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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all I am currently trying something new with a pinball table build and need some advice ,help with the software.The pinball table changes from pinball to arcade setup in one cabinet it will be eventually powered to work at press of a button.What I need to know is there a way at the press off a button to switch from hyperpin to hyperspin and vise versa.excuse the build at moment as made with old TVs and old bits to keep cists down and is a project for me and my son.any help would be great.
  2. Version 12-25-2017


    This is a pack of wheels for future pInball an XML for Hyperspin and PInball Cab was included. I collected allot of wheels from various sources, and replaced any low quality wheels.Most of the replacements are redraws. Any generic logo that did not match the backglass was also replaced. Big thank you to JSinn for his contributions. Only 4 Missing wheels Alaska (Recreativos Franco 1978) Mad Race (Playmatic 1985) Pokerino (Williams 1978) Struggle Buggies (Williams)(1953) Sure Shot (Taito do Brasil 1981) Link to Updated XML http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/27571-future-pinball/
  3. Thought I would post to the forum to get some advice from you guys. very impressed with the builds I've found online and I'm a huge Hyperspin fan so this is the place to be. I recently restored a Dynamo HS-5 arcade cabinet and have it up and running with Hyperspin and Mame. I'm extremely happy with this thing and my kids and I spend time occasionally revisiting my childhood. This build gave me experience with setting up the frontend and software, wiring up the USB controller, and other pieces that went into making this boot seamlessly into the front end. Now it's time for the next project. I've been on a hunt for a budget pinball project but since there's nothing in my price range, I'd like to give building a virtual pinball machine a shot. I'm going to attempt to find a trashed widebody pinball cabinet, but may end up building something from scratch. I'll look for a 46" and 32" LCD, but just like I have an original arcade CRT in my arcade build, I want this VP build to feel as realistic as possible and are looking for an actual Dot Matrix Display. Best recommendation for DMD? Are there any high-resolution artwork file resources out there for pinball art? For example if I build a widebody, I would like to use the STNG artwork (this was a favorite of mine back in the day). Anyone have some words of wisdom for me on getting started? >Best LED TV for playfield? Someone said 1:1 pixel mapping is a must, but what is that and is this true? >Best DMD - ease of install and integration? >Best method and parts required for force feedback? >HQ Art Resources? >Finally any links to useful tutorials would be much appreciated. I'd love links to see your builds! Thanks
  4. ninja2bceen


    Version 1.0


    Someone was asking for Hyperpin. I looked in my backup folder and sure enough, I had a copy of hypepin. I haven't used it before but I have the program. You need to 7z it and it will asking you for a root folder to throw up everything in there. Enjoy?
  5. Pessoal, estou com grande dificuldade para baixar o Hyperpin, estou montando uma arcade e queria colocar mesas de pinball.
  6. Hi there everyone, I finally gathered all the parts to build my very own virtual pinball cabinet, and I say finally because I have been wanting to build a VP machine for over a year now. Of course, Murphy's laws seem to be working against me once again...to my surprise I came back to this website after a year or so only to find out that there are no files to be downloaded in the Hyperpin section of the website
  7. Here is a work in progress of a video intro to 'The Six Million Dollar Man' Future Pinball preview. The original footage was shot from another Hyperspin member. I've got some tweaking but I think its going to come out fine. -DREW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gya9dvbt2zg&feature=youtu.be
  8. Hi After months of deliberation I have decided to give it a go and have found a donor cabinet to start my build (picture attached) I have a i7 32gb pc with an ATI R9 graphics card and two screens. A 42" hd tv for the play field and a 32" for the back glass. My first questions are:- Can I use the 32" vertically and use it for the marquee and for the dmd display? Some of the screen would be covered up as it will go into the base of the cabinet. I take it that the software would allow me to position it. Also, the R9 is a great graphics card. Can I run both displays from it but displaying different bits? What is the best operating system to boot up and run hyperpin automatically? Any other advice would be most gratefully received Thanks in advance. Simon
  9. My System is .. Win7 64bit, Cpu i-7, Intel HD 4600. DirectX 11, Dot.NET 4.5 Install. Run, Hyperpin -> Does not respond ReRun, Hyperpin -> Black Screen. Not Make Log. Not Play Intro. I don't Know ... That..
  10. We'd like to take a second and inform everyone of the new site that we have been working on called VPUniverse.com. VPU is a new virtual pinball community that is dedicated to the continuation and furthering of the digital pinball hobby. VPU is working hard to provide a healthy atmosphere for development of new technology, coding/scripting and table creation. At the same time we want to provide the end users a new outlet for their digital pinball needs. We have gained the support of several major table authors, artists, coders and hardware developers as well as encouraging new and upcoming table creators. We have many ideas that we believe will change the direction that this hobby has been going in. Please take a few minutes to swing by, download newly released tables, join in the discussions and help make this community. VPU Community Features: Individual sections for Visual Pinball/Future Pinball News and Files Downloads - Find tables and support files (ROM, Media Pack, Video, B2S) all on the same download page! Forums Crews/Groups for project collaboration Classifieds for Buy/Sell/Trade Tutorials Member Photo Gallery Member Blogs Online Video Chat Private Instant Messaging Best regards, Dazz HyperSpin & VPU Admin
  11. With mame behind me and dreamcast almost ready for release I have finally gotten around to trying my hand at hyperpin videos again. I looked at whats available over at vbforums and they look great but they are almost 100mb a file. These are coming out at about 1/10th the size. I can do them quickly but first I was hoping you guys might test them out, make sure they look ok and don't cause any issues with hyperpin before I go full blast on this. I am including a couple of samples Alien Pinball VPForums Version 106mb EmuMovies Version 15mb 1920x1080 60fps No Audio 30 seconds Dr. Dude VPForums Version 118mb EmuMovies Version 14.4mb 1920x1080 60fps No Audio 30 seconds Update I have processed the first 168 tables Get them here
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