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Found 54 results

  1. Honosuseri

    Amiga Forever!

    I realise there is already a thread for the Commodore Amiga in the Android section. I should know, as of late I've essentially taken it over! It's one of the most viewed threads in the Android section, so clearly many of you adore the Amiga as much as I do. That thread has become quite long and it's quite confusing with people choosing to emulate the Amiga in different ways. I decided it would be best to start my own thread, streamlining it to show the best way to get this done. As I do have a "proof of concept" setup working! This project I've taken on is a mammoth undertaking, as the Amiga is quite a complicated system to do. I'll try to explain why and how I've decided to proceed, keeping you guys up to speed with my progress here. The first real issue is the naming that Hyperspin has been using for some time now. It's based from the Whdload zip file names, which was a logical choice BUT the problem is these zip names keep changing over time as they get updated. This throws the database entries and all media assets out of whack. It's my belief that this naming is what is really holding us back doing the Amiga justice. Second problem for us Android users anyway, is that we can't use the zip files directly with an emulator. They needed to be extracted out and we used a bootloader to patch the files for the emulator and launch the games. All seemed well and good until I started testing games and found many wouldn't work. Very confusing as the same game files worked fine from a workbench environment I'd set up, with it's own bootloader I added in. I suspected it was the "ultimate amiga" bootloader for the Hyperspin wheel at fault, which proved to be correct. So the best way to launch these Amiga games from the Hyperspin wheel, is to actually use HDF versions of the games. This removes the need for the bootloader. I decided to keep the game folders extracted from the whdload zip files. Continuing to use these with the workbench (Amiga's OS) hdf I created. Having this is a nice nostalgic nod, I'm sure genuine Amiga fans will appreciate. Unfortunately we can't just point the emulator to these hdf files, it's not that simple. Each game requires a config file that points to where the particular hdf game file is, what kick-start (i.e Bios) to use, video settings, control bindings etc. These files are known as uae files, as that is the extension we tell Hyperspin to look for. We trick it into thinking these uae's are the actual "game Roms". Sadly uae files aren't universal between emulators. So choosing the right emulator to begin with is important. Many people had chosen to use RetroArch. Which can't do the CD32, so I'll strike it off for that reason alone (although there are other reasons). I spent a long time waiting on Amiberry to be ported to Android but the devs haven't delivered. I'm not waiting any longer, so I'm continuing to proceed with Uae4arm. As I write this, the latest version of Uae4arm crashes on Android TV (i.e Shield TV) but does run fine on Android phones. The devs are aware and trying to resolve this. There is an older apk version we can install for now, which does work. Another slight annoyance is that Uae4arm is quite fussy about how the uae files are named. They can NOT have special characters in them (e.g a space) or the emulator won't launch them! My next complaint was that Hyperspin has "rules" about what games should be included in the xml database file. I do NOT agree with these "guidelines". I want a definitive collection of Amiga games. I've decided to branch the Amiga out into different wheels, ECS, AGA and CD32. As an analogy think of Sega's Megadrive and it's hardware addons. Megadrive=ECS, Sega32X=AGA (better graphics chipset on later Amigas) and finally the MegaCD=CD32 (better audio track and FMV). There is a "HDF game set" floating around. However... I got to know the creator, from doing videos on my proof of concept setup. I've persuaded him to rename the files to something more sensible, that should help other frontends scrape for metadata and artwork. These names will not change over time as he updates the collection. He does release notes, so this info can be used to keep the xml database file up to date. Currently he's overhauling the hdf files so they take up less storage and even adding cheat and trainer options to the loading splash screen....very cool stuff! I'm working on creating missing artwork (wheel, 3D box, diskette and video snaps), keeping busy until this new hdf collection is complete. Then I can start creating the uae files needed. This will be laborious, as Uae4arm doesn't do cycle exact emulation. I need to make sure each game is configured correctly to run at the proper speed, I'll also bind commonly needed keyboard keys to the gamepad on a per game basis. If you're confused, that's OK! It should all make sense, once I get around to uploading some more videos. Yes I will make my assets available to you all (minus the games obviously due to Hyperspin rules), once I'm happy with the collection.
  2. This is the start of the WIP guide and Amiga Project thread DONT REPLY TO THIS THREAD REPLY TO THIS ONE(clicky) For now this will become a tempory guide to UAE4arm setup with the Ultimate Amiga Raspberry Pi Project a helpful source of information in google Step 1 - Install Uae4arm (beta) You need to follow this link to sign up to be a beta tester to gain access to the apk that can launch games directly from Hyperspin. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/atua.anddev.uae4arm Link above taken from the English Amiga Board and the post below http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=1158186&postcount=349 Step 2 - Install Kickstarts WIP Database taken from this thread post More to follow Amiberry Android progress threads https://github.com/midwan/amiberry/issues/206 https://github.com/midwan/amiberry/issues/241
  3. thatman84

    Top features Poll

    I love hyperspin Android and been using it for sometime now. Everything else can be worked around without much hassle but there's a couple of issues that really impact the browsing experience for me. 1. Launching multiple emulators in one wheel is my top one i dream of adding collections 2. Next is some way to have a favourites list without duplicating all my media 3. The holy grail is fixing the libretro intent so we can customise the CONFIGFILE path per system wheel
  4. Hyperspin Android ScummVM with RetroArch Credits JLeaver Norkusa reznnate badhemi sting honosuseri sanchezmike01 aftermath17 Pouteur krater9 What is it? ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed! Assets and Links Latest ScummVM release at time of posting Dec 17, 2017: ScummVM 2.0. Diskmach Updated Database ScummVM 2.1 Latest HyperSpin database ScummVM 1.8 Working RetroArch core at time of posting scummvm 2.0.0 93d1ca1 Location of current core How to setup... Grab these setup files as they will be needed. (Includes the Android XML and "Official" XML databases) Follow this guide to set up RetroArch ScummVM core directly Get your games and place them in folders named after this spreadsheet OR download the above setup files and create folders for them (with help of the below guide) Follow this guide to setup the folder structure for Hyperspin Android "folder trick" Use the below ini file settings for reference and add the system to your Hyperspin wheel as any other exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=scummvm parameters=cores/scummvm_libretro_android.so Run Hypersync with the NON android xml as its not compatible with sync. The progress sheet below was adopted on the RetroArch documentaion and holds all my findings. I did duplicate 1 game to aid with android setup I created a "simon" folder for the Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack as all the games are in one folder. Backup of Working Core scummvm_libretro_android.so.zip Helpful Links https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/tree/master/dists/engine-data https://www.scummvm.org/ https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/2.0.0/ http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Datafiles
  5. thatman84


    This will be the home for OpenBOR discussion . It will be my side project and next wheel. i did have a little play a while back but @Honosuseri inspired me to start again fresh. posted over at the official forum to see if the issues are likely to get some time from the devs http://www.chronocrash.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0 Current Issues Written below but better explained in this video. 1. Launching "direct to game" from Hyperspin (HS) wheel only supports 1 .pak file in the "PAK" games folder. When you have more than 1 game (.pak) in the "PAK" folder you will arrive at the OpenBOR game select list when launching any game from the HS wheel, then reselect the game you want to launch. 2. Controls are not intuitive and the touchscreen overlay is needed for things like exit. (Controlled by right thumb stick cursor) 3. Player 2 controls on Shield TV are not recognised as a seperate controller. Therefore broken (needs more testing) May require 3rd party app to reprogram buttons as keyboard keys. See this tasker profile by @BiZzAr721for changing keyboard see thread linked lower down for more details OpenBOR_Keyboard_Select.prf.xml Setup Details Grab up to date apk's from here https://github.com/DCurrent/openbor/releases/tag/v4583 Extract the release build and get the debug-apk from the Android folder. Games They all (I think) come as a .pak file and for now should be located on the default an local storage OpenBOR PAK folder. Below are the details for your Hyperspin OpenBOR.ini settings file ……............................................................... rompath=/storage/emulated/0/OpenBOR/Paks exe=org.openbor.engine/org.libsdl.app.SDLActivity romextension=pak,PAK .................................................................... Another thread with tasker info from @BiZzAr721 and @badhemi i will edit this post with setup details as and when I have time. Chip in to get us started as my time is very limited until my wreck of a house is sorted ?
  6. Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation Credits BBB Reznate Thatman84 Lilcza And anyone I have forgotten helped me learn this My guides are only an extension of Reznnate's sticky posts PLEASE READ the OTHER sticky posts What is it? An Android version of Hyperspin that works with existing themes and data directly from the Hyperspin community. It launches both Android games and Android emulators. Why? Several reasons... Android hardware is getting faster and faster. Emulators for Android are getting better and better. We wanted to play with our Hyperspin setups outside the house. I wanted to replace the old PC in my MAME cabinet with a mobile device so I could justify leaving it on all the time. It needed the ultimate launcher!!! How? Since the Windows version of Hyperspin is dependent on Adobe Flash, it was necessary to build the app from scratch. With performance in mind, the Android version is highly-threaded and renders with the GPU using OpenGL. Compatibility Android 4.4+ NVIDIA OpenGL drivers ONLY Tegra4, Tegra K1, Tegra X1 Drivers (Tegra Mobile Device List) Confirmed working device, but not limited to, Shield Portable, Tablet and TV, Google Nexus 9, MiiPad, ADT-1 Tested Emulators Release statements Hyperspin/Android Limitations RocketLauncher is not available for use on Android but the settings files it uses within a PC setup are compatible. Vertical Systems/Wheel list only No Touch Screen Input (Controller required) Favourites list feature not supported Genre feature not supported Searching subfolders for ROM’s not supported Games list only supports launching of one emulator (multiple emulators can exist in settings line and the 1st one installed will be launched) PC based animations and themes not fully functional. See this detailed post HERE Never used Hyperspin before? As Hyperspin Android was originally designed to allow PC users to have another way to experience their setup you will need to first decide how you would like to proceed with your Hyperspin Android setup **Skip to Installation section if NOT using a PC** The easiest way is to install the PC version for testing and building your Android setup (Follow Avar’s official tutorial videos HERE or follow step by step guides HERE Alternatively build your Hyperspin Android setup from iOS computer or directly from your Android device. Already using Hyperspin on a PC? You can co-exist your PC and Android Hyperspin setups in one Hyperspin folder by making the following additions. Optional additional database file called "Main Menu_Android.xml". Located in your Hyperspin/Databases/Main Menu folder. This will allow for a specifically tailored Main Menu for your Hyperspin Android setup Optional additional settings folder called /Settings_Android. Located in your Hyperspin directory and populated with your Android specific Main Menu.ini, Settings.ini and SYSTEMNAME.ini’s. This allows both Windows and Android launcher/rompaths to co-exist in separate .ini files within the same Hyperspin directory. **Note Some of your PC Themes and features may not be compatible with your Android setup so it may pay to build a specific Hyperspin folder for your Android setup. If you take this opportunity to trim unneeded files to save storage space it will likely mean some 3rd party tools (Don’s Filter list and Hypertools) may not function correctly. Also adjustments to your Android set of settings will need to be done manually with a text editor Installation What’s Needed: A file explorer installed on your Android device (ES File Explorer in this case) Optional: PC to make life easier Step 1 – App Installation Note: The device you are using and your chosen Hyperspin folder location (local, sdcard, external HDD or NAS) will directly affect your steps and settings file values All testing was done on my NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 3.2 Marshmallow 6.0, slight differences may be found on other devices On your device open Google Play Store and search for Hyperspin 2. Install as any other Play Store app, accepting all permissions when prompted You will now see the Hyperspin app in you devices menu Step 2 – Build your Hyperspin directories To function, Hyperspin pulls all data from an installation folder NOT included with the app installation. Without this directory you will see the below screen when trying to launch Hyperspin Note: New users without a Hyperspin directory and not installing a PC version of Hyperspin please download Hyperspin Android base pack (Adjusted from BBB's Hyperspin 1.3.3 file) Existing users please locate your PC Hyperspin directory and copy this to the root of your preferred storage device (USB, SD card, internal storage or NAS) see below details. But First... Decide on Storage Media & Location... I will now show you how to install Hyperspin onto the internal storage of your Android device. You are free to place your Hyperspin directory on a different storage device, including SD cards, USB storage and Network Attached Storage (NAS), but please be aware Hyperspin will seek and prioritize booting 1st from /usbdrive/Hyperspin then /sdcard1/Hyperspin then /sdcard/Hyperspin for your data. Also note that on the Shield TV Pro /storage/Emulated/0 & /storage/sdcard are in fact the same location If you will be using a NAS to store your Hyperspin directory, please be aware that there can only be one directory level between your devices /storage directory and your Hyperspin directory. For this to work, you will need to share your Hyperspin folder from your NAS device and the map that device to you Android device through its storage settings. It should then be seen in your devices /storage folder (I will cover this in detail in subsequent tutorials) Example of correct NAS Path:- /storage/MYNAS/Hyperspin Example of incorrect NAS Path:- /storage/MYNAS/SUBFOLDER/Hyperspin My TEST path screenshot Is my Local device directory /storage Is the name of my NAS Drive sdcard1 Next – Get a file explorer I Installed ES File Explorer (ESFE) by searching ES in your Play Store app and install as any other. A. Launch ESFE and navigate to the 1) Local then 2) Home - option. Place your Hyperspin folder here 3) Note: For a HSA to work the ONLY required files/folders for an Android installation are as follows /Hyperspin /Databases /Media /Settings /Emulators (optional ROM location structure for ease of setup) B. Please now exit to your home screen and launch the Hyperspin App, to test everything is correct. Depending on your correct choice of Hyperspin directory you should now be greeted with the Hyperspin intro video and your Main Menu wheel of systems. The base pack download will look similar to this example. This is what you get with the default Hyperspin 1.3.3 version I have adjusted Now you have completed the basic installation there are some settings that require adjusting and reviewing to enable games to be launched. Also the per system/wheel settings are covered here
  7. DrSoupants

    Nvidia Shield Hyperspin Setup

    Dear Hyperspin Community. Before I go any further, can I please apologise for posting this request for information. I have no doubt that this has been covered thousands of times on thousands of posts on this website and I am indeed sorry. Feel free to scream at me profusely and use a range of poo emojis to communicate your frustration with me. I guess I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the content and I'm a bit unsure where to start. I'm definitely new to Hyperspin and need some help. I have an Nvidia Shield, complete rom packs (at least I think they're complete) for a range of consoles, have the Retroarch emulator working and have a range of other emulators to play all of the games I want. I have a 2TB hard drive that am using as shared (or emulated) storage device and this is dedicated to the shield (non-removable). Ok......this is where you get pissed. 1.) Hyperspin tells me "Warning.....attempting to launch missing rom". Because my HD is emulated the path in ES explorer reads: 'storage/emulated/0/hyperspin/emulators ( …….then all of the console folders (eg: MAME)……. then all the rom folder)'. Roms are placed in this folder. Can someone please tell me what I need to write in the individual setting file (eg: Nintendo 64.ini) as I have had no luck at all with any of the games on the Hyperspin interface. I believe this to be my major problem. 2.) This is where you're really going to get the shits. I downloaded the base pack for the Nvidia Shield (from the Hyperspin site) and the start menu is great. When I enter a console I have a warning triangle telling me "Video Previews available at emumovies.com". How do I sinc the videos with the individual menus (I think they are referred to as 'systems' but I have no idea how to install these)???????? Soooo...……..where can I find these and how and where do I install them?? 3.) I believe that the fonts and images associated with roms are called 'wheels'. I have downloaded a few of these but how would I install these on the shield? Basically, what I'm asking is...……... how can I setup Hyperspin on the Shield using a shared storage device so that it kicks some serious ass. A huge thank you for anyone that can help me. Feel free to kick my ass in the comments but I've already done that over the past couple of weeks so I'm well ahead of you. Thank you so much Hyperspin and hope to hear from you soon. Soup Pants.
  8. Tested Emulators -- .ini config settings Retroarch - Various emulators exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=<choose one of the emulator cores like below> Examples of retroarch core parameters Atari 2600 core: parameters=cores/stella_libretro_android.so PSX core: parameters=cores/pcsx_rearmed_libretro_neon_android.so libretro cores: 4do_libretro_android.so bsnes_mercury_performance_libretro_android.so bsnes_performance_libretro_android.so etc... Dolphin - Gamecube/Wii/Wiiware exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu/org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.activities.MainActivity parameters=AutoStartFile Newer Builds from Dolphin Website:- exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu/org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.ui.main.MainActivity parameters=AutoStartFile IrataJaguar - Atari Jaguar exe=ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar/ru.vastness.altmer.iratajaguar.MainActivity parameters=rom Real3DOPlayer - 3DO exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.MainActivity parameters=cd NES.emu - NES exe=com.explusalpha.NesEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity parameters= MSX.emu - Colecovision, MSX, etc. exe=com.explusalpha.MsxEmu/com.imagine.BaseActivity parameters= Mame4Droid - MAME exe=com.seleuco.mame4droid/com.seleuco.mame4droid.MAME4droid parameters= Mupen64Plus AE exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity parameters= Nightly builds exe=org.mupen64plusae.v3.alpha/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.SplashActivity parameters= Play! - Playstation 2 exe=com.virtualapplications.play/com.virtualapplications.play.ExternalEmulatorLauncher parameters= Reicast - Dreamcast exe=com.reicast.emulator/com.reicast.emulator.MainActivity parameters= Drastic - Nintendo DS exe=com.dsemu.drastic/com.dsemu.drastic.DraSticActivity parameters=GAMEPATH Fpse - PSX exe=com.emulator.fpse/com.emulator.fpse.Main parameters=path ePSX - PSX exe=com.epsxe.ePSXe/com.epsxe.ePSXe.ePSXe parameters=com.epsxe.ePSXe.isoName * change romext=cue in settings.ini, iso did not work for me PPSSPP (FREE version) - PSP exe=org.ppsspp.ppsspp/org.ppsspp.ppsspp.PpssppActivity parameters=org.ppsspp.ppsspp.Shortcuts PPSSPP Gold - PSP exe=org.ppsspp.ppssppgold/org.ppsspp.ppsspp.PpssppActivity parameters= uoYabause - Sega Saturn exe=org.uoyabause.android/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause parameters=org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx Yaba Sanshiro exe=org.uoyabause.uranus/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause parameters=org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx Gearoid - Sega Game Gear exe=com.androidemu.gg/com.androidemu.gg.EmulatorActivity Parameters= Colem - Speccy ZX - fMSX VGBANext Emulators from Garage Research PAID com.fms.colem.deluxe - Colem - Colecovision com.fms.fmsx.deluxe - fMSX com.fms.ines - iNES com.fms.emu - VGBAnext - GBA/GBC/GB Emulator com.fms.vgb - VGBc - Gameboy Color com.fms.mg - Master Gear - Sega Game Gear com.fms.speccy.deluxe - Spectrum Sinclair ZX FREE com.fms.colem com.fms.fmsx com.fms.speccy Set "??" to "com.fms.emulib.MainActivity" for all products but VGBAnext. For VGBAnext: ??=com.fms.vgba.MainActivity for opening *.gba files ??=com.fms.vgb.MainActivity for opening *.gbc/*.gb files OpenBOR - 2D Game Engine (Some integration issues with Hyperspin) exe=org.openbor.engine/org.libsdl.app.SDLActivity Parameters= Launch android app package names in database.xml Determine Android game name through Google Play web interface. i.e. https://play.google....ure.dragonslair pcgame=true
  9. Hey Guys I know this isn't really a Hyperspin problem but I was hopeing someone has set up their PS3 controller on the shield without the problems I'm having. I can get the pad working fine with everything plugged in or using Bluetooth (HyperSpin, KODI, etc) but the red lights are constantly flashing (trying to link to something?) if I turn off my Shiled the lights carry on flashing until the battery dies in the controller. Is this normal? When I turn on the Shield TV after the lights go out (the following day) I have to re plug in the controller using the USB & re connect it all over again which is a pain each time I want to use it as a normal navigation control. Thanks for the help
  10. Version 1.1


    My Attempt at making Andriod, MAC, PC users 1st steps in to Hyperspin Android easier This is an adjusted version of the Media and Databases that are included with Hyperspin Full Install 1.3.3 Tweaked and cutdown for use directly with Android devices (It will not directly work with a PC although you can merge it with a PC setup to aid the building of an Android setup) Whats Included Indenticle Media files as 1.3.3 with some removals Pre configured Settings files Brief Android Emulator setup notes MAME Adjusted xml for 0.139 ROM set (Default one included also Outdated) Additional Settings files for 123 systems/collections (Provided by Badhemi) Systems Included & Emulators suggested Atari 5200 (Retroarch MAME (Arcade) Core) Atari Lynx (Retroarch Handy Core) MAME (MAME4droid Reloaded (Red) 0.139v romset NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Retroarch Mednafen PCE Fast Core) Nintendo 64 (Retroarch Mupen64Plus Core or Glupen Core) Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch Nestopia Core) Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Retroarch VBA Next Core Panasonic 3DO (Retroarch 4DO Core) Sega 32X (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega CD (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega Dreamcast (Reicast 73e2691 2016_05_22 Build) Sega Game Gear (Retroarch Genesis Plus GX Core) Sega Genesis (Retroarch Picodrive Core) Sega Master System (Retroarch Picodrive Core) SNK Neo Geo (Retroarch FB Alpha Core) SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color (Retroarch Madnafen NGP Core) Sony PlayStation (Retroarch PCSX Rearmed Core) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Retroarch BSNES Mercury Performance Core) See this Thread for details (Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview & Installation Install Notes To install this Hyperspin Android base pack Step 1 - Combine the download parts Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT1" (Hyperspin.zip) file Place the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file within the extracted Hyperspin folder Extract the "Hyperspin 1.3.3 Android PT2" (Media.zip) file and it will combine the two parts Alternativly extract both files and the cut and paste them together (Optional Addition) Extract the Settings_Android.zip and pick out the settings files you require as you build your setup. Place them in your Settings folder or Settings_Android folder depending on your setup Rename specific systems if needed ADD YOUR ROMPATH Step 2 - READ the Setup Notes.txt Step 3 - Organise your roms Organise your roms so they are located in the suggested folder structure OR place them in a location of your own choice. MAKE sure you adjust the "SYSTEMNAME".ini files to reflect your own rompath ****Remeber rom names will need to exactly match your Hyperspin databases (.xml) and be in a format that your chosen emulator can open**** Step 4 - Move the pack to your Android Device Once you have the complete Hyperspin folder place this at the root of your storage device connected to your android device (USB HDD, Internal storage, SDCard or Network drive) Step 5 - Download and configure your emulators Step 6 - Install Hyperspin Application Download and install the Hyperspin application from the Goggle Playstore
  11. thatman84

    Hyperspin Android APK

    The Hyperspin app is not on the playstore. (Google need confirmation about targeting children 🤔, App has been resubmitted, back up soon) Here is the download Here is a backup of the apk Hyperspin_Android-test.apk
  12. Original Post Update By Thatman84.... Hi All, I'm running Hyperspin and RetroArch on my Nvidia Shield. I've added a wheel for Quake (RetroArch Content) and have been trying to launch it with out success, has anyone else managed it? From my ini file: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/tryquake_libretro_android.so Thanks Nigel END OF OP The following thread has all the detailes required to get Quake1 up and running with RetroArch on the Shield TV and other supported Android devices. See this post for Retroarch Setup Steps Artwork Collection
  13. EyMannMachHin

    MAME software list and HyperSpin

    I thought I should leave another message here on the Android board, too. Even though the CMD method from @thatman84 does sort of work for me (it does for my Atari 5200 setup, but breaks again on the Bally Astrocade), the MAME Software list method works 100% of the time for me. So I came up with a little Windows Powershell Script (after only learning about it this week) that will read a MAME software list and a HyperSpin database and convert the game names it finds in them to MAME software list names, so you can use the ROMs with those names. It only does matching by CRC so it will possibly leave a few unchanged (actually A7800 doesn't match at all with the HyperSpin database, but RetroArch comes with it's own core for A7800 ) but it will give you a start without having to manually convert them all. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/13773-swlists-hs-convertps1/
  14. Setting Up Systems That Have/Need Games In Subfolders Credits loueradun brentg This guide requires the text editor Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ NOTE A PC IS REQUIRED Why? - HSAndroid doesn't support games stored in subfolders directly There are a few systems that "need" games to be stored in subfolders, to retain specific rom file names and structure (ScummVM, Quake collection etc) and some that you really should organise games into subfolders to save a world of renaming "full sets" (Playstation or any large CD based system with bin/cue files or alike). This thread was the source of this information and IS a very welcome tip for any HyperSpin Android user (I should have done this post long ago...) Side Effects... The main side effect of doing this trick means all media needs to be stored in subfolders...It's a simple fix but will take a little extra work on your part. (Much less than renaming everything imo) The knock on side effects are... Custom database is required. The roms_only filter doesn't function How? 1. For CD based systems like PS1 Note. For more information on databases refer to the Tutorial Section Here. There are tools availiable for creating databases from your rom folders automatically. You will be missing all meta data but its up to. I personally dont create databases this way but have used Don's Tools Here to do it before. Other apps may be better... See 3rd Party Apps Here Step 1 Your game folders along with the game file Hyperspin launches (i.e. .CUE files) must be named as stated in the xml or vice versa, as per normal Hyperspin setups require. Step 2 Once your files are renamed and organised as required you will need to open the .xml database in Notepad++ Hit control "ctrl f" to open the "Find" console Choose the Replace tab (or navigate to Search=>Replace from the menu) Under "Find What:" input (?<=\<game name=\")(.*?)(?=\") Under "Replace With:" input $0/$0 And finally make sure "Regular expression" is marked in the Search Mode Click "Replace All" then save your file. Exampl Output Database Entry Note "game name" is repeated twice. "Blockids (USA)/Blockids (USA)" </game> <game name="Blockids (USA)/Blockids (USA)" index="" image=""> <description>Blockids (USA)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Natsume</manufacturer> <year>2003</year> <genre>Puzzle</genre> <rating>ESRB - E (Everyone)</rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game name="Blood Lines ( Tip If you want to reverse these settings, use these values for the regex: (?<=\<game name=\")(.*?)/(.*?)(?=\") $1 One thing to note is that the regex is searching for the string <game name=" and stops when it sees the next double quote so if you have any additional spaces or a name is not the first attribute on the game element in the xml then it won't find the right string. 2. For Systems like Quake (Tyrquake core in RetroArch) As the Quake Collection has different names for Game Folders and Game Files you would need to manually create the entries in the database. So long as you put the "folder/gamefile" under the <game name= tag everything will work correctly. Step 3 - Organising your media As I mentioned before ALL of your "per game" media will need to be sorted into their own folder to be of any use.... The database is looking for files inside a folder named the same as the file Wheel Art Box Art/Cart Art (Basically anthing in the Artwork 1 to 4 folders) Videos Game Themes (default.zip theme EXCLUDED) For Collections like Quake some games are named the same (PAK0.pak)....In this case you will probably have to manualy organise the media or manually rename it to match the xml. There are many methods of doing this in batch format. The quickest method I have found is a Program by EmuMovies user Tempest. https://emumovies.com/files/file/597-roms-in-and-out-of-folders/ MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RELEASE POST. It will put EVERY file into a folder so only run it on a folder thats artwork only (There is a reverse program included) Quick Steps... Download the file (linked above) and unzip it. Copy the "Put Roms in Folders.exe" in to your artwork folder Double click Rince and Repeat for all types of game media you have Alternativley you can use WinRAR to zip everything then unzip all files to their own folder. Or another program that adds a shell extension to your right click menu http://www.dcmembers.com/skwire/download/files-2-folder/ Another program I have that will browse to your directory is "File_in_Folder_Renamer.exe" but I cant find a link for that.
  15. (FYI having trouble with upping some screenshots and the new formatting so please excuse the wierd format) Converting 16x9 Themes for Hyperspin Android List of theme animation compatibility HS Android Theme Animations.txt (I am in NO way competent with artwork resolutions but my method works and looks good to me) Why... Because sometimes that theme you really liked just doesn’t display correctly The main reason for theme problems is the use of animation and scripting of the .swf assets in the “theme”.zip (It’s best to replace themes that cause Hyperspin to crash out, but you can try to convert them) What’s covered... 1. Extract PNG assets from swf files 2. Reduce HQ artwork to be compatible with Hyperspin 3. Further reduce artwork width to allow for Hyperspin 4x3 -> 16x9 stretching 4. Recompile your theme What is Needed: Update on resizing tool. Fotosizer is now advised against because of the compression/quality loss it causes. pPlease use Photoshop or this program recommended by @IceLancer https://sourceforge.net/projects/easyimagesizer/?source=typ_redirect A A Fotosizer (http://www.fotosizer.com/) batch resize image files B. Flash Decompiler (https://www.free-dec...flash/download/) extract png’s from swf C. Time and Themes I have done a little testing for Main Menu themes. This spreadsheet shows what I have tested and its Android compatibility status. The sheet has download section links for all themes I have tried. Let’s get to it... So grab a theme zip you want to play with and Unzip it. Any 16x9 Main Menu, Game or System Default theme will do. BakerMan provided me a guide to extracting the PNG’s from SWF but it has since been lost. These are the steps 1. Open JPEXS once downloaded and installed from link above 2. Click on the “Open” tab and browse to the offending .swf file from your unzipped theme SCREENSHOT 3. 3. Right click on “Images” on the left and click “Export Selection” (At this step you may find multiple images. If these images are only parts of one image, say the arms and legs of a character, you will have to lose that image completely from the theme or replace it with another one) SCREENSHOT2 4. Click “ok” to PNG file type then choose a location for the exported images (Default is Desktop. Only export one at a time and then move the PNG out of the output folder as it overwrites each one if not) SCREENSHOT3 5. Now browse to that Output location and you will find your PNG’s in an “images” folder. You are now ready for phase 2 – Resizing the images Note, fotosizer does cause a reduction in artwork quality. If your sensitive to this you may want to use another method. (If you know of a better program please comment) I only run a 37' screen and don't mind myself. (Resizing Artwork is covered comprehensively by Avar in his tutorials found HERE) Open Fotosizer Add the Artwork that was converted to PNG Reduce the images to 68% KEEP MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO TICKED (this is the best size for the ones I have done) 4. Move the right side settings bar down and select an Output Folder 5 Remove that Artwork from Fotosizer 6. Add the newly resized artwork back into Fotosizer 7. Reduce the Width to 75% (to allow HS to stretch it back when its loaded) 8. UNTICK MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO 9. Now add this finished art back into the theme folder and zip it up again 10. Name the zip file the same as you have it in the “Main Menu.xml” database Final Thoughts... Now when you try this theme out you may find the artwork has slightly changed location. If so adjust the Artwork positions in the theme.xml file within the theme.zip OR load it into Hypertheme and adjust it as required Hope this helps someone.
  16. Please note my knowledge of this system does not run deep but everything here works and plays fine. What is it? Capcom Play System III or CPS-3 is an arcade system board that was first used by Capcom in 1996 with the arcade game Red Earth. It was the second successor to the CP System arcade hardware, following the CP System II. It would be the last proprietary system board Capcom would produce before moving on to the Dreamcast-based Naomi platform. How to emulate in Android (Shield TV) Quick and simple way is with the FBA core of RetroArch and matching FBA romset. At time of writing current versions are:- Core:- FB Alpha v0.2.97.42 (commit 6b7a701) FBA:- (9 July 2017) Other options are MAME core in RetroArch or MAME4Droid reloaded (0.139mame romset). I believe the CHD files are needed for some games and with MAME4Droid, at least, I had to "install" the game when it 1st launched in the emulator. That process took about 20-30mins and not all worked. Redearth was one I tested and "installed". Games JoJo no Kimyouna Bouken: Miraie no Isan (Japan 990913) = (jojoba.zip) JoJo's Venture (USA 990108) = (jojo.zip) Red Earth (Euro 961121) = (redearth.zip) Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack (USA 970930) = (sfiii2.zip) Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (EUR 990608) = (sfiii3.zip) Street Fighter III: New Generation (USA 970204) = (sfiii.zip) Note:- I replaced this entry in the official database with the european version as I could not get it to launch in FBA. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (USA 990608) = (sfiii3u.zip) Setup Steps... 1. Open RetroArch and download the Arcade (FA Alpha) core. Main Menu -> Online Updater -> Core Updater 1a. Transfer your games to your prefered location (You only need the six zip files listed in the database and above) 2. Add the "Capcom Play System III" system to your Hyperspin setup with HyperHQ on a PC and transfer the files/folder to your device or by manually creating all the relevent folders to your device. (Download at bottom of guide) 3. Add Capcom Play SYstem III to your Main Menu.xml or Main Menu_Android.xml 4. Add these lines to your Capcom Play System III.ini file found in Hyperspin/Settings/ or Hyperspin/Settings_Android/ exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=zip parameters=cores/fbalpha_libretro_android.so PLAY SOME STREET FIGHTER ....................... Extra Notes:- Under the FB Alpha "Quick Menu -> Options" you can select between different regions. Choosing a different region will give you the different loading screens along with other things I'm not sure about. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Default)Euro Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (USA) ANDROID MEDIA PACK AND DATABASE (Get your videos from emumovies.com) Hyperspin-CPS3Android.zip
  17. MAME 0.139 + Genre (all working games) View File MAME, HAME, HAAA! SUMMARY - MAME 0.139 version (is not 0.139u1, for that is needed to compile). - 7396 games (all working games, including mahjong, casino, quiz, etc). - Description names respected (i.e., King of Fighters will appear like "The King of Fighters"). - Only excluded from the xml BIOS and non working games. - Created Genres xml files that match 100% with this MAME 0.139 version (I did with the hope that someone someday will enable the genre feature in the Android version of HyperSpin). A bit of blablabla... I have on my own an Nvidia Shield TV and I was looking for an exactly and precise xml for MAME 0.139u1 (because mame4droid, the app in Android for MAME, use this version). Is MAME 0.139 like a Canon for Android? Humm, I don't know but that's seems, because after 8 years (MAME 0.139 was release is 2010) and 2 years of the app in Android, there still been using this version. I didn't know nothing about MAME, so I learned how MAME works. I couldn't create an exactly xml for MAME 0.139u1 because for that is neccesary compile MAME 0.139 with the source (that you can download from the official MAME site) and I don't know yet how to compile this "old" MAME version. At the end of the day, the most of the users don't go to compile nothing in their lives, and they will have the 0.139 version in theirs computers and not the 0.139u1 or others updates. If someone is looking for a perfect xml for 0.139u1, it's your lucky day, I did the hard work with this list, feel you free of download this xml and add thats extras of the 0.139u1 to the list. Anyway, I could create an exactly xml for MAME 0.139 and that was what I did. HOW I DID IT? First of all, I downloaded the official Database for MAME from this HyperSpin site. After that, I created a xml with the tool "HyperROM2XML" and then I started to copy/paste the info, but I took special care, because I learned that in every MAME update there are some fixings like roms changing names. So what I did was install a gui version of MAME 0.139 to compare sometimes if the info was correct. I checked too in arcade database website if the info was correct with somes older roms (for example, Mega Tech doesn't exist in MAME 0.139, but appear like Mega Play). So yeah, this is an exactly xml for this version. Maybe can contain some errors, Im not perfect, shit happens. The xml should be revised and fixed if there are some errors (ejem..., honestly I think that no one have the balls to do that lol). Enjoy! EXTRA NOTES: If you use this MAME xml like a "master" in your HyperSpin installation (because you have all this 0.139 roms) and you want install "systems" like Capcom Classics, Data East, Irem Classics, etc., maybe you should consider the following: This MAME 0.139 is older (but seems like a "Canon" for Android) and the official Databases that you will download from this HyperSpin site will have added more roms to their xml list. So, RocketLauncherUI will show you that you have missing roms. In my installation I have two MAME´s in my HyperSpin wheel: MAME and MAME Android (this 0.139). Why I have this? Because im doing a dual boot HDD, for PC and Android. Before I forget it, thanks to all the people that helped me to understand and modify the xml for Hyperpin, now im a xml god lol Well that's all Submitter Peliculon Submitted 03/20/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits GOD  
  18. So this problem has been around for a long time. Any console type system that doesn't have an android emulator but runs in RetroArch mame cores needs all media renaming to MAME short names to match the relevant Hash file. Circo has given the thumbs up for storing the files on the EmuMovies FTP (Thanks @Circo) Located /Upload Here/_Other/Thatman84_HSAndroid Standards are still up for discussion but this is how I am laying out the renamed files right now _FINISHED SYSTEM NAME/ Videos Wheels Boxart (If availiable) Cartart (If availiable) Databases/ System Name Databse/ EVERYTHING will be based off Phulshoff's MAME/MESS XMLS 0.182 & those originals will be kept in the Databases folder The Database named ready for Hyperspin will be a version of Phulshoff's MAME WITHOUT game entries that have no wheel artwork. If a system has no artwork then I may list it here or add a database to the ftp. Found Here under MAME XML and Include The _Unsorted folder should follow the above format so its easy to check whats there ready for moving to _FINISHED Credits Reznate Sonkun Badhemi FINISHED SYSTEMS Bally Astrocade Fairchild Channel F SNK Neo Geo CD Atari 5200 Amstrad GX4000 Bandia Super Vision 8000 Casio PV-1000 VTech CreatiVision Hartung Game Master RCA Studio II (DB needs work) To Do List Philips CDi Entex Adventure Vision Emerson Arcadia 2001 Epoch Super Cassette Vision Funtech Super A'can Mattel Intellivision handhelds
  19. Version 10May2015


    **reported as broken archive, any problems please report with specific details** Reznnate's settings folder. Add additional folder to /Hyperspin/Settings_Android
  20. Android (Unofficial Database) View File Android it has 384 games Submitter IceLancer Submitted 01/17/2018 Category Databases (XML) Credits IceLancer  
  21. thatman84

    RetroArch CHD suppprt

    The Libretro devs just enabled the CHD support for the SuperGrafx and PC-Engine cores on android. Update your cores with Online Updater. Personally I have not converted my games or have any PC-Engine CD games but its a good addition anyway. I hear that audio sync and quality can be an issue
  22. Anyone got one? im not feeling the common red BG one as it reloads. looking for a static cab one with just the video changing Edit: Was looking for a default theme. Ended up merging a couple together and uploaded a pack a few posts down
  23. Been a bit quiet last few months Who's still around here?
  24. Hi Guys, I have a Hyperspin set up on windows for my cab but Ive just set up on my Shield (Android version) and its working great. I was wondering though can I just copy over the database, Settings, Media Files, Roms etc... from my Windows version to Android?
  25. I have already got Hyperspin all set up on my pc running into my arcade cab (so got files, artwork, roms etc..) can I easily move this over to my android box (Being Nvidia Shield) or are the systems (windows - Android) totally different set ups?