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  1. boot_sequence

    Makaron (Naomi) JVS.ini help!

    I found that my JVS.ini file would revert back to original settings after I changed keys for my system. I saved my edited .ini and then made the file "read only" this did the trick! now my controls work as I need them to.
  2. boot_sequence

    Legacy my first 4 player build.

    sweet! nice work:)
  3. boot_sequence

    Mame 0.155

    will this necessitate an xml for0.155? I see the .154 available in hyperlist
  4. boot_sequence

    HyperSync Newbie got it going! THANKS

    thanks for all the posts out there and replies from the big names! I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do after my hypersync was setup but showing "system not configured".. eventually I read that I needed to click on the arcade cabinet icon under the HOME tab. silly i know. thanks again people! this a the realization of a long term dream come true thanks to the dedication and success of many here.
  5. it works! using mednafen, using HyperLaunch, using cue, daemon tools no longer set in the HS AHK for this emu (listed under TurboGrafx CD), the thing that made it launch for me was ticking the box "use full path to ROMS" WHAM! now to set full screen :-) thank you all