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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.

Hypersync and the FTP are currently down to change servers. Thank you for your patience.


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File Comments posted by pademonium

  1. I do not understand why you have no comment even a thank you, given the work. So congratulations, a little too sub menus to my taste I like when it's more sober and when it goes to the basics, but I like it a lot.

    I'm on the theme pinball to the fact :) I try to find a hook more dynamic but it should not be too late to go out

    You would not be a little fan of terminator?

    later domus ;)


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  2. 6 hours ago, ghostlost said:




    It's hard to know when it's a joke or truth when you do not speak the same native language!
    Especially when using Google Translate.
    Putting watermarks on my creations was a moment of revolt, I confess!
    But I'm changing my mind, the good part is that most of us who wear our stockings are good people and only use for themselves in their Arcade, Bartop or PC.
    And it's for these people that we have to think!

    I think he just wanted to troll to relax the atmosphere lol
    I was two fingers to make a cinematic theme with a signature in 4: 3 but it preceded me! GG @cataclysm67  :D

  3. It's clear, the simple fact of knowing that you are at least on 50% of hyperspin systems does not make you feel good? (and again 50% neo I would have said more) even here in France in the small world emulation almost everyone knows who it is ghost lost :)her half of the percentage is James who recovers (hello james! ^^)we get the crumbs, Besides, we should think of leaving a little.... :p So be proud of your work and we are more than one to appreciate, people who enjoy it is clear there are some! But it's like everywhere and for everything ... But I do not blame you for the fact that you sign your work on the contrary! Keep doing what you do! to the pleasure ghost and see you soon in the good mood: p

  4. 1 hour ago, ghostlost said:

    If you do not mind the others earning money with your work there is your problem, I care a lot!
    One way or another no more, now they'll have my name, they'll only be able to remove it if they know how to tinker at least in programs like Adobe Photohop and Adobe Animate.
    Otherwise they will have to swallow throat down my signature in stockings.

    If you agree, I am 300% of the same opinion as you. I tried to joke :) We talk about content for video games "emulated" for 80% of cases, and basically the media that we use does not belong to us precisely, we also borrows the work of others ... (publishers, developers, designers) We must give back to Cesar what belongs to Caesar. But I understand you.
    I am accused every week of the fact that I leave my siganture but apart from the fact that I want to claim my work I also want to protect him. On the French forum we are uncompromising with those who come to pick without credit or without asking. Go courage you make a great job ghosts and it always has,  soon! :)
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  5. 11 hours ago, ghostlost said:

    No issues with Deslike, I do not even care!
    What I really care about is the Hyperspin salespeople!
    They take my creations and put them to sell and not even give me the credits, who will tell the money of the sale!
    So from now on I put watermarks on my creations and so I force salespeople to divulge me.
    You should do the same as it is Content Creator!

    That's partly why I leave my signature, anyway whatever you do if they want your themes they will always get them by one way or another, we can not do much, we do not care anyway we can create to infinity: p

  6. 22 hours ago, ligalegend said:

    Thanx bro. Appreciate it ! Unfortunately someone did everything in their power to get my Youtube channel shut down.  That's what happened. More then 100 of videos thrown out the garbage.  I started a new one. About anime and games theme beats and music. I'd really appreciate if became a follower ! ;)  Check it out. 


    Who did that? I find that frankly disgusting ... It's jealousy or good? I am well placed to know what it means to work, and share it as we do without asking anyone I do not see where the problem is, I do not understand why want to close your chain, there was nothing to win on the contrary. Good luck to you and do not hesitate to give me the address of your new channel in mp dude!

  7. Thank you mark for your comment, we agree, Tron have nothing to do here but what is cool :).

    it is a special issue that I created a year ago just for fun and a subscriber asked me a V2 I share it with you.

    I made Themes MAME or arcade much more faithful;)


    Like this one: 



  8. Yes you know that's partly why I do not post much on launchbox forums, I had 4 GO  themes updloader, I was almost 2000 download in 3 months and I never had a review! If one to tell me that my signature disturbs ... Great! Yet some encouragement or tell me if it's good or bad I do not ask much, so it made me so crumpled that I removed everything ... I post but shyly ..

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