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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys. I'm bran new on this forum so I hope I've posted this the right place. I have a two player bartop, set up with two Reyman zero delay usb encoders. My question is: How do I wire them up correctly to use them with Hyperspin? Right now, the buttons for player 1 and two are wired as shown in the Picture. For player 1, buttons on the front are 9, 10 and 11. Hope you Guys can help 🙂 My Current setup is with a pi, but I'm transitioning to HyperSpin shortly
  2. Good morning guys, I have a friend who has recently bought a 2nd hand machine and it doesn't seem to be working correctly. He asked me to take a look at it as I am more into IT, but my experience with emulators is slim, so i was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction. When launching Hyperspin, everything seems to work fine, until a game loads. Then some or all of the buttons stop working. He has 2 x Sanwa joystick with 6 buttons plus credit and player buttons. After reading the initial guide on here i could see that the software version was very old, so i downloaded the latest update files and installed them. N64 roms are not working at all, it asks for the memory pak, and a lot of the other consoles do not work either, but the Sega Genesis system does, so i am confused and I'm guessing it is a configuration issue more than something being wrong. Has anyone else had a similar issue please?
  3. Hello everyone Is it possible to control the menu wheel using a steering wheel? I've tried enabling joystick but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried spinner with no luck either. If someone could be me to a tutorial, I'd really appreciate. I've looked and googled it but can't find any info on how to do this. Thanks
  4. Ok here goes nothing. I wonder if anyone else had this same problem I encountered. I bought a x-arcade tankstick that I configured to work for my hyperspin setup. IT worked flawlessly. Until I decided to change from having it hooked up to my tv at max resolution of 1360x768 to a pc monitor at full hd resolution of 1920x1080. now When I launch hyperspin the wheels just keep spinning endlessly . no controls seem to work. So I went to hyperHQ and turned off the trackball and it works fine. but without a trackball. everything works fine if I switch the resolution back down to 1360x 768. then I can turn the trackball back on and everything is back to normal. My question is: Is there a way that I can have both 1920x1080 resolution and a working trackball? Im forced to lower the resolution if I Want to use my trackball. ITs getting pretty frustrating. I doubt anybody here has had the same problem. BUt if you have a tankstick at home try changing the resolution and see if the same problem occurs for you and let me know how to fix it. PLEASE!
  5. Hi folks. Don't know if any of you use Dr Venture's ControllerRemap to deal with usb devices and mame, but I've knocked toegther a GUI for it that should hopefully help with its use. You can find details here: https://controllerremapgui.codeplex.com/
  6. Sorry for the silly question. It just dawned on me that i've been exiting a game using escape on my keyboard this entire time. I'd like to be able to do this with a joystick. im still learning the software and im currently using an xbox 360 controller. I'd like to make a hotkey while in game to revert back to my hyperspin wheel. preferably a button combo hotkey like back +start. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks
  7. looking to buy arcade sticks in the very near future. 2 sticks, LED 6 buttons each on top, plus 1 on each side and a 1 & 2 player buttons. Do you recommend ipacs or xinmo modules? pros? cons? Is one better then the other? Are they both user friendly to set up? Thanks
  8. Hello, everyone. I am new to the world of emulation, and am working on creating my first cabinet. I am a bit confused about setting up my controls, and I have a few questions. I would like to be able to run 4 players on my cabinet, but having a large 4 player cabinet will be too big for the room I plan to put the cabinet in. I would prefer to have a smaller, 2 player-sized cabinet. What I am thinking is that I will build a 2 player joystick setup on the cabinet, and also have 2 x-box controllers tucked away that I can use as player 3 and 4 on the rare occasions when 4 people are at my house. My 2 joysticks are going to be wired into an ipac. What I am wondering is, is it possible to have 2 joysticks running for 2 of my controllers through ipac and have xbox controllers used at the same time? Or is it a 1 or the other type of deal where all 4 have to be on either ipac or 4 xbox controllers? Sorry for the noobish question, but yes I am a noob to this! Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I've done some cursory searching on the forums, but haven't found anything. I found a product on Amazon, and was wondering if anyone had experience with it. The product in question is the "Reyann Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder". It seems really cheap at $12.99, even comparing it to the i-pac VE at $35. I understand that while they attempt the same thing, they are a different class of product. The i-pac ve has 32 inputs, and this seems to have 20. This would only handle one player, but two of them combine to a grand total of $26 for 40 inputs. Anyway, just wondering what you guys think. Would you risk it?
  10. Hi All, When I joined this forum I bombarded everyone with questions on how to setup my X-Arcade Dual as I was having problems. This thread is just a breakdown on the help I got and a few things I found out myself. ps, this guide SHOULD also work with the Tankstick, but I don't have one so can't confirm. TO SETUP YOUR X-ARCADE DUAL: Step 1: Connect your X-Acarde, if possible get the USB connector as this has never let me down esp with hot-swapping (not having to reboot if unplugged) the red light on the right should turn on when all is ok and connected. Step 2: Use the official X-Arcade test online here or download the software here and make sure all of your buttons and joysticks are working fine. Step 3: This part is very important. If you will just be using Mame (then skip step 4 & 6) you can simply download the latest official X-Arcade key config file here, and then copy it into your Mame Ctrl folder. Now if you're using MameUIFX you can select the controller config file from the options. If you're using anything else such as standard Mame then in the Mame dir you will see an ini file. Open that and where it has controller, put X-Arcade. This tells Mame to look to your new Cfg file that you put in the ..mame/ctrlr/ folder for the X-Arcade Dual layout. (If you don't see the ini file you might need to generate one via the command prompt, ask below and I'll help if so) Default Mode 1 Configuration IF however you wish to use other Emulators such as NullDC, Dolphin etc, you will have to re-program the key layout on your X-Arcade hardware (don't panic, this is easy). The reason why you have to do this is because the default setup for X-Arcade has command keys such as Alt, Left Shift etc as buttons and most emulators won't let you setup these buttons in the config, or if they do they won't respond in games. To re-program your X-Arcade you need an old PS2 Keyboard (PS2 being the PC connection type not a Playstation 2 ha) inset this into the PS2 port on the back of your X-Arcade and then slide the button mode switch to the far left (as close as possible to the single button on the back). The mode switch has 4 different options, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Option 1 is the default and can't be re-programmed over so we're sliding it to the far end so it is on 4 which we can reconfigure ourselves now using the PS2 keyboard. To reprogram simply follow these sub steps Press the button on the back so the red light over to the right on the top of the X-Arcade goes off. Then press and hold the direction or button you want to reprogram followed by pressing and holding they key on the PS2 keyboard you want to be associated with it, press and holding both until you see the red light blink showing that they have now been paired. I personally then press the button on the back so the red light goes on again, test the new assignment. (Doing it all in one go as this sometimes does not work and you only have to reprogram them all once) Repeat steps 2 & 3 to reprogram the rest of the directions and buttons one at a time, for Player 1 directions, reprogram to the up, down, left right keys rather than keypad. Don't use any command keys, i.e alt, shift etc Step 4: Now that your buttons are pressing the correct keys, you can go into each of your emulators and set the controllers up. Once set in each indervidual Emulator they should all now work fine in HyperSpin/HyperLaunch etc. Step 5: Load up HyperHQ, click the controls tab and setup your X-Arcade there also to control HyperSpin. Same in HyperLaunchHQ under Global>General Settings then the Controls tab just to be sure. Step 6: If you have reprogrammed your X-Arcade, then you will need to edit the config file you put in your Ctrlr folder to suit the new assignments made, if you need help with this just ask below. Other handy X-Arcade things you might like: My original posts asking for help here & here. Replacing Buttons & Joystick Guide Another button replacement post X-Arcade Skin Templates and info If you have a USB keyboard you can use this cheap converter here Official post on reprogramming here X-Arcade Cabinet Build More to be added here if and when found. Big thanks to ghutch92, Polemicist, rattleheadxyz and MaskedMavel.
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