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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, ich habe einen Wireless Xbox One Controller und 1einen Wireless "Bartop" Controller, ein "Hori Fighten Stick" Das Problem ist: Wenn nur der Xbox One Controller verbunden ist geht sein Analog Stick im HyperSpin Wheel (um hoch und runter zu gehen),aber wenn Hori Stick also der zweite verbunden ist geht nur der Hori Fighting Stick zum Hoch und runter gehen im HyperSpin Wheel. Die Buttons (also A, B ,... ) beim Xbox One Controller gehen aber trotzdem noch. Anmerkung: Der Hori Fighten Stick hat als Input für Up,Down,....POV Schon mal Danke im Voraus
  2. Hey guys, I am using a minipac and just got my control panel build for an arcade. I tested things out last night and I noticed that my player 2 joystick has no keyboard delay on it compared to player 1. When using the player 2 controls to navigate through the wheels... it occasionally skips two or three wheels. If you push it down and hold it, it instantly starts spinning through the wheels vs player 1 which waits a second or two before actually starting to spin through the wheels. I have tested my controls and stuff... it seems to be that "keyboard delay" only applies to player 1 in Hyperspin. Is this true? I noticed the selection for it under controls in HyperHQ is only on the player 1 side. I don't understand why it wouldn't apply to both but is there any fix for this? Its mildly annoying. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to set up videos (or themes) in Hyperspin to play a longer time? Currently I have some nice videos I would like to play for 30 seconds for instance, before the HS wheel starts running again. Is this a global setting? How can I change it on Hyperspin 1.4+ with Hyperlaunch (no rocketlauncher)? Thank you!
  4. Hi All, im trying to set the screen resolution by default to 1920 x 1080, ive gone into Mame and then into default options and set up the screen size. ive also gone into HyperHQ and set it to screensize full but for some reason, when ive loaded the rom i want to play, i need to hit ALT Enter on the keyboard to make it go full size. does anyone know how to set this up by default?
  5. So I was confused but I think I have figured most of it out now. Here goes Animated Backgrounds (Allows all settings grouped below it function) Intersititial Backgrounds (loads the images in Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Images\Backgrounds\Interstitial between switching system) Level 1 - 4 Backgrounds (Appiles different levels of animations to backgrounds as they fade in and out when switching. Higher level = better animation and higher CPU load) Special Backgrounds (Plays Override Transitions in .flv format from Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Video\Override Transitions for .flv files that match system names you have in your Main Menu.xml) or Hyperspin\Media\Frontend\Video\Transitions for generic .flv files that play when no System Name specific one is found in above folder location Themes Wait For Special (Themes load after Override Transition has played) Animated Artworks (This applies animation of Artwork in png format that is contained in the "systemname".zip Theme located in Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Themes) Level 1 & 2 Artworks (Im not sure on this one but guessing its either different levels of animations OR applies animations to more of the 4 theme artwork layers)
  6. Dakin23


    Hey Guys! Any idea why my HyperHQ KEEPS crashing? Thanks!
  7. any help with hyper spin would be great . i have hyper spin running on my pc, and only can get my x arcade stick to work with mame. no other emulators at all. please help, i want to map my buttons for the other emulators with my x arcade stick to use for the main hyper spin menu and for games i want to play. just can't figure out how to map them. please help. the only way i even got mame to work with my x arcade stick was the x arcade stick website had a easy button mapping config for hyper spin. i know in hyperhq i have went in there but it seems to just control the main hyper spin menu like scrolling through the wheels, but if i click on a emulator say snes i can open a super mario game, but thats it, can't start a game can't ad a coin , because they aren't mapped. i am a full blown noob to hyper spin guys, sorry!! but pretty good at emulators usually. but hyper spin is on another level
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