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Found 21 results

  1. Bem nós criamos um serviço de windows que permite controlar o tempo de jogos através de fichas ! Emuladores como o Mame já controlam o uso por inserção de fichas! Mas emuladores como retroarch(Mega Drive,Snes,Atari) através do serviço que eu criei podem ser controlados! Você determinar por quantos minutos cada ficha vai permitir que o jogador use o aplicativo! Você determina quais aplicativos devem ser barrados caso a ficha não seja inserida,você determina quais aplicativos já fazem o controle de ficha! Alguém pode testar e falar o que achou? Atenção é necessário que o som esteja ligado! Pois os avisos de créditos e pedidos para inserir fichas se dá apenas através de áudios! instalarhypetimer.exe
  2. Ciao a tutti, sto cercando una buona configurazione per il mio nuovo cabinato. consigli??
  3. Dear community! HELP!! I'm building af bartop arcade for my son and would like custom artwork ... We're looking for an artwork template that fits the Richs bartop 2-player 100% (CLASSIC BARTOP ARCADE 2 PLAYER DIY FLAT PACK KIT 18MM BLACK MELAMINE T-MOLD SLOT). Any help og link would be much appreciated !! Happy retrogaming from DK ,-)
  4. I always wanted a Arcade cabinet., So I decided to build my own. Here is my Homemade Arcade Bartop Arcade HP Z100 i5 Motherboard 2.66Mhz 8GB Ram SANDISK 120SSD HD Keyboard Encoder: Howler Board (sucks!!) (Changed to iPac Ultimate OI in March) Buttons and Joystick from Paradise Arcade Arcade Template from Gameroom Designs Found random EPS art files on google. Very hard to file 25 watt Amplifier / Speakers and Led lights from Parts Express. Plus 8 Months of after work time and energy.
  5. Good Morning Guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there had some bartop Photoshop or Illustrartor Bartop templates they would be happy to share (or can send me a link where i can find them) - I am just starting out with both programs as I really like the idea of creating my own artwork. Many thanks if you can help. Dogman
  6. Hello all, As I recently finished my Street Fighter 2 themed bartop which runs Hyperspin, I decided to share some materials with you The whole construction story is on my blog for those that are interested : https://www.bluemind.org/homemade-bartop-retrogaming/ Here are some photos of the finished product:
  7. Just finished my 4-5 month bartop cab project (Just doing some software tweaks and making sure everything works) All in all, I'm pretty happy how it turned out (It went through a LOT of iterations...it was initially meant to be a TMNT inspired cab lol. I made a few mistakes due to not building anything since I was playing around with technic lego decades ago, like putting hinges on the outside of the door (had this idea at the end of putting everything together and couldn't be bothered to take it apart to install the hinges lol) but I'm happy. All there is do to do now is implement some ideas I have to the software, find out how the hell to use LED Blinky, create some custom collections, try to get Hypersearch to work, change that annoying TTS windows 7 voice so Hyperspeech doesn't sound so annoying and wait for the PC release of Tekken 7 :-) SPECS: z170m Plus Mini ATX Board I5 6600K 3.5ghz quad core Processor (will try to overclock it to 4Ghz this week) Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler Noctua NF-F12PWM case fan X2 EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti Graphics card (May upgrade to GTX 1060 on Tekken 7 release) 16GB DDR4 Ram 5TB 7200rpm HD 250GB Samsung SSD NEC 19inch IPS Monitor Metallic gold Sanwa Sticks 18 Seimitsu 'Halo illuminated effect buttons' Aimtrack Light Gun and infra red bar Recoil module for gun 2 USB 3.0 Hubs HDMI out Bluetooth dongle Wireless Dongle Lepy Amplifier Car speakers ....and blood, sweat, wiring and a new found appreciation for electricians and carpenters!
  8. I bought one of those ebay kits a while back and thought i'd give building a Space Invaders themed bartop a go. Pretty happy with how it turned out...just a couple of buttons to add and i'm there. Had fun on my first attempt at making anything..lol
  9. Hi All. I'm new to this board and got bitten by the HP bug when i first installed and played with it a few weeks ago. I'm looking to build a bartop arcade cabinet and really need help choosing the computer/graphics card to use. Im currently testing HP on my media center PC and my specs are below Motherboard: Asrock FM2a88x-itx+ Processor: AMD A4-5300 APU 3.4Ghz RAM: two Corsair xms3 2GB each Hard Drive: Samsung 120GB 2.5 inch (I know I need more ) And that's about it. while this works great as a media center, I cant seem to get anything above an N64 to run. And higher 3d mame games like Virtual fighter run at a snails pace. It's obvious I need to buy a graphics card. but are the other specs enough? or will I need a new motherboard and processor altogether? I'm trying to see if I can use the existing board. can a decent graphics card even be added to this board?(I'm not that computer hardware savy so I don't know) Looking to be able to run at least PS2, gamecube and xbox games. any more than that would be a plus but I'm happy with the former. Thanks all
  10. Hi guys, I recently finished my cab, it's called ARCADE ACTION! SPECS: - Hp i5 which I scored for free! - 2 terabyte HD - Sanwa JLF sticks - Happ buttons - Ipac2 - Aimtrack light gun - HyperSpin frontend (of coarse) Hope you guys enjoy the build shots, happy to answer any questions.. Future plans are to upgrade the marquee to something a little flashier, wire the lights up on the credit buttons and possibly add a second Aimtrack. It was a super fun build and I'm having a blast playing it, hope you guys enjoyed the photos.
  11. Wanted to show this Star Trek theme bartop with HyperSpin and Kodi.
  12. Wanted to share this bartop I put together with graphics. I apologize in advance the video is a bit of an ad for our kits, but it does show a walk through of HyperSpin running on it along with Kodi for Movies/TV/Music Video streaming. Thanks
  13. Hi guys... We finally started shipping the bartop arcades after a ton of great input from the hyperspin community! I put together a video showing how to assemble and wanted to give back as it as it will answer a lot of the questions a noob would have that is interested in building an arcade machine. In other words, the overview applies to the arcade building process, not just our kits. Anyways please provide feedback so I can improve in the future. Yes, I miss spelled fundamentals in the subject header and do not know how to fix it Video Breakdown: 0:14 - Walk through of what you get in the kit 2:52 - Prepping the sides, top, and speakers 4:10 - Prepping the control and button panel 4:35 - Talking through artwork 5:35 - Putting the plexi controls onto the control and button panel 13:40 - Connecting power to the led buttons and/or joysticks 16:28 - Ensure your controls are connected properly and working 17:28 - Finishing up the joysticks 17:50 - Install the control panel on the cabinet 19:03 - Installing the top, bottom, and hinged back door 23:45 - Installing the motherboard or Rpi 24:24 - Mount the monitor 26:22 - Put the left side on and finish up cam locks 28:46 - Adjust monitor height 29:58 - Installing the magnetic latch for the back door swing 31:19 - Finishing touches 31:53 - Installing Tmolding 33:20 - Plexiglass installation 35:16 - Install the marquee 36:56 - Wrap up Thank you
  14. Its been awhile since I posted up on here but I have been busy building mini versions of Japanese arcade machines. Particularly the Sega Astro City and MVS-U4. I designed everything on the computer paying close attention to scale and proportions. The cabs are mainly mdf with a bit of apoxie sculpt and shaping. Inside both units is a micro atx system. The screens are 4:3 15" HP LCDs. 1024x768 resolution. The Astro has a scanline generator in it. Note I'm still finishing up the marquee for the Astro. Check out my Facebook page for more projects and info. https://www.facebook.com/multigamesystem **UPDATED SHOT of completed units** 8/25/2015
  15. Hi Guys, I am finishing up a bartop kit. I really tried to include everything I have learned/wanted over the last 10 years or so building these things. We just got the first prototype put together yesterday and I think we are really close. Wanted to hit some expertise here to give me some input on design changes or additional offerings that would make the kit more complete. My Main Goals: • No painting and/or easy to apply graphics • No power tools needed • Easy to assemble via cam lock system • Accommodate a 22" widescreen monitor • Includes all plexiglass pre-cut • Includes photoshop files so it is easy to design your own graphics • pocketed so under mounting sanwa joysticks are high enough on control panel • No hidden huge shipping costs • Very reasonable overall cost • Rear door opens on hinge for easy access • Room for micro ATX motherboard and pwoer supply for HyperSpin type setups (most people will probably opt for Rpi2 with Emulationstation) Side note: The prototype does not have the tmolding slots, but the finished product will.... You can see the full description here http://gameroomsolutions.com/shop/bartop-arcade-kit-deluxe/ Attached are some pictures of the prototype and here are the few changes left to make (unless you guys give me a few others that make sense) We need to move the monitor back and change the angle, the drill bit went too deep on a few spots, one cam lock rod was in the incorrect place, and we are going to pre-drill joystick holes through both the control panel wood and plex for even easier assemble. The goal is you will not need any power tools, just a simple phillips screwdriver and 15 min! Additional changes: We are going to offer a 1 or 2 player control panel board (with accompanying plexi match). The 2 player control panel is as listed. We are working on a new design for the 1 player that will have 1 player controls (like you see on the two player board), but also support a 2″ trackball where the two player is located in the product pictures. The 1 player with trackball option will be available within two weeks of the 2 player launch. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ryan
  16. Blz galera. Segue imagens da plaquinha feita em acrílico com ranhura para ficha SPS12. Imagens e arquivo da ranhura em Photoshop em anexo. Espero que ajude alguém. Um abraço. Ranhura Ficha SPS12.psd
  17. Hi Guys, I am happy to announce my 1st project; a 2 player bartop acrade, which I have designed from scratch in Sketchup Pro. I'm building this project with a good buddy of mine, but on a very slow pace as we have a lot of other things to do in life and I still have to order some tools and parts for this project. My friend luckily has woodworker skills as he's following a education to become a proffessional furniture maker and also has the right tools to do the job. Although I'm a handy guy, I'm doing a better job with all the other stuff like the hardware and software and ofcourse the Hyperspin and emulator related stuff. Back to the project: It will house a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 913N, MSI P45 NEO-F, a Core2 DUO [email protected],4 GHz, 4-8GB DDR2 Memory, 60 GB SSD, 2x2 TB HDD, TAGAN 550W PSU, Geforce 8800GT, build in Visaton PX-10 speakers and 2x50W mini amplifier, 2x Ultrastik 360, 22 concave black/white pushbuttons with Leafswitch Champ switches for the main pushbuttons. The plan is to make a 6 button CP layout with a second 4th button on the top row and 2 buttons on each side of the arcade for pinball, (probably mapped to button 1 & 2) for each player (LEFT-P1, RIGHT-P2). So... We've ordered a very cheap, huge piece of black melamine coated 18 mm thick MDF (2600x2100mm), which we had delivered at his school. We've made a cutlist from the parts in my Sketchup design and we found out that we would have enough MDF for allmost 3 arcades. It's nice to have some spare MDF panels, because the control panel and the side panels are the tricky ones to make. In his school we've cut the big piece of MDF into small panels according the cutlist. We had to use the largest circlesaw table available there because of the size of the piece of MDF. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this, but I will try to make some the next time we're working on the project. In the mean time I'm trying very hard to figure out what to do with graphics for the marquee, control panel and sidepanels, as I would like to keep it fairly clean. I'm a bit lost at the moment. Also I'm a lot better with creating something from Sketchup than with Illustrator or photoshop and using the latter two takes up a lot of time. If you guys have any good suggestions or maybe want to help me out creating some nice clean art, I would be very thankful. Will keep you posted if any updates occur. Regards, Boogieman I've attached some Sketchup pictures to give you an idea of this project:
  18. This is my final result for my arcade cabinet i built. Let me know what you think. Thank you.
  19. Based the design off the WeeCade but hand drew it onto the mdf(3/4). Was going to go with a strictly classics single player cab with six buttons for things like MK2 and SF2, but I got my hands on a free computer with a PhenomX4(only 1.8Ghz) and 4Gb of ram, so I decided to do more with it. Running Hyperspin with hand selected MAME games (around 110 so far), SNES, NES, Genesis, N64 and Computer games. I threw this one together for ~$200 between buying Tmolding, paint, primer, sandpaper, acrylic, misc cords, fans, speakers, amp, etc. I had the buttons, computer was given to me with the 640gb hdd. and I got the monitor(17") at goodwill for $25, also had a few misc items lying around. Audio amp from Amazon, small form factor 300W PSU. Soldered in a power strip to the C-14 outlet. Also the back of the custom button inlay Custom plexy speaker shrouds. Still not sure if I want to seal them or let the light shine through. I kinda like them how they are Mixed blue and white buttons and a Sanwa Joystick. Had an old leaf switch joystick in there, but it sucked. Wires and oldschool ipac that I had bought from a cousin last year USB and audio out for headphones. Fan exhaust and custom power button. Standard arcade button was too long and wouldn't allow the door to close so I cut it and put a smaller button inside and hot glued the crap out of it. Works great and is recessed enough that you cant accidentally bump it. Did the same with the USB port. The paint finish turned out AMAZING. Used high gloss rattlecan; primed x3 with wet sanding in between, then 5x coats of gloss white with wet sanding in between. you can see your reflection in it.
  20. Just got my parts in recently. Been working on it about 2 months now. I wanted to go with a Blue/Red Street Fighter Theme. Did all the artwork and had a local print guy do the vinyls for a fair price. Got everything i need except the buttons that i'm trading out these blue ones with. Waiting on my Alpha vs Beta 2 Player Deluxe Kit from ParadiseArcadeShop to come in. Its basically a 2 Player "LEDBlinky" sort of setup w/ LED Balltops. I already have a hard drive i've been setting up on the side with Future Pinball (hence the knob) and Hyperspin. Let me know what you think and any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys.
  21. Hi guys, Its been a few years since i've built a cabinet. This time though i decided to build a small bartop cabinet for my nephew's 2nd birthday present as he just loves to play on my cabinet when he comes around. I wanted to do this on a budget so most of it was built on parts i had lying around. Decided to build this one though with a raspberry pi so no hyperspin on this cabinet. All in all the project ran over a week including 3d modeling, cutting wood, painting, wiring, programming. Parts List 15" Samsung LCD (had lying around) Raspberry Pi model b (had lying around) 32gb SD card (had lying around) Old PC speakers (had lying around) Buttons and joystick (had lying around) Ultimarc i-pac (had lying around) 10mm MDF ($16 obtained from bunnings) 8mm Perspex ($30 obtained from bunnings) Red paint ($8 obtained from bunnings) Black paint ($8 obtained from bunnings) Clear paint ($8 obtained from bunnings) Primer ($20 obtained from bunnings) fluroscent lamp ($25 obtained from bunnings) 6 Port Power Board (had lying around) Misc gritt sandpaper (obtained from bunnings) Misc sized wood screws (had lying around) Design As i had to build a cabinet to meet the minimum size requirements of all the bits i had lying around i decided to draw up the bits in sketchup first and design the cabinet around those bits. Sketchup already had a pretty nice bartop cabinet in their online warehouse repository so i decided to use that as a template and scale to fit my components. Build I'm a programmer by trade and am terrible with tools but thought hey how hard can it be i shouldn't be able to screw it up. How wrong i was. First of all having the right tool for the job helps incredibly. Trying to cut straight cuts with a jigsaw is absolutely impossible. Reminder to self buy a circular saw. here are some photos of the frame as it was getting cut. I decided to put hinges on the rear panel and control panel so that i could maintain it. The raspberry pi, ipac and pc speaker amplifier will be mounted on the rear panel so when i open it up it would be easy to maintain. Painting Decided to go cherry red with black control panel for the paint job. Did lots of sanding to make sure that they surface was even (though my cuts were bad) and wet sanded every coat. Marquee Whipped something simple up in photoshop (could have done it in ms paint even) and printed out onto A3. stuck it on with tape on the back and sides of the perspex (advantage of having 8mm perspex). Wiring Screwed in the buttons and joystick (8 button's plus coin, start and exit) and soldered on the wiring. Had to use a terminal block to split the ground cable. 3.5 stereo from raspberry pi to the PC speaker amplifier usb from ipac to raspberry pi hdmi to vga converter from raspberry pi to pc monitor (had some issues with getting this to work) Software So this is the interesting part. I've used quite a few raspberry pi's but usually for XBMC, web servers, siri proxy, etc. Luckily some smart cookie made this easy to set up with all emulators with a setup script (retropie). There were a few things i needed to sort out myself though. Caching EDID information. Because the monitor powers on after a few seconds the raspberry pi misses the EDID information from the monitor and as such shows no image what so ever. Upon softwar reboot of the raspberry pi i could get an image. Ended up hard encoding the EDID information into the raspberry pi to resolve this issue. IPAC congifuration needs to be reloaded everytime. Some smart cookie developed some software for linux to program the ipac (http://zumbrovalley.net/readpost.php?artid=6). Just downloaded, compiled and added the command to my rc.local file to ensure it executes at bootup. Retropie like hyperspin uses XML for its gamelists. These gamelists can be auto generated with internal software however it utilises the existing filename. This is ok for the most part apart from mame. So had to output the gamelist from mame and do some quick bash scripting to generate a xml medialist. Retropie also hard encodes the path to the image file within the gamelist xml. So had to create a bash script that grabbed the filename of the game and matched it to the cover art. Luckily emumovies coverart uses the same naming convention as the game name. Wanted to add a splash screen with a custom image so had to write up a script to run at startup. Final Product Anyway here are some final pics of the finished results. The lessons i learnt are that I am terrible with a jigsaw and MDF splits easily. Boot time though is extremely quick. 20 seconds. Great thing about the raspberry pi is that it is extremely energy efficient as well. Hopefully my nephew will treasure this for many years to come.
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