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  1. If not, then it comes directly from whatever emulator you are using. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  2. Oh my bad. you do have backspace there... any joytokey or startup script? Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  3. For HQ, "null" is not a valid entry. If you check the ini, I bet escape is still listed there. Try using any valid key. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  4. Great if it's only NEOGEO, then it is more than likely the module. You will want to post a "troubleshooting" log over on the RL forums. 1. set log to Troubleshooting here: 2. Run a NeoGeo game and then exit, you can easily kill RL if its still running by clicking the stop sign here: 3. People who may read/respond to the thread don't want to scroll through the whole log just to read previous comments so don't paste it right into thread (they can be quite long especially on mobile devices). In the very least wrap it in "code tags"... or upload the log to a site called pastebin and just share the link. You can post it here and someone may know... but since it is a RL module I think you will have better luck over there. Agent47 is a genius with these things.
  5. That's awesome Giga! The wheel still looks a little small for my tastes but seems like I could go bigger as long as I can keep the weight down right? I would also probably do something a little more permanent... hey can you have/use more than 1 spinner in mame? You need more than 1 person to really enjoy these racers.
  6. Hyperlaunch is old and has no options for anything. That ahk that I assume BadBoyBill (HS creator) had made is for an old mame version (we are now at .212). Maybe you are using an old romset as well? If it works for you, that's cool but it's certainly not the right way to handle the problem with RL and a more modern romset. @hooky13 you still there? I have specifically seen this behavior when the Default Plugin was set to Default or RLUI so I just wanted to cover my bases before going any further. RL must exit to be able to launch another game, this is normal.
  7. My favorite mame racers were all "free spinning" wheel types... think SuperSprint, IS's Offroad and Hot Rod!!! Looks like I will need 2 different wheels. Or do modern wheels have the capability to switch to this kind of mode? I am interested in what all you race fanatics are doing for this. D'yall just mount a steering wheel on a spinner? I've seen the rinky dink little ones you can buy that mount on them, but they are meant to be easily on/off so you can still get your Arkenoid on. But has anyone mounted like... an original Super Sprint wheel or anything?
  8. Just tested a couple. Holding down f2 then tapping f3 brought up test mode on 1942. However Aero Fighters 2 and Altered Beast came up fine just tapping f2... f3 will actually restart the rom on these ones. Seems different games will be different. Which one are you trying? Maybe I can figure it out with you. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  9. Wheel option will only show games that have a wheel image (no plain text!). This is an effective way to filter as well. So in your case, you could have just changed the name of the wheel image from tmnt2po.png to tmnt.png If you want to keep using the parents only filter, you will notice some other anomalies as well. Like Puckman is the parent game, not Pacman! So Puckman on your wheel is probably plain text and there may be others?? You can still get around this easily enough editing the database. I suggest "Notepad plus plus" (Notepad++). It's freeware and will make editing xml's a lot easier. In the case of Pacman, edit this into the Mame.xml: That will hide it from the wheel. Then under the version of Pacman you want to use, simply remove "puckman" from in between the <cloneof> tags. HS will now see that rom as a parent. Don't worry Mame itself still knows what's what Or just go back to filter by wheel and know that you can edit what shows/launches in HS by what images are actually in /Media/MAME/Images/Wheel/
  10. Not sure where you got F3 from... unless that is game specific thing. F2 is the default Service mode key though. You can press "TAB" from within mame to see what buttons are mapped to what keys.
  11. Updating the database??? For mame, your database must match your rom set! If you are using an old rom set, updating the database will only break some games. Also, by default the official database contains a lot of different versions of TMNT. All depends on how your wheel is filtered. For me I use the "parent only" option in HQ. This will only show "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (World 4 Players)". If you are showing TMNT2po somehow, then it was set up purposely to do so... probably cabinet only had 2 player controls. Did you set any of this up? Mame version? split or merged set?
  12. Spawk


    It's a good idea to follow your own thread when you post so you are aware of when someone else answers. Mame .212 has a couple of changes that broke the module. Agent47 has posted a fix over on the RL forums: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
  13. Spawk


    Check here: And these 2 spots in RL: and: If you are using a filter in HQ such as "Roms Only", not having the Rom Path and extensions set can cause this behavior as well. * notice that you do NOT set executable path here. Settings here are just used to populate the wheel.
  14. I have a feeling that null values are not valid so whatever was in there beforehand is still active. Instead of editing the ini, make the changes right in HQ. The tricky part is to assign keys NOT already in use by your 2P on ipac... so no matter what he pushes, nothing will activate. I use joypads so I am unsure if this will work, please post if you find a solution. :-) Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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