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Found 7 results

  1. Version 10May2015


    **reported as broken archive, any problems please report with specific details** Reznnate's settings folder. Add additional folder to /Hyperspin/Settings_Android
  2. Version 2.0.0


    ----- Info ----- Emulator: Demul v0.5.8 (Sammy Atomiswave & Sega Naomi) Config For: Pre-defined controls for Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers ------------- Installation ------------- -Put the nvram folder into your Demul Emulator folder and choose to overwrite any existing files. -Put the Demul (v0.5.8).ini into your Demul Rocketlauncher Module folder and overwrite any existing file. ------- Notes ------- -Includes PDF's detailing the standard controls for each game. ---By urbangangsta101---
  3. Hey fellow arcadian's My latest battle (previous postings), with xpadder has lead me down the path of it substitute [JoyToKey] which I have downloaded from the official site and registered. I currently have my arcade drive setup on drive letter Z: The JoyToKey application launches fine, but when I go to exit/quit the app if comes back with the error window: Cannot create file "D:\Hyperspin\Utilities\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.ini" - The system cannot find the path specified. Now as far as I am aware this is a portable application and doesn't have a designated drive? Has anyone else had/has this issue? Just I cannot get the app to stay registered with the purchased key....unless I create the requested directory structure on my D: drive....which seems stupid....or is that just me!? Any insight would be most appreciated! Cheers C.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    ----- Info ----- Emulator: Daphne (Arcade LaserDisc) Config For: Pre-defined controls for Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers ------------- Installation ------------- Put the controls folder into your Daphne Emulator folder. ------- Notes ------- -Rocketlauncher will automatically look for the controller config files if you have put them in the location specified above. ---By urbangangsta101---
  5. Version 1.0.0


    ----- Info ----- Emulator: Sega Model 2 Emulator Config For: Pre-defined controls for Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers ------------- Installation ------------- Put all the files into your Sega Model 2 Emulator folder and choose to overwrite the originals. ------- Notes ------- -Lightgun games have not been setup as i use a PC lightgun (AimTrak) for my setup. -Raw input is currently set for lightgun games. This allows for 2 lightguns\mice to work at the same time. If this is not required, edit the EMULATOR.ini to read UseRawInput=0 -Each controller game has 'Insert Coin' mapped to the Back button and 'Player Start' mapped to the Start Button. ---By urbangangsta101---
  6. On a fresh install of HyperSpin 1.3 with 1.4 update, when I start HyperSpin, the main wheel will start to spin uncontrollably and randomly stop on a system. My keyboard and mouse are wireless, and turned off, yet, the wheel will still spin on it's own. The install is on an SSD Window$ 7 x64 AMD Quadcore with 8gb of memory.
  7. DJQuad


    Version v1


    HyperBackup is a simple configuration backup and restore utility for HyperSpin. Simply choose the path to your HyperSpin installation and hit Backup. It will then copy all INI and XML files to a directory called HyperSpin_configBackup. You can then Restore the files back if needed. More HyperBackup information can be found at http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/25083-hyperbackup
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