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Found 27 results

  1. Hi! I'm working in my cab (slowly, just a few hours each weekend) ... but I want to start the thread of my build. Here is a few pics of the progress and some of the "toys", later I will list all the stuff for reference and to help anyone find them easy. Next step, primer/painting. Then install all the toys/pc, etc. edit: pictures look right in my pc ... why they show rotated when I upload them? oh well edit 2: list of parts, soon links and pictures of the items!! edit 3: think I manage to fix the damn pictures List of parts: Cabinet - Standard Williams Widebody plans (Thanks mameman!!) (link to PDF) - 2x Sheets 3/4” Plywood (picture) (link to buy) - Original Williams/Stern Start, Extra Ball and Launch buttons (Launcher of AFM) (picture) (link to buy) - Original Williams Speaker Panel (picture) (link to buy) - Pinball Coin Door + Dual Coin Mesh (picture) (link to buy) - Custom Made Coin Door Service Buttons/Panel (picture) - 4x Leg Protectors - Clear Color (picture) (link to buy) - Custom Artwork (still working on it) (picture) - Original Williams Launcher/Plunger (picture) (link to buy) - 22" Ball Bearing "smooth close" Rails for PC and PCBs (picture) (link to buy) - Playfield Glass (soon) (picture) (link to buy) - Power Cable Outlet Quick Connector (For back power cable) (picture) (link to buy) - Power Kill Switch (For Main, back) (picture) (link to buy) - Power On Switch (For Power, front/down Cabinet) (picture) (link to buy) - LEXAN Plexy Glass (For Backglass) (picture) (link to buy) - 3x Paint (Primer, Black and White) (picture) (link to buy, link to buy, link to buy) - Aluminum C-Channel (For Speaker Panel) (picture) (link to buy) - Original Bally Tilt Switch Assembly (picture) (link to buy) - Legs/Rails/Lockdown Bar/etc from virtuapin.net (got them lighting fast, thanks Paul!!) (picture) (link to buy) Screens - Samsung UN46F5500 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (picture) (link to buy) - RCA 29” 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (picture) (link to buy) - DMD (picture) (link to buy, alternative link to buy) - PinDMD2 (For DMD) (picture) (link to buy, alternative link to buy) - Zeb High Voltage Board (For DMD) (picture) (link to buy, alternative product to buy) - 17" Dell Monitor (For Backup) (picture) (link to buy) Computer (soon) Sound - Alpine MRP-F300 Car Amplifier (picture) (link to buy) - Kicker C10 10" Comp Series Sub 4 Ohm Speaker (picture) (link to buy) - 2x Kicker DS525 2-Way 5.25" Car Speaker 4 Ohm (picture) (link to buy) Miscellaneous: (Switches, Wiring, etc.) - LED-Wiz (picture) (link to buy) - I-PAC 2 (picture) (link to buy) - 4x Translucent Buttons (flippers and magnasave) (picture) (link to buy) - 22, 18 and 8 AWG Copper Stranded Wires (7 colors, a lot) (picture) (link to buy) - 18 AWG Copper Stranded Wires (Tri-Color RGB+Power for STAR LEDs) (picture) (link to buy) - 12 AWG Speaker Cable (picture) (link to buy) - 40x 3AG in line Fuse Holders (picture) (link to buy) - 3x Fuse Holder (for main power, dmd transformer and knocker?) (picture) (link to buy) - 100x Fuse 250V Fast 3AG 500ma (picture) (link to buy) - 10x Fuse 250V Slow 3AG 500ma (picture) (link to buy) - 10x Fuse 250V Slow and Fast 3AG 1A/1.5A/3A (picture) (link to buy) - 5x 9-Pin/4-Pin/15-Pin Molex Male/Female Connectors (picture) (link to buy) - 10x 3/5/7-Pin Molex Male/Female Connectors (picture) (link to buy) - 100x 22/18 Gauge Female Quick Disconnects (.187" size) (picture) (link to buy) - 100x 22/18 Gauge Female Quick Disconnects (.250" size) (picture) (link to buy) - 100x 22/18 Gauge Pro Nylon Butt Connectors (picture) (link to buy) - Smart Energy-Saving Power Strip (picture) (link to buy) - 2x Wire Ducts/Covers (customized) (picture) (link to buy, link to buy) - 20x Heatsinks for 3W RGBs/1W Leds (picture) (link to buy, link to buy) - 16x Heatsinks for LED-Wiz and other chips components (picture) (link to buy) - Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive (for LED heatsinks) (picture) (link to buy) - 30x Assorted Microswitches (long hinge, roller, etc) (picture) (link to buy, link to buy) - 20x Clear Mini Mars and Dome Tabs (picture) (link to buy, link to buy) - 12x 3p/6p/12p Terminal Blocks (picture) (link to buy, link to buy, link to buy) - 2x PS3 Eye Cameras (for BAM) (picture) (link to buy) - Battery holder (for BAM) (picture) (link to buy) - 5x Car Relays + Quick Harnes (picture) (link to buy) - 20x Diodes (For Knocker, Contactors, etc) (picture) (link to buy) - 100x Resistors (All sizes needed for fun ideas) (picture) (link to buy) - 10x 27ohms 5W Resistors for RGB (blue and green color) (picture) (link to buy) - 5x 33ohms 5W Resistors for RGB (red color) (picture) (lint to buy) - Assorted Size Heat Shrink Tubing (picture) (link to buy) - 5x LED Amplifiers for extra 5 RGBs (picture) (link to buy) - 20x Quick connectors for LED Amplifiers (picture) (link to buy) - Lot of Extras!!! Force Feedback - Williams/Bally Knocker (SA-2-23) (picture) (link to buy) - Custom Knocker Strike Plate (For Knocker) (picture) - Volkswagen Wiper Motor (For Gear) (picture) (link to buy) - 8x Siemens Contactors 3RT1016-1BB41 (picture) (link to buy) - L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board (For Shaker) (picture) (link to buy) - 2x Bore Hub (For Shaker) (picture) (link to buy) - 2x Shaft Collar (For Shaker) (picture) (link to buy) - Pittman 19 Volt DC Dual Shaft Motor (Shaker Motor) (picture) (link to buy) (alternative $5 motor!!!) - 2x Conduit Hanger (For Shaker Motor) (picture) (link to buy) - Topper Fan (Custom Made) (picture) Power - 12V 15A 180W Switching Power Supply (picture) (link to buy) - 24V 14.6A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply (picture) (link to buy) - 24V 2A Switching Power Supply (For Knocker and any extras) (picture) (link to buy) - 80v/100v Transformer (For DMD) (picture) (link to buy) Lighting - 4x small RGB LEDs (For Flipper and Magnasave) (picture) (link to buy) - 10x "Chinese" LED STAR RGB (lol ... and I think the RGB labels are backward?) (picture) (link to buy) ... yes they are, where it say R+ is B+, and B+ is R+, G is in the center and is ok. This is important because Red and Blue use different Resistors. - 2x 22 LED Flash Strobe Light White (For back or top, don't like them at my face ) (picture) (link to buy) - 100x White/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green/UV/Infrared 10/5/3mm LEDs (just for fun ideas) (picture) (link to buy, link to buy) Cooling 2x Rosewill 220mm (for Cabin/PC Door) (picture) (link to buy) Extracting the Hot Air A few extra 80mm Fans I may use....
  2. Hello All, I have been watching the Arcade and Pinball emulation scene for about 9-10 years now, and in 2009-2010 I built my first arcade cabinet. I knew at the time that I wanted to build a pincab as well, but I needed some time to recover from the arcade build (both mentally and financially), so the whole pinball idea pretty much sat on the back burner for quite sometime. So then last year I stumbled upon a pinball build on one of the popular arcade forums that was unlike anything I had seen. I was totally shocked at how far the hobby had come! Force feedback? REAL DMD? Interactive lighting? These were all just dreams before. As soon as I saw that all of these things were now possible, and that VP had seemingly improved so dramatically, I knew it was time. I HAD to have one of these cabs... So for the past few months, I've been lurking and soaking in as much knowledge as possible, all the while strategically purchasing and stashing parts as the opportunities presented themselves. Well my parts stash has now reached critical mass, and it's time to get this show on the road! I struggled for quite a while deciding what theme I wanted to use for the cab. I bounced between a WWII theme, Indiana Jones, among others. Then I saw the video announcement for Zen Studios' forthcoming Star Wars Pinball tables, and it hit me that I had not really seen any well done Star Wars themed cabs. So I'll thank Zen for the inspiration, and Disney for giving me 'A New Hope' for the Star Wars franchise with their purchase of its rights from Lucas. I've been a huge fan of the original trilogy since childhood anyway, so Star Wars really is a natural choice. Incidentally, I put a bug in Zen's ear begging them to add dual monitor support to their future PC release of the game to make the game pincab friendly. I even pointed them to Russ' great PinDMD and urged them to support that as well (knowing that it would probably be a long shot). Their company line is 'Pinball Everywhere'. My assertion was that it's not 'everywhere' if it's not on the cabinets purpose built for the job, and that there would be no more impressive way to show off their game than on such a machine...especially one that's Star Wars themed. They wrote me back and said that they were discussing my request, so we'll see what happens. I would love to be able to showcase their game on my cabinet. But I digress... So without further ado, presenting... Here are the specs: - Cabinet Widebody based on the popular Williams plans by Mameman. Backbox widened to properly fit 32" TV Two 4x8 sheets of cabinet grade oak plywood 1x2" boards for playfield TV rails, and various braces/supports throughout the cabinet - Screens 46" Playfield: Samsung UN46ES6003 Super Thin LED LCD 1080P 32" Backglass: Samsung UN32EH4003 LED LCD 720P (1366x768 resolution) Vishay LEE-128G032-1 Orange LED DMD (single pixel array...no segments) - PC Setup Windows XP 32 bit Optimized Nlite Version AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Quad Core 3.4Ghz CPU Cooler Master Hyper-212 CPU Cooler Asus M4A785TD-M EVO Motherboard 4GB G.SKILL DDR3 1600 RAM (2x 2GB sticks) Asus GTX560 OC Video Card Samsung 840 series 120GB SSD Corsair CX600M 600W Modular Power Supply - Sound System Infinity 5022i 5.25" Reference Speakers Infinity 8" 860W Reference Subwoofer Pioneer GM800 4 channel amplifier for 5.25"s Subwoofer Amplifier (TBD) - Force Feeback (no pun intended) Zebulon's Shaker/Gear motor assembly 8 Siemens 3RT1016-1BB41 Contactors (feedback for flippers, bumpers and slings) Real Pinball Knocker - Lighting Zebulon's Cree LED light bar (5 flashers) Two 21-LED Strobes LEDwholesalers RGB Color Changing Lighting Kit for under cabinet - Electronics/Controller Boards Zebulon's new booster boards for powering the toys, flashers and strobes (this board simplifies the wiring of all the toys big-time) RussDX's PinDMD2 to control the Vishay DMD Groovy Game Gear LEDWiz for force feedback and lighting Ultimarc IPAC2 USB interface for buttons - Cooling 4x Enermax T.B. Silence 120mm Ultra Quiet Twister Bearing Fans 4x 120mm chrome fan grills - Buttons GGG Chromalite buttons for Start, Coin and Exit Bally Yellow Launch Ball Button Green Happ Arcade Pushbutton (for power button) IL Translucent Buttons (flippers) - Miscellaneous Belkin Conserve Power Strip ATX power supply to power Zebulon's booster boards Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro (for tilt/nudge) Data East Coin Door EDIT: Here's some pics of the final product: Video: http://youtu.be/NS4BOkwInPo]http://youtu.be/NS4BOkwInPo Here's pics of some of the goodies: Vishay DMD... Light Bar, under-cab lighting and Strobes... Siemens contactors... Zebulon's new booster boards to power all the toys... Zebulon's shaker/gear motor assembly... Ear candy... More ear candy... (sub) Cooling... Currently in the process of configuring the PC/Windows, and then will start loading VP, HyperPin, etc. and try to get at least a couple tables going. Well, that's all for now...
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