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Found 4 results

  1. Version [BETA 3]


    New Version: Main Menu Changer [bETA 3] BETA 3 IMPORTANT CHANGE: Now you can use the new MMCLauncher app to launch all your apps including HyperSpin, this fix various issues and is the recommended way to use MMC now. 1- Edit MMCLauncher.ini with your Hyperspin path. 2- Add more apps fallowing the same format if you need. This way the apps you need run once and not every time MMC relaunch HyperSpin. 3- Delete any app from HyperHQ startup app. (Yes, quit killExplorer as start app And let MMCExit as exit app) 4- Run MMCLauncher every time you need to run HyperSpin, so all needed operations like changing wallpaper or kill Explorer.exe, occur before Hyperspin launch. This change is not present it Video Tutorials or other Documents, so the old setups are still possible for retro-compativility. If you setup is working fine, don't touch it Windows 10 aparently don't need Wallpaperchange enabled, just RestoreExplorer will kill windows explorer and hidde the wallpaper. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This app lets you change your main menu, filtering the entries stored in one XML file and allow you to create multiple level setups (HyperSpin allows a 2 leves setup normally). Note: The setup and MMCHQ part of the program needs more testing, as the version says it's still BETA, please fallow the setup tutorials and report any problems in the support topic. This app Works in 3 modes: MODE 1 - Normal Mode: A subwheel contains all the Filter Items, you can chose to Close Hyperspin Automatically or just configure the Main Menu with the selected filter and go back manually using normal FE controls. MODE 2 - SubWheels Mode: The filters are in the main menu Wheel and HS is closed and open again to load the results of the filtering process. You must scroll until you found a "BACK" item that will lead you to the previous main menu. MODE 3 - SubWheels Mode with NO "BACK" entry: The filters are in the main menu Wheel and HS is closed and open again to load the results of the filtering process. You can use the Frontend back key to go back, no special item need to be added to databases. What's New MainMenuChanger HQ: New app that let you edit xml files with diffrent apps and take care of save the modifications to the correct places. MainMenuChanger "First Run" Wizard: If you are making a new install of MMC, the app will copy the necesary files and tell you what needs to be done to make MainMenuCHanger work. Wallpaper Change: Change the wallpaper by a black one and back to a file of your choise on HS launch/close. Ini version check: If you are updating from 2016-04-04 version, the new ini options will be added and, so you current ini should work with this 0.0.1 version. Wheels and art included (Some wheels by spotUP) Setup: Download MainMenuChanger_0.0.1.1_BETA.7z For all setup modes. Set Antivirus exeptions. Set all exes included to run with administrator provileges (right click -> propieties -> compativility -> run as administrator) Set all exes as secure (in propieties) so Windows dont ask before execute any of them. [*]Mode 1 and 2 have diffrent video tutorials. Mode 3 setup is almost identical to mode 2 with the fallowing diferences: In settings you must select mode 3, not mode 2 ( ) In setings you must set RestoreExplorer to True (This kills and restore windows explorer to avoid the desktop to flash for a seccond when you go back a level of wheels) Optionally you can set the option WallpaperCHange to true to change you wallpaper to a black one on HS launch. Tutorials Mode 3 Tutorial (By maabus) Here is a text based instructions on how to setup sub wheels in Mode 3 with no back button. I only went over one level of wheels and sub wheels, and one category. Just follow the steps again to add more. It looks like a lot of work, but it really isn't. It should only take about 5 minutes to setup at least on category. I tried to explain what everything does to my understanding so that also added to the length of the instructions. Try out the instructions and let me know if anything is not clear.
  2. Version 1.2.1


    This Python script filter and clean your sets of games (roms and Mame) depending on your configuration. You can filter by country, genre and romc only take the best dump as possible. Finaly, romc will generate the HyperSpin database of the set you cleaned. Find more informations and get the latest version on the GitHub : https://github.com/bsymon/romc You need Python 2.7 (https://www.python.org/downloads/) , and these dependencies : lxml, BeautifulSoup, google Use pip to install the dependencies : https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/user_guide.html#installing-packages pip is bundled by default with Python 2.7. Changelog 1.2.2 Fixed the covers was named with the cleaned name, instead of the original name. Update Rom parser regex, for better filtering. 1.2.1 Better name cleaning. Name like "King of Fighters EX2, The - Howling Blood" are now cleaned like this : "The King of Fighters EX2 - Howling Blood" 1.2 Updated you can now download covers for your games (only with JVC API).
  3. Salut a tous, Je crée ce topic dans le but de regrouper un maximum d'informations concernant les possibilitées retrouver un rendu CRT avec les emulateurs et sur des ecrans LCD. Pour le moment voici les information que j'ai pu receuillir. - Jouer en mode 4/3 - Utiliser le filtre HSlS (Utilisable apparement que sur Mame) - Utiliser un generateur de Scan Line(genre RetroVGA 2 ou SLG3000). Mes questions sont les suivantes - avez vous d'autres suggestion a me faire ainsi qu'a la communauté pour la quete du pixel perfect? - Pensez vous qu'investire dans une generateur de scan line est necessaire et suffisant? - connaissez vous des equivalence du filtre HSLS pour les jeux nes, snes, megadrive etc En esperant que ce topic arrivera a regrouper pas mal d'informations pour ceux qui comme moi n'ont pas la place d'acheter un ecran CRT.
  4. nicco84

    problema da niubbo

    salve ragazzi, come avrete capito dal titolo del 3d sono nuovo nel mondo di hyperspin, quindi chiedo aiuto per un problema che seppur banale non riesco a risolvere. la bella wheel del mame ha gia precaricato tutte le roms e ce ne sono due, tre qualche volta anche 5 con lo stesso titolo, magari una usa una jap una eu una bootleg. ora... a me ne basterebbe una funzionante, magari eu o ita che sicuramente ho però non so come togliere le altre!!! ho detto togliere non rimuovere perché magari giocando un po' con una rom ti accorgi che è malfunzionante e quindi devi caricare la usa e così via. con i filtri di hyperhq ho provato ma mi convincono poco, l'unica cosa che mi piacerebbe sarebbe la lista preferiti! ho visto che modificando l'ini si può partire direttamente dalla lista dei preferiti.... però proprio non riesco a capire come affibbiare il tag preferito a un gioco in maniera che entri in lista... lo devo fare in un ini o in un xml? dove va messo? posso fare si che con un combinazione di tasti mentre sono sulla wheel posso dare l'attributo preferito? grazie a tutti in anticipo!!!!
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