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Found 62 results

  1. Hi, i am new in this hyperspin world and i would like to understand if there is the possibility to change the paths of the media, I have seen that it is possible to do it for videos in hyperHQ but I cannot understand how to also change the paths of the wheels and themes.... use hyperspin + rocketlauncher Thanks
  2. Version 1.4


    Some of stuff you can do create hyperspin or nointro dat from rom folder create mamlist.xml from rom folder copy roms listed in nointro or any supported xml\dat\xml format to desired rom folder rename your roms from any supported xml\dat\txt file and copy them to desired folder merge two supported xml\dat\txt file even info will be merged copy rom media file with game list from compatible xml\dat\txt much more compatible format are nonintrodat.dat (parent\clone xml) or standard gamelist.xml hyperspin.xml(there is custom one,you can generate one as hyperspin_retrofe.xml) retrofe_include.txt (simple txt file with rom names) mameinfo.dat (only works in extract function) mamehistory.dat (only works in extract function) mamelist.xml So What is this? convert from compatible xml\txt\dat game database format to xml\txt\dat game database, extract story files from gamelist.xml mamhistory.dat or mameinfo.dat combine or merge two compatible xml\txt\dat and get one file with updated games and info copy rom listed in compatible xml\dat\txt from source rom folder to desired folder\rename and crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files scan and create xml\dat\txt from your roms folder,crc32 supported,crc32 work with zip and none zip files Requirement: Tested on windows 10 x64,should run on any windows +7 os (might run on win xp but not tested) you 'll need at least one xml\txt\dat compatible file,check below in Note section How to use Simply choose the function from drop menu,click on input\output buttons,choose file type from filter drop menu in openfiledialog window,remember always provide the right file type,hyperspin need hyperspin file,nointro.dat need nointro dat file ....... click doi it combine function explained: this tool is created to merge info from compatible xml dat xml database format.xml based on name or crc tag,the result is xml\txt\dat file with updated info added roms name and info from both file Associate function explained: associate function,input1 button should be any compatible xml\txt\dat,mediaroot should be the root folder of your rom media,example: nes media folder contain folders like snaps,title,manual,video snaps ... etc,this function will copy these media according to the name(or crc) in input1 source file Some Tips: Combine Nointro.dat+gamelist.xml=>resultfile saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml combine resultfile.xml+hyperspin.xml with rating tag=>final_result.xml saved as hyperspin_retrofe.xml put the final_result.xml in RetroFE\meta\hyperlist rename it to your prefered system,make sure the name is matching the collection name in retrofe collectio dir delete meta.db from retrofe dir launch retrofe and have fun ]NOTE: Important don't choose the wrong file always feed the right one check compatible file format above for more info the combine function priorties the info from input1 button when using crc as comparation,that means if you have the same game but the name in the first is different from the second input file,the first will be considered how to get gamelist.xml use scraper to get gamelist.xml for your prefered system(mame,sega,snes...) can be found https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/scraper put scraper inside your roms folder,ru cmd or use bat(recommended) put these commands: scraper.exe -add_not_found -console_src="gdb" -use_filename=true -download_images=false -no_thumb PAUSE now copy the generated gamelist.xml file from your rom folder to the program folder Contacts: http://emulator-organizer-f.forumotion.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Emulators-Organizer/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6F9RyhFdg done enjoy Best regard Croser
  3. 35 downloads

  4. Version 1.0.0


    - Favoritos personalizado - Animaciones swf personalizadas - Pantalla de salida personalizada - Sonidos personalizados - Vídeo de intro personalizado - Vídeo por defecto personalizado
  5. Hi Guys, So I've updated to 1.4 and RL the only problem I'm having now is that some of the vids aren't displaying in my MAME wheel. I can hear the audio from the vids but I have no actual visual display. Can anyone help please?
  6. Hi Guys, I have a Hyperspin set up on windows for my cab but Ive just set up on my Shield (Android version) and its working great. I was wondering though can I just copy over the database, Settings, Media Files, Roms etc... from my Windows version to Android?
  7. 190 downloads

    Letter pack for the Casio PV-1000, based on the lettering style used in the official system logo
  8. Avar HD Frontend Menus (USA English) View File My HD 16:9 frontend Exit/Favourites menus. USA spelling (ie. "Favorites"). Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 05/15/2017 Category Other Media HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    My HD 16:9 frontend Exit/Favourites menus. USA spelling (ie. "Favorites"). Enjoy!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    My HD 16:9 frontend Exit/Favourites menus. UK/Canada spelling (ie. "Favourites"). Enjoy!
  11. Avar HD Frontend Menus (Canada/UK English) View File My HD 16:9 frontend Exit/Favourites menus. UK/Canada spelling (ie. "Favourites"). Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 05/15/2017 Category Other Media HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  12. Watara Supervision 16:9 HD Media Pack View File This is as complete a Watara Supervision set as I have at this time. It contains: Main Menu Theme Main Menu Wheel Default System Theme Game Wheels Pointer Game Boxes To install this set extract the rar to to your HyperSpin directory and all of the files will go to where they're needed so it just works. Set includes some of the original 4:3 art and some variants in case you want it. This system is still a work in progress but I hope this helps in the meantime. Enjoy! Submitter Avar Submitted 04/24/2017 Category Platinum Themes File Count Credits  
  13. Future Pinball everything View File Here is the default theme I created for future pinball as well as the main menu theme I made with all the art work and videos to go with it. AS well I included Game themes not made by myself, rather I found them on a Spanish site somewhere and were to beautiful to not include. Wish I had more from whomever made these. they look awesome. I will post a megalink to all media, including videos ,239 tables and everything you need to set up future pinball in your hyperspin setup. Please leave me a comment. copy paste link into chrome browser : https://mega.nz/#!OxJRCS7I then copy paste decryption key: !CoYFYqFqr486d_KRJFjMd0QkKzpABekhCZPBDnACJ-0 Then click download through browser. Submitter godisnothere Submitted 04/21/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  14. Visual Pinball Everything View File I would like to share with you my personal setup of 188 best desktop visual pinball tables, fully running in hyperspin. With all the bells and whistles. Its not the full set of tables, cause their was some tables that had 5 variations of em and some i didn't include because I found allot of them lacked interest or simply look too generic,but I created the default theme in such a way that if you decide to add a table i missed out on you can add a 1024x768 backglass png image in the backgrounds folder, a 350x450 flyer png image in the artwork 3 folder a wheel in the artwork 4 and a video all with the same name as your table, and as long as you add it to the database with that exact name it will flt in flawlessly. I post here the default theme i created, and a main menu theme i did not create but altered to fit in better, as well as all the artwork i used: backgrounds (backglass) , artwork 3( flyers) , artwork 4 (wheel) plus larger wheels for the main wheels. database.as well as all the videos I have used. Thanks to a special youtuber's channel : Laylow's Virtual Pinball Gameplay Videos . Thank you so much. You the man! I will include a mega link to a 7zip file of everything including a very detailed how to install read me file. that I highly suggest fully reading before proceeding installing. Visual Pinball requires the use of a feature called alternate emulators in hyperspin but i have all set it up for you here just please take the time to read the instructions in entirety before starting. I cannot imply this enough. Lots of people have been having extreme issues getting this to work let alone getting it to be added in 1 wheel in hyperpsin. I did all the hard work for you in my megalink, as long as you follow instructions. If you fail to do so and skip a step you might end up with a bunch of errors . I took the time to write it all down for you so we could all get this right. This system had been a pain in my side for a long time , I personally couldn't get it to fully run for a very long time , So I know the severity of its difficulty setting up, its like no other system you have ever added. But I finally got it and made it very understandable for everyone. I personally could not have done this without reading so many articles in the forums here and at vpforums. Now it runs perfectly as intended and does not crash or get any error messages, and all the tables are set to have the exact same keys. I had to alter a few of their scripts to get it to do so but its fully functional polished jem and I am personally glad its all set up and done. And I bring it to you so all of you who have been having the extreme frustrations as I have can finally tame this beast once and for all. Thanks to everyone here in the hyperspin forums for the great articles and just overall great comunity. And everyone at Vpforums as well. oh and Laylow's Virtual Pinball Gameplay Videos on youtube, your channel had almost everything I needed only 5 or 6 of my tables i had to use a playfield image png instead of a video. great share and Im sure the people here will enjoy your channel as well. please go check his channel out, let's help encourage him to keep posting and sharing those amazing playfeild videos for all to enjoy. Please let us know if my setup and guide was helpful and you succeeded in setting it up for your self Or just simply leave me a comment , I rather do enjoy reading a small note of thanks once in a while, its why I do what I do. mega link: https://mega.nz/#!Ox50WByC decryption key: !6PrDuljgPIGnfdAiBUQzFkmQLTijKiRCF81j2YnO6Ek copy paste link into a chrome browser then when ask for a decryption key copy paste it and click decrypt. then select download through browser. Submitter godisnothere Submitted 04/08/2017 Category Themes (16:9) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  15. Im playing a game thats not really that popular mostly japanese games and im having a hard time getting wheels for those game.
  16. Hey everyone, I've been trying to set up different wheels for MAME and I've run into an issue. I have all of my MAME videos in the MAME media folder and I have tried to direct the Capcom Classics.ini to the said folder but I isn't working. I've copied the MAME.ini and renamed it to Capcom Classics.ini and the video path looks like: [video defaults] path=H:\hyperspin\Media\MAME\Video\ Is there anything else I should change in the ini to get this to work?
  17. I have several duplicates for MAME, which I can totally live with, but only one rom in the duplicates will run the video media preview. Is there a work around to this? Or is there an easy way to only keep the parent rom?
  18. Sony Playstation One Bezel 1.0.0 View File Enjoy! Bora galera tenho um canal no Youtube pra ensinar e tirar dúvidas, tutoriais totalmente funcionais com os links para download! I have a channel on Youtube to teach some people about Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin (in portuguese-br) Submitter Terrorizer Submitted 12/07/2016 Category Templates HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy! Bora galera tenho um canal no Youtube pra ensinar e tirar dúvidas, tutoriais totalmente funcionais com os links para download! I have a channel on Youtube to teach some people about Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin (in portuguese-br)
  20. Guest

    Sharp X68000

    Sharp X68000 View File Enjoy! Bora galera tenho um canal no Youtube pra ensinar e tirar dúvidas, tutoriais totalmente funcionais com os links para download! I have a channel on Youtube to teach some people about Rocketlauncher and Hyperspin (in portuguese-br) Submitter Terrorizer Submitted 12/06/2016 Category Pointers HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  21. 私はcocktaiIキャブ用ベクターpuckman命令カードを働いています。日本を知っていて、日本語でテキスト/記号を再入力することができます誰もがそこにあります。 これまでのところ私は黄色パックマンのタイトルのようなシンボルのカップルを発見しました。パックマン いくつかは、見つけるのは簡単ですが、漢字のシンボルが見つけ、手動で再現するのは難しいです。 感謝 I'm working vector puckman instruction card for the cocktaiI cab. Is there anyone who knows Japanese and can re-type the text / symbols in japanese. So far I have found a couple of symbols like the yellow pac-man title. パックマン Some are easy to find, but the Kanji symbols are hard to find and reproduce manually. Thanks 私はcocktaiIキャブ用ベクターpuckman命令カードを働いています。日本を知っていて、日本語でテキスト/記号を再入力することができます誰もがそこにあります。 これまでのところ私は黄色パックマンのタイトルのようなシンボルのカップルを発見しました。パックマン いくつかは、見つけるのは簡単ですが、漢字のシンボルが見つけ、手動で再現するのは難しいです。 感謝
  22. Version 1.3


    A widescreen theme created to give a unique visual to your HyperSpin. If you want to know more about my projects: https://www.facebook.com/tecno3dmod/ Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/tecno3dmod
  23. Version 1.0


    This pack contains 60 universal main menu themes, each theme comes with info text (except mame) and wheel. These themes are designed for an arcade cabinet List of all the systems: Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari Jaguar CD Atari Jaguar Atari Lynx Bandai Wonderswan Bandai Wonderswan Color Colecovision Commodore 64 Commodore Amiga CD32 Commodore Amiga Daphne GCE Vectrex MAME NEC PC Engine NEC PC Engine-CD NEC SupergrafX NEC TurbografX-16 NEC TurbografX-CD Nintendo 64 Nintendo DS Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Famicom Disk System Nintendo Famicom Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Color Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Super Famicom Nintendo Super Game Boy Nintendo Virtual Boy Nintendo Wii Panasonic 3DO Sammy Atomiswave Sega 32X Sega CD Sega Dreamcast Sega Game Gear Sega Master System Sega Mega Drive Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3 Sega Naomi Sega Saturn Sega Saturn Japan Sega SG-1000 Sega Triforce Sinclair ZX Spectrum SNK Neo Geo CD SNK Neo Geo Pocket SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color SNK Neo Geo Sony Playstation Sony Playstation Japan Sony Playstation 2 Sony PSP Super Nintendo Entertainment System Taito Type X Zinc
  24. 392 downloads

    Letter pack for an Arcade or MAME wheel - using the first letter of some of the moast iconic arcade games to make the set.
  25. 149 downloads

    Letter pack for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 based on the lettering style used in the official system logo
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