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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0


    This package contains two files to be placed with HyperSpin.exe You can select to start them instead of HyperSpin.exe. HyperSpinFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in fullscreen mode. HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe = Starts HyperSpin in windowed mode. I do not expect a lot of people to use this, but I have my HyperSpin setup on the network for multiple machines. On my work computer, where I set everything up, I do not want to start HS in fullscreen. On my arcade machines, I do want to start it fullscreen. I always forgot to change manually so it always opens the "wrong" way. Running HyperSpinNotFullScreen.exe on my work computer and HyperSpinFullScreen.exe on my arcade machines makes sure they always start HS in the correct way. All it really does it change the FullScreen value in Settings.ini to either true or false before launching "HyperSpin.exe". Sources are included...
  2. Hi, I was trying my Sega Dreamcast collection last night and when I load a game through Rocketlauncher, it runs fine, but when I load the game (or any dreamcast game) through hyperspin, it runs in window mode and the window is hidden behind the bezel, so I have to press alt+enter to set to full screen but it goes over the bezel. Also when I want to exit a game, the esc key doesn't exit the game.... again, when is through rocketlauncher everything is fine. I am at the office, so I don't know if a log is needed to submit now. P.S. I have had running my sega dreamcast system for almost 2 years and never had this issue before so I was pulling my hair, last night, trying to figure it out A different question to the topic, what emulator do you guys prefer to use for dreamcast? just in case I have to use a plan B.
  3. Ok, I've been able to implement Bezels within RocketLauncher. It looks pretty slick too I must add. However there is a problem. Rocket Launcher Bezels from what I understand only use a windowed mode when having them active. While this looks good, I use and AMD Card with built in Freesync and Freesync Monitor in my cab. When running MAME in full screen mode, I get perfect frame emulation without stuttering and zero screen tearing regardless of the game. This is especially visible in games like Mortal Kombat that have oddball framerates. But when moving to windowed mode with bezel support, it uses the desktop refresh rate, and I get stuttering again. This isn't a problem with Nintentdo, Dreamcast, or other emulation applications because console based emulation rarely uses a refresh rate other than 60, and the desktop is set to use 60hz. But it is a problem with Mame. My question is this, is there a way to run full screen mode while retaining the Bezel? Like for example, will the baked in MAME bezel support use bezels but actually run full screen? Or am I locked into a situation where I either have full screen mode with black bars and perfect frame emulation, or slick looking bezels with frame stuttering?
  4. Gents, I'm trying to configure Atari Lynx for Hyperspin via RL and apply a bezel. When I hit F1 to enter the RA menu it automatically goes full screen and I can adjust the view point to center within the bezel. I've edited the Atarti Lynx.cfg through the retroarch menu as well as manually and it continues to blow up full screen once the RA menu appears. Is this core designed specifically to run in Fullscreen? My .cfg is attached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Atari Lynx.cfg UPDATE: Just FYI when I configure other systems/cores I get the green RetroArch menu. For this particular system is comes up blue as if I were running RetroArch standalone from the .exe.
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