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Found 166 results

  1. Hi. I have hundreds of Hypermarquee MAME gameplay videos here http://www.youtube.com/c/mamefan I also have a video showing how to get it working.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Uncle Poo logo for the wheel.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Performan, for Arcade Wheel Logo.
  4. I updated my MAME roms to 215 from 0170 recently, since there are 1/2 more games I'm interested in available now and due to increases in accuracy etc. Just thought it was a good idea, but... The latest AHK/module file from the downloads section (labelled for 212) seems to not work with 215, but it worked with 0170. What do I do? Is there a AHK file that works with MAME0215 that I'm missing, or do I need to wait. If so, how long? (I'm getting the .ahk error that means the .ahk file is out of date. I had this problem with 0170 and sorted it with the 212 .ahk file.)
  5. 3 and 4 players arcade game lists View File Recently, I finally got around to making proper XML's for 3 player and 4 player games, so that, when I have that many players, we don't have to sift through all the games or even the hundreds of favorites to find a good game. Have a look at the lists and let me know if you think I should add or remove any games. I run Hyperspin booting into a favorites list that is a combination of most of the "All Killer No Filler" lists that are pinned in the thread at the top of the Main BYOAC forum, as well as other choice games that weren't part of the lists. So almost all of these 3 and 4 player games are drawn from the "killer" lists. Thanks, BadMouth from the BYOAC forums, for making those lists! Remember that many Arcade games have to be set up properly to be in 3 or 4 player mode. This can be done either by using the appropriate Rom or by entering the service mode (Mame default is F2 or sometimes via dip switch, accesible via the TAB menu) and changing the number of players. You might also have to set up the coin slots, or make it so that all players can insert coins, if there are only 2 coin slots for all players. These are all games that can be played with a digital joystick and normal arcade buttons. 3 Player Games - 25 Games Alien Storm – The US version allows for 3 players, gets a little samey, but has good graphics. Aliens VS. Predator – Pure Capcom gold with an exceptionally deep fighting system for a brawler Armored Warriors – Another Capcom gem with gorgeous Mech graphics. B.Rap Boys – Absurd game from the mid-90’s, so goofy that it’s fun. Battletoads – Rare made this 3 player “Battletoads” without all that pesky console censorship, think constant cartoonish fatalities. Brute Force – So bad it’s good brawler from Leland in 1991. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – Absolute classic from Capcom, must play Combattribes – I remember this one in the arcade, pseudo-super deformed “Double Dragon” art style and over the top beat ‘em up action. Dark Adventure – Gauntlet clone, but with bizarre monsters and story. This one is also known as “Devil World,” but I couldn’t get that version to work for 3 players. Double Dragon 3 – So bad it’s good? Maybe. Gain Ground – Most ports were 2 player, but this is a surprisingly addictive slow-paced game for 3 players. King of Dragons – Another great Capcom brawler. Knights of the Round – Capcom just killing it with another awesome 3 player brawler. Mercs – Multiplayer “Commando” with a life bar and some sweet graphics. MJ’s Moonwalker – Kinda fun for a few minutes if you can still stomach the subject matter. Night Slashers – Fun “Final Fight” knockoff with “Splatterhouse” style gore. Being able to play with 3 players makes up for the graphics not being up to Final Fight standards. Nitro Ball – Spiritual successor to “Smash TV,” nowhere near as good, but is fun, nonetheless. Pig Out – Haven’t really played this one, but the graphics are okay. Pit Fighter – Precursor to “Mortal Kombat,” Pit Fighter has really funky gameplay and controls, but could be a hilarious drinking game. Rampage – It’s great, but gameplay gets stale quickly. Rampage World Tour – Expanded “Rampage” gameplay with less attractive graphics, gets stale nearly as quickly. Real Ghostbusters – This one’s a real stinker, unfortunately. The game should have been 4 players and better. Turbo Force – 3 player space shooters or shmups are rare, so it’s cool to see one. Warriors of Fate – Capcom does Fuedal combat. It’s up to Capcom’s par, meaning really good. Xenophobe – Presentation is top-notch, love this era of Atari cartoonish arcade graphics. Use of split-screen is excellent. Gameplay and controls are not fantastic, however. 4 Player Games - 65 Games ’88 Games – Sequel to the original “Track and Field,” This isn’t a four player simultaneous play game, but I’m including it in the list of four player games because I’ve had tons of fun with Track and Field style games with four players. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge – Ice Hockey version of “NBA Jam,” I haven’t had a chance to play this one with multiple players. Arabian Fight – Huge sprites and impressive graphical effects help to make up for uninspired gameplay. Arabian Magic – Another okay game that barely passes muster. Battle Circuit – Pure Capcom absurdity, play this one to see how crazy things get. Blazing Tornado – Pretty generic wrestling game from the mid-90’s that is a throwback to mid-80’s wrestling. Bomberman World – Battle mode is bare bones compared to anything on 16-bit console hardware or later, but the real gem here is 4 player co-operative “normal” mode. This is the only version of Bomberman that I’ve ever seen that has 4 player co-op and it seems to be pretty fun in my limited experience. Bucky O’Hare – This is a decent Konami game, “TMNT” with guns. Captain America and the Avengers – Gameplay is nothing special, but the graphics and style of the game, such as the “TWAK! VABOOM!” Adam West Batman style graphics are charming. Captain Commando – Not as weird as “Battle Circuit,” but you can play as a Baby controlling a mech or a Mummified version of the knife dudes from “Final Fight” and enemies crouch and smoke while they wait for you to attack. Dungeons and Dragons Shadow over Mystara – Both Capcom D&D games are groundbreaking classics. They are probably the reason why many control panels have 4 action buttons for players 3 and 4. Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom – See above. Escape Kids – Track and Field style weirdness, I haven’t played enough to form an opinion, but it looks okay. Euro Champ ’92 – Euro-specific version of “Football Champ,” seems like the dat files are saying that this one is different, though, so I’ve included both. Exvania – Bomberman in a dungeon. This might be better in battle mode than “Bomberman World” arcade. Football Champ – Soccer game with decent graphics and gameplay. G.I. Joe – Graphics and style are cool, you can blow up almost everything in this game and fight over who gets to be Snake Eyes. Gauntlet – I remember the feeling of seeing this beast of a cabinet when it first hit the arcade. It had glorious graphics, amazing sound, an almost unreal number of enemies and, most impressive of all, hilarious, good quality, voice samples. Not having to spend actual money to play kind of saps the intensity out of the gameplay, though. Gauntlet II – The sequel expanded and improved on the formula in many ways, but the central pay-for-health gameplay issues persist. Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder – I haven't played much, but graphics and gameplay somehow aren’t as excellent as the original Golden Axe. Growl – Unlicensed Indiana Jones, this one has a bit of its own style, though, and isn’t bad. High Impact – Decent football game with Midway humor and early digitized graphics. Hit the Ice – Haven’t played this, but the graphics look decent. Hook – This is a decent brawler. I like games where you can thrash the enemies on the ground after you’ve knocked them down. Hyper Sports – More “Track and Field,” so it can’t be bad. Karate Blazers – Really fun ridiculous brawler. Knights of Valour Plus (Bootleg) - The original Knights of Valour (kov.zip) is in English and set for 4 players, but it runs the 2 player version only, at least in my MAME .201 ...As for the bootleg, it's the same as the original with, as far as I could tell, additional new selectable characters. Knights of Valour is worth your time. It has graphics and gameplay similar to Capcom's D&D series, plus attacking enemies on the ground, a ton of special moves when you press certain buttons together and move the joystick in a certain way (not sure if it has Street fighter style moves or not, still discovering stuff), as well as a leveling system and multiple paths to take based upon how you interact with the environment. It's amazing! If someone would translate this game to English, then it would be perfect. Knights of Valour Super Heroes - This seems to be nearly identical to the former game with different characters, again Chinese only, at least with all the roms that I tried. Knights of Valour 2 - The sequel is more of the same eye-popping awesomeness, also with the regional flaw (i.e. not a flaw if you understand Chinese) of only being available in Chinese. Knuckleheads – This was an attempt to do “Street Fighter” with 4 players. It’s okay. Mach Breakers Numan Athletics 2 – Souped-up “Track and field,” you can actually play 4 players simultaneously, which is cool. Main Event, The – They “borrowed” the likenesses of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant for the cab art, but otherwise this is a generic wrestler. Metamorphic Force – Okay brawler with a werewolf-style aesthetic and gameplay gimmick. Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle – Capcom wrestler from the best Capcom era. Mystic Warriors – Ninja version of “Sunset Riders,” doesn’t seem to be as full of personality, though. NBA Hangtime – Update of NBA Jam. NBA Jam – All-time classic, this has the best announcer. NBA Jam Tournament Edition – Cash grab, but still good. NBA Max Hangtime – Still fun after all these iterations. Ninja Baseball Bat Man – The king of zany 4 player brawlers with a cute cartoony aesthetic. Ninja Kids, The – Self-aware silliness that still makes me smile. Numan Athletics – This 90’s era “Track and Field” with bizarre Japanese superheroes is good button mashing fun for 4 players simultaneously. Oriental Legend – Graphics look decent, haven’t played yet. Oriental Legend Special – I don’t know what, if anything is different from the original. Punk Shot – 1990 basketball-based brawler from Konami predates “NBA Jam” and isn’t nearly as good, but is decently fun. Quartet – Surreal mid-80’s platform run and gun with jetpacks from Sega. Saturday Night Slam Masters – Wrestler, more Capcom excellence. Silent Dragon – Derivative button mashing brawler from Taito, but has laugh out loud voice samples and some hilarious special moves. Simpsons, The – One of the all-time classics, this one is funny and great, even if you haven’t seen the show, at least according to my kids and their friends. Snow Bros. 2 – It looks like a decent time, but I haven’t tried it. Spider-Man – Just a reskinned generic brawler, but it’s still Spider-Man, so it has to be on the list. Stone Ball – Weird prehistoric sports game that has fun graphics, but just okay gameplay. Sunset Riders – This game is hilarious, gorgeous, and a blast with 4 players, right up there with other Konami 4 player classics like Simpsons and Ninja Turtles. Super High Impact – This series seems like a precursor to “NFL Blitz” and it is fun, even if the animation lacks the polish of later digitized-graphics titles. Tank Force – Kind of like 4 player "Wizard of Wor" with fast tanks and okay graphics from Namco in 1991. Tecmo Bowl – Graphics are good, but I haven’t played this one much. It runs in dual-screen, so it looks best on a widescreen display or on two screens. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – One of the best 4 player titles ever, with excellent music, graphics, and gameplay. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Turtles in Time – This one added more combat tricks and graphical effects, but I still prefer the original. Both games are absolute classics, though. Thunder Zone – Also called Desert Assault in the US, this looks like “Merc” with 4 players and worse graphics. Tournament Cyberball – I remember playing this massive dual-screen cabinet a few times. It’s still fun emulated on a single widescreen, even if you can see your opponents’ screen when you’re not supposed to. Track and Field – Not simultaneous 4 player play, but an amazing party game for 4 players. There is nothing like crazily bashing the buttons for making good use of your arcade controls. Trog – Graphics are interesting, but gameplay looks pretty ho-hum. US Championship V’ball – Looks like a decent beach volleyball game. Vendetta – Sequel to “Crime Fighters,” it’s an okay brawler. Violent Storm – Massive sprites and over the top action makes this one a decent brawler. Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa – Not as good as “Sunset Riders” but still pretty enjoyable. WWF Wrestlefest – We had a lot of fun with this one back in the day. It had all the coolest wrestlers at the time, as well as their signature moves, but it’s a button masher at its core. X-Men – I have both the 4 player and the 6 player versions in my list. The 6 player one is cool because of the dual-screen presentation, with the wider screen allowing for more room to battle and overall fun, but any version of X-Men is great. The 3 player one has all the 3 and 4 player games and the 4 player one only has the 4 player games because, if you have 4 players, they can't all play the 3 player games. Submitter KenToad Submitted 10/02/2019 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  6. Hy ! Well i whant to set up geometry of the picture in 4/3 no bezel and with little scanline (0.04) and no deformation (crt effect) but when i finish set up and exit mame the seting it's not saved !! Can you help me please!! I have this trouble with mame,banpresto,cps1/2/3 Bonjour a tous et toutes , voila je suis nouveau dans ce monde qu'est hyperspin, j'ai 47 ans je baigne dans le JV depuis mes 6 ans ,j'ai reçus ma bartop il y a quelques jours et je voulais modifier les tailles d'images (elles sont bombé pour faire croire que l'on joue sur un CRT avec scanline etc... ) J'ai trouvé (via TAB) le menu de reglage des images (video slider) , je regle l'ensemble a ma convenance mais lorsque je sort du jeu et que j'y retourne je me rend compte que rien n'est sauvegardé !! Comment faire ?!?!?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Main Menu Wheel Logo for Arcade Classics (MAME) .png file 820px wide
  8. Hi, when i play any of the nfl bitz in MAME if i press the \ key, which i have mapped to the winipac (4 arcade machine so i ran out of keys, and im not gonna remap in winipac this key one since im done with all mappings), this menu comes up (see attach pic), so i created an ahk file to remap \ to any other key but its not working in MAME, i read that MAME only accepts raw input trough hyperspin and its not recognizing the ahk remap script, so please tell me how can i prevent this menu from appearing or how can i make the ahk remap work in MAME, if i launch MAME directly (not hyperspin) the ahk works.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    I have taken the Cross Pang theme & added the new to it & changed a few things to make it slightly different for New Cross Pang & also included the logo for it too. Enjoy until someone does a complete new one but I think it's not on the theme makers most important to make a theme for but I think it's good enough as is. You decide Available on HyperSync
  10. Hello my friends. I am a long time Mame user and just recently finished my Verticade home made arcade cabinet. Download HyperV which worked immediately, spend a few hours figgering out tweaking it (add Scanlines, spinner, favourites etc.) and it just works fine, like it. It has 1000+ games on it and it starts up with my ~120 fave games and is working with just the buttons, very happy. So now I am building my Horizontade mame cabinet with my favourite horizontal games. So then I downloaded a Hyperspin from punkarcade with 400 top games which looks really nice. The whole menu is working, starts up in full screen and I can start up any game. But when I start up the game I get two things that I don’t like. 1. Mame does not startup in full screen mode and has two intentional coloured bezels left and right, how can I fix this? When I start up this mame version directly it starts up in FS without the bezels. 2. When I use any HSL setting (like scanlines) the games run at 30-40 procent, extremely slow. When I start Mame myself directly I can use any visual HSL setting and all games run at 100%. How can I fix both these annoyances? Any help is appreciated!
  11. Dear Hyperspinners First of all, a huge shout out to the amazing feedback on my last questions. You guys are fabulous! Ok....now for my question. I have a about 12-13 systems that I am setting up on the Nvidia Shield Hyperspin. I am wanting to know how to create MAME themes - particularly Midway Classics and Capcom Classics. I have downloaded the xml file (in addition to the relevant artwork) from this site, however I want to know where to paste this in my main Hyperspin folder and calibrate it so that it will show up in the Hyperspin main menu? Will I have to edit the xml file? Do I need a separate settings file? Any step by step instructions would be fabulous!!! Please use quite basic language to help answer this question...….I know very little about Hyperspin and am just at the beginning of my journey. For the record, I am using a PC and an external hard drive to setup Hyperspin, then transferring this to the emulated storage on my Nvidia Shield. Again.....Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it! Soup Pants
  12. Version 1.4


    Some of stuff you can do create hyperspin or nointro dat from rom folder create mamlist.xml from rom folder copy roms listed in nointro or any supported xml\dat\xml format to desired rom folder rename your roms from any supported xml\dat\txt file and copy them to desired folder merge two supported xml\dat\txt file even info will be merged copy rom media file with game list from compatible xml\dat\txt much more compatible format are nonintrodat.dat (parent\clone xml) or standard gamelist.xml hyperspin.xml(there is custom one,you can generate one as hyperspin_retrofe.xml) retrofe_include.txt (simple txt file with rom names) mameinfo.dat (only works in extract function) mamehistory.dat (only works in extract function) mamelist.xml So What is this? convert from compatible xml\txt\dat game database format to xml\txt\dat game database, extract story files from gamelist.xml mamhistory.dat or mameinfo.dat combine or merge two compatible xml\txt\dat and get one file with updated games and info copy rom listed in compatible xml\dat\txt from source rom folder to desired folder\rename and crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files scan and create xml\dat\txt from your roms folder,crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files Requirement: Tested on windows 10 x64,should run on any windows +7 os (might run on win xp but not tested) you 'll need at least one xml\txt\dat compatible file,check below in Note section How to use Simply choose the function from drop menu,click on input\output buttons,choose file type from filter drop menu in openfiledialog window,remember always provide the right file type,hyperspin need hyperspin file,nointro.dat need nointro dat file ....... click doi it combine function explained: this tool is created to merge info from compatible xml dat xml database format.xml based on name or crc tag,the result is xml\txt\dat file with updated info added roms name and info from both file Associate function explained: associate function,input1 button should be any compatible xml\txt\dat,mediaroot should be the root folder of your rom media,example: nes media folder contain folders like snaps,title,manual,video snaps ... etc,this function will copy these media according to the name(or crc) in input1 source file Some Tips: Combine Nointro.dat+gamelist.xml=>resultfile saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml combine resultfile.xml+hyperspin.xml with rating tag=>final_result.xml saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml put the final_result.xml in RetroFE\meta\hyperlist rename it to your prefered system,make sure the name is matching the collection name in retrofe collectio dir delete meta.db from retrofe dir launch retrofe and have fun ]NOTE: Important don't choose the wrong file always feed the right one check compatible file format above for more info the combine function priorties the info from input1 button when using crc as comparation,that means if you have the same game but the name in the first is different from the second input file,the first will be considered how to get gamelist.xml use scraper to get gamelist.xml for your prefered system(mame,sega,snes...) can be found https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/scraper put scraper inside your roms folder,ru cmd or use bat(recommended) put these commands: scraper.exe -add_not_found -console_src="gdb" -use_filename=true -download_images=false -no_thumb PAUSE now copy the generated gamelist.xml file from your rom folder to the program folder Contacts: http://emulator-organizer-f.forumotion.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Emulators-Organizer/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6F9RyhFdg done enjoy Best regard Croser
  13. Version 0.200


    As per request, here's a version of MAME 0.200 that will load the fallback_artwork even if artwork for that game is already available.
  14. Hola amigos, les relato mi problema. Todo estaba perfecto, tenia mi setup de mame funcionando en Hyperspin hasta que comenzó a ocurrir como pueden ver he jugado bastante este titulo. luego del fade me salio este error, presiono escape y me doy cuenta de que el juego inicia pero quedo detrás del fade y no en fullscreen, cierro la ventana de mame regreso a Hyperspin trato de iniciar el juego otra vez y funciona. me di cuenta de que ocurre cada vez que abro un juego por primera vez (desde que enciendo la computadora). esto no pasaba antes, hice la prueba de quitar el fade y ocurre igual, siempre funciona a la segunda oportunidad. alguna idea?
  15. Hi Hyperspin community, I've been a Hyperspin member for a while now and this will be my first post. I spent the past couple of days writing my project down from start to almost finished.. I have yet to write down the section about software/configurations/tips/tweaks, hoping I can provide that in an update shortly. Just wanted to say a special thanks to my friends that helped me with this project as well as the others in this awesome community that didn't know it, but your questions & answers helped me get through it all.. Sorry it's pretty lengthy.. Machine name : Pac-Cade Started on the build 11/2017 Finished (well its about 98% done) Here is my couple of month’s life story of my first MAME cabinet build. Please, feel free to read for your enjoyment or skip through and look at the pretty pictures. I’m just hoping that what I went through helps others out with their build. I’ve been wanting to build a Mame Cabinet for years and just never pulled the trigger. A friend of mine surprised me with blueprints of a cabinet, I just needed to buy the wood, find the spare time and get off my lazy arse and get it started. Then another friend found a Target Toss Pro Bags cabinet for $50 on ebay. FIFTY Bucks how in the heck could I pass this deal up. As you can see from the photos below, it’s basically a Golden Tee cabinet. After I pulled the trigger, drove up with a friend, put it on his flat bed I got the beast cabinet into my garage, I just stared in awww of all the cool things I want to do with this thing. The cabinet came with the bezel, front glass, 4 buttons, marquee clear plastic, coin slots (BONUS) and a lot of dust. It was pretty much gutted but exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an extra wide cabinet so I can have some room for a 2 player setup. Right below the marquee is a wooden board with a nice size open hole that had a metal plate where the speakers go and small rectangle tinted glass which you can see it still in the above photos. With 12 screws around the edge of the control panel, I took off the lexan (similar) top layer and thankfully it was not glued down so I can use the control board. It was nice to see the metal plate for the track ball, but it just added more questions on how I’m really going to lay all this out. Still not really sure how I’m going to layout the control panel at this time, but I do know I want two player (I considered 4 player), trackball, spinner and pinball buttons. So measuring the opening where all the buttons and joystick will go, I found my area to work with. This part took the longest out of all the other projects and trying to figure out the layout was killing me slowly. I thought about laying it all out myself with button templates and looking up some cool graphics. I just couldn’t find anything I really liked and just couldn’t visualize it. Then I finally found a layout which was actually based off the Golden Tee control panel and oh my, I was sold. I can’t take credit for this so thanks goes to dmatanski at Deviant Art (hxxps://dmatanski.deviantart.com/art/MAME-large-control-panel-48650519). I found a couple of reasons why this layout is awesome. It’s based off my arcade control panel for one so I don’t have to retro-fit it, but something I never really realized…. 8 way joysticks suck for Pac Man!! So this layout has a third 4-way joystick at the top “classic setup”. Yes, this layout has lots of buttons!!!!! After I printed the layout, I purchased some Forstner bits and made a practice control panel out of MDF so I can have a feel for how it’s laid out, practice drilling and get to use the buttons/joysticks I bought. I had my control panel upstairs hooked to what I was going to use; a Pi3 with retropi installed, using an external 500gig HD, attract mode, themes, video previews installed. Retropi is very slick, easy to setup and pretty darn cool and I think it work well in a cabinet. Stuff I bought at this time- Trackball – 90 bucks off Amazon 2 player buttons and 8-way joystick.. Here is where I think some will say I went cheap, and yes I slightly agree. But I do like them and maybe at a later date I’ll upgrade. Called Easyget LED illuminated 2 player, $67 off Amazon. 3.5 inch circle speaker covers Light bar from Home Depot for the marquee I happened to have an old CRT and my old speakers with subwoofer, so I temporary put them in place. I also removed the upper black wooded border so I can make room for a 2nd monitor idea frame out of MDF. And yeah the previous wood was glued to the marquee bottom board and it broke off.. eh, no biggie. While playing on the Pi3, I just found that some mame roms were not work and customizing it was tedious. So, I bailed on the Pi3 and bought a 2.8ghz quad core mobo, 8 gigs ram from a friend and I had some extra parts laying around - 256gig SSD, sata 500gig, nvidia video card. So, now I’m using Hyperspin/rocketlauncher which I’ll go in more setup detail later in this brain dump of mine. I had a lot of friends to bounce ideas off and one of them gave me a 28” TV, which I considered to use for that retro look, so I bought a VGA to HDMI adapter from Amazon. I had some trouble with my PC recognizing it adapter and I could never get the TV to display. So, I bailed on it and started pricing out LCDs. I can still use this TV for my old consoles which I collect, so it’s a win win for me. I had a quote for a sign shop to have them print my control panel on polycarbonate but it was too expensive for me. I reached out to my friends again and found one that knew a guy that had a full size plotter and once I gave him the dimensions of the control panel he printed me out 4 copies on sticky back vinyl, just in case I screwed up. So, onto the secondary monitor thoughts and plans. My first thought was to buy a LCD screen as my marquee and have it just scroll through the game marquees when one is selected, but that area is fairly skinny and the LCDs are VERY expensive. I thought about designing my own marquee and using the space right below it for a laptop LCD. So this open area right below the marquee area would be a perfect place to put in a 15” laptop LCD. I did some research about scrolling marquees and found an awesome thread about Hyper Marquee and (EDS) Event Dispatch System. And thanks to Mamefan for his youtube channel for setting up Hyper Marquee and EDS which helped me TONS! (hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbcUzyfMtPc) I had an old laptop that was dead but the screen still worked so I ripped it out and found the model number and looked on ebay for a LCD controller board. Bingo! clicked on buy now and it arrived in a couple of days! So with Hyperspin loaded with HyerMarquee and EDS, I was able to display the rom marquee and its flyer. Learning those two new programs did take some getting used to, but once you work on it for a while it’s pretty darn easy. If the marquee isn’t available it uses hyperspins wheel image and if a flyer isn’t available it just displays a default picture (ready player one). Going portrait mode on the 2nd screen really makes sense and awesome looking. I’m able to easily add both graphics since most of the flyers are basically portrait. Below is my two screen temporary layout held up with some duct tape. The one issue I did notice with this setup, if I power off the LCD controller board it doesn’t turn back on without physically pressing the power button. I thought that HDMI when the source is powered on it will turn on the monitor, but no matter what I did or how long I waited it would never turn on the 2nd screen. So, screw it! I fixed this issue by shorting out the power on/off button on the smaller pcb board that plugs into the LCD controller board. When the PC turns off or by the power strip and then turned back on, the LCD board comes to life and I have video. The 2nd screen even goes into powersaving mode and it will turn off when I turn off the PC. Onto the 2nd LCD frame. I took measurements and even cut a groove for the screen to set in. My wood working skills are not the best at all and I normally have to measure 5 times and then cut/screw-up/buy new piece, measure two more times and then maybe I’ll hit my mark. Luckily enough the piece I bought was big enough for that 2nd try I needed! You can see on the upper right of the picture the original frame I ripped out. I thought it turned out pretty nice after semi-gloss black paint job and screwed in place. Another couple picture showing the mounting of the LCD controller board and 2nd monitor frame. So, what to do about the actual marquee area, I thought? I’m a huge Pac Man fan and was thinking an actual Pac Man marquee but I decided to just design one up myself and come up with a name of my cabinet, Pac Cade how original…. right? Some picture googling and paint.net skills I made this up and had it printed at Staples on what they called vinyl for only 6 bucks! What a deal.. slapped it on the plastic and there ya go! I just need to figure out what to do with the side-art. I do have light poking through the edges which I’m not a fan about, so I need to figure out what to do there. I think I’m making good progress on it. But what I’m dreading the most, you might ask? Well it’s drilling the control panel holes through the wood/plexi/vinyl.. HOW will I pull this off! I kept prolonging that day when I had to start drilling. It made me nervous just thinking about it. But that will be a later day, time for me to fix this horrible CRT area. I found a 30” TV at my local computer shop for real cheap and all I would need to do is route/sand the sides on the cabinet down about ¼”. But when I got there my main question was, when I turn on/off my PC what will the TV do and we never got a straight answer from the techs. Looked online and the specs said auto on with HDMI power, but I just didn’t get the warm and fuzzies. So I ended up going with a Dell 28” monitor. It fit without any issues at all, I was very pleased with the results. With some scrap wood I made bracers on the back and bottoms of the LCD screen to keep it in place. Boy It sure did take me a long time to measure and make sure each side of the screen was at the same height. Once that was all in place. I had another anxiety attack since I had to now measure and cut another frame for the monitor. This time it only took me one attempt and look at how nice that fits. There is hope for me after all! Spray painted it black and onto the next grueling task.. the dreaded control panel. Sorry, going to go in more detail on this as this section was slightly stressful. At this point I didn’t really research into what I should use. At my house (we just moved) the previous owner used plexiglass for an additional layer on our windows. I thought, score I can spare a couple for my cabinet and save some space. I looked up what to use to cut plexiglass and found that using a Stepping Bit is a good way to go, so off to the local hardware store! I needed to figure out a way to mark my buttons and joysticks on the vinyl and board. I used a drafting compass draw a 30mm and 24mm circle on cardboard and with a hole poked through the middle, booya I had my center. I then laid the cardboard circle on the vinyl and marked the center with a marker. Then used point of the compass to poke a hole through the vinyl. This part wasn’t so bad since I had 3 other vinyl sheets on the ready. I then used a utility knife to cut the lines into it. Geez, this part was a little unnerving. Once all the holes were done in the vinyl I laid that on top of the control board and just marked my pilot holes. I also bought a dowel rod and plug the original 4 holes of the control panel. Used my Forstners bit and a hand drill. There are two sizes holes here – 30MM and 24MM. Mainly because the Easyget buttons came with 8 30mm and 4 24mm size buttons. It’s heartbreak and stress time. It didn’t take long to figure out plexiglass will not work, at least what I had in my basement. It might be too brittle or sun damaged etc.. The sound this stepping bit had on the plexiglass was horrific! As you can see from the right pic that cracks & chips were very visible. WHAT TO DO!! My local hardware store had lexan polycarbonate and WOW what a HUGE difference that made. The sheet was expensive but well worth it. The stepping bit drilled into this stuff like a hot knife in butter. But this part was very stressful and it took a while because I didn’t want to screw up. After many practice runs with a circle cutter bit on scrap lexan, I made my final 3” hole. Here is the end result of my control panel finally all drilled and assembled. As well as adding what I have for joysticks/buttons and trackball. Looking pretty good so far. Just need to order the other 4-way joystick/buttons and the spinner. I ordered the other set of buttons and joystick and then decided to spin up Paint.Net for one ugly looking wiring schematics. This did really help figure out where everything is going. The two purple buttons on the right and left of the panel are the pinball buttons that I’ll drill on the side of the control panel box. After doing some troubleshooting, I had to route my pinball buttons on my first button controller board. Splitting them up between two controller boards seemed to cause some confusion even with JoytoKey installed. Here are a couple of screenshots of the pinball holes I drilled out as well as I hooked up the LED switch to my coin slot buttons. SO cool! Turns out Christmas LED bulbs work great for replacement bulbs for the coin buttons. After some time I did finally pulled the trigger on getting the rest of the buttons and my 4-way joystick. I ended up with white player/coin buttons and the rest blue and I think it came out pretty nice. Not sure why in this picture my red buttons look more yellowish. Still holding off on the spinner, they are not cheap. After I got my 4-way joystick I read its small paper doc and it showed me how to make it an 8-way and shockingly enough I looked at my other two 8-way joysticks and they are also convertible.. Go figure.. here I was dying to play Pac Man during this build and I could have if I would have just converted a joystick! And the 98% final results. With 4 added quarters from 1980 - 1984 on the glass... Some high level software and info- Win10 Hyperspin HyperSpin Start up script RocketLauncher HyperMarquee EDS registered Joytokey Mame (w/ high score save) crap ton of system emulators I figured out a neat way to make a Main menu item for a second MAME selection for multiplayer that I created a database for. PinballFX 2 and 3 (still trying to get 3 to work) JukeBox Made most of my own themes I know I'm forgetting something... =) I would be more than happy to answer any questions or share my config settings. If you want to see a video, I can post one.
  16. I created this bezel to experience real arcade cabinet gameplay like i did my childhood and wanted to share it. Actually I don't have enough fun playing arcade games in LCD monitor with a plain screen. That's why I decided to create a bezel for my hyper spin and added it some effects like (light reflection, some old screen effects and a reflection of arcade room for make you feel like playing your game in arcade room. I use 1440x900 pixels on my PC so i edited it for this resolution only. You can just resize your bezel.PNG to fit your Full Screen Resolution and re-edit Bezel.ini file to get the best resolution for you. To install just extract rar file to your hyper spin directory like this: HyperSpin\RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels DOWNLOAD: MAME.rar 2ND VERSION: MAME2.rar
  17. Once upon a time, my father and I bought a multicade for his den. It was the 60 in 1 built into a Pac-Mania arcade. The guy selling it also offered us an empty cabinet he had laying around for a significant discount and we took at as well The empty cab has been sitting in our garage for years, and now that we're cleaning it out we've decided to inject some life into it and finally fix it up, What we have is an old Nintendo Unisystem (Not my actual unit, but a picture to show what I'm working with as I'm not within reach of mine at the time of this post) Our particular one has a VERY faded Mario Bros. marquee and a Donkey Kong screen overlay, as well as that annoying metal crowbar over the coin slots. I'd like to give it a DK blue paint job to match the screen; but what I would love to do is completely overhaul the control panel; six buttons on each side for fighting games. I'm thinking of making a completely new one out of wood but I"m not sure if I should keep it the same size as the old one, or bring it out a bit to add more (possibly add a trackball if I'm feeling ambitious) What do you guys reccomend? This is our first time taking on a project like this and we want to do it right On an additional note, it requires cleaning but I'd be happy to sell the old control panel to anyone interested, the buttons are worn to hell though
  18. There are various MAME cores in RetroArch, I believe this is correct? MAME2000 = 0.37b5 MAME2003 = 0.087 MAME2010 = 0.139 MAME2014 = 0.157 MAME = 0.170 MAME GIT = current rom set Does anyone know how to reference each of these cores in Hyperspin? Example, which core would be used with this syntax? exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/mame_libretro_android.so
  19. Version 1.0.0


    - Favoritos personalizado - Animaciones swf personalizadas - Pantalla de salida personalizada - Sonidos personalizados - Vídeo de intro personalizado - Vídeo por defecto personalizado
  20. Hi guys, I recently made variation based on this after effects video: https://videohive.net/item/arcade-logo/15175743?s_rank=1 For mame systems: Hope you like it Intro.mp4
  21. Mykillvee's Officially Unofficial MAME Database View File This XML contains ALL of the arcade hits, as well as the most obscure games I could find, that do NOT exist on Hyperspin's official database! I will be adding more to this list as I add more obscure titles to my own setup. This XML works best with MAME Plus! version .159 Submitter Mykillvee Submitted 02/15/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  22. MAME 0.185 Database (no adult/casino/gun games) View File Here's a MAME database I painstakingly put together. Its based on MAME 0.185, includes all games and CHD based games with the following rules applied. No adult games No Gun games No Mahjong or casino games No duplicates (as close as I could get - kept newest version possible) No non-US games (unless it does not have a US clone) What you're left with is a set of around 2600 unique, playable games by joystick, spinner or trackball. Enjoy! Submitter flex221 Submitted 01/17/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  23. Hola chicos he bajado el hyperspin para juegos verticales y me funcionaba perfecto en mi computadora que por alguna razón no funcionó mas. al momemto de instalarlo en otra computadora con casi los mismos requerimientos de ram y procesador me da el problema de que el MAME no funciona. que puede ser? adjunto algunas fotos.
  24. Hallo Leute, Ich hoffe ich stelle keine schon gefragten Fragen. Ich versuche gerade verzweifelt Hyperspin mit Rockelauncher mit einem Joystick zu installieren. Leider klappt die Steuerung überhaupt nicht, weder Tastatur noch Joystick mit JoyToKey. Ich bin nach folgender Anleitung https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ und https://gameroomsolutions.com/hyperspin-controller-setup-with-joytokey-and-gamepad/ gegangen leider bekomme ich es überhaupt nicht hin. Ich führe die Programme auch als Administrator unter Win10 aus. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Irgendwas in der Englischen Anleitung übersehe ich oder verstehe es nicht. Natürlich benötigt Ihr dazu weitere Infos aber wegen der Komplexität mache ich noch keine Screenshots von sämtlichen Konfigs hier rein. Sagt mir einfach was Ihr wissen müsst um mir helfen zu können. Auch ein Aufschalten per Teamviewer wäre möglich. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen. Schöne Grüße aus der Klingenstadt
  25. SPEEDrive Project, based on a Jamma coin-op with inside a pc. FEATURES: - Original 25" CRT Monitor (emudriver) - 360° Wheel - Shifter UP/DOWN with NOS - Rumble - CPO Light Button - 2xLed stripes on the back (output controlled) - Pedal with micro and pot - 2.1 audio system + 100w Subwoofer - Custom Hyperspin Main Theme, Video Preview and NoTheme video - Rocketlauncher core
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