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  1. KOF Collection is done !  Also 6 Collection Fullset médias available for my patrons  ! Support the creation , support my work on the frontends and rise your interface ! ;)



    1. pademonium


      Not convinced ? 


  2. If you don't know the channel! come and say hello! Rise Your Frontend ! :)



  3. i love your theme work mate can i request a english pal version of snes and master system and a few others which arent there yet like n64 and msdos games turbo grafix 16 nec pc engine etc game gear thanks regards les and keep up the outstanding work.

    1. pademonium


      Thank you relic I try to do the best, glad you like it! For themes on the channel there is only about 30% of my real content, I was forced to remove everything and create a patreon, when I'm certain they are selling hard drives with my content, 64 I have already done the snes in English, for the master system I made 3 version but it is true that you may not find them all online

    2. relic


      oh where can i get your new stuff mate cheers 

  4. A unified version of my Zelda Collection.

  5.  Castlevania Collection Full set  it's done ! Who's the next ?! (compatible all frontends)

    1. NEO207


      where can i download this? it looks amazing!!! (i also commented on youtube) ?

  6. Resident Evil Collection on Hyperspin most complete!

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