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  1. thatman84

    Dual Monitor Cab

    Looks real nice finished off. Great job
  2. thatman84

    Dual Monitor Cab

    Thanks for the detailed update. Appreciated. I really like the way you done the bottom/side panels build....Seems a simplier way to build, little less material waste maybe and looks cool.
  3. thatman84

    Extra 3D cases for PS1

    Nice to see you post again Aorin. Decent looking covers mate. 👍
  4. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    No worries, hopefully it dont break soon and so frosty gets more time on better things If your syncing can you test a couple of files please? Reported corrupt here I currently dont have a working PC
  5. thatman84

    Where’s Ninja2bceen?

    I cant watch it man....its to much of a tease!!! I want aimtraks and a pc setup sooo bad lol Just thinking that you should update this threads title to reflect the tutorial nature. Also know one is wondering Where you are these days, your everywhere 😂😂
  6. thatman84

    The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    Or Ninjaz hype man! Description has setup tips
  7. thatman84

    Correct bezel pack for mame android?

    I can’t actuall remember if that set had Retroarch configs made. to be fair you will need to adjust your settings for each Retroarch core to point at the bezel image cfg file anyway, so may be easier just to make them yourself. also the unified set covers triple the systems android can run anyway. i have a post aboutbatch creating text files like overlay configs in here somewhere how many systems you putting bezels on? And how many of those use the same Retroarch core?
  8. thatman84


    Hi chaps, its great to see some OpenBOR work going on and fingers crossed someone can update the android app to include the cli launching feature. I am in between setups right now as lots of DIY on the go. I had an ask about and it seems the thread below is this communities best offering into OpenBOR games lost setups. It was done in 2014 so not sure how much help it would be. If you want to get setup over here for projects like artwork and things I would suggest making a thread in the relevant sub forums. There are not many artwork creators about right now but it’s the best way to find them good luck and please keep us updated if your work completes away from the forum.
  9. thatman84

    Site Update and Downtime

    Sync is working now
  10. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    HyperSync is back live again thanks to the blank stares of @fr0stbyt3
  11. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    @fr0stbyt3 is currently looking at the code. Hopefully he is not just blankly starring fingers crossed
  12. thatman84

    Hypersync cannot verify membership

    Not sure yet. The guys should be waking up soon....will give them a nudge for some more info
  13. thatman84

    Site Update and Downtime

    I believe so...There has been no word from Jhabers or Fr0sty about a fix yet. they did find a problem on Thursday I think just no solution yet
  14. Welcome back! Not read the thread yet but glad you remembered it and carried on check out planet geekdom on YouTube he has videos on the subjects you requested. @ninja2bceen also Chuck is awesome. Very organised with his ulrimarc vids and that spreadsheet for buttons!
  15. thatman84

    Hyperbase access

    Who knows, I guess life just gets in the way. Hyperspin is 10yrs+ now and BBB is still going! I believe Avar suggested people make there artwork in as big canvas/quality as possible and save it for the future. as for compatibility with the future you really won’t find those answers yet.