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  1. Nice little machine how did you get on with the power on/shutdown sequence?
  2. Unfortunately those locations are fixed. The app would need updating and afaik theres no dev maintaining it currently.
  3. Great stuff @BiZzAr721 and glad to see @Circo back at it
  4. When I looked in to it i found some great topics on the arcade controls forums. Iirc the general census was that full size wheels on a spinner setup had to be custom made. The "off the shelf" parts cant handle the larger sized wheels on spinner assemblies. I dont remember finding a current setup. I am still a ways away from build so decided to look again next year.
  5. I believe this is new with the STV update. Not exclusive the m4droid. Other emus are doing it also.
  6. Did a little testing on my phone and all seems to be working correctly when launching games direct in RA. I can only suggest you make sure the hash xml is in retroarch/system/mame/hash you have no overrides or game-option-overrides messing it up Or no mame or astrocde.ini/mame.ini files confusing things if read configurations option is turned on
  7. It does def sounds like it’s trying to launch astrobat. I have not done much logging on software list consoles. just to confirm the basics, Roms match hash file and hash file and romset are from similar versions? romset and hash file are working with mame on RA I believe you said? your Hyperspin xml matches your romset?
  8. Have you got boot to bios option on? Quick Menu->Core Options. I dont have astrocade setup anymore but iirc it booted to games from Hyperspin. To access the in-built games i had to duplicate some games as additional entries and set a game option override with boot to bios turned on. Something like that anyway
  9. Yeah stick with 1.7.7 As Hono said 1.7.8 64bit is missing many cores. Speaking with libretro devs they are struggling to find anyone to try compiling those cores in aarch64. Im may be a higher priority now but as they are not a fan of closed source frontend launchers and its easily worked around on a standalone basis im expecting a long wait for aarch64 to catch up. Fingers crossed someone with the skills steps in for them.
  10. As a softener, New version of UAE4arm is working with Shield now. 64bit updates. I didnt realise all the mame issues, drastic is the correct term then.
  11. Just chatting with bparker and hunterk in Libretro discord and it looks like gpsp for GBA, pcsxrearmed for PS1 and Picodrive for Sega are the only cores that run better in 32bit. So its not drastically bad but still a pita. Guess we wont probably see an update to HS apk to help us with these issues
  12. If its Hyperspin they are not showing up in double check that cdi and CDI are added as valid extensions in the .ini file.
  13. External should be fine. Most likely a bios issue. See this for a more detailed guide. If its not working grab a new set of software list roms and software list machine/bios. And make sure everything is matching the neocdz.xml hash file for your dummy zips
  14. Its all manual im afraid. There is a collection of settings files in the downloads section iirc.
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