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Found 178 results

  1. http://mandracam.blogspot.it/2016/07/guida-hyper-marquee-eds-configurare.html
  2. Does anyone know how to setup the nvidia grid streaming service with hyperspin on the Shield TV?
  3. Captain N Theme View File Here is the Final Version of my Captain N theme, enjoy Submitter shredder Submitted 01/23/2017 Category Upload Here  
  4. hello it's my honor to be a part of this great forum & his great hyperspin.exe i have use many emulators but hyperspin is the most beautifull Emulator Runner on Planet i have download many files from torrent & youtube but i need little help i hope u don't mind seniors here is Snap shoot i m little bit new at hyperspin plz don't mind if i asked many question about it why it is showing no launcher found when i m going to start any game
  5. From an email I drafted back in 2013, but never saw the light of day, so here goes:
  6. zebi

    Zebis Hypespin Thread

    Up To Date Hyperspin: Mame - Titel und Movies Full - 120 Spiele Nintendo 64 - Titel und Movies Full - 25 Spiele Steuerung: Joy to key v5 mit 2x Joystick 6 Knöpfe + Start , Pause , Zurück, Reset und Münz knopf Bildschirm: 20,5" TFT Monitor 16:9 Rechner: Alter XP Rechner (der nur für Hyperspin aufgebaut wurde) mit 8x USB, Nvidia Grafikkarte, 4 GB Ram. Cabine: Jede menge MDF Holz 8mm ca. 10m² , Holzbalken, Alufüße. Leuchtreklame und Handbemalung.
  7. Hi guys, I've been going back and forth with Hyperspin and this error message of "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" Invalid System Name or snes9x.exe is not working". Everything works outside of Hyperspin so its not the emulator. Could someone direct me in the right direction?! Is there something wrong with my AHK files or the database files???? It's been 3 days and I still can't get around this issue! Any help would be appreciated
  8. I was thinking of an idea that might be nicer about the game themes that are featured in HS. Would it be possible by default for themes to appear only when you start the title? So how does the Nintendo Wii WiiFlow frontend work? For those titles that have a theme or you see the theme or see the default system, not both. I think it would be interesting to have this option so as not to break the pattern of the list presentation.
  9. Hey I have been looking everywhere for the answer but no luck I'm looking play some old pc games that run on windows 95/98 but I'm not able to due to my os win 10 is there an emulator I can use to solve this problem Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. ricko

    Rickos Hyperspin Thread

    Hallo alle zusammen, habe mir vor über einem Jahr Hyperspin heruntergeladen und Konfiguriert mit erfolg aber nun das Problem das mich seit Tagen aufregt. Und zwar wenn ich in Hyperspin ein Spiel auswähle egal im welchem Emulator startet das Spiel nicht der Emulator aber schon ohne Probleme. In HyperHQ habe ich alles richtig eingestellt und in Rocketlauncher ebenso. Alle Module Konfiguriert Pfade der Emulatoren angegeben usw. Als Betriebssytem Benutzte ich Windows 7 und nur auf diesem einem Computer wird Hyperspin benutzt, Möchte auch später den Pc umbauen in eine Arcade Maschine (< In Zukunft :D) Aber nur dieses eine Problem beschäftigt mich. Ich habe Rocketlauncher auch nicht geupdatet. Alle Datenbanken sind Korrekt eingestellt, Wenn ich aber in HyperHQ als Execution Hyperlaunch auswähle und den Emulator per Hyperspin starten möchte kommt immer ein Fehler der besagt das man den Pfad von der 7z datein einstellen soll obwohl das Korrekt eingestellt ist Hoffentlich kann mir einer Helfen . Liebe Grüße Ricko
  11. Version 20160123


    OH LOOK, THIS MISERABLE GOODY-GOODY MADE A THEME FOR MY GAME FOR HYPERSPIN! WRETCHED CHILD! Okay, back in character, this is my second Hyperspin theme for IM Meen for DOSBox on Hyperspin frontend, I see lack of this on an arcade cabinet. And like my previous post, it has the wheel logo in it. IM Meen © Simon and Schuster, CBS, Animation Magic and Matthew Sughrue
  12. Version 20160120


    My first theme for the Hyperspin arcade frontend, mainly because a 2D Fighter Maker game ended up on the Hyperspin frontend and I would love to see Fighting Is Magic in an arcade cabinet, or any arcade for PC. This is a theme for Crashie-PP's Fighting Is Magic Premium, another endeavor to revive a fighting game based on My Little Pony, which the game was cancelled because of Hasbro's C&D sent to Mane6 (before working on Them's Fighting Herds with Lauren Faust.) with the leaked EVO 2012 build. NOTE: Also contains wheel. MLP © Hasbro Fighting Is Magic and FIM Premium © Crashie-PP and Mane6
  13. Version 1.0.8


    Purpose: Moves roms and other Hyperspin Media that don't match your system's xml (database) out of your folders. Requires: RocketLauncher and at least one rom path set for that system in RocketLauncherUI - WILL NOT work with HyperLaunch. Hotkeys: Escape (Cancel Clean or Exit application) WARNING - This will overwrite files in the "%assetPath% (UNKNOWN)" folder if it already exists. Backup your roms and media first. Reads RocketLauncherUI Systems.xml or Hyperspin's Main Menu xml for systems Reads RocketLauncher system's Emulators.ini for Rom_Paths Logs everything to "Rom Folder Cleaner.log" Press the top ... button to define a custom xml to match your assets Press the bottom ... button to define a custom rom path to match your assets If you have multiple roms with the same name but different extensions, it will think these are good and keep these in your rom folder. ONLY works with console type roms with one file. Have not tested with roms in folders. Known issues: Mapped network drives may return garbage when reading from the path. Resolution: Run it on that pc, not through the network.
  14. Version


    What it does: - made for Hyperspin, HyperSpin 1.4 beta, Hyperlaunch2, Hyperlaunch3 and RocketLauncher - System audit : scan your systems, display/manage the medias (wheels, videos, pointers, etc ...) associated to it - Rom audit : scan your roms, display/manage the medias (wheels, videos, Hyperpause, etc ...) associated to it - Cleanup of your Hysperspin and Hyperpause folders/files. - You can also match found files to your roms in Cleanup ! (v1.4.0.7) Check screenshot - integrated XML editor : with some features like "rom2xml", auto-fill XML entries etc ... - lets you launch a rom directly from HyperLaunch - built-in viewer for images/text/pdfs/videos - drag'n drop to reorder your systems.xml or roms.xml (aka [system].xml) - provides an easy way to add/delete/open HyperPause medias (creates folder if not existing, in the right place) You can add medias : - from a local file in your computer - from the clipboard - from a URL (downloads automatically the image - and puts it at the right place) Etc ... PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS/COMMENTS/REQUESTS HERE PLEASE (<-- click on link)
  15. Hey guys, Been working to get my joytokey configured, and have a problem that I can't figure out. When I launch a game from within Hyperspin, Mame launches the game but in the background. Configuration is latest Hyperspin, Rocket Launcher and Mame. Any suggestion on where to start? Thanks, David
  16. Hi Guys, I made a PC Games wheel and it worked great. So, I had idea to make an audio wheel using VLC to play. It has 7 different "ambient noise" files that I want to be able to launch from the wheel; but then let it play in background as I browse games. The MP3 files I have are just ambient noise background tracks from old arcades... I want to get the feeling of walking through an old arcade as I go through MAME or other game systems. Then, I have AHK script that has hotkeys that look for key press 5, 6, or 2 (player 1 or 2 COIN, or Player 2 START on my system). That shuts down VLC and the EXE I compiled the AHK into. My issue: I can get it to launch either using a compiled AHK script that runs VLC; or by using RocketLauncherUI PCLauncher of just launching the VLC.exe file with command line parameters of the audio file I choose. Issue is that after I launch the EXE; it won't let me open another rom. It thinks the first one is still playing. I can hit the ESCAPE key; and then I get a Game Over screen; but that closes my exe and defeats the purpose. I put all the files into a 7zip if anyone wants to try to recreate: https://mega.nz/#!8A1lQLgK I have tried EVERYTHING. I think it might be my HyperSpin must have bad setting or something. I've tried 4 different methods: ANArcade81 (saw somewhere where RL looks for EXE to end emulation on AppWaitExe setting, made an "Intro" exe to just show msgbox and when that close emulator "rom" should close). This one causes RL to hang on Game Over screen, wouldn't load right. ANArcade92 i tried swapper method with Starter & Silencer, still wouldn't work. This method had a start up script that used AN_Starter.exe to start up VLC and send a msgbox explaining; and then a separate AN_Silencer.exe which just looks for hotkeys. ANbowlingalley I tried launching VLC instead of compiled EXE method. This one would sometimes hang; and it wouldn't run either. ANquietdiner i tried using old compiled method. Reworked all of them multiple times, never would "end" emulation so that i can choose another rom while background music on. Also, if i manually hit exit in HS, it'd end emulation; but then hotkeys no longer work and VLC would never shut off. I'm completely lost lol. Soo frustrating, so close to working.
  17. Is there a quick easy solution for adding steam games to hyperspin?
  18. celticsam

    Rom server

    Since there are several computers in my house -- and several kids whop love games, i was thinking of putting all of my roms on a central computer, and installing hyperspin on each computer (drawing roms from the server). Any special considerations? I am running a 100baseT internal network, so file transfer speed should not be an issue....
  19. Amigos bom dia! estou tendo problema ao tentar iniciar o pscx2 através do Hyperspin, quando tento iniciar ele me retorna com o erro da imagem. Alguém poderia me ajudar? já tentei de tudo.. já tenho Daemon Tolls instalado na pasta C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\daemon.exe Vejam o modulo ahk. ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Sony Playstation 2 ; PCSX2 v0.9.8 ; by layer0730 & chillinwater ; 1.0 ; ; Notes: ; remove all ";" below to enable blackscreen if needed ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;\\\optional blackscreen\\\ Gui +AlwaysOnTop -Caption +ToolWindow Gui, color, 0 Gui Show, x0 y0 h%A_ScreenHeight% w%A_ScreenWidth% Run, %executable% "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%" %emuPath% Gui Destroy ;kills optional blackscreen Process, WaitClose, %executable% ExitApp CloseProcess: Process, Close, %executable% return
  20. Hi everyone, Need the hyperspin community to give me a hand! I was playing my mame cabinet where I got this error message. I have a birthday party I'm hosting this weekend and hope to get this up and running before families start coming in. I have reset the system with no avail. Any help would be appreciated!
  21. Galera, não acho esse hyperlauchHQ pra baixar aqui, to achando que não precisa, pois na pasta que baixei aqui do hyperspin ja tem um hyperlauch, alguem esclarece minha duvida e se possivel por o link pra baixar...
  22. Sorry for the silly question. It just dawned on me that i've been exiting a game using escape on my keyboard this entire time. I'd like to be able to do this with a joystick. im still learning the software and im currently using an xbox 360 controller. I'd like to make a hotkey while in game to revert back to my hyperspin wheel. preferably a button combo hotkey like back +start. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks
  23. I've been looking for a thread but didn't find any and I'd love to see screenshots of members HP set ups. Especially the custom set ups and artwork. Do you all use the generic download artwork, videos, themes, wheels? or do you all have your own customized stuff you created to fit the look/theme you want? Post it here or please point me to the thread if one already exists. Did someone set up all artwork to fit a specific theme? ie star wars or any other movie? or do you just reserve that stuff for the cabinet sides? I'd love to get inspired and get ideas for my own.
  24. Hi guys, I recently finished my cab, it's called ARCADE ACTION! SPECS: - Hp i5 which I scored for free! - 2 terabyte HD - Sanwa JLF sticks - Happ buttons - Ipac2 - Aimtrack light gun - HyperSpin frontend (of coarse) Hope you guys enjoy the build shots, happy to answer any questions.. Future plans are to upgrade the marquee to something a little flashier, wire the lights up on the credit buttons and possibly add a second Aimtrack. It was a super fun build and I'm having a blast playing it, hope you guys enjoyed the photos.
  25. Hi all, So im finalising my bartop cabinet, and have a spare Dell Vostro PC (does the job and cost nothing), which i intend on gutting and fixing the motherboard and components straight in to the inside base of my machine. Control Panel is ready to wire USB in to the PC, so im pretty much there. QUESTION: I didn't want to add a draw with mouse and keyboard. I want to run it off an arcade button that i want to splice in to the current power button of the motherboard of the PC. What is the cleanest/safest/smoothest way to start up and shut down windows? I've setup Windows already so that it loads straight in to Hypersin, just need a solution for power on/off. The machine will always be plugged in to the wall and switched on. I'm not keen on the old "hold for 5 seconds to power off" thing, and dont want to rely on keyboard at all as i mentioned. I've heard there may be commands in hyperHQ to power off on exit? Thanks!
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