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Found 200 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    Nintendo 64 fans, this is for you. If you want to know exactly what this is, read my 'Ultimate Sega Genesis' or 'Ultimate Sega Saturn' descriptions. This pack contains the usual. But it is quite thorough and complete. As with my last project, I consider this my best one yet. Full 2D box, 3D box, box back, and cartridge art. In case anyone is wondering what the point of the box backs is, if you have RocketLauncher's 'Pause' configured correctly, this stuff will all show up there under the 'artwork' tab, and you can zoom in on it and actually read it. See the picture below. Full publisher wheels, for every single publisher - and every single one of them is authentic for the N64 era. I did a handful of redraws, and I'm getting a lot better at that sort of thing. Also, I made it a point to use drop shadow heavily, so that the logos look awesome, and they stand out more when they overlap. It looks a lot less amateurish than some of my previous work. This has the newest official database that I just released the other day, and it has new box art (2D, 3D, and box back), cartridge art, and wheels for all the new games. Also, I went ahead and included screenshots of the games in the 'video' folder so that you have something displaying other than static when the game is selected. Emu movies is typically slow to update anything, so I figure it's better than nothing. I have about 30 ish themes from the community that I liked, and I included them. I re-did someone else's F-Zero X theme. It isn't great (I'm not a theme guy), but I wanted Samurai Goroh and Captain Falcon, two of the most recognizable characters. I also changed the background. The original background had an F-Zero logo, and then there was another F-Zero logo. Can't have that. Plays the "Car Select" theme music. Also, Killer Instinct Gold plays the KI Gold Theme. I decided to add 'year' databases this time. Why not? It's easy to add, and sometimes it's interesting to have. I put it in the farthest reaches of the genre wheel, since I consider it the least useful. But it's there if you want it. Most of the custom databases are self-explanatory. But you'll love this... in the "Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak" and "Nintendo Transfer Pak" wheels, instead of displaying year and publisher above the game, it displays relevant information, e.g. for Majora's Mask: "Required. Increases texture detail, on-screen models and effects, and removes fog." See the screenshot below. All the data is pulled directly from wikipedia, and not every game has data. But I thought that would be a nice addition to that particular custom database. Again, the whole purpose of these projects is to develop a sort of 'digital museum.' If there was a way to manipulate the databases to display even more information, I surely would. Credit goes to the community for all box arts and wheels (except for the new stuff mentioned above). All publisher wheels and custom wheels done by me. If anyone would like to use anything in this pack (or any of my other packs for that matter) for their project(s), feel free to do so. I don't want anyone thinking this is some sort of proprietary thing. This is for the community, without which, I wouldn't have 99% of the content that I have in my HyperSpin project. If you feel you can take my work and make something even better or unique, by all means, make something better or unique. If there are any mistakes, no matter how small, please message me and I will fix them. Ultimate Sega Dreamcast is still in the works, stay tuned. It needs a lot of work. Gamecube might be up next, or I might just plow through Dreamcast. We'll see.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    As Daphne emulator is dedicated to the princess Daphne i found unfair that the main character of it's main manu is Dirk. So... simply made one new using some images of the blond beauty . As backround a screenshot from original theme changed to blue so that blond hair can better stand out. Enjoy
  3. Daphne Main Menu Theme 4:3 View File As Daphne emulator is dedicated to the princess Daphne i found unfair that the main character of it's main manu is Dirk. So... simply made one new using some images of the blond beauty . As backround a screenshot from original theme changed to blue so that blond hair can better stand out. Enjoy Submitter editoy Submitted 08/06/2019 Category Main Menu Themes HyperBase Version Media Dimensions 1027x768 File Count Credits  
  4. 34 downloads

    Tema + Wheel do game X-Man do Atari 2600 16:9 Available on HyperSync
  5. Hi all, I have spent the night going through site after site trying to find Hyperspin Genre Themes, So far all I have found is a Light Gun Games one, I even bought (again) access to Emumovies FTP in the hope they might have some but so far no luck.....Maybe I just missed something or haven't typed something in correctly but can anyone help me out here or point me in the right direction please??
  6. I'm setting up a PSP theme to look as close to the actual PSP XMB as possible (Just like loading a game from the PSP memory stick) The problem I'm having is the position of the wheel I need to move the wheel more to the left, and if possible stop with the main game a little more closer to the top (where the arrow is) Anyone have any idea how to go about doing this? Here's the mockup I made in Photoshop And here is how it is now so you can see where I have to move it from. (I know how to resize the wheel images and change the text location. I just haven't gotten around to it.)
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/399832893521843?view=permalink&id=930115750493552 I'll try again to see if I get better results. Too bad that the Hyperspin team does not solve this type of problem or that the solution could go through an improvement of hypertheme. See ya.
  8. View File Window 10 Arcade Classics Desktop Theme I created this desktop theme for Windows 10 from images found around the internet and use them for my arcade cabinet. I take no credit for any of the images but thought I would share the theme in case anyone's interested. Most images are 1920x1080 except for 2 that are a bit bigger and don't look that good scaled down. I also included a VBS script that makes the desktop wallpaper rotate to the next random image and a shortcut to this script that makes it easy to double-click and run the script. You may need to make your own or edit the shortcut depending on where you move the VBS script but I included it for completeness. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any issues with the theme. Submitter malarrya Submitted 05/27/2018 Category HyperSpin File Count 3 Credits  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Golden Axe Myth - Game Theme for OpenBor Enjoy
  10. Golden Axe Myth - OpenBor - Game Theme View File Golden Axe Myth - Game Theme for OpenBor Enjoy Submitter floatingvg Submitted 03/31/2018 Category Wheel Packs Media Dimensions File Count 1 Credits Nicola Byron Larini  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Default Theme for Tiger Games.com enjoy
  12. Tiger Game.com - Default Theme View File Default Theme for Tiger Games.com enjoy Submitter floatingvg Submitted 03/29/2018 Category Wheel Packs Media Dimensions File Count 1 Credits Nicola Byron Larini  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I got sidetracked from 'Ultimate Sega Dreamcast,' and this is the result. Originally I just intended to get the wheel looking 'respectable,' but then my OCD took over, and well, you know the rest. I hesitated to call this one of my 'Ultimate' setups, because there aren't many games, nor is there a lot of media associated with this system, but then, what else would I call it. So maybe I should define what an 'Ultimate' setup is. An ultimate pack is the best available media, database, and whatever else I could think to include for a system. I take the best stuff I can find from the community, organize it in my own way, then add my own content to spruce it up some more. Credits: Aorin already did up a set of wheels. They're title shots mostly. I prefer plain text for any Japanese system (so that I can easily read the titles), but I've included his set, because I realize some people prefer artwork. This system doesn't have any box art, because the games were broadcast via satellite. Ninja2bceen did a nice pointer. Sounds and letters I grabbed from the community. My contribution: I already had most of the publisher wheels, so I went ahead and did up the rest. Full publisher wheels, and genres/backgrounds. I made modest changes to the database. Usually, I prefer to use the publisher, but in this particular instance, I left things alone for the most part. The publisher would have been Nintendo in most cases. Nippon Computer Systems Corp. became NCS Corp. Panel de Pon - Event '98 (Japan) had 'Intelligent Systems' as the manufacturer, but there is no mention of them anywhere in game - Nintendo takes credit. So I changed it to Nintendo. I did a little bit of research, Intelligent Systems was a 2nd party developer for Nintendo. So either way, it isn't inaccurate to just use Nintendo. Golf Daisuki! O.B. Club (Japan) has a translated patch availabe. I changed the name of the entry to reflect that, and the name in the description is the English name "I Love Golf! (Japan) (Translated En)." The crc was changed to reflect the crc of the file after it is patched, which probably won't do you much good lol. When you go to look for this game, it more than likely won't be the right one. The crc you need is BA9C98D3. I found the forum of the creators of the patch, there's a thread there where someone was complaining about not being able to find the right ROM with the right crc, and they released a patch to convert the ROM to the correct one. Rather than make you go through all that, and since it is simply a patch with no legal nefariousness involved, I've included it here (golfromfix.rar). And also, the IPS patch to translate the game. Apply the golfromfix first, then the "I Love Golf! - Out Of Bounds Club v1.00 IPS.zip" second. I added alternate versions of "BS - Legend of Zelda." They are as follows, with a brief description: 1. BS Legend of Zelda, The - Third Quest (Japan) (Translated En) - Removes the time limit that the normal game has, so that it plays just like a normal Zelda game. Beginners should start with this one. 2. BS Legend of Zelda, The - Link Version (Japan) (Translated En) - Play as Link, instead of the dufus with the baseball cap. 3. BS Legend of Zelda, The - Mottzilla Project (Japan) (Translated En) - Has map 1 and map 2 built in. Since you're going to have a hard time finding videos for this system, I went ahead and included what I have, and screenshots for what I didn't, so that your wheel isn't completely bare. If anyone knows a good source of videos for this system, please do share. If there's any mistakes, please message me so I can fix them. If you feel you have a contribution to improve this project, I welcome any support. golfromfix.rar I Love Golf! - Out Of Bounds Club v1.00 IPS.zip
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a complete System Menu theme I made a while back since I never could find one. It has the wheel art, videos, and themes.
  15. View File Rambo The Video Game - Baker Team (PC Theme) Hello my fellow nerds, and hyperspinners. . Yes we all know what a disappointment Rambo the videogame was when it was released. However Rambo is my childhood hero. Although the game is terrible, I still have it in my collection. I made the theme myself using photoshop and hypertheme messing with some transparency with some pics to create a ammo-belt overlay. It actually looks neat. Again , I'm sorry my first theme upload is of an unpopular game. But for people who grew up like I did with the Rambo movies, or people who have rambo on the pc without a theme. here you go. You also have my permission to disect this theme and make it better or to you're standards. Thank you all at hyperspin so much for such an amazing frontend. I will be creating more themes in the future and do my part to give back instead of take. I am a web designer, so I would love to come up with more creative ideas when I'm not so busy in real life. Enjoy the theme. Submitter St0mp3r Submitted 10/13/2017 Category Supporter Section File Count 1 Credits St0mp3r  
  16. Fala galera, estou tendo um problema na criação de themes, a imagem vai com boa qualidade para o criador de themes(1024x768), mas qdo ele está pronto a imagem perde qualidade(1366x768) ficando esticado. Tem como corrigir isso?
  17. Hi: I'm having a problem viewing the video snap for Guerrilla War (gwar) for MAME in Hyperspin. I have the video snap and it plays fine on its own, but in Hyperspin the theme loads up and I can hear the video snap but not view it in the theme window. I believe it is an xml error - the video is not being placed where the window is; however, I do not know how to fix this. I'm hoping someone can instruct me on how to do this. I have attached the theme and here's what the xml says: <?xml version="1.0"?> -<Theme> <video start="none" type="grow" bshape="round" bcolor3="0" bcolor2="0" bcolor="0" bsize3="0" bsize2="0" bsize="10" delay="0.5" time="2.5" forceaspect="none" below="no" r="-7" y="309" x="211" h="524" w="398"/> <artwork1 start="bottom" type="none" delay="0" time="2" y="531" x="213" rest="none"/> <artwork2 start="top" type="grow" delay="0" time="2" y="128" x="507" rest="none"/> <artwork3 start="none" type="none" delay="0.5" time="1" y="70" x="227" rest="none"/> <artwork4 start="left" type="none" delay="0.5" time="2" y="603" x="74" rest="none"/> </Theme> gwar.zip
  18. Ikaruga (NGC / Dreamcast / PC) View File Ikaruga Theme use with... - ... Sega Dreamcast Version - ... Nintendo GameCube Version - ... PC Version Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/19/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  19. Ghost Blade HD (PC) Theme View File Ghost Blade HD (PC) Theme Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/19/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  20. Pinball FX2 Cinematic Video View File Pinball FX2 Cinematic Video 1080p60fps Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Main Menu Themes File Count Credits  
  21. Danmaku Unlimited 3 (PC) Theme View File Danmaku Unlimited 3 Theme Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/19/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  22. Hello Hyperspiners ! I bring to you a theme that I ve done for add New Retro Arcade to hyperpsin New Retro Arcade is a GREAT virtual room, so great and also, worked much well with riftcat (simulate a cellphone). The video and also the link in the description of the video for the Theme: Also, a demo of the New Retro Arcade (there is a download link for the progran there too...but, it was a beta, that works great well...) Hope u enjoy this. Also, there is a tutoria to launch it propelly in hs, u can find it at youtube. Hope u enjoy !
  23. The Evil Within (PC) Theme View File I hope you like the animation of the man up-right and his arm trying to open the box in the background. I think this is one of my best themes so far. Let me know if you like it! Thanks Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  24. Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon (PC) Theme! View File Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon (PC) Theme! Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  25. Raptor - Call of the Shadows - 2010 Edition (PC) Theme View File I made a theme for Raptor - Call of the Shadows (2010 Edition). There is already an awesome theme on this webiste but I wanted to use 2 different themes for the pc and dos versions. Submitter NEO207 Submitted 06/18/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
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