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  1. Try this one: https://wallpapersafari.com/download/UKbZXs/
  2. Wikipedia says there are 37 games. What is this DB based on? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Duck Are all games dumped? Thanks for your work!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Pinball FX3 Framed Main Menu Wheel Crylen Style
  4. Unfortunately it's been a lot of time without any HS updates and a lot of people is moving to other frontends. Hope there's a revolution soon, so we can keep this project alive.
  5. Is there any date for the premiere?
  6. You can change the used module in RL if the default one is not the one you want.
  7. For Bezels I would use RocketLauncher with HyperSpin. You will be able to configure everything much easier too! You can try with my Bezels set here: And here for Handhelds (I will reupload in a few hours, because Amazon link is down right now)
  8. To start: Download ALL cores from RetroArch (none will miss ). And search for "RetroArch bios pack" on google and add all bios to "system" folder in side your RetroArch. You will save a lot of time doing this.
  9. Great! Check how much systems can you emulate just with MAME and RetroArch. I would start with this two emulators.
  10. Many thanks! Is this based on latest HBMAME PD set?
  11. LOL! If you have any questions, just ask me! i will be happy to help you!
  12. Here you can check my PDF of the systems i emulate and which emulator i use. HyperSpin_General.pdf
  13. Joystick 1 Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right, H, J, K, L Joystick 2 Keys: G, B,V,N, Z, X, A,S XBOX 1 Keys: E,D,S,F,Q,W,R,T. (Doesn't matter if is loaded as P1, or P3) XBOX 2 Keys: Y,U,I,O,M,C,?,? (Doesn't matter if is loaded as P2, or P4) It doesn't matter how is it loaded because keys are different. It would matter if keys were the same on Joys and Xbox. The same keys must be configured on the emulator (in this case MAME).
  14. It doesn't really matter if it loads P1 and P2 or P3 and P4. Because Joystics are loaded with WINIPAC profiles as keyboard keys, and XBOX are loaded with Xpadder also as keyboard keys too. So you can load Joy1, Joy2 and XBOX1, XBOX2 named P1 and P2 but with different keys as the joystick ones. Don't know if i explain right.
  15. I can just have only P3 and P4 for Xbox if i just want to use 2 joys and 2 xbox for 4 players games.
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