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  1. Lucky1

    Win10 update = hyperspin.exe not loading

    Thanks Mr. Gigapig. I'm still at version 1.4 Do I need the full package 1.5.1 or or just the upgrade file in that case?
  2. Hi Major win 10 update yesterday. Double clicking the hyperspin.exe shows a 3 sec cursor loading circle and then nothing. Hyperspin's not running either in the task manager. No antivirus or firewall installed beside windows defender.
  3. Lucky1

    A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Merry xmas from Canada. Didn't get a retro game t-shirt but 15 cm of fresh snow. Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Lucky1

    Noise through Speakers

    This is What i have installed between my computer audio out (i use a sound interface with XLR) and the active active amplified speakers. Not wires is conbected to a ground. The box isolates and there's a ground switch for each side. It probably inverts the phase. http://www.avshop.ca/sound-amp-pa-audio/accessories/hum-eliminators/digiflex-ddiso-stereo-passive-isolation-box I had tiny high pitch sqweeks noise before, related to certain actions or software like Chrome. Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Lucky1

    Noise through Speakers

    Richie, I had the same problem on my computer. Ground loop. Look for a Hum eliminator / isolator. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/ground-loop-isolator-vw43w?c=maplin&utm_source=gcs&utm_medium=gcs_search&utm_campaign=VW43W&utm_content=Speakers& Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. 18mm (3/4") less than that, the cabinet will rock left and right when playing, mostly 2 players simultaneous like fighthing games. Especially if you are fitting a CRT monitor in there.
  7. Hi Tomkun, you cannot imagine how much time I've spent finding all the symbols. But I think I'vo got it right. Maybe one are two might be wrong. Let me get back to you with this, thanks.
  8. Lucky1


  9. 私はcocktaiIキャブ用ベクターpuckman命令カードを働いています。日本を知っていて、日本語でテキスト/記号を再入力することができます誰もがそこにあります。 これまでのところ私は黄色パックマンのタイトルのようなシンボルのカップルを発見しました。パックマン いくつかは、見つけるのは簡単ですが、漢字のシンボルが見つけ、手動で再現するのは難しいです。 感謝 I'm working vector puckman instruction card for the cocktaiI cab. Is there anyone who knows Japanese and can re-type the text / symbols in japanese. So far I have found a couple of symbols like the yellow pac-man title. パックマン Some are easy to find, but the Kanji symbols are hard to find and reproduce manually. Thanks 私はcocktaiIキャブ用ベクターpuckman命令カードを働いています。日本を知っていて、日本語でテキスト/記号を再入力することができます誰もがそこにあります。 これまでのところ私は黄色パックマンのタイトルのようなシンボルのカップルを発見しました。パックマン いくつかは、見つけるのは簡単ですが、漢字のシンボルが見つけ、手動で再現するのは難しいです。 感謝
  10. Great, Now I need to do this on my cab. Btw, can you upload some pics of your cab? Thanks
  11. Hi Let me know what you end up with if you find it. I have a Dell optiplex too in my cabinet and I have to hook up a switch button to finish my cabinet as well. I could not figure how to reach that front power switch on the dell without destroying the casing. Do you have pictures of your hardware setup ? or have you found instructions online?
  12. Lucky1

    Hyperspin Lightgun Cab

    Gungade, Oh yes! Nice work
  13. Progets, It is a good list. After 1½ years f tweaking my cab with HS, I'm beginning to understand that I should stick to 4-5 systems top. - a way to search your games (I use HyperSearch but there are others) What are the others? - program a "roulette" button to randomly select games/systems (there are so many games/systems, sometimes you need to discover a few new ones) how do you - program a "roulette" button? I thought the Hyperspin button was for this but it is for what it says: hyper spin, increases the spin speed. Thanks
  14. Lucky1

    Cocktail build inspiration wanted

    Rotating monitor ? https://youtu.be/luR81rZPVTY Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. Lucky1

    Fight Stick for my 16:9 couch build.

    Hey Carlo, good work. What will be your final artwork? Does the screw heads scratch your hand? I would suggest some flat rounded head carriage bolts instead. It will also bring extra appealing aesthetic to your built.