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Found 5 results

  1. Just finishing up the retrofit of an old arcade cab I picked up at an auction and after a night of playing I noticed when the gf mashed the buttons it tabbed out of my mame game and went back to hyperspin!? I've narrowed it down to the P2 2 and 3 buttons which map to q and s when hit at the same time I can reproduce this error. Any suggestions? I'm assuming it's a hyperspin hotkey but i could very well be wrong.
  2. So I'm getting a few systems setup and before I get too far want to make sure I'm using the best emulator for my preferred controllers and need advice on purchase & setup. My aim is to have both my X-Arcade (2 player) and 2 x wireless controllers working. MAME I would like to use my X-Arcade for most MAME games, however I also want to be able to use 2 wireless controllers for some MAME games. CONSOLES All I want is 2 x wireless controllers that are easy to setup (good compatibility) with RetroArch and ideally Project64. I also own a couple of PS3 controllers and years ago played around with a driver "MotionInJoy" or something (worked with straight emus like ZSNES but don't imagine would be HS friendly). I'm open to buying a couple of XBox 360 Wireless controllers (for Windows) as from what I've read they are easier to setup and seem to be RetroArch and HS friendly. It looks like I need 2 x "XBox 360 Wireless Controller (for Windows)"... but I'm finding varying product codes and a wide pricing range... http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-au/p/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows https://ebgames.com.au/pc-153574-Xbox-360-Wireless-Controller-for-Windows-PC http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=951&products_id=16958 The last link is an online retailer I have bought from before (good pricing) and seems too cheap compared to other pages... but says "Includes a wireless receiver". This is $AU (Australia) for reference. Is this what I'm after? I'm looking for advice on controller choice and any software or settings (HS / RetroArch / PJ64, etc) I might need to run both X-Arcade and console controllers for the same system (eg. MAME). I've read older posts about XPadder, not sure if this is still relevant. FYI - I'm running a recent clean install of RocketLauncher, HyperSpin 1.4 Beta 015 and latest versions of RetroArch and Project64 (MAME is still 0.161 until I figure out where 0.162 and MESS fit in). Thanks
  3. Hi All, so, thanks to these forums and Youtube, I was able to get my Hyperspin MAME setup working on Windows 7, and it was near flawless. I use an X-Arcade Tankstick for my controller, which basically emulates a keyboard input via USB. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and now whenever I launch Hyperspin and it goes to the first "wheel" (console/platform selector) it just spins on it's own (randomly, like in demo mode) and my joystick can no longer control it. However, when Hyperspin is loading, I press the "ENTER" key on the controller and it jumps over the intro....so it clearly received the command. But once it hits the platform selector wheel, it's just like it's not there...nothing works. Not even another wireless keyboard. However, when I do a CTRL-ALT-DEL on the wireless keyboard, windows responds immediately (which is how I'm able to exit HS) The Tankstick is working perfectly. I've tested it in Windows directly, and the functions/buttons work perfectly. It also worked perfectly back in Windows 7. Tests performed so far, and still not working: 1. Run hyperspin as Administrator 2. Run Hyperspin in compatability modes (Win8, Win7) 3. Reboot 4. compatability troubleshooter (several settings...no joy). I googled Win10 + hyperspin, but haven't really found anything significant...many ppl say it's working fine. Hoping you all might be able to guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! Fabio
  4. any help with hyper spin would be great . i have hyper spin running on my pc, and only can get my x arcade stick to work with mame. no other emulators at all. please help, i want to map my buttons for the other emulators with my x arcade stick to use for the main hyper spin menu and for games i want to play. just can't figure out how to map them. please help. the only way i even got mame to work with my x arcade stick was the x arcade stick website had a easy button mapping config for hyper spin. i know in hyperhq i have went in there but it seems to just control the main hyper spin menu like scrolling through the wheels, but if i click on a emulator say snes i can open a super mario game, but thats it, can't start a game can't ad a coin , because they aren't mapped. i am a full blown noob to hyper spin guys, sorry!! but pretty good at emulators usually. but hyper spin is on another level
  5. Hi All, When I joined this forum I bombarded everyone with questions on how to setup my X-Arcade Dual as I was having problems. This thread is just a breakdown on the help I got and a few things I found out myself. ps, this guide SHOULD also work with the Tankstick, but I don't have one so can't confirm. TO SETUP YOUR X-ARCADE DUAL: Step 1: Connect your X-Acarde, if possible get the USB connector as this has never let me down esp with hot-swapping (not having to reboot if unplugged) the red light on the right should turn on when all is ok and connected. Step 2: Use the official X-Arcade test online here or download the software here and make sure all of your buttons and joysticks are working fine. Step 3: This part is very important. If you will just be using Mame (then skip step 4 & 6) you can simply download the latest official X-Arcade key config file here, and then copy it into your Mame Ctrl folder. Now if you're using MameUIFX you can select the controller config file from the options. If you're using anything else such as standard Mame then in the Mame dir you will see an ini file. Open that and where it has controller, put X-Arcade. This tells Mame to look to your new Cfg file that you put in the ..mame/ctrlr/ folder for the X-Arcade Dual layout. (If you don't see the ini file you might need to generate one via the command prompt, ask below and I'll help if so) Default Mode 1 Configuration IF however you wish to use other Emulators such as NullDC, Dolphin etc, you will have to re-program the key layout on your X-Arcade hardware (don't panic, this is easy). The reason why you have to do this is because the default setup for X-Arcade has command keys such as Alt, Left Shift etc as buttons and most emulators won't let you setup these buttons in the config, or if they do they won't respond in games. To re-program your X-Arcade you need an old PS2 Keyboard (PS2 being the PC connection type not a Playstation 2 ha) inset this into the PS2 port on the back of your X-Arcade and then slide the button mode switch to the far left (as close as possible to the single button on the back). The mode switch has 4 different options, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Option 1 is the default and can't be re-programmed over so we're sliding it to the far end so it is on 4 which we can reconfigure ourselves now using the PS2 keyboard. To reprogram simply follow these sub steps Press the button on the back so the red light over to the right on the top of the X-Arcade goes off. Then press and hold the direction or button you want to reprogram followed by pressing and holding they key on the PS2 keyboard you want to be associated with it, press and holding both until you see the red light blink showing that they have now been paired. I personally then press the button on the back so the red light goes on again, test the new assignment. (Doing it all in one go as this sometimes does not work and you only have to reprogram them all once) Repeat steps 2 & 3 to reprogram the rest of the directions and buttons one at a time, for Player 1 directions, reprogram to the up, down, left right keys rather than keypad. Don't use any command keys, i.e alt, shift etc Step 4: Now that your buttons are pressing the correct keys, you can go into each of your emulators and set the controllers up. Once set in each indervidual Emulator they should all now work fine in HyperSpin/HyperLaunch etc. Step 5: Load up HyperHQ, click the controls tab and setup your X-Arcade there also to control HyperSpin. Same in HyperLaunchHQ under Global>General Settings then the Controls tab just to be sure. Step 6: If you have reprogrammed your X-Arcade, then you will need to edit the config file you put in your Ctrlr folder to suit the new assignments made, if you need help with this just ask below. Other handy X-Arcade things you might like: My original posts asking for help here & here. Replacing Buttons & Joystick Guide Another button replacement post X-Arcade Skin Templates and info If you have a USB keyboard you can use this cheap converter here Official post on reprogramming here X-Arcade Cabinet Build More to be added here if and when found. Big thanks to ghutch92, Polemicist, rattleheadxyz and MaskedMavel.
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