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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I will sell my first pinball cabinet to start a new adventure. This time I want custom artwork and a deeper mounted playfield LED monitor with additional "inhouse" flashers. Let the party begin! Thanks to the great hyperpin community (for this project especially to mameman, gstav and h4ck3r) - you guys rock! - cabinet new MDF widebody cabinet (original bally/williams size) new pinball legs new widebody lockbar (mirror polished) new (small) pinball siderails (mirror polished) new stainless steal backbox hinges (mirror polished) new coindoor (illuminated) with original pinball service buttons new playfield and backbox safety glass wired and fully functional coin acceptors (for real arcade feeling) original williams speakerpanel - screens 46" playfield SAMSUNG UE46C6000 LED 1920x1080 LCD screen 30" backglass NEC LCD3000 1280x768 LCD screen (professional public display) 15.6" dmd widescreen HANNSG HK162ABB LCD screen update: original pinball DMD (vishay full orange LED without segments) connected via USB pindmd driverboard - pc setup optimized win XP SP3 - 32bit INTEL quad core CPU i7-2600K overclocked MSI P67A-GD65, P67 mainboard SCYTHE MUGEN2 CPU cooler with 2x 14cm fans 2x2GB GSKILL RAM DDR3 1600+ CL7-8-7-24 1x NVIDIA GTX285 2048MB GPU overclocked 64GB SAMSUNG 830 SSD (520MB/S) SOUNDBLASTER X-FI SB0460 soundcard 4.1 (5.1) TEUFEL CONCEPT E300 soundsystem with 10" subwoofer and 2way satellites 600W PSU high efficiency OCZ modXtreme - additional details 3 mercury switches for nudging (left, middle, right) original STAR TREK TNG plunger gun (sensitive ball shooting / skillshot possible) InterfASD buttoninterface (like IPAC32) 3x 22cm fans for cab ventilation (2x cabinet / 1x backbox) custom made topper (2 layers) with LED attract mode animation (64 LEDs via PACLED64) - force feedback complete LEDWIZ force feedback package (all 32 outputs pinballROM controlled) 8 contactors to hear and feel the mechanical flipper, slingshot, bumper etc. action shaker/vibration motor with intensity control (PWM) 10 high power RGB-LED flashers (5 on backbox and 5 parallel to playfield area) stroboscope effects (on backbox, playfield and bottom side of the cab) gear/wiper motor to emulate all mechanical gear sounds RGB-LED illuminated flipper buttons (for dedicated flipper button colors) RGB-LED strips for bottom/floor illumination, wired parallel to RGB-LED flipper buttons original pinball replay knocker for the real deal LED illuminated, rom controlled front buttons (start, launchball, extraball) - updates Here is a first video of the cab 3s8z6fUnbgQ 8JJ4socWtD0 wood work on the cabinet is completed custom artwork is ready to print... 23 different characters and a COW?! applying the artwork topper is made up. LED animated via pacled. 2 layers with bart in the foreground. mounted the plunger gun first test with Indiana Jones, Scared Stiff B2S, White Water,Theatre of Magic and Attack from Mars. I love the "3D illusion"
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