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  1. Ouch, ntdll errors can be almost anything! Have you got the latest .net framework?
  2. HyperHQ? ...ALL launching should be done by RL. HQ is only really useful for populating/filtering the wheel! You can create dummy text files and use the txt extension if you want. It will have no effect at all on launching. RL will load them fine.
  3. Some thoughts: "Good" artwork should scale fairly well since they are both 16:9. What you are running hardware wise will greatly affect how deep down the 4k rabbit hole you want to go. If you own a beast PC, it is all good for emulation. There ARE users who are making bezels at 4k... more artwork is sure to follow as more people buy these TV's. You actually NEED 4k (they would like 8k or more!) to use some of the more advanced "shaders". There are some extremely smart people over on the Libretro forums if you want to try and learn about shaders: https://forums.libretro.com/ Even though they are pretty long threads, I highly recommend reading: New 4K Bezel Overlays Please show off what crt shaders can do! HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! Pretty much the whole shaders section, LOL. Really interesting stuff.
  4. Short answer is no, names must match the database exactly. That naming scheme is based mostly off "No-Intro" sets so it might be easier to just get that. If you really want to use the set you have now you can try some programs that use a "fuzzy match" logic to guess... but most of these sets are pretty small and it may be more trouble than it's worth.
  5. Spawk

    Missing games

    You are not connected to RocketLauncher properly? check these settings:
  6. Oh I am sure "someone" does know... I am just not sure there is anyone actually "hired" here to provide ANY kind of support, never-mind support for the now defunct hyperlaunch. Hypersin (and many FE's) are just not in the business of actually launching games anymore. They don't have to be since RL handles all that so nicely. So for the past few years any "launching" related problems are usually directed to the RL forums. HS is just GUI now. The majority of support on these forums comes from end users like me who have been fiddling around for years and just enjoy the hobby. Give it some time to allow some of the older members to actually log in and see the issue. On a side note, I am a little surprised that nobody ever wrote a module specifically for groovymame... unless it's just no longer relevant (like vanilla mame does the same sort of thing now or something). I don't own a CRT monitor myself so I cant even test out anything for you.
  7. Not rude at all! I totally understand. Unfortunately I personally don't have any info that would help you, but I do wish you the best of luck with it.
  8. Just be aware that you are using software that hasn't been maintained/updated in many years! Chances are very slim that anyone here will have any answers to your questions. These things are so easily set up in RL nowadays. Care to share exactly which emulator you say has issues with RL?
  9. I wouldn't update the databases from sync. It still uses Hyperlist which AFAIK has not been maintained. Like Aorin states in that thread, there are a few threads here where users have tried to curate their own databases and share them. Unfortunately, these setups are very "personal taste" oriented and no 1 database is going to please everyone. I suggest downloading a freeware program called notepad++ (notepad-plusplus) so you can edit your own if need be: It says "module edit" but is also used for DB's:
  10. I am still running an R7 200 series 2GB DDR3 and I have mixed results with PS2. Not really sure how much of that is my system, and how much is still just the state of emulation. I played the first Dark Cloud right to completion no problem... but part 2 (Dark Chronicle) had some pretty major graphics issues right from the start so I never even attempted. Even though the "cheap" one is better than mine and will probably do, if it were me upgrading, I would fork out the extra 70. The "extra" power certainly can't hurt anything, and will eventually will become "normal" power anyway.
  11. Spawk

    PS2 not loading roms

    Ok yeah, pcsx2 is already running! It needs to close out completely before launching another game. Check task manager if you have to and make sure it's closed.
  12. Spawk

    PS2 not loading roms

    Same button as all other systems... which you have many, wow! Anyway, if the game doesn't load through RL, it will NEVER load through HS! So let's solve that first. What kind of error message you get?
  13. Spawk

    PS2 not loading roms

    OK, are your games zipped? and you have 7zip enabled?
  14. Spawk

    PS2 not loading roms

    Highlight a game in green and hit the little rocket icon, does it launch?
  15. Hi Rayne, Can you be specific on what system(s) you are having issues with? You have options. I am also in the midst of converting all my zip collections into more usable formats (CHD, PBP, etc). All of which have nearly as good compression as zip and load as fast as an iso. Also if space is no problem at all, you can always just leave them un-compressed. Just have them all in 1 folder. For systems that have games that use same names (track 01, track 02), put them in folders, just make sure that the folder is also named exactly like the database.
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