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Found 3 results

  1. Ha not going anywhere but wanted to put in the plug that I’m going to create some tutorials on random things hyperspin and maybe pinball. The channel I’ve created is below, please let me know if you have a specific topic to get covered. Just made one around randomized intro videos Planet Geekdom https://youtube.com/channel/UCdcby-s2GwriaOHGmVC2vGA?sub_confirmation=1 *If you do the facebook thing, find me on the group Hyperspin Arcade Users Worldwide https://www.facebook.com/groups/581676831988120/?ref=group_header Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello HyperSpin community!!! I want to first thank all of you for your patience while we migrated to the new HS site along with updating / changing how we run things here. One of those changes that’s been in the works for a loooooong time is……I present to you…. (mario music please!!!) The New Tutorials Section!!!! If you remember the old HyperWiki site back in the day (that never really took off)…well..... this tutorial section is a new section that's amped up by tenfold! Hopefully, this new section will be utilized more to help answer those HyperSpin, HyperLaunch, 3rd party tool, etc questions you may have. It is still quite young, therefore; please be patient while we work out the kinks. I'm still working on adding the emulator categories for the systems….again, please be patient while I build those. We also want to open up this section for members to write guides in either written or video format. (Our tutorial admin team can’t possibly capture every guide……just not enough time of the day). However; writing these new guides does come with a slight stipulation: you must follow the guidelines and format please. Once you write your first guide, every guide after that becomes easier to write or record. It comes with experience. We want to establish a high quality of standards to our members. You guys deserve to have the best! If you have some guide writing know how, up for the challenge, and like to help out members out, head to our Tutorials Section by clicking on Tutorials tab at the top of your page and checking out the Tutorial Guidelines section. Also, before I leave, I would like to request that people PM me of any of their existing guides that you may have written/recorded on the old HS site (I know there are tons of em out there). Please make sure they are up to date and accurate. I prefer the original authors PM me or else my box would be flooded with the same PMs. The plan is to tutorialize those guides using a built in tool that the new forums have for admins. Without further adieu, gamers of all walks of life, the tutorial section is now: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! Iggy (btw you are prolly asking who your tutorial admins are….I present to you, myself (used to be sjignacz...decided to have a name change, maybe a mental change is in the works ), and Mr. Rfancella!!! If you think you may have the technical guide prowess to moderate this section, PM me with your interests and reasons why you want to help and our team may consider you part of our own. And yes, you will be tested…(bowser music please)
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to share with you my last project; my home made arcade cabinet that plays HyperSpin and Xbox360. You Can even add the PS3 (if I had one). Because the components I've used are from the 3 in 1 Arcade stick Pro. It took me about a month to build this one from scratch with no plan only the one that I had in my head . I’ve uploaded 3 videos. In the first one you can see the arcade machine how it looks and acts with HyperSpin. In the second video we’ll take a quick look to the back of the machine. And in the third and last video I’m showing you that the controls also actually work on the XBOX360. NOTE I do not have to plug the controls from HyperSpin to the XBOX, because they are already connected with a split USB cable that goes to the pc and the XBOX Let me know in the comments what you think about it and give me a heads up if you want a video about a specific part of the cabinet or a “how to “. Enjoy! PS The cabinet will get a Trackball in the empty space between the joysticks in the very near future . I actually do have a question about this I was thinking to get something like Apple’s Magic Trackpad instead of a Trackball to play games like “House of the dead” that I play normally with the mouse. Anyone got an idea if this actually could work out and is a smart/dumb idea? Here are the video's: TsTmx-rBNdQ WPiwLYEkH5Y 8Woh1hJNfUM
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