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  1. just send me a pm for access.

  2. You must be upgraded to gold membership for FTP, you can upgrade at anytime, thanks!

  3. Just send me a pm about the art your looking for and I'll look.

  4. pm me the links to your pics and i'll see if i can do it for you

  5. use the bbcode for image, little icon above, then click the picture and use the bbcode for link. simple as that

  6. send me a pm, thanks!

  7. send me a pm, thanks!

  8. Ya just send me a pm when you get a chance and I'll redo your account.

  9. Thanks a bunch!

  10. See your pm , thanks!

  11. Hi, just send me a pm to get your info.

  12. Thats Ok, I only did a quick search for mature games , I use gamefaqs also so I probably would have done the same thing as you. Maybe do a quick run through of mature games and verify them and send me the xml and ill update HL today.

  13. Just did a quick check, did you just make these ratings up or did you actually get them from a source, I just looked up for instance

    Driv3R and you have it as M (Mature)

    but looking up the game

    its actually rated T Teen

  14. Thanks, ya were a little behind on genesis and snes, but its coming along. Thanks for the ratings.

  15. What can't you download? And what happens when you try.

  16. Sorry there is not, but it is a lot. Over 35 gigs maybe.

  17. Hi, you can just donate to become a gold member, thanks!

  18. You should send the ftp request via private message not in the public visitor message area, you dont want people to see your login info do ya?

  19. Yes, you have to be a gold member and request an account, your log in info is totally different than your site info.

  20. Ya dude, I just checked it out the other day and commented in your thread, all i have to say is Amazing work man, are you interested for hire for a custom HS intro?

  21. Your probably downloading the wrong tables. Make sure to get only FS tables only.

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