fixed spinner and trackball only working in 1 direction Changed more fixes to joy controls. 1.4.11 Changed made some changes to joystick behavior, POV was interferring with analog and vice versa Fixed joystick not being able to stop intro video Fixed returning to HS from certain emulators causes HS to be squished. Fixed main menu always returning to last_system used when starting even though last_game is off. 1.4.10 Fixed no speakers bug, no speakers or headphones plugged in would crash HS Fixed HL relative path issue(i think) 1.4.9 Fixed strobe animation not working. I had to slow it down, due to the speed up of the new HS, i had to slow it down by a factor of 4 to get it to even work. So if it doesn't match up with HyperTheme, you know why. Fixed themes freezing when exiting theme. Fixed joystick support (i think) 1.4.8 Fixed skip up and skip down number not working Fixed letter wheel using wrong direction per wheel style Fix pin style was backwards, moves left to right now Added ability to use mp4 as intro video 1.4.7 Fixed % in filename issue when playing videos. Changed the behavior of pin and horizontal wheels due to a lot of complaints. Left and Right move the wheel and Up and Down select the letter wheel. The directions are fixed and should behave as expected now. 1.4.6 Added smoothing to letter images. Changed path to HScript, delete your old HScript.ahk and autohotkey.dll, Unzip now the script is in \Scripts\HScript\HScript.ahk, this allows the autohotkey.dll not to interfere with the one other programs use in the main root, sorry to those that got their old autohotkey.dll overwritten. 1.4.5 Release to private beta 1.4.4 Changed - See above Fixed - HyperLaunch error, hopefully. 1.4.3 Added - Allow relative path to launcher i.e ( .\Folder\HyperLaunch.exe") where the dot represents the HyperSpin directory. Doesn't do relative double dots though for going up a folder. Added - Disable item in main menu i.e ( <game name="MAME" enabled = "0"/>, just add enabled ="0" to any system and it will disable it. if there is no enabled attribute or you have it set to 1 then the game will show. Added - Disable item in sub menu , same as above. 1.4.2 Added - Smoothing to special artwork png's Added - HyperLaunch not forced as launcher. You can now set the full path to the launcher in the ini. Has to be fullpath\launcher.exe in the ini file. If your hyperlaunch isn't working then you must add hyperlaunch.exe to your hyperlaunch path in the ini. Added - Can run a script everytime you land on a wheel item to allow scripters to add interactive features to HS. The script is located in a new scripts folder called "Scripts".
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  7. Hello everybody, Since the last update of the nvidia shield TV (Android 11) hyperspin no longer works. A message indicates that it is no longer compatible with this version of Android. Do you know if a hyperspin apk update will be made?
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  8. hello there, where can we send you donations for support?
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  9. Hi, thanks hope I could success with this update regards
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  10. I'm sure MANY people will be VERY grateful! I just put in over a month of work making tweaks to my collection, the prospect of never playing it on my Shield is very sad, I just got it to where I was happy. I appreciate your effort. Thanks!
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  11. I finished this last year (mostly) after three years of trial and error. And I made some custom themes as I couldn't find any I liked. Sadly, I'm still tinkering with it.
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  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I upload a 3D boxset for SUPER FAMICOM NINTENDO according to the last database developpement with the 527 games. I made a set for 4:3 and a set for 16/9. I add an optional pack for 16:9 user in order to have the horizontal boxes aligned on the left with vertical if using an hyperspin themes. I give us the last database xml used for it. Since I'm not entirely satisfied, I will do a V.2 version soon. I have ever made the 3D carts witch is available on the download section and compatible with this pack. hope you like it.
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  13. Version 1.0.0


    alright all, I've uploaded all the work done to make main menu changer work for mode 3. Lots of work needed to be done to stream line it and list of updates are below +You'll find the main menu database folder in it, supports 120 systems and hypersearch on all wheels! +An updated hyperspeech thanks to boogieman so that siri doesn't yell at you each time you close hyperspin that connection was lost. +Created 2 alternative gif files for main menu loader. +Added the wheels I created and themes that were non bakerman related. You can get his category themes from launchbox. +Updated the randomizer so the intro video only launches on the first launch and it still randomizes the video. +Finally with all these hyperspins opening and closing the system tray was getting a lot of orphan icons so I got a script to deal with that and upon closing hyperspin, you should only have 1 set of orphan icons which I don't think there is any way around cleaning that up unless you physically run the exe again manually or hover over the system tray
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) Sistema: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulador: Teknoparrot ) Tema do Jogo + 3x Wheels + Video do Jogo + Screenshot Nome do arquivo: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Créditos: Leonardombn e hamurades Agradecimentos: Ao amigo hamurades pela ajuda na criação do tema do jogo. *Game Wheel Circular Opcional - Créditos: POOTERMAN Canal do Youtube: PlayClassics BR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Grupo do Facebook: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/ Game Theme - Storm Racer Gravity - (16:9) System: Sega Ring - Hardware Namco ES3 ( Emulator: Teknoparrot ) Game Theme + 3x Wheels + Game Video + Screenshot File name: Storm Racer Gravity by leonardombn.zip *Game Theme - Crédits: Leonardombn and hamurades Thanks: To friend hamurades for help in creating the game theme. *Game Wheel Circular Optional - Crédits: POOTERMAN Youtube Channel: PlayClassics BR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCokOAQLJcmn9CcjRAWGeo7Q Facebook Group: Hyperspin Owner https://www.facebook.com/groups/117061698939066/
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  15. Version 1.0.0


    Theme by THK. Animated by rondar.
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  16. Version 20120921


    Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 - (Taito Type X)
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  17. Version 20100604


    Metal Slug 6 - mslug6 (Atomiswave) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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  18. Version 20101215


    Rail Chase 2 - rchase2 (Model 2) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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  19. Version 20090830


    Gang Busters (set 1) - gbusters (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
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