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Found 179 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Widescreen 16:9 conversion of default Amstrad GX4000 wheel art. Enjoy!
  2. Default (16:9) - GX4000 - Wheel Pack 20170511 View File Widescreen 16:9 conversion of default Amstrad GX4000 wheel art. Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 05/11/2017 Category Game Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    16:9 conversion of Amstrad GX4000's default cart art. Enjoy!
  4. Default (16:9) - GX4000 - Cart Pack (3D) 20170511 View File 16:9 conversion of Amstrad GX4000's default cart art. Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 05/11/2017 Category Cart Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    16:9 Widescreen conversion of BWheble's 3D Amstrad GX4000 Box Art.
  6. 3D (16x9) - GX4000 - Box Pack (3D) 20170511 View File 16:9 Widescreen conversion of BWheble's 3D Amstrad GX4000 Box Art. Submitter Avar Submitted 05/11/2017 Category Box Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  7. UMVC3 Theme View File This is my first Hyperspin theme for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 I did not find any that I liked so I decided to try making my own Let me know what you think. Thank You. Submitter djbiggmike Submitted 05/08/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  8. Pessoal eu gostaria de uma ajudinha, queria saber como faço para ativar o vídeo de introdução no meu Hyperspin, já coloquei nos dois formatos (*.flv e *.mp4) e nada de iniciar os videos de introdução, alguém pode me ajudar?
  9. Hello guys, i'm trying to run PS1 games from hyperspin, but it doesn't work for some reason... I've been using Retroarch to play PS1 games, which have been working great, but ePSXe gives me more options to configure the graphics and make it look better... Now my problem is that everytime when i configure the video settings in ePSXe, and launch it from the program it works great... However, everytime when i try to launch it from Rocketlauncher or Hyperspin it gives me this error: "Missing render texture extension" and "No pixel format available" and it crashes Now, i do know how to fix this problem, and to do so you just configure and change the "Streching mode" and "Render mode" to atleast "1" in the settings.. BUT when i do that and run a game from let say RocketLauncher, those settings i just changed resets for some reason and i get the same problem with as mentioned above ("Missing render texture extension" and "No pixel format available"). And by that i have to change the settings AGAIN just because it resets to the default settings.... Do any of you guys know how to fix this problem and to make it NOT to reset the video settings?
  10. HD Frontend Menu Images 16x9 View File !!!PLEASE NOTE: THESE HAVE BEEN SWF SMOOTHED THEN RENAMED TO .PNG, SO THE FILES CANNOT BE OPENED TO VIEW THE IMAGES OUTSIDE OF HYPERSPIN. THIS IS NORMAL!!! This is all of the media/frontend/images resided, and smoothed for 16:9 displays. Screenshot above was taken in 4k. To install, simply extract the download into your :/HyperSpin/Media/Frontend/Images folder and overwrite or backup the original files. Submitter Avar Submitted 04/18/2017 Category Templates HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  11. Hi, Recently I accidentally removed my hard drive from my computer, and it caused the computer to suddenly power off. Thankfully, nothing happened when I inserted the hard drive back into the computer and powered it on, except it apparently updated, which took quite longer than it should. This may have nothing to do with the drive being removed, though. Unfortunately, I have HyperSpin on this computer. When I tried running the program, it lagged much more than it did before I removed the drive, and when I ran the games, they lagged too. I have tried defragmenting my drive, but HyperSpin continues to lag just as much. Is there anything I can do to hopefully speed up HyperSpin and its games so they can run as they did before? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello all & thanks for welcoming me into your community. I've spent some time trying to do this on my own, but as you may know we all need some assistance with this the first time around. Or at least I know I do. And believe me I tried to avoid posting this because I really wanted to get as far as I could before I asked for any help. But here is my issues, I've edited my settings ini, I've made sure my hyperspinhq formats are seperated by commas, I've renamed my roms with Don's Hyperspin tools, but when I go to launch a rom now I get backed out into the title selection wheel or the console selection screen every time. Can't get any roms to load up, here is my log. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in here & elsewhere 16:23:32:393 | RL | INFO | +N/A | Main - RocketLauncher v1.2.0.1 (www.rlauncher.com) 16:23:34:820 | RL | INFO | +2422 | Main - System Specs: RocketLauncher Dir: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher RocketLauncher is: 32-bit OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home SKU: Windows 8 Total Memory: 1978.92 MB Free Memory: 302.37 MB Used Memory: 1676.551 MB SystemType: 64-bit Physical Processors: 1 Logical Processors: 1 GPU 1 Name: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) GPU 1 RAM: 0.00 MB GPU 1 Driver Version: GPU 2 Name: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) GPU 2 RAM: 797.46 MB GPU 2 Driver Version: Sound 1 Device: Realtek High Definition Audio Sound 1 Status: Enabled Sound 2 Device: XSplit Stream Audio Renderer Sound 2 Status: Enabled OS Language: English_United_States System Locale: en-US Formats Locale: en-US Windows UI Language: en-US Text Encoding: Windows-1252 OS Admin Status: No RL Compatibility Flags: Latest .Net Version: v4.0.30319 Monitor #1 (\\.\DISPLAY1): 1366x768 (1366x728 work) [32bit] [60hz] [Landscape] (Primary) Current AHK Desktop Width: 1366 Current AHK Desktop Height: 768 Monitor #1 DPI: 100 ErrorMode: 0 AutoHotkey Path: AHK Version: Unicode: No 16:23:34:820 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe exists 16:23:34:848 | RL | INFO | +31 | Main - Raw CLI received: "-s Nintendo Entertainment System -r 10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe) -f C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\HyperSpin.exe -p HyperSpin -c 1 -o 1" 16:23:34:885 | RL | INFO | +31 | Main - Loading Front End Plugin: "HyperSpin" 16:23:34:885 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - RocketLauncher received "Nintendo Entertainment System" and "10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" 16:23:34:920 | RL | INFO | +47 | Main - Did not find a "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Nintendo Entertainment System\Game Options.ini" file, skipping any game-specific options. 16:23:34:920 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - 10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe) is using the default emulator: Nestopia 16:23:34:920 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Checking for a [Nestopia] section in C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Nintendo Entertainment System\Emulators.ini 16:23:34:933 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - Found [Nestopia] in C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Settings\Nintendo Entertainment System\Emulators.ini 16:23:34:934 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Modules\Nintendo Entertainment System\Nintendo Entertainment System (Nestopia 1.39 BBB 1.0).ahk exists 16:23:34:963 | RL | WARNING | +31 | Main - CRC Check - Module has no CRC defined on the header. 16:23:34:963 | RL | INFO | +0 | Main - 10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe) will use module: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Modules\Nintendo Entertainment System\Nintendo Entertainment System (Nestopia 1.39 BBB 1.0).ahk 16:23:34:004 | RL | INFO | +47 | Main - Using standard method with "Rom Extension" SkipChecks or without any SkipChecks. 16:23:35:012 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Emulators\Nestopia\nestopia.exe exists 16:23:35:444 | RL | INFO | +438 | Main - INI Keys read 16:23:35:486 | RL | INFO | +47 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.exe exists 16:23:35:623 | RL | INFO | +140 | CheckFile - Checking if C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.dll exists 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +281 | Main - "10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" does not qualify for MultiGame. Only roms with any of these strings in their name are acceptable: \(Disc|\(Disk|\(Cart|\(Tape|\(Cassette|\(Part|\(Side 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Started 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).7z 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom by name in subfolder: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).7z 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Rom not found 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).zip 16:23:35:905 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom by name in subfolder: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).zip 16:23:35:906 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Rom not found 16:23:35:906 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Looking for rom: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).nes 16:23:35:906 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Found rom: C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).nes 16:23:35:906 | RL | INFO | +0 | CheckPaths - Ended 16:23:35:907 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - User Variables: ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; INJECTED VARIABLES ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #NoTrayIcon #InstallKeybdHook MiscUtils.DetectHiddenWindows("On") SetTitleMatchMode, 2 SendMode, Event Global RLLog Global RLObject 0 := "12" rlPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher" pluginPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Plugins" pluginName := "HyperSpin" pluginExt := ".plugin" contextOnExit := "1" rlMode := "" rlTitle := "RocketLauncher" rlVersion := "" rlAuthor := "djvj" rlURL := "www.rlauncher.com" langFile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Data\Language\Localization.ini" primMonitor := "1" frontendPID := "" frontendPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin" frontendExe := "HyperSpin.exe" frontendExt := "exe" frontendName := "HyperSpin" frontendDrive := "C" exitEmulatorKey := "~Esc" restoreFE := "false" exitScriptKey := "~q & ~s" toggleCursorKey := "~e & ~t" emuFullPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Emulators\Nestopia\nestopia.exe" emuPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Emulators\Nestopia" emuName := "Nestopia" emuExt := "exe" baseRomPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Nintendo Entertainment System" romPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System" romPathFromIni := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Roms\Nintendo Entertainment System|C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Nintendo Entertainment System" romExtension := ".nes" romExtensionOrig := ".nes" romExtensions := "7z|zip|nes|fds" executable := "nestopia.exe" systemDbName := "Nintendo Entertainment System" systemName := "Nintendo Entertainment System" dbPath := "" dbName := "10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" dbExt := "" romFoundByExt := "" romName := "10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" romMapPath := "" romMappingEnabled := "false" romMappingLaunchMenuEnabled := "false" romMappingFirstMatchingExt := "false" romMappingShowAllRomsInArchive := "true" romMappingNumberOfGamesByScreen := "7" romMappingHideParent := "false" romMappingMenuWidth := "400" romMappingMenuMargin := "65" romMappingTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s60 Bold" romMappingDisabledTextColor := "ff888888" romMappingTextSizeDifference := "7" romMappingTextMargin := "15" romMappingTitleTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTitleTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s90 Bold" romMappingTitle2TextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingTitle2TextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s22 Bold" romMappingGameInfoTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingGameInfoTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s22 Regular" romMappingGameNameTextFont := "Bebas Neue" romMappingGameNameTextOptions := "cFFFFFFFF r4 s40 Regular" romMappingBackgroundBrush := "aa000000" romMappingColumnBrush := "33000000" romMappingButtonBrush1 := "6f000000" romMappingButtonBrush2 := "33000000" romMappingBackgroundAlign := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" romMappingMenuFlagWidth := "55" romMappingMenuFlagSeparation := "7" romMappingDefaultMenuList := "FullList" romMappingSingleFilteredRomAutomaticLaunch := "false" altArchiveNameOnly := "" altRomNameOnly := "" altArchiveAndRomName := "" altArchiveAndManyRomNames := "" altRomNamesOnly := "" romMapScenario := "" skipchecks := "false" romMatchExt := "false" blockInputTime := "0" blockInputFile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\BlockInput.exe" errorLevelReporting := "false" lockLaunch := "false" lockLaunchGame := "" screenRotationAngle := "0" screenRotationAngleGame := "" setResolution := "" logFile := "" logLabel := [" INFO"," WARNING"," ERROR"," DEBUG"," TRACE"] logLevel := "3" logShowDebugConsole := "false" logShowCommandWindow := "false" logCommandWindow := "false" logIncludeModule := "true" logIncludeFileProperties := "true" logIncludeDLLLogs := "false" errorSounds := "true" rlDebugConsoleStdout := "" sysLang := "English_United_States" sysType := "64-bit" broadcastWindowTitle := "" navUpKey := "Up" navDownKey := "Down" navLeftKey := "Left" navRightKey := "Right" navSelectKey := "Enter" navP2UpKey := "Numpad8" navP2DownKey := "Numpad2" navP2LeftKey := "Numpad4" navP2RightKey := "Numpad6" navP2SelectKey := "NumpadEnter" originalWidth := "1366" originalHeight := "768" vdEnabled := "false" vdFullPath := "" vdUseSCSI := "true" vdDriveLetter := "" vdDriveLetterScsi := "" vdAddDrive := "true" demulShooterPath := "" servoStikEnabled := "false" servoStikExitMode := "false" ledblinkyEnabled := "false" ledblinkySystemName := "" ledblinkyFullPath := "" ledblinkyProfilePath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\LEDBlinky" ledblinkyRLProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\LEDBlinky\RocketLauncher" winIPACFullPath := "" ultraMapEnabled := "false" ultraMapFullPath := "" emuIdleShutdown := "0" launchPasswordHash := "UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRight" cursorSize := "" hideCursor := "false" hideEmu := "false" hideFE := "false" suspendFE := "false" fadeIn := "false" fadeInDuration := "500" fadeInTransitionAnimation := "DefaultAnimateFadeIn" fadeInDelay := "0" fadeInExitDelay := "0" fadeOutExitDelay := "0" fadeOut := "false" fadeOutExtraScreen := "false" fadeOutDuration := "500" fadeOutTransitionAnimation := "DefaultAnimateFadeOut" fadeOutDelay := "0" fadeLyrInterpolation := "0" fadeMuteEmulator := "false" fadeUseBackgrounds := "false" fadeClickThrough := "false" fadeSounds := "true" fade7zProgressMode := "extraction" fadeWidthBaseRes := "1920" fadeHeightBaseRes := "1080" fadeLyr1Color := "FF000000" fadeLyr1AlignImage := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" fadeLyr2Pos := "Stretch and Lose Aspect" fadeLyr2X := "0" fadeLyr2Y := "0" fadeLyr2W := "" fadeLyr2H := "" fadeLyr2Adjust := "1" fadeLyr2PicPad := "0" fadeLyr2Prefix := "Extra Layer 1 - Console" fadeLyr3Pos := "Center" fadeLyr3X := "450" fadeLyr3Y := "450" fadeLyr3W := "" fadeLyr3H := "" fadeLyr3Adjust := "1" fadeLyr3PicPad := "0" fadeLyr3Speed := "750" fadeLyr3Animation := "DefaultFadeAnimation" fadeLyr37zAnimation := "DefaultFadeAnimation" fadeLyr3Type := "imageandbar" fadeLyr3ImgFollow7zProgress := "true" fadeLyr3Repeat := "1" fadeLyr3BackImageTransparency := "30" fadeLyr3StaticPos := "No Alignment" fadeLyr3StaticX := "0" fadeLyr3StaticY := "870|1575" fadeLyr3StaticW := "" fadeLyr3StaticH := "" fadeLyr3StaticAdjust := "1" fadeLyr3StaticPicPad := "0" fadeLyr3StaticPrefix := "Info Bar" fadeLyr4Adjust := "1" fadeLyr4X := "1792|952" fadeLyr4Y := "891|1596" fadeLyr4W := "128" fadeLyr4H := "" fadeLyr4Pos := "No Alignment" fadeLyr4FPS := "50" fadeLyr4PicPad := "0" fadeTranspGifColor := "FFFFFF" fadeBarWindow := "Image" fadeBarWindowX := "" fadeBarWindowY := "" fadeBarWindowW := "900" fadeBarWindowH := "" fadeBarWindowR := "30" fadeBarWindowM := "30" fadeBarWindowHatchStyle := "8" fadeBar := "7zOnly" fadeProgressDuration := "0" fadeBarBack := "true" fadeBarBackColor := "FF555555" fadeBarH := "30" fadeBarR := "10" fadeBarColor := "DD00BFFF" fadeBarHatchStyle := "8" fadeBarPercentageText := "true" fadeBarInfoText := "true" fadeBarXOffset := "0" fadeBarYOffset := "150" fadeRomInfoDescription := "filtered text" fadeRomInfoSystemName := "image" fadeRomInfoYear := "text with label" fadeRomInfoDeveloper := "disabled" fadeRomInfoPublisher := "disabled" fadeRomInfoGenre := "disabled" fadeRomInfoRating := "image" fadeRomInfoOrder := "Description|SystemName|Year|Developer|Genre|Rating|Publisher" fadeRomInfoTextPlacement := "User Defined" fadeRomInfoTextMargin := "7" fadeRomInfoText1Options := "w1600|787 h90 x165 y870|1575 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s90 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText2Options := "w400 x8 y15 cFF555555 r4 s60 Bold" fadeRomInfoText3Options := "w310 x165 y960|1665 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s66 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText4Options := "w1305|492 h66 x460 y960|1665 cFFE1E1E1 r4 s66 Left Regular" fadeRomInfoText5Options := "cFF555555 r4 s42 Bold" fadeRomInfoText6Options := "h135 x15 y885|1590 cFFCFCFCA r4 s120 Regular" fadeRomInfoText7Options := "h135 x15 y885|1590 cFFCFCFCA r4 s120 Regular" fadeStats_Number_of_Times_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Last_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Average_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_Total_Time_Played := "text with label" fadeStats_System_Total_Played_Time := "text with label" fadeStats_Total_Global_Played_Time := "text with label" fadeStatsInfoOrder := "Number_of_Times_Played|Last_Time_Played|Average_Time_Played|Total_Time_Played|System_Total_Played_Time|Total_Global_Played_Time" fadeStatsInfoTextPlacement := "topRight" fadeStatsInfoTextMargin := "7" fadeStatsInfoText1Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText2Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText3Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText4Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText5Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeStatsInfoText6Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s22 Bold" fadeText1X := "0" fadeText1Y := "0" fadeText1Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s30 Right Bold" fadeText1 := "Loading Game" fadeText2X := "0" fadeText2Y := "0" fadeText2Options := "cFFB4B4B4 r4 s30 Right Bold" fadeText2 := "Extraction Complete, Ready" fadeText3 := "Loading Game" fadeText4 := "Loading Complete" fadeFont := "Bebas Neue" fadeSystemAndRomLayersOnly := "false" fadeExtractionTime := "disabled" fadeExtractionTimeTextX := "0" fadeExtractionTimeTextY := "0" fadeExtractionTimeTextOptions := "cFF555555 r4 s20 Bold" fadeInterruptKey := "" detectFadeErrorEnabled := "true" fadeImgPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Media\Fade" RLDataPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Data" RLMediaPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Media" RLErrSoundPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Media\Sounds\Error" modulesPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Modules" moduleFullName := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Modules\Nintendo Entertainment System\Nintendo Entertainment System (Nestopia 1.39 BBB 1.0).ahk" moduleName := "Nintendo Entertainment System (Nestopia 1.39 BBB 1.0)" modulePath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Modules\Nintendo Entertainment System" moduleExtension := "ahk" moduleExtensionsPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions" libPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Lib" sevenZEnabled := "false" sevenZPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.exe" sevenZDllPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.dll" sevenZExtractPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Temporary Garbage Saves" sevenZExtractPathOrig := "" sevenZAttachSystemName := "false" sevenZDelTemp := "true" sevenZFormats := ".zip|.rar|.7z|.lha|.lzh|.gzip|.tar" sevenZFormatsNoP := "zip|rar|7z|lha|lzh|gzip|tar" sevenZFormatsRegEx := "\.zip|\.rar|\.7z|\.lha|\.lzh|\.gzip|\.tar" sevenZGamesToKeep := "" sevenZDeletePerSystem := "false" sevenZExtensions := "zip|rar|7z|lha|lzh|gzip|tar" 7zExtractPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Temporary Garbage Saves" mgEnabled := "false" mgKey := "~NumpadSub" mgBackgroundColor := "FF000000" mgSidePadding := "0.2" mgWidthBaseRes := "1920" mgHeightBaseRes := "1080" mgYOffset := "500|800" mgFont := "Arial" mgText1Options := "x10p y250|500 w80p Center cBBFFFFFF r4 s100 BoldItalic" mgText1Text := "Please select a game" mgText2Options := "w96p cFFFFFFFF r4 s50 Center BoldItalic" mgText2Offset := "100" mgUseSound := "true" mgSoundfreq := "300" mgExitEffect := "none" mgSelectedEffect := "rotate" mgUseGameArt := "false" mgCandidate := "" mgValidTypes := "\(Disc|\(Disk|\(Cart|\(Tape|\(Cassette|\(Part|\(Side" mgOnLaunch := "false" pauseEnabled := "true" pauseKey := "~NumpadAdd" pauseBackToMenuBarKey := "X" pauseZoomInKey := "C" pauseZoomOutKey := "V" pauseScreenshotKey := "~PrintScreen" pauseHiToTextPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\HiToText.exe" pauseSaveStateKeyCodes := "" pauseLoadStateKeyCodes := "" keyboardEncoder := "" keyboardEncoderEnabled := "false" keymapperEnabled := "true" keymapperAHKMethod := "false" keymapper := "joytokey" xpadderFullPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Utilities\Xpadder\xpadder.exe" joyToKeyFullPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\Hyperspin\Utilities\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.exe" profilePath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles" keymapperProfilePath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey" keymapperFrontEndProfileName := "Hyperspin" keymapperFrontEndProfile := "joytokey" keymapperRocketLauncherProfileEnabled := "true" joyIDsEnabled := "true" joyIDsPreferredControllersGlobal := "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" joyIDsPreferredControllersSystem := "use_global" joyIDsPreferredControllersOnExit := "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)" CustomJoyNamesEnabled := "false" CustomJoyNames := "" rotateMethod := "false" FEProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\Hyperspin" defaultProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\_Default" systemProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\Nintendo Entertainment System" xPadderSystemProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\Nintendo Entertainment System\_Default" emuProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\Nintendo Entertainment System\Nestopia" romProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" RocketLauncherProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\RocketLauncher" blankProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\joytokey\blank" ahkFEProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Hyperspin" ahkDefaultProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\_Default" ahkSystemProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Nintendo Entertainment System" ahkEmuProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Nintendo Entertainment System\Nestopia" ahkRomProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\Nintendo Entertainment System\10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)" ahkRocketLauncherProfile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Profiles\AHK\RocketLauncher" bezelEnabled := "false" bezelICEnabled := "false" shaderName := "false" shaderColor := "" shaderTransparency := "" statisticsEnabled := "true" pressDuration := "-1" emuVolume := "1" dxwndIni := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\dxwnd\dxwnd.ini" dxwndFullPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\dxwnd\dxwnd.exe" qResFullPath := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\QRes.exe" mon1O := "" pacDrivedllFile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\PacDrive32.dll" userFadeAnimIniFile := "C:\Users\king james r\Desktop\RocketLauncher\Lib\User Fade Animations.ini" testFile := "" testDuration := "" initialErrorMode := "0" 16:23:35:968 | RL | INFO | +63 | BuildScript - Loaded XHotkey Init.ahk scripts 16:23:35:968 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Loaded Keymapper Init.ahk scripts 16:23:35:968 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Loaded Pause Init.ahk scripts 16:23:35:968 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Loaded Statistics Init.ahk scripts 16:23:35:968 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Validating module 16:23:35:969 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Validation complete 16:23:35:969 | RL | INFO | +0 | BuildScript - Module: ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Nintendo Entertainment System ; Nestopia 1.39 ; by BBB ; 1.0 ; ; Info: ; Some things you might do to make this emulator more cab friendly ; ; 1.Since the exit emulator key does nothing you should setup an escape key ; within the emulator using the input options, the default is alt+x, so change ; to esc. But since esc is the default key to bring up the fullscreen menu then ; you should change that to something else such as Alt+M. The exit emulator menu ; key is disabled to allow for game saving etc... ; <exit>Esc</exit> ; <toggle-menu>Alt+M</toggle-menu> ; ; 2.You can set this emulator to start in fullscreen using the options, or open the ; nestopia xml file and change these settings: ; <start-fullscreen>yes</start-fullscreen> ; ; 3.Disable exit confirmation ; <confirm-exit>no</confirm-exit> ; ; 4.Since pressing escape still flashes the upper menu in fullscreen briefly ; you can minimize the effect by changing the menu's color in fullscreen by ; going to Options -> Preferences -> FullScreen Menu Color and change it to black ; or ; <custom-color>0x00000000</custom-color> ; <use-custom-color>yes</use-custom-color> ; ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run, %executable% "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%", %emuPath%, UseErrorLevel if (ErrorLevel = 0){ Process, waitClose, %executable% }else{ MsgBox, 48, Error,Failed to run executable,6 } ExitApp CloseProcess: return 16:23:42:774 | RL | ERROR | +6797 | Your module does not contain a "StartModule()" line. Please download a module that has one. 16:23:42:774 | RL | INFO | +0 | ExitScript - Started 16:23:42:870 | RL | INFO | +94 | ExitScript - Restoring taskbar 16:23:43:549 | RL | INFO | +687 | SystemCursor - Restoring mouse cursor 16:23:43:574 | RL | INFO | +16 | ExitScript - Restored cursor 16:23:43:574 | RL | INFO | +0 | ExitScript - Ended
  13. Hi everyone - this forum has been incredibly valuable as I finally have a working cabinet running HS 1.4 and Rocket Launcher. The only thing still bugging me is a minor one. I would love to show the play count of each game when I'm flipping through the wheel, for instance on MAME. I went into the MAME.ini and found Game Text options, but I don't see a control for showing play count. And I don't know if there's a way to override the info that HyperHQ wants to display vs. what I can control in "Fade - Info" in RL. Any ideas? I may post again one more time when I try to create my own custom genres and rom lists but hopefully I can figure that out on my own and with existing posts. Appreciate any help on the display info settings!
  14. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I guess I will start from the beginning. A few months ago, I purchased a 5TB Hyperspin drive off Ebay; the gentleman installed it for me, and everything worked fine, that was until a few days ago, it now only partly operates. When I say, "partially operates" I mean, it works but without the front end (I think that is what one calls it). Being new to this kind of thing, I foolishly installed backup files that came with the Hyperspin drive. I didn't overwrite the folder structure, i.e., database, arcade, media, setting and things that normally appear in the Hyperspin directory. I have been trying to fix the problem myself by following a gentleman on YouTube called "Simply Austin," and I managed to set up Hyperspin in conjunction with RockeLauncher. This was accomplished by using the following files, Hyperspin 1.3.3, Hyperspin 1.4 upgrades, Rocket Launcher and Rocket Launcher Media. I followed along and managed to get everything working. This had to be done on my laptop because when I tried to do the same thing on one of my spare hard drives on my PC, Bitdefender kept deleting the Hyperspin exe. My laptop doesn't have any virus, software installed, which made it easy to follow along with the tutorial. I installed the Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher system on my external 2TB hard drive. Could I do the same thing and install Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher on my 5TB Hyperspin Drive? Like I say, none of the files on the drive were deleted or altered in any way. I have provided an image called "Hyperspin 5TB drive file structure." When I installed the Hyperspin and RocketLauncher following Simply Austin's tutorial, once it was up and running, I rared the system using Winrar because I didn't want to do that all over again. So I have a working Hyperspin system that just needs to be unpacked to my 5TB Hyperspin Drive if that is possible. I also managed to disable Bitdefender and my Internet connection. Any more images or questions, please contact me.
  15. Hello, I am interested in starting a new project. I have a Seagate 4TB external hard drive I want to reformat with FAT32 so I can use it with WiiFlow on Nintendo Wii and also use HyperSpin on PC at the same time. This way, I believe I would only need one set of roms and possibly art. I believe I will need two sets of emulators so I can setup the controls separately on both (PC xbox 360 conrollers) (Wii wiimotes/gamecube controllers) I plan on using everything in the default wiiflow folders and then use RLauncher to route everything in the Wiiflow folders for HyperSpin. Obviously I will use the Wii Backup manager for wbfs for backups of my wii games to keep it under 4gb. Any ideas or theories if there would be any other issues doing this or with any certain systems or rom type extensions that would not be compatible with both wii and pc hyperspin? Thanks!
  16. I used the 'Hyperspin for Android' setup instructions pinned here to get Hyperspin running on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Everything works fine now but I'd like to add more systems to the wheel since there were only 21 systems included with the download. Would like to play others like Atari 2600, Jaguar, and Vectrex. Are there instructions somewhere on how to add new systems to the HS wheel? Digging inside the files I downloaded, I found the Main Menu.xml with a list of current systems on the wheel....do I just add systems manually to that list and download & create new Media folders for them?
  17. Hola! habéis si me podéis ayudar, me pasa una cosa muy extraña y es que he creado un acceso directo con el steam, para poder jugar con el steamlink desde el salon, la cosa es que el Hyperspin arranca sin problema y puedo jugar, pero cuando en el pc desde donde hago el streming, apago la pantalla, el HyperSpin se congela, se oye, pero se congela la imagen, es muy extraño, con otros juegos de steam, y fuera de él, no me pasa. Tengo que tocar alguna configuración dentro del HyperHQ, porque no entiendo de qué manera puede estar conectado, es como si el programa detectase que se apaga y se congela, estoy alucinando la verdad... GRACIAS!
  18. Hello I am new to using Hyperspin. I dowloaded it following a guide on youtube made by Simply Austin, but when I go to audit my games on the rocketlauncher UI it says "Error parsing database files, Make sure the XML is well-formed. An error occurred while parsing Entityname. Line 326, position 40." but when i click on manually launch games using rocketlauncher they load just fine. Can someone help me sort this out?
  19. Just finishing up the retrofit of an old arcade cab I picked up at an auction and after a night of playing I noticed when the gf mashed the buttons it tabbed out of my mame game and went back to hyperspin!? I've narrowed it down to the P2 2 and 3 buttons which map to q and s when hit at the same time I can reproduce this error. Any suggestions? I'm assuming it's a hyperspin hotkey but i could very well be wrong.
  20. Hi, Running latest Hyperspin (Win7x64) and have XBOX 360 controllers driving my menu control using Joy2Key. If I turn ON XBOX controllers, then start Hyperspin, the menu control works just fine. If I start Hyperspin with the XBOX controllers OFF, then turn ON the XBOX controllers, they do not work at all in menu control for HyperSpin. The issue appears to be Joy2Key not "auto detecting" joystick changes. Must be missing something simple, any suggestions? Thanks, David
  21. thatman84 I thought I'd attempt to make an updated version based off of your Atari 5200 tutorial. Tested on: Nvidia Shield TV (2015 16GB version) OTA 5.0 Retroarch MAME 0.182 core (Pre warning: As of this posting on this version of mame the d-pad does not work but instead is relocated to the left analog. The guys at Libretro are already aware of this issue and I could not reconfig my gamepad in anyway to get the d-pad to work. All other buttons work though. One trick around this is to open Retroarch and go to player 1 bindings and re map the left analog then exit Retroarch.) Retroarch MESS 2014 0.159 790dca5 core (The d-pad seems to work on the few systems I tried like Neo Geo CD so this core may be the better option to use until the mame core is fixed.) Preperations Step 1: Download mame for PC (if you already have mame hash folders or can download them seperately from somewhere then skip to step 3). Retroarch for Android is currently up to version 0.182 as of this posting so get that version. You can find it here Step 2: After installing mame and extracting it to a destination of your choice you'll see a hash folder. Step 3: Create a "mame" and "mess2014" folder within your Retroarch system folder which can be found on your Internal Storage in Android>data>com.retroarch>files>system( If you don't see a system folder then create one as well). After creating your mame folder, copy the hash folder that you just extracted and paste it into your newly created Retroarch system mame and mess2014 folders. Here's an example pic of how I have my folders: Step 4: I believe Retroarch sets your "System/BIOS" directory by default to your system folder but if it doesn't you can set it manually by going to Android>data>com.retroarch>files>system and then hit <use this directory>. It's also a good idea to put your bios folder in there to have everything together (optional). Also if you have an ext hard drive and want to save space on your device you can move the whole "com.retroarch" folder to a destination of your choice, as long as you have your Retroarch "System/BIOS" directory pointed to the "system" folder where ever you choose to move it to. Make sure that your configuration is set to "Save Configuration on Exit" and then exit retroarch. May be best to re enter retroarch and make sure your system/bios directory has been saved to the location you set as that's very important for retroarch to know where your mame hash folder is. Setting up a Mess/Mame system For this guide we're going to use Bally Astrocade as our first system to set up. So let's say you want to add Bally Astrocade to your android Hyperspin wheel, first thing to know is that Retroarch Mess/Mame does not follow the basic Hyperspin naming pattern so your Bally Astrocade games, xml database's "game name" (will be explained as we go along) and all media (box art, carts, game wheels and videos) will have to be renamed according to the abbreviated naming that Bally Astrocade uses in the mame hash folder, in this case the xml is labeled as "astrocde" (It can get tricky trying to find a system's abbreviated name in there but most are easy to find or you can refer to this guide using the combination Ctrl/f on your keyboard to type in the system you're looking for which will not only bring you to the system you want but also have its abbreviated spelling in the "Name" column along with other information in the other columns). If you look in your mame hash folder and open the astrocde xml you'll notice any game on the list has a comepletely different naming in it's "software name" to it's "description" name. You'll have to rename all of your games in your Hyperspin Bally Astrocade xml (and any other system you set up) exactly how it is in the mame hash game system xml's software name, (*software name* is basically *game name* in any Hyperspin system xml's). So for example we'll use the game "Astro Battle". You need to use the "softeware name" astrobat" and copy that name over to your hyperspin xml and replace "Astro Battle (USA)" with *astrobat*. Basically you want this: and put that where this naming is: Every game on your Hyperspin database game system xml needs to be renamed like that but fortunately there's an easier way. A member by the name of Phulshof has created a Hyperspin ready MAME/MESS 0.182 XML database pack with all games already renamed which can be downloaded here. After extracting the pack look in the "MESS 0.182" folder for the system you want (in this case astrocde). It's best to use the "no clones" xml's to avoid having games on your hyperspin list that simply will not work so assuming you already have a hyperspin Bally Astrocade database folder ready, copy the "astrocde_no_clones" xml over and rename it to "Bally Astrocade". Sidenote: Trying to copy over a xml from the mame hash folder and renaming it to match your hyperspin database (for example, taking the "astrocde" xml and renaming it to Bally Astrocade and placing it in your Hyperspin database folder) will not work. Hyperspin can not read the mame hash xml's which is the reason why we're using Phulshof's renamed Hyperspin ready xml's. Now that you have a working database that's ready the next thing you'll need to rename is your emulator folder (or whichever folder you'll use to place your roms). The rom folder needs to be named after the mame hash system name so name it "astrocde". In this folder you must place all bios files (zipped) along with all of your roms (all roms have to be zipped). Sample pic below (I highlighted the bios file): In your settings ini make sure to have your rom path set to the emulator folder where your roms/bio are, fill in your rom extension line with zip and 7z and of course set your exe and parameters to either the mame or the mess2014 that you choose to use. Sample pic below: Mame settings: Mess settings: Also here's another sample pic of how I have one of my media folders (videos) named using the mame/mess hash folder xml's "game name" titles for Bally Astrocade. Remember that all of your media files (boxart, carts, game wheels and videos) need to be renamed in this style for any system you set up: Now that you have your bios placed where it needs to be and your settings is set all that's left is to rename all of your media (boxart, carts, game wheels and videos) and test out some games. Ideally it's a good idea to test a game through retroarch just to see if the game starts there first. If a game loads through retroarch then that means it will load through hyperspin as long as all of your settings and files are named correctly and placed where they need to be. You should also check the following settings if games don't start in your core's Quick Menu>Options: Enable Softlists: On Softlist automatic media type: On Boot to BIOS: Off Boot from CLI: Off You won't be able to access those options unless thee core is running a game so run any other game you have that works to get access to the options. Afterwards save core over rides in the Quick Menu and then exit Retroarch. I'm currently working on an ongoing project with thatman84 to rename as many system media files (boxart, carts, game wheels and movies) as I can for use in your Hyperspin wheel. You can find some already completed and available for download in thatman84's emumovies fpt folder in /Upload Here/_Other/Thatman84_HSAndroid to try out, for a list of systems already done you can check here. Also if anyone knows a faster way to rename multiple files that have the same name but placed in different folders to one name please let me know, I'll be able to complete more system media folders faster that way which would mean more obscure systems can be added to android hyperspin which would mean a win-win for everyone. Also anyone is welcome to join and help in this project. Additionally it's always a good idea to check this list before attempting to try out a new system to see if it even works through Mess/Mame first. Green light means it works, red mean it doesn't, yellow I guess is a 50/50 chance. Also all are welcome to help change, edit and help simplify this tutorial to make it as easy as possible to set up a system.
  22. Hey guys, I'm running into a small issue with Hyperspin not loading my MAME ROM's. I have read other people having the same issue and I have followed what people have suggested EXCEPT using the renaming tool to remove the file extension on the rom's. I wasn't sure if I should still do that with seeing that the forum date was over a year ago. Also the two videos I watched from from game room solutions and Simply Austin doesn't mention doing that. I have also included a few snapshots of my .ini files just in case I screwed something up. The rom's also work in RocketLauncher with no issue. Let me know what it could possibly be and thanks guys for the help.
  23. Right now I have my Hyperspin configured with default wheel randomly spinning after a period of time and stopping on a system that will play the intro video that system. Only after choosing a particular system will that system start spinning picking random games and displaying a sample video for that game. My question is there a way to make Hyperspin spend a certain amount of time at the main menu wheel spinning through systems and then automatically choosing a system to open that systems wheel? And then after a certain period of time exiting back to the main menu wheel? As to keep cycling through games through all of your Hyperspin systems you have configured. I know I can achieve this with a macro keyboard but is there a way to do it within Hyperspin?
  24. Hello everyone Wanted to inform you guys that I got the Nvidia Grid games to load on Hyerspin ! If anyone is interested in getting the XML file and wheel arts from me msg me back.
  25. I have been setting up a bunch of systems on hyperspin on my nvidia shield, but i can't get Turbo Graphix 16 to find the roms. They all work fine in retroarch, but when i go to hyperspin it says trying to launch missing rom. I have checked and double checked the .ini file and i can't figure out what could be wrong, all of my other systems work and the roms are all stored in the same location in the hyperspin folder. The only thing that i noticed is that there is a modules folder where TG16 has the name of TurboGrafx 16 with the AHK file named the same. Not sure what that is for though. Everywhere else it is named NEC TurboGrafx-16. Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing issues here? I also ran Don's Hyperspin Tools on the roms to make sure they all match the Database file. They all seem to match now. I have also tried to unzip the files and still no go. Thanks for any help. I can post my settings if anyone wants to take a look.
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