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  1. unable to post on the website but i can send people msgs, so havent been able to push out an update  for arcade64 due to it and i have contact admins about it but still stuck like this and cant do anything

    1. Krakerman


      I sent a msg over to gigapig to see if he can help

    2. Krakerman


      Since the site has been updated a few things have changed. Have you tried clicking on the option "Answer this question" or  "+ Ask a Question"?

      At the top by your username there is "+ Create" for create new content as well.

    3. sevenseal


      well i uploaded arcade64, not mine, i deleted my compiled because of the issue with the website and dont feel like editing source again, next release i will

  2. hi giga, some reason i am unable to write post in the eds nor the HM threads but anyways,

    to take away the text in the screenshot by going to general preferences in Hypermarquee and disable edit mode unchecking the box in the general tab.

    did you want to use joy to key or not use it?

    1. gigapig


      WooHoo! Thank you another fixed.

      I have Joytokey set as start up in hyperhq and was hoping to add it to EDS.

      I shall look into why you can't post in those threads.

      Thanks again.

    2. sevenseal


      yeah all you have to do add joy2keys...

      is add a new application, browser the app you want to use by clicking the button "..." after that ipc method set to none (unless you need to give some parameters.) everything else is blank except for event filter as 1 and close filter as 2

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